• 1 Tbsp peanut oil
  • 1 small red onion, thinly sliced
  • 450g rump steak, cut into strips
  • 1 tsp finely grated ginger
  • ½ fresh red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
  • 4 cups (400g) prepared vegetables*
  • ½ tsp Gregg’s Ground Chinese Five Spice
  • 210g pouch Wattie's WOK Creations Honey Soy Stir-Fry Sauce
  • 350g packet Singapore noodles
  • Handful of fresh coriander leaves, chopped (optional)
  • Roasted cashew nuts, roughly chopped (optional)
  1. Heat peanut oil in a wok or frying pan. Add the onion and stir-fry over medium heat until it begins to soften. Increase the heat to high, add the beef and stir-fry until it browns. Reduce the heat to medium and add the ginger, chilli, prepared vegetables and Gregg's Ground Chinese Five Spice. Continue stir-frying for a further minute.
  2. Pour over Wattie’s WOK Creations Honey Soy Stir-fry Sauce. Stir through and continue cooking for a further 5 minutes until meat is cooked and vegetables are tender.
  3. Remove the Singapore noodles from the packet and put into a heatproof bowl. Pour over boiling water to heat the noodles. Drain.
  4. Serve the stir-fry beef and vegetables over the noodles, or toss the noodles through then serve. Garnish with fresh coriander and roasted cashew nuts if wished.

Top Tips

  • *Use a combination of your favourite vegetables – such as carrots (cut into matchsticks), broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, beans, courgettes (sliced), snow peas and mushrooms (sliced).

Swap it out

  • Alternatively replace fresh vegetables with a 400g bag of frozen Wattie’s WOK Creations Stir-fry Vegetables.
  • Replace beef with chicken breast fillets or pork steaks cut into strips.
  • Replace Singapore noodles with your favourite noodles.

Made With

Honey Soy

Create a Chinese inspired stir-fry brimming with delicious traditional flavours. Honey, soy and sesame oil combine to produce a brilliant balance of sweet & savoury flavours.

* AC Nielsen – Ambient Cooking Sauces - Stir Fry Segment - MAT Data to 25/03/18

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Rod's Rating
Dixie's Rating
merle's Review | Rating

Easy to make and really delicious. Everyone loved it.

Lyn's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and delicious

Clare's Review | Rating

This is so delicious and wholesome too. Everything you need for a complete meal.

Kay's Review | Rating

Tasty and fresh ingredients - can't wait to try :-)

Julia's Review | Rating

easy to prepare & tasty!

Helen's Review | Rating

Honey soy Stir fry sauce is sooo tasty & easy to youse & adding the stir fry vegetables makes such a quick meal with rice

Julia's Review | Rating

great recipe

Shuna's Review | Rating

It took me about 20 minutes to prepare everything including chopping the vegetables. It was tasty although I omitted the chilli as I do not like it.

Susannah's Review | Rating

Really easy to make and yummy too. Great weeknight meal

jacqui's Review | Rating

I used chicken, and it was still delicious!

Jillian's Review | Rating

A very tasty meal and one where it isn't hard to get children to eat their vegetables. A combination of colour, taste and crunchiness. I added bean sprouts just before serving for extra crunch. A favourite with all the family and one that will be on the weekly list. I like the fact that I can use other types of meat also, chicken, pork and even shrimps or prawns for a change.

lynette's Rating
Michael's Review | Rating

wholesome meal

Susan's Review | Rating

Very yummy ,easy and looked very ethnic,just like a brought one

debbie's Review | Rating

this was so yummy and easy to make and the kids got involved and it tasted fantastic

Beth's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious and so quick to prepare.

christine's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make and tastes great

Allen's Review | Rating

I really enjoy the Honey Soy Beef and Noodle dish. it is a very tasty dish. The wonderful flavours of the Beef, soy along with the noodles is really popular meal for me.

Don's Review | Rating

Great meal and so quick and easy to prepare.

Shona's Review | Rating

Healthy, quick meal.......tasty as well.

John's Review | Rating

Fast and delicious, would recommend you try it

James's Review | Rating

Not much flavour

Janice's Rating
Meredith's Review | Rating

Sounds straight forward and quick to create perfect for week nights after work.

jamie's Review | Rating

great recipe love it

JEAN's Rating
Chantelle's Review | Rating

By far one of the best stirfrys ive made. Used different ingredients that im not used to so it was super yummy. The hubby came back for seconds. The different textures was also a bonus and was super easy to make. Thumbs up

Dorothy's Rating
Melissa's Review | Rating

I've made this a few times & it's so quick & easy & delicious of course!! It's a great way to get my kids to eat lots of fresh vegetables :)

CHRIS's Review | Rating

This sounds delicious and not too time consuming to make. Must give it a go

Raji's Review | Rating

Super quick and easy

Andrew's Review | Rating

I love it! Meat, vegetables, carbohydrates all in one dish. Yum and so easy.

jean's Review | Rating

easy to make and it tasted good

Kevin's Rating
Karen's Review | Rating

Its the real thing

Danny's Review | Rating

Nice with pork

Jan's Review | Rating

Tasty, although I don't use all the sachet.

Karin's Review | Rating

Awesome meal that the whole family loved.

Jackie's Review | Rating

oh so yummy

Dan's Rating
Leza's Review | Rating

I would use chicken in mine but it has all the ingredients I like and is easy to make with such clear instructions.

Mary's Review | Rating

Very tasty but I avoid the chilli ( does horrible things to me) but add plenty of fresh or frozen veges.

janine's Review | Rating

Lovely fresh flavour

Chris's Review | Rating

Easy and very yum

Tracey's Review | Rating

Very tasty and even the children ate it

Julie's Review | Rating

Wow this was delicious and nice to try something new; the Singapore Noodles was a first for me and my son loved this dish too.

Maria's Review | Rating

This is very tasty... Not sickly sweet. My kids enjoyed it with noodles or white rice.

Ian's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious & twice as nice made into a toasted sandwich the next day with the leftovers....... If there's any left.

Michelle's Review | Rating

Watties Wok Creations Honey Soy stir-fry sauces are quick and easy to use and transform a stir fry from 'OK' to 'Scrumptious!' Lovely honey soy flavour and plates were virtually licked clean! Will definitely be using this sauce again!

Kevin's Rating
Leslie's Review | Rating

We loved it but passed on the corriander, not liked in our house! Served it with French bread;

Kathryn's Review | Rating

Tasty and easy. I improvised a bit, based on ingredients I already had at home. Thanks for giving me the chance to try this.

Wendy's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and tasty which is needed when work fulltime.

LOUISE's Review | Rating

My 2 children and myself just love this recipe... A great tasty meal always well enjoyed. Clean plates everytime.

Ema's Review | Rating

I have 3 young adult males still living under my roof and all three have differing tastes, specifically the youngest and surprise, surprise, he is the one who enjoyed this meal the most. I cook a lot of stir fry because it is tasty and fast and this recipe I will add to my menu as a positive change because it is tasty and healthy with a lot of fresh vegetables added.

