• 70 g sachet Wattie’s Pizza Paste
  • chorizo sausages, sliced
  • 400 g can Wattie’s Whole Kernel Corn, drained
  • feta, crumbled
  • coriander leaves
  1. Make pizza dough (click here for recipe) or use pre-made pizza bases.
  2. Spread pizza bases with Wattie’s Pizza Paste. Top with slices of chorizo sausage and well drained Wattie’s Whole Kernel Corn. Top with plenty of crumbled feta. Bake in a 220°C oven for 15 minutes until cheese has melted and base is golden and cooked. Stand for 5 minutes. Scatter over coriander leaves. Slice to serve.

Made With

Wattie’s® Pizza Paste sachet 70g

Covers 2 medium pizza bases, the unique single serve format means there’s no mess or waste. No added salt or sugar or preservatives.

Whole Kernel Corn

Grown in sunny Hawke’s Bay and picked at its peak, only the sweetest corn from our crops makes it into our Whole Kernel Corn.

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Reviews (108)

SARA's Rating
john's Review | Rating

the Pizza was perfect I love Chorizo and we used the Watties Pizza Paste . Made it easy as and tasted great!

Judy's Review | Rating

I loved this pizza! I wouldn't have thought of corn with feta but it really works. I left off the coriander because I am not a fan of it at all and I used tortillas for bases as they turn out so nice and crispy.Delicious ! The Watties Pizza Paste makes it all so easy and yummy!

Carole's Review | Rating

Really tasty - even the kids loved it

Garry's Review | Rating

Sounds very yummy

Tania's Review | Rating


Sue's Review | Rating

Easy as - adaptable if you don't have/like chorizo sausages use any sausage

Karen's Review | Rating

Nice & different

Sarah's Review | Rating

Super easy to make, love the combination of corn and feta

Sam's Review | Rating

very nice

Raewyn's Review | Rating

This sounds great and I will try it. Pizza definitely a favourite and this is so easy

debbie's Review | Rating

delicious easy and quick to make

RUTH's Review | Rating

tried this ,but used wild venison salami instead of the chorizo sausage.was yumm

Michael's Review | Rating

Love both chorizo and feta tastes.

Christine's Review | Rating

Looks yummy and apetitizing.

Juanita's Rating
Theresa's Review | Rating

Very easy recipe and one i am sure the whole family will love

Mrs Stephanie's Review | Rating

Excellent dish kids love this.

lesley's Review | Rating

This looks easy to make and will be very tasty . We love chorizo and feta so I think it is a wonderful combination of flavours.

Kirsty's Review | Rating

Corn and feta are two of my favourites foods so they make a great combination for something different on a pizza.

Emily's Review | Rating

Really yummy, The Chorizo and corn with Feta ia a perfect match with Watties Pizza Paste

Trish's Review | Rating

Sounds interesting but I'm not too sure about the kernel corn

Craig's Review | Rating

Beautiful and the feta just makes it devine kids Loved too

michael's Review | Rating

I made this and added some old gouda cheese on top , yummmmm

david's Review | Rating

Pizzas , are so easy to make , and so very versatile , and make great meal choices , you can just stick to a great recipe and then add , or adjust to how you want them

Matt Lisa's Review | Rating

Not a feta person but could play with this

Arthur's Review | Rating

What a fabulous combination, I would never have thought of that myself. Keen to try this one as I am sure it will be a winner.

sumathy's Review | Rating

This pizza looks appealing for both adults and chidlren, adults will love the corn and Chorizo combination especially during Winter, a different twist to Pizza

Cindy's Review | Rating

Quick & easy with all the ingredients I already have in the cupboard.

Kim's Rating
Carla's Rating
Donell's Review | Rating

I will give it a go

Doug's Review | Rating

We loved the saltiness of the sausage and feta set against the crunchy sweetness of the corn.

Lian's Review | Rating


Nikki's Review | Rating

Love it...This perfect pizza creation using watties pizza paste stick & Watties amazing pick of the crop whole kernel corn with feta & chorizo sausages & coriander leaves is divine. Quick & simple to make in no time at all & has a mexican look & flavour with the corn & chorizo...The Feta gives it some edge as it's salty to taste & coriander is just an amazing herb to garnish for presentation appeal...I did add three cheese mix along with additional spread of salsa, sliced tomato's, diced chilli, capsicum & red onion, and not forgetting a good dolloping or three of yummy avocado to have a more hearty topping fit for a king...And not forgetting a tipple of Tequila for Two! As they would say in Mexico "Era la más deliciosa pizza alguna vez" (It was the most delicious pizza ever)... :)

Tim's Review | Rating

I love the flavours of this pizza, but the kids didn't like the Feta, so would make it with mozzarella next time.

Rob's Review | Rating

Even I can make this, and it's yum!

june's Review | Rating

simple to make and very tasty

Bryan's Review | Rating

So tasty - just love the corn/chorizo combination

adele's Review | Rating

Very tastie but found the lose corn a bit hard to handle

Anita's Review | Rating

Delicious flavours all in one meal!

Helen's Review | Rating

Yum Yum recipe - Pizza always a hit with my daughter

elvi's Review | Rating

I tried this recipe and love it. Mix of delicious flavours all in one meal

elvi's Review | Rating

Excellent dish . I have tried this pizza and my son loves it

Noeline's Review | Rating

With 3 adults 5 chiLoren what could have gone wrong nothing empty plates all loved the pizzas mske them again when sleep 9ver next week thankyou watties

Noeline's Review | Rating

Beautiful all 5 chiLoren 4 adults loved it will do again

Rex's Review | Rating

Great recipe and very tasty ingredients excellent with drinks and fast to prepare

Melinda's Review | Rating

might give this a try

Kay's Review | Rating

Much nicer and easier than I expected