Lisa's Review | Rating

Easy to make. Used venison instead of beef. The honey soy stir fry sauce was nice, the noodles were soft with no texture.

Kevin's Review | Rating

Probable the best stir fry I have made. Everybody loved it Must be repeated.

Anne's Review | Rating

I added sweet kale and left out coriander - delicious. Noodles add another aspect to the dish.

Sara's Review | Rating

This was a very tasty and easy meal to prepare. Altho there are 2 of us we felt that the recipe would only feed 3 not 4. Maybe more chicken could be added. I'm sure children would love it and the chilli could be easily left out. Will make again and try some of the other wok recipes. Thanks Sara

Paul's Review | Rating

Is quick, easy and yummy.

Rachel's Review | Rating

Very tasty and the whole family enjoyed the flavour. Even better is that my 13 year old son did most of the cooking, good and easy recipe to follow. Thanks :-)

Gayle's Review | Rating

This meal was beautiful but I had to make something different for one of the people that came to dinner as they had a nut allergy and I was a bit afraid to use the peanut oil in their meal. Could another oil be in brackets for allergy suffers? Otherwise I would've given it the 5 stars.

Ash's Review | Rating

Made this for diner last night my partner and i and 2 friends really enjoyed it. Would do it again, but perhaps use chicken.

Kellie's Review | Rating

A wonderful dish that my 8 year old enjoyed preparing and eating. Great way to get more veges into him

wendy's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare the flavour was tasty great for a quick meal

michael's Review | Rating

i tryed this using pork srips was a winner .cheers

Edith's Review | Rating

Used mince for a change very good will do again

annie's Review | Rating

Doubled the recipe. One night with noodles next night with rice. Delicious!

Tracey's Rating
bronwyn's Review | Rating

Very delicious and easy to make.Kids love it too

Deborah's Review | Rating

Made a delicious vegetarian, pumpkin, carrot and kumara adaptation of this.

Rowena's Review | Rating

This was a yum and very easy meal to do. Late home from work and bang dinner on the table quickly. Even satisfied my fussy husband who doesn't do stir frys. Thanks Watties

Matthew's Review | Rating

Delicious flavour, easy to make, would definitely make again

Heather's Review | Rating

It's one of our favourite quick and easy meals to have,and so yummy. We use chicken or pork depending on what we have available.

Sandra's Review | Rating


Bex's Review | Rating

Really quick and easy to make. The flavours were great and everyone loved it. A good wholesome meal that doesn't take forever to make

david's Review | Rating

Delicious , fulling , healthy , easy to make , sums up the honey , soy beef stir fry , we added some extra ingredients to our meal , the taste and flavors shine through when you are eating it , thank you for the opportunity to try and rate your product :)

julie's Review | Rating

So easy to prepare and even easier to eat...absolutely delicious

Michelle's Review | Rating

Delicious meal. Everyone enjoyed it. Easy to prepare. Looked exactly like the picture on your website.

Lois's Review | Rating

very easy and quick to prepare lovely flavour will certainly keep this in my pantry

sarah's Review | Rating

Awesome. We substituted the beef with goat. Highly recommended, great flavor, made a really big meal too

Jo's Review | Rating

Super easy to make and relatively healthy - perfect for getting a meal quickly on the table before the kids' nightly meltdown!

Natalie's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make. Enjoyed by the entire family, even the fussy preschoolers!

Loraine's Review | Rating

Loved the honey soy instead of using beef I used pork as my husband cannot eat beef and the pork with the noodles as well went down a tread

Angie's Review | Rating

I substituted the Beef for Chicken breast still easy to prepare, found it very tasty and nutrional and a hit with the family, sadly no leftovers Great Meal !!

wendy's Review | Rating

This was delicious and love the versatility of being able to have a variation with the same wok creation flavors. Will make dining so stressfree, cant wait to share at a dinner party with friends. Thank you for the dining out experience at home!

Dayle's Review | Rating

Husband pleaser - no leftovers here. Very easy to make and rather delicious!

Paula's Review | Rating

Really easy and fast recipe to make. Perfect for the working week! Loved the texture of the noodles with the dish. Will definitely make again :)

Lyn's Review | Rating

quick & easy

Jossette's Review | Rating

Fantastic recipe , easy to cook and everyone loves it .

Rayleen's Review | Rating

Can't believe how tasty this was and sooooo simply quick

michelle's Review | Rating

WOW a lot of flavour in a packet.... Was a little hesitant about making as my 11 daughter not a big fan of stir-fry... Followed the very easy to understand instructions, and dinner was ready in less than half an hour. Neatly presented in a bowl with chop sticks at the ready.... 10 minutes later, empty bowl!!! Great flavours, quick and easy, yummy.....

Kerryn's Review | Rating

quick and easy and tasty

Johannes's Review | Rating

sensational and delico

robyn's Review | Rating

Was really tasty and easy enough that my 13 year old made it! fantastic...

Susan's Review | Rating

Absolutely yummy and looked like a brought one, well done again to Watties

Nicola's Review | Rating

Really yummy!

Tracey's Review | Rating

Used pork instead of beef...quick and easy to make. Tasty and tasted just as good for lunchtime leftovers.

Judy's Review | Rating

Very yummy & so easy to make. Beats takeaways any day. I certainly will try this again.

Helen's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare, very quick and extra tasty. Everyone enjoyed this and I will be making it again!

Wendy's Review | Rating

Tasty and easy to prepare. The ideal meal to prepare when short of time. I found it fed 3 adults when using the quantities recommended. Family keen to have it again.

Yvonne's Review | Rating

Was delicious and so easy and quick to make. Loved the flavours. Enjoyed by all.

Tina's Review | Rating

So easy to make, family absolutely loved it!!

Karen's Review | Rating

Really yummy & very easy to make. We all loved it. :)

michelle's Review | Rating

It was easy to make and delicious - highly recommend

Karen's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make, real tasty to!

spedding's Review | Rating

we both loved it- just the right "sweetness" & very tasty

Pam's Review | Rating

Absolutely yummy. Cooked tonight with chicken and so quick and easy. I'm a convert to this recipe - so simple and tasty. Enjoyed the Singapore noodles too. Fast and easy to prepare.

Kirsty's Review | Rating

Honey Soy and noodles are just a winning, easy weeknight combination. Add you favourite seasonal vegetables and you're onto a winner the family will love as mine did!

Emma's Review | Rating

Very easy to prepare, quick and tasty. Needed a little more heat and salt as we found it quite sweet but I'd definitely make it again.

Belinda's Review | Rating

So simple that my husband made it on his own. The end result was simply delicious and enjoyed by even the most fussy eaters of my kids.

Liz's Review | Rating

Made with chicken instead of beef and was very tasty. Noodles went great with the stirfry

James's Review | Rating

Tasty, quick, easy to prepare for dinner - a winner!

Judy's Review | Rating

Quick and easy and oh! so delicious!

Sandra's Review | Rating

So quick and easy to prepare and everyone loved it. Can't wait to try the other sauces.

Diane's Review | Rating

Really easy to make and extremely tasty. Hubby didn't even object to the hint of chilli

Phil's Review | Rating

delicious but would use a whole chilli with the seeds, love a bit of spice

Sara's Review | Rating

This is such a fantastic tasting recipe and so quick and easy. My daughter is at varsity and cooked this at her place with students and said it was a hit with everyone

Brian's Review | Rating

Simple to make and tastes great.

Sandie's Review | Rating

An easy recipe for the whole family to help with - and they loved it

Marlene's Review | Rating

Absolute hit with whole family. Healthy, tasty, satisfying. As good or better than any meal from any restaurant. A quick easy meal for all ages!

Betty's Review | Rating

Just loved it but i did use chicken instead of beef the flavour was just right i certainly will be cooking this one again and will be trying the others it was quick no mucking around when im short of time its a winner in our household thats for sure

Sue's Review | Rating

I used chicken tenderloins instead of beef and used the frozen stir fry vegetables for a very quick and easy option for this recipe. Turned out to be a very tasty dinner which all my family enjoyed

Jan's Review | Rating

Quick and tasty. I would have liked a little more heat.

Becky's Review | Rating

Unbelievably easy to prepare from time and effort required. Great to feed hungry children and guests as required anytime.

Ronald's Review | Rating

Great taste - Best stir fry we have had in ages - Easy to make

Sarah's Review | Rating

Quite yummy and tasty with the recipe easy to follow. I used lamb fillet which was absolutely delicious instead of the rump steak.

David's Review | Rating

Very quick and easy to use and the flavour was delicious

Angeline's Review | Rating

Was very easy to make and super yummy

Nalda's Review | Rating

I loved the Wattie's WOK Creations Honey Soy Stir-Fry Sauce and Trident Singapore Noodles made with rump steak and a variety of vegetables. This creation was so easy to make and we all enjoyed this tasty healthy evening meal. The noodles were fantastic too, I have been searching for some time to find noodles which only needed boiling water poured over them, what could be easier. Thanks Food in a Minute, Wattie's and Trident.

Sally's Review | Rating

Really great WOK creation. Full of flavour and easy to use.

Janet's Review | Rating

Tasty and so easy to prepare

Karen's Review | Rating

Thank you for letting us be a taster with the WOK Creations Honey Soy Stir Fry sauce, the recipe was awesome and the taste amazing. Will be definitely cooking this again and trying the other sauces available in this range.

Debbie's Review | Rating

I cooked the Honey Soy Beef & Noodle Stir-Fry and was pleasantly surprised with the result! It was actually quite tasty and my family enjoyed it too. Very simple to make and versatile...can substitute/omit/add whatever vegetables &/or meat that you fancy.
This makes for an attractive dish, full of flavour, texture and colour. The addition of spice (chilli, ground 5 spice, ginger and coriander) compliments and enhances the flavours.

Lynne's Review | Rating

Yum Yum This was so easy to make and tasted delicious... Will be having it again for sure..

Barbara's Review | Rating

A really tasty recipe. I made the recipe on the packet with chicken. I ate it with rissoni instead of noodles. It was easy to make and enough for two meals.

Lorraine's Review | Rating

Loved the meal and so did my family, so easy to prepare

Sally's Review | Rating

This was easy to prepare. I thought it would be good for children because of the sweet taste, and the fact that it could give them vegetables but they would be masked by the sauce. Personally I found the sauce rather bland and would have preferred something more spicy

Kiri's Review | Rating

I used chicken instead of beef, oh my golly gosh yummy I've not had Singapore noodles before and those stir fried with my chicken, vegetables were oh so yummy. Thank you, definitely buy some more

michele's Review | Rating

this was very helpful as we had the noodles & not much idea what to do with them & we always have beef stir fry handy so thanks for the excellent & quick & easy recipe idea. very tasty

taylor's Review | Rating

I love noodles anyways & this was easy to make & tasted really good

Barbara's Review | Rating

We had Honey Soy Beef and Noodle
Most enjoyable and so quick to make. Husband wants another meal soon

Trish's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and tasty meal in a bowl.

Trent's Review | Rating

This is really delicious and authentic recipe to make. I used chicken breast because it goes really well with the Honey Soy sauce. Highly recommended.

Elvirya's Review | Rating

Used chicken breast instead and just as delicious

Gary's Review | Rating

easy to make, would definitely make again

helen's Review | Rating

helens review and rating
very tasty and will make again

Deidre's Review | Rating

Nice and quick to prepare and very tasty, kids loved it too. Simple and delicious

Tracey's Review | Rating

This was an awesome we loved it

bronwyn's Review | Rating

What a fantastic dish for a cold winters night. Our whole family loved it. Honey Soy Beef and Noodles is very tasty. I would love to win Wok-alicious Wattie`s Wok Creations. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this awesome prize.

Eileen's Review | Rating

My Husband and I really enjoyed the Honey Soy Sauce on chicken. The flavor was delicious and we both enjoyed the noodles with it as we hadn`t had them before so will have it again and when we have visitors they will enjoy too.

Ann-Maree's Review | Rating

Was easy to make, tasted great and the noodles were so simple - loved it!

Anita's Review | Rating

Again another great sachet that can be used with any meat...enjoyed with chicken in our household. And the noodles just make it slide down really easy

Zaida's Review | Rating

My children loves it as well as my son's friend friend (had a sleepover)! No leftovers, thank you. Request to cook & serve it again. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work!
God bless.

Maree's Review | Rating

Very tasty-not too sweet. It was so easy to cook my husband made it!

Michelle's Review | Rating

Easy meal to prepare - used chicken instead of the beef and lots of veges (a mix of fresh and frozen). Really delicious, loved the ginger in it and popular with everyone. Would recommend.

Julie's Review | Rating

Delicious! I used pork fillet steaks sliced and a bag of Watties Wok Creations stirfry veges topped up with some red cabbage. Hubby said to add it to the trolley with our next lot of groceries! Thumbs up from our family

Inez's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and tasty.

Cherie's Review | Rating

This dish was awesome, family loved it. Will definitely make again.

Jackie's Review | Rating

Really yummie will wok again

Beverley's Review | Rating

Wow...so easy... fantastic favours... fabulously dish... LUV it.. :)

Beverley's Review | Rating

Made this with beef ....next night changed the vegetables & made with Chicken
again Fantastic & fabulous.... so easy to make all luved it...and seconds was requested... need to make more
next time... :)

Mary's Review | Rating

Yum, tasty and quick & easy

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious...this will be a new family favourite and so easy to cook...i swapped the noodles for rice noodles as gluten intolerant and it was super tasty!!!

Graeme's Review | Rating

Beautiful flavour, easy tp prepare and cook, recommended.

Shontelle's Review | Rating

Easy to make & every one loved it!

richard's Review | Rating

Great, easy meal. I made it and even my fussy wife loved it. (And said I need to cook more often.)

Jill's Review | Rating

Was a bit apprehensive about the noodles, as I am definitely not a noodle fan, but this recipe was so easy to prepare & cook and was really delicious, including the noodles. The leftovers were even better the next day. Well done Watties.

Lily's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare. Sauce a little on the sweeter side, ie more honey than soy. I added a little salt to counteract this. I also used a whole chilli instead of 1/2 to give it the spice kick.

thomas's Review | Rating

Easy and fast to make after work. Tasted fantastic and had leftovers next day for lunch. Healthy too

Amy's Review | Rating

Great tasting dish which is quick and easy to make especially on a week night. Definitely be making again!

Jan's Review | Rating

Delicious and easy to make! A bit of a challenge sorting the noodles (Singapore noodles weren't available at New World and so trying to figure out an alternative was interesting but we found the Hokkaido noodles worked alright). However, no leftovers and happy tummies made this a winner I'd do again.

trish's Review | Rating

very easy and quick to prepare. My husband`s favourite wok creation.

Cynthia's Review | Rating

Another tasty meal created, thanks to Watties Wok Creations. A bit more preparation (like slicingthe beef, the red onion and the veges - once again could use the Watties Steam@ Fresh veges, or Wok CreationsStir-Fry veges

caroline's Review | Rating

Brilliant taste and quick meal.

Margaret's Review | Rating

really easy to make and sooo tasty,family loved it

Kathryn's Review | Rating

Super easy,quick recipe but I didn't like the smell or the taste of the sauce

Erin's Review | Rating

Good but better with chicken. I didn't follow recipe to a T. But great sauce and great noodles. Will buy both products again.

Jacqueline's Review | Rating

Really yummy and easy to make

Nilufer's Review | Rating

I used chicken breast in the recipe. The honey soy sauce is well-balanced and brings out the flavour beautifully.

Lynne's Review | Rating

Yum Yum Yum,, fantastic flavour and so easy to make ,, will definately be trying the other flavours

Mary's Review | Rating

I cooked my 94 year old mother this meal and she absolutely loved it. I cooked another meal for my husband and I however this time I seared the steak and put it aside stir fried the rest then added the steak and it was delicious.The meal left over from mother's meal I reheated for her the following day and she said it was even tastier the next time!

Scotty's Review | Rating

made it with stirfry vegetables, was easy and tasty , bit much for one person but made it last 3 meals with side dishes

Valerie's Review | Rating

YUM YUM YUM It was easy to make and tasted fantastic.

caroline's Review | Rating

Very tasty, so quick and easy to make. If you need a "go to" pot luck dish, this is it. Will be making regular appearances on our menu.

sandra's Review | Rating

The whole family really love it.The recipe was very easy to follow and quick to cook.Would certainly recommend to family and friends to buy.Good on you Watties for a great and easy meal idea.

Maree's Review | Rating

Loved this one. Very easy to make and the kids even asked for more. Great flavour.

Robyn's Review | Rating

Used chicken; husband absolutely loved it (& he is a very critical eater...) - wants it again tomorrow night!

Karyn's Review | Rating

It was the first time we've tried any of the Watties Wok Creation stir fry sauces & it definitely won't be the last!!!! By golly it was Wattielicious!!!!! So simple to prepare with very little dishes used which saved on time cleaning up afterwards. My 12yr old made this dish under my supervision but she's confident she can do it solo next time.....meal times for me just couldn't get much better. Meal ready in next to no time, daughter cooking and no need to get the water blaster in the kitchen afterwards.....definitely a WATTIES Winner all round. We thought a bit more sauce would be good & pineapple pieces added would make this dish totally amaze balls. THANKS SO MUCH FOOD IN A MINUTE & WATTIES FOR THE FREE SAMPLE

Christine's Review | Rating

Very easy to make, noodles lovely, we thought the .sauce lacked a bit of flavour.

Anita's Review | Rating

loved it, the whole family ate it. was easy to make an did not take long. thank you was delicious

Des's Review | Rating

Made this last night for three of my grandchildren - used chicken thigh meat (skinned and boned) and carrots, beans and broccoli - all three grandchildren were really impressed and asked if they could have same again before they go home for school I will certainly be making it again for them and for myself - simple to prepare and really tasty - thanks for the opportunity to try this receipe

Terry's Review | Rating

Yummy yummy yummy. A quick, healthy and easy dinner to make.
Will be having this again. Thanks.

Leatrice's Review | Rating

This is definitely going to be a family favourite! Easy to prepare and very tasty!

Nicky's Review | Rating

Made this on Saturday night for my husband and son, and they loved it, it was easy to make and I used a lot of vegetables, I would probably try chicken next time thought but definitely will be making it again!

Barbara's Review | Rating

After the simplicity of the Teriyaki Salmon, we tried this one. Again so easy and again so tasty, these sauces will be on my shopping list each week from now on.

Katrina's Review | Rating

super easy, my son helped me make this for tea and he loved it. Thanks

Manohar's Review | Rating

Great dish for a quick and easy meal. One suggestion: the beef must be VERY finely sliced so that it is tender when cooked.
A good accompaniment is Sriracha Chilli Sauce (if you want a bit of a kick) or Watties Sweet Chilli Sauce if you like it mild.

Paul's Review | Rating

Very easy preparation and an enjoyable, tasty meal to sit down to. Enough ingrediants for a complete meal on its own.

Melissa's Review | Rating

Super yummy and quick to make! A great way to make veges taste good.

Sophie's Review | Rating

Nice change to have noodles! Was easy to make and tasty - I didn't have half of the ingredients and just used garlic and the Honey Soy sauce with beef and vegetables. A new family favourite. :-)

Arthur's Review | Rating

This was delicious, popular and so very easy to make. I will definitely be doing this one again - by popular demand.✅

Kathryn's Review | Rating

So easy and delicious and the kids ate every bite.

Douglas's Review | Rating

Delicious tasty meal ,easy preparation

Helen's Review | Rating

I made the recipe as printed, with cashew nuts but not the 5 spices, which I do not like, and served it to my son and daughter-in-law. They are fussy, however they declared it very good indeed. I used Wattie's Chinese style stir fry vegetables, which are just the right size and so much easier than using fresh vegetables. The only slight criticism (otherwise it would have been 5 stars) is that it would have helped to know whether to thaw the vegetables first, as not doing so dilutes the sauce. Great taste, well done.

Christine's Review | Rating

Looks nice and scrumptious

Cari's Review | Rating

This was a favourite with children, as they loved the noodles & sauce. Didn't have the five spice, so would like to try it with that next time. Was easy to make as well which make me a fan!

Gary's Review | Rating

delicious easy to make and yummy
would try again

Allison's Review | Rating

A great meal for after sports. Quick and easy and full of flavour.

Jenny's Review | Rating

This was a very tasty meal, easy to prepare,and very popular, I used beef and the meat eaters loved it. I am vegetarian, so kept a small amount aside for my dish using tofu and vegetables, and this was delicious.

Nikhat's Review | Rating

Super easy and delicious meal ready in minutes.

Sherilyn's Review | Rating

So yummy, easy to cook, and made enough for my hubby and I for two nights...so double the enjoyment!! Thank you for the recipe

Christine's Review | Rating

Easy to make and excellent flavour. My husband & I really enjoyed the end result.

Monique's Review | Rating

Made a vegetarian version, was yum!

Kim's Review | Rating

This was an easy to cook dish, although I found some of the ingredients a little expensive. The family enjoyed it - although I thought it was a little bland considering all the ingredients involved (I often cook beef strips with three ingredients with a stronger flavour than this). Fun to try though. Thanks for the opportunity. PS It also did;'t arrive until 3 days ago - leaving us a bit short on time to get it done and reviewed. Love Kim xxx

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Hi Kim,

Thanks for rating and reviewing on this recipe. We sincerely apologise - there seems to have been some confusion as to the ending date of this promotion, which is 10am on the 25th July, not the 18th. We apologise for any confusion this might have caused.

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Colleen's Review | Rating

Quick and tasty , and an easy way to include more vegetables for those in the family who are reluctant to eat them

Jenna's Review | Rating

Have made this with both beef one time and chicken another. So easy and so delicious! Even easier with a bag of wok creations veges kept in the freezer so you always have them on hand.

Helen's Review | Rating

Excellent winter meal, full of goodness and vegies.

Sharon's Review | Rating

Very easy and scrumptious, the kids enjoyed it and went back for seconds.

Rob's Review | Rating

Quick and easy. This is a family fav, thanks to Watties Wok Creation!

Jess's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make. I used chicken instead if beef and left out the chilli. Was a hit with my family.

Marty's Review | Rating

tasty sauce, prefer thinner noodles tho. We used pre-cut stir fry beef, but would get thinner cut (like schnitzel) and fast fry

Robyn's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make , delicious flavours . Great combination of colour. Will be cooking this regularly. Thank you for the opportunity to review .

Sandra's Review | Rating

Was very tasty and easy to do. Wasn't a cheap meal for a family and didn't go as far as I thought it would, but I would try it again perhaps with other veges but still use this sauce. Thanks

Rachelle's Review | Rating

Made this with Chicken breast and tasted wonderful! Sinapore noodles were a great hit with the kids also. Highly recommend. Easy recipe to follow also.

Rayleen's Review | Rating

This was so quick and easy and absolutely scrummy !

Marty's Review | Rating

good easy meal, though prefer thinner noodles. Also recommend using thin (schnitzel) beef strips

Tracey's Review | Rating

This was an awesome meal we used Chicken instead of Beef and it tasted just as good it's a keeper in home

Christine's Review | Rating

I used chicken and left out chilli to make it more child friendly. Quick and easy with no leftovers.

Nicky's Review | Rating

Very quick, easy, tasty mid week meal enjoyed by the whole family.

Judith's Review | Rating

What a tasty recipe, quite delicious

Leslie's Review | Rating

I cooked The Honey and Soy Chicken Stir fry for my hubby and I and we loved the taste and we found it very filling and was very easy to prepare and cook and will definitely be making it for us again...Delicious yummy tasteful filling...

Sharyn's Review | Rating

Turned out quite nice, but I found it a bit sweet for me, so I added a couple of sloshes of dark soy sauce and a little salt. I used the frozen stir-fry vegetables and they were fine, just cooked them longer. Would make again.

Niki's Review | Rating

Really easy to make and tasted delicious.

Paul's Review | Rating

Easy to make and very Tasty

Stephnie's Review | Rating

This was such a winner in our house! Not only is having it as a pack super easy to prepare for me as the cook, it's also simple to make, meaning way less prep time and more time to spend with the whanau. 3 Boys in our house and this was a big win for them all! We did it all in one wok too, so the boys were also stoked having way less dishes than usual! I do wish they came in different sized packs, e.g. serve's 2 and then another one that serves 5 for example. That's the only reason i'm only giving 4 stars! Taste and Prep was 5 stars for sure!

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Hi Stephnie,

Thanks for rating and reviewing on this recipe. Our Wattie's WOK Creations Honey-Soy Stir-Fry comes in two different sizes, 125g and 210g. The 125g is suitable for 2 people and 210g is suitable for 4.

The Food in a Minute team

donna-marie's Review | Rating

DELICIOUS,so tasty-even 'picky' grand children were looking for seconds

Anita's Review | Rating

Bloody beautiful - the whole family loved this one. Will definitely be making again

Alison's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious and so easy to make definitely a favorite in our house. Thank you so much for the chance to try it :-)

Kristy's Review | Rating

Great flavour in the Honey Soy stir-fry sauce! I added carrot, broccoli and snow peas in, and with the beef went down a treat! Also, there was plenty of sauce for all the noodles too!

Ellen's Review | Rating

Loved it, was so quick and easy. We used fresh winter veges out of our garden and venison as we had no beef. Will definitely be making this again. Even our 13month old was loving it which is a bonus! Thank you for the opportunity to try this yummy meal.

Judy's Review | Rating

Sweet, a bit sweet for our taste, but quick & easy

Sara's Review | Rating

We used chicken. Very quick and easy but I prefer creamy sauces. Husband and kids loved it.

Bev's Review | Rating

Very quick and easy to prepare and cook.Absolutely delicious

Jillian's Review | Rating

Wonderful flavours, easy to follow recipe and a firm favourite with all the family

Bev's Review | Rating

We both really liked it but would recommend schnitzel being used (a butcher in this family) the ease of making this dish & availability of ingredients & time to prepare & cook was really well thought of we would definitely have this again mid week thankyou for the opportunity to rate & review this dish

Gail's Review | Rating

thankyou for samples, so easy to make, you can us any veges, and I threw some cashew nuts in, so tasty and it is so economical and it even taste nicer the next day. great for families

Jean's Review | Rating

Easy to make and so delicious.

Theo's Review | Rating

Aromatic, pleasantly sweet, and delicious.

Janet's Review | Rating

Very tasty dish and easy to cook, the family loved the noodles

Dianne's Review | Rating

My family felt the sauce was a little salty for their taste, however, overall they all found it delicious, as their plates were totally cleaned. We plan to retry using Chicken and adding some Chilli next time. Thanks Watties and Trident.

karen's Review | Rating

this was a really yummy meal all the family loved it will be using again

Jillaine's Review | Rating

Dinner was awesome, thanks. Have only ever used honey soy with chicken, never beef, but I loved this recipe.

maureen's Review | Rating

So easy and quick to make and the sauce makes it taste yummy. Just the meal for after work or a quick meal with friends

Helen's Review | Rating

This is a recipe I make with chicken. It gives the chicken more flavour but we prefer it with long grain rice

Tony's Review | Rating

Excellent, especially for someone on there own who is not a great cook, easy 2 make, tasty, plus made plenty. thank you.

Diane's Review | Rating

Made this with chicken. Easy to make and tastes delicious

Sherilyn's Review | Rating

easy to make, we had it two nights in a row, as recipe made enough for four, and there are two in our house......was simply delicious!!!

Kerry's Review | Rating


Michelle's Review | Rating

We loved it, used chicken, added nuts and sunflower seeds, magic. Will be a 'go to' each week now

kim's Review | Rating

Quick and easy. fantastic flavor, my family love it. I have also used chicken which is also lovely

Jacqui's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make. Very tasty and nice and saucy although a little bit too salty.

Mary's Review | Rating

Not difficult to make with great flavours

Derek's Rating
Barbara's Review | Rating

Very easy to make, certainly a quick and delicious meal.

Derek's Review | Rating

Very tasty good flavours added 5 cloves of garlic .Easy to make ideal midweek tea.

Frances's Review | Rating

Loved.. Honey Soy is my favorite, packed with vegetables and kids loved (I also added a tin of coconut cream to it, yummo)

Robyn's Review | Rating

Loved the recipe..was yummy..thank you

David's Review | Rating

Really enjoyed and easy instructions to follow, should have made double to have for lunch the next day.

Tony's Review | Rating

I do lots of cooking and this was one of the most delicious dishes I have made and quick and easy too. Would definitely make it again and recommend it to others. My wife loved it!

Jane's Review | Rating

really quick and easy! just what we need in our house. my boy loved it because of the noodles

Julia's Review | Rating

Type your review here...Yum!!! Love the taste, so easy :)

Wendy's Review | Rating

It was great - will use them often

Catherine's Review | Rating

Easy to make, great flavour & versitile.

Pam's Review | Rating

I got my teenage son to make this for the family (good practise for him!). It was really delicious, we especially love the addition of ginger which makes it extra tasty. Will definitely be having it again and trying the other sauces as well.

viv's Review | Rating

Tasty, easy, makes plenty and great for left overs for the next days lunch.

Bronwyn's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and very tasty, this is a great winter warmer. I used Watties frozen stir fry mix with 6 vegetables and the addition of ginger added a nice zing to the dish. I didn't have any chilli, so added a dash of Piri Piri seasoning. With the Singapore noodles, this is a complete meal in a bowl. Delicious!

George's Review | Rating

Ease of preparation and excellent taste

Jill's Review | Rating

Yum this sounds amazing and full of healthy items. I know we will love it.

Linda's Review | Rating

Loved it, will definitely be having this again. Thank you.

Kathy's Review | Rating

Very easy to use, great taste and family loved it!

Johnathan's Review | Rating

Very easy to make, a hit in this house!

Odelle's Review | Rating

A great meal and easy to prepare. A good way to get all those vegetables into one dish.

Julia's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious and so easy to make. This has become a new family favourite!

gordon's Review | Rating

easy to cook..great taste...

Sheryll's Review | Rating

a delicious meal so tasty, I added a quarter of cup of water extra to the sauce, so had more delicious sauce to enjoy over the vegetables, steak and noodles, very quick and tasty.

bob's Review | Rating

Easy to follow recipe, and the Singapore noodles were a hit with the grandchildren. Tasty recipe, but slightly sweet for a couple of family members. Thanks for the opportunity to try this recipe.

Denice's Review | Rating

easy /quick and tasty...how good is that.....no time to nibble before it was ready.....

Anita's Review | Rating

We all loved it. Easy to make and very tasty. Will definitely be having again. Thank you

Heather's Review | Rating

Quick and easy for a week night meal . And full of flavour

Lesley's Review | Rating

Used beef with the honey soy. Very quick and easy to make. Everyone had a clean plate and really enjoyed it. Will be making again!

Mollie's Review | Rating

A very tasty meal which we, as seniors, thoroughly enjoyed. Easy to prepare. Will make it again. Thanks

Tracy's Review | Rating

Quick easy meal if you're in a hurry and full of flavour. Yummy!!

Trevor's Review | Rating

Quick, easy, tasty.

Eleanor's Review | Rating

Easy quick meal

Julianna's Review | Rating

Fast fun and teenage family friendly.

Kathy's Review | Rating

Easy quick meal to make and the taste was really delicious. A regular meal in our house now.

Mary's Review | Rating

That could not be any easier, and it was DELICIOUS! Doesn't even take 25 minutes to make if you buy the meat already cut into strips and you use frozen vegetables. This should be marketed as a meal in under 30 minutes. By the time you drive to the takeaway shop, order and collect your meal and return home to eat it, that's likely to take the same time as making this, and it is much cheaper than takeaways - better for you too.

Sandra's Review | Rating

Made this up for Sunday lunch used chicken instead of beef also put in Wattie`s mix vege`s and Trident Noodles
very tasty and filling.

Carl's Review | Rating

Quick and easy, and the Soy was not overpowering. The chilli gives it a nice kick.

JackieandMunch's Review | Rating

We loved it, left out the nuts as hubby allergic, but still very tasty and easy to make

Suzie's Review | Rating

Very tasty Stir fry, would recommend this to others. But, I would question the number of servings.

Jenny's Review | Rating

Delicious and so quick and easy! Great to be able to use whatever vegies are in season and use different meat as well

Jess's Review | Rating

Easy to make and family really enjoyed it, however I used chicken instead of beef and left the chilli out.

Megan's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make. Very tasty

Maryanne's Review | Rating

Always enjoy Trident Noodles, so this was a great way to use them in this recipe, and very easy to make. Liked the addition of the nuts too.

Janine's Review | Rating

Luv the strong flavour this receipt had - it was so quick and easy to make and very nourishing - would definitely make again and would be adventurous and try different meats and vegetables next time - first time I have used the Singapore Noodles - they were great - will use in other dishes as well - thanks Watties & Trident!!

Brian's Review | Rating

Couldn't be much easier or tastier. Made trying to invent my own recipes redundant. Certainly puts 2 minute type noodles in their place - I'm adding this one to my shopping list !

Patricia's Review | Rating

I cooked this last night for the first time and served it to friends, it was delicious and my friends were most impressed. It will definitely feature on our menu in future and I will be trying other recipes in this range too. YUMBO!!

Kyla's Review | Rating

Easy week day meal that the whole family enjoyed

Yvette's Review | Rating

The taste was very authentic and tasty. It was simple and easy to use and makes for a quick convenient meal.
Thank you Watties!

shaine's Review | Rating

Tasty, quick to make, ingredients are the usual that are available in our home. Even the husband liked this one!

shaine's Review | Rating

Tasty, quick to make, ingredients are the usual that are available in our home. Even the husband liked this one!

shaine's Review | Rating

Tasty, quick to make, ingredients are the usual that are available in our home. Even the husband liked this one!

Jan's Review | Rating

So easy and extremely tasty

Denzel's Review | Rating

Absolutely divine, so easy to make and so tasty :) after a busy day at work.

Ema's Review | Rating

Go to recipe, make this so often as it is quick and easy

Atawhai's Review | Rating

My stir fry has never ever tasted so good like that in a very long time , I'll forever carry on buying this flavour :)

Kellie's Review | Rating

Yummy. Great way to get veges in. 9 year old came back for 2nds

Sara's Review | Rating

I love Honey Soy dishes and this ready-made sauce is a great find as its tasty and quick

Lois's Review | Rating

My husband loved this dish as much as I did.

Sarah's Review | Rating

Amazing dish with yummy flavour. Something different but my fussy toddler will still eat it.

Andrew's Review | Rating

Awesome taste and quick and easy to prepare.

Leokadia's Review | Rating

This is a very easy meal to make, and by adding the wonderful wok creation sauce and extra veges my husband loved it, not a fan of stirfrys this will be on the menu for years to come.

Judith's Review | Rating

The reviews look good (the word yummy features a lot) - so will give it a go this weekend.

Imelda's Review | Rating

I tried this recipe many times and the whole family loves it. Quick, easy and affordable ingredients.

Judith's Review | Rating

Another one for us to try, once again the reviews say it all. Whoever creates these recipes certainly knows how to win over the customer. Will be doing this as it sounds fab.

Cherian's Review | Rating

Love honey and soy and the combinations with noodles is irresistible. A full meal

debbie's Review | Rating

Delicious so easy and quick to make the whole family were such big fans and so delish

Dorothy's Rating
Brian's Review | Rating

Looks so yummy and I reckon even I can do it and impress the team at home

Sarah's Review | Rating

This was so easy to make and it makes a complete meal. Although I may have added a some more of the stir-fry vegetables on the side and just used the wholemeal noodles that I had in the pantry

Jennifer's Review | Rating

I made mine with Pork and it was simple to make and very delicious.

Janet's Review | Rating

Flavoursome and easy to cook.

Judy's Review | Rating

So easy to make , I supervised my teenage daughter while she made it and it was so delicious, not a scrap was left :)

Wendy's Review | Rating

Very nice recipe

Jacqui's Review | Rating

We really really enjoyed this Creation Meal. The flavour isn't over powering, you can still taste the veges and meat through the sauce which is great. Easy to use, and very easy to eat! :-)

Lorraine's Review | Rating

Couldn't be easier to prepare and make, tasty too.

Jax's Review | Rating

This is amazing, its so easy to make and so delicious. I love it.

Sue's Review | Rating

Quick to make, simple recipe, can use whatever you have in pantry/fridge, tasty

Kylie's Review | Rating

Absolutely Devine! So quick and easy to use. The sauce smelt beautiful and the taste was mouth watering. Definitely added to our weekly shopping list.

kevin's Review | Rating

I don't normally do stir frys, as I find the sauces quite bland, but felt the honey soy was very tasty.

Stuart's Review | Rating

So tasty and easy to make family loved it

Pip's Review | Rating

Love Stir Fry dishes and this is so easy, nutritious, full of flavour and everyone loves it!

Kirsty's Review | Rating

Obsolutely love this recipie!

Brenda's Review | Rating

This is chop chop lip-smacking delicious!

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Looks really yummy easy to whip to up for the family. The vegetables are good for your 5t a day.

Jessica's Review | Rating

Really enjoyed this

Juanita's Review | Rating

Oh no video, btw all your videos are great! Liking this dish too and can't wait to try this one out, who doesn't like Honey Soy anything, wow a definite must to make and add to my cooking skills!

Maryanne's Review | Rating

I will make this. It is healthy and something my family love to eat

Aimee's Review | Rating

Yet another dish I make and am lucky to get any lol,my fussy 3 year old loves this.

Amy's Review | Rating

I think this would be a great family favourite

Cara's Review | Rating

Didn't include the coriander and cashews and used chicken instead of rump steak to please everyone in the family Was still a really tasty dish we all liked

Cherie's Review | Rating

This was delicious & a hit with the family!
Such a great amount of flavour with lots of veggies. I thought with so much veg it may be too much for the sachet but was perfect!
Thank you for letting us try this!

Jenny's Review | Rating

A great recipe, with good proportions of meat, veges & spices. I'd be leaving the chilli out as I don't like food that's too hot, but I do like flavour. This recipe has a great mix of ginger, five spice, coriander & soy/honey. Then just adding the noodles of your choice. Quick, easy, flavoursome.

Lana's Review | Rating

loved it, used it with pork, veges and noodles, made enough to freeze for easy dinners afterwards

Tamsyn's Review | Rating

Love love love. Left out the chilli and 5 spice though so my 3 yr old would eat it also

Michelle's Review | Rating

OMG! This sauce is delicious and made out stir fry taste like an authentic Asian dish. There was sufficient sauce to cover the meat, veggies and noddles and the plates were virtually licked clean :) Highly recommend!

Jocelyn's Review | Rating

This meal was absolutely delicious to eat and so easy to prepare. Instead of using the chilli I added a teaspoon of chilli paste. This was the first time I had tried these meal sachets and they will certainly be added to my weekly shopping list. Devine!!!

Jen's Review | Rating

I must admit I was nervous making this for my family as my three boys and hubby are generally white meat eaters only, but I desperately wanted something different but still quick after long busy day.
This was an absolute hit!! I did substitute and omit cpl of things 1. Because couldn't find in supermarket and 2. I knew my kids wouldn't go there eg:nuts and coriander.
The flavour was incredible and putting the Watties Wok creation sauce all over the meat before stir frying made the meat so tender and moist.
Was easy to prep, serve and deff eat! Will be buying again and deffiantly wanna try the others now too :)

Marama's Review | Rating

Super easy recipe, and quick. Sauce was great, too, not too sweet like I've found some other honey soy sauces to be.

Diane's Review | Rating

Simple to prepare. Healthy. Hearty. This is a great midweek meal. I rate it a 'keeper'!

mavis's Rating
Asti's Review | Rating

Pleases every time. Mix it up with chicken too.

john's Review | Rating

very tasty

Kayley's Review | Rating

Delicious and easy to make . nice with the addition of mushrooms, carrots and broccoli as the vege choice

Suzannah's Review | Rating

We love this sauce in our household! Delicious with rice or udon noodles and plenty of fresh vegetables. We've also tried with need and chicken so it's very flexible.

Diana's Review | Rating

Delicious and so simple to cook.

Mary's Review | Rating

Love this one, I dont like corriander so I swap it out for spring onions

Gregory's Review | Rating

Watties wok creations Honey Soy is excellent.I used chicken instead and it tasted great.I also used watties eastern mix veges which were great also.

Maureen's Review | Rating

We love Stir-Frys and I made this Honey Soy Beef & Noodle Stir-Fry for dinner tonight and we loved it with my husband having two helpings. Delicious and satisfying.

Lesley's Review | Rating

We love this as a quick ,healthy family meal.The family is getting pretty good at cooking now with Food in a minute being a great help.

Chee K's Review | Rating

Much too sweet. More suited for western taste buds.

Lily's Review | Rating

One of my favorite meal!!!☺☺☺☺

Helen's Review | Rating

My family devoured this so quickly and came up for more air plus seconds .. love the flavour of the Honey Soy sauce, the fresh herbs coriander is a essential for freshness and the chopped cashew nuts really adds that delicious textural element. Really liked the fact that the recipe uses rump steak which is a underrated meat in my books...economical and full of flavour .. my tip is to cook quickly and slightly under and when stirred together will continue to cook. A delicious family favourite in this house

Tracey's Review | Rating

best ever the Honey soy sauce is not to sweet and it mixes well with the veges. and we loved it

Kay's Review | Rating

Delicious, however not a very strong flavour.

david's Review | Rating

Any quick and easy meal using honey and soya sauce especially with beef with either noodles or rice always goes down well with my family its a win win situation

Paul's Review | Rating

Easy to make and yummy to eat.

Tsana's Review | Rating

The dish was a winner with my family (boys) - "this is good!", "tasty", "yummy!" were comments made during dinner. So easy to prepare

brenda's Rating
john's Review | Rating

one of my all time favourites!

DEBBIE's Review | Rating

Quick & easy to make when working late . Lots of flavour

Toni's Review | Rating

Tasty - Enjoyed by all

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Quick to make and east to follow recipe. Would make again

Donna's Review | Rating

So tasty we both ate second serves and hubby said remember to buy again! Just awesome thanks for sharing.

Karl's Review | Rating

Over the years, I have been forced to experiment with various food recipes. Being a uni student when I developed my own "honey soy beef stir-fry" recipe - making it up as I went along based on whatever I could find in the cupboards - I found a flavour balance that I quite liked and I have stuck with that all these (too) many years. Trying this sauce gave me pause to consider that maybe I had acquired a taste for my recipe, instead of finding a recipe that tasted great... because this one impressed me more than I thought it would.

Very easy to make, simple to adjust based on seasonal crops and availability, it's a good one to make use of the last couple of veges in the bottom of the chiller drawer that you otherwise can't use up before they go off.

Marina's Review | Rating

Great - dish super easy to make and efficient. Not too sweet.

Linda's Review | Rating

Another easy and tasty recipe Food in a minute make yummy equal easy too

Shane's Review | Rating

Delicious, the whole family enjoyed this one. Quick and easy to prepare too

Helen's Review | Rating

Delicious! Even with chicken, lovely recipe.

Jacky's Review | Rating

Super fast and easy meal which is great for days when we are time poor. Flavour was good maybe just slightly too sweet.

Jenny's Review | Rating

Quick and tasty

Jean's Review | Rating

Honey Soy has got to be our all time favourite - I just can't seem to bypass it at the Supermarket - easy recipe and just so tasty - try it, you won't regret it!

Kay's Review | Rating

I used some of the honey soy sauce to marinate the beef and also used frozen stir fry vegetables - very quick and easy mid-week meal.

Ingrid's Review | Rating

The Wattie's WOK Creations Honey Soy Stir-Fry Sauce was sooo good! We used it making the Honey Soy Beef and Noodle Stir-Fry, and my family of five loved it. Easy as pour it on and let it do it's magic!

Emma's Review | Rating

The flavour of this stir fry is great and you can adjust the amounts of ginger and chili to taste. I also love the versatility- I used frozen stir fry verges and beef, but I think this would be delicious with chicken and whatever fresh veges are in season. Didn't try it with five spice (didn't have in the pantry and forgot to pick it up) but would definitely try it next time

Karen's Review | Rating

This recipe is great it does not take long to prepare and cook and the kids loved it. As my kids are not that keen on Chilli I put half the amount in.

Robert's Review | Rating

great meal the whole family will like,and keep on a healthy track

Glenda's Review | Rating

excellent I will certainly make it again. All your recipes are excellent

Holly's Review | Rating

This honey soy sauce is my family's go-to for our weekly stir-fry. It is so tasty and we still crave it after multiple tries. The singapore noodles are perfect with it, and any meat would go.

Anna's Review | Rating

A fantastic, easy and great tasting product. A great way to include plenty of vegetables, noodles and meat into dinner, can't believe how quick and easy this was to prepare and cook with only 1 pan to wash! Love it, has so become a family favorite on cold winters nights.

Cherian's Review | Rating

Noodles and soy Beef- a heavenly combination

Grant's Rating
Hollie's Review | Rating

This is a super tasty recipe! We replaced the noodles with another variety and didn't add the coriander but it was still delicious :)

wendy's Review | Rating

my husbands favorite it is quick and easy to make, with lots of flavor great for a work night meal.

Aidan's Review | Rating

Always nice. I leave out the chilli and nuts though.

Susannah's Review | Rating

Love this stirfry. Easy and quick weeknight meal. Even 1-year-old daughter loves it!

Charlotte's Review | Rating

Very quick and easy and delicious! Perfect for a week day meal for the whole family. The sauce was full of flavour and very well balanced. Great meal!

Michelle's Review | Rating

This was so easy to prepare and a huge hit with the family! There was ample sauce in the pack to cover the beef and vegetables and the taste was delicious! Great to have when you're in a rush!

Christine's Review | Rating

Even without the chilli it’s delicious and so quick.i use schnitzel as I’ve got heaps of that and it works well.

Shirley's Review | Rating

Adds extra flavor to the seasonal garden veges. Quick and easy to make.

Anna's Review | Rating

Delicious easy dinner

Paul's Review | Rating

Yummy and easy to make. Can use whatever veges you like which is good and can vary it up with different seasoning and veges.

Lesley's Review | Rating

This is a family favorite and a quick and easy, but delicious, meal we make when family come for tea. Never any left over!

Vicki's Review | Rating

Tasty and simple to prepare, but I don't like chilli so didn't include it.

Ngaire's Review | Rating


Margaret's Review | Rating

I have made this recipe and it makes a lot...it goes a long way.

Jinnie's Review | Rating

AS recipe title says! EASY and Quick. I'd add extremely tasty. I used crushed almonds has had no cashews. Very yum!

Sarah's Review | Rating

Not only was this great on the night but we had leftovers for lunch and they heated up well and tasted great!

marilyn's Review | Rating

Loved this, just used whatever veges I had at that time + served with Egg Noodles YUM!

Chris's Review | Rating

I agree with the profile of this recipe - make Wednesday nights the perfect time for Honey Soy Beef and Noodle Stir-fry

Alisha's Review | Rating

Who needs takeaways with delicious easy recipes like this that you can make at home

Angelina's Review | Rating

Really tasty and quick to make! We have tried it with both chicken and beef and they are both winners.

Lisa's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare, very tasty and the kids loved it!

Kate's Review | Rating

Flavours we enjoy, prefer to prepare my own veges rather than using pre-prepared although on a time poor night that would be a great option!

Maureen's Review | Rating

This is totally the best Stir Fry Sauce that we have tried,
I had Japanese visitors who were most impressed and have taken some
back home with them. The rice is fluffy and a treat to go with the stir fry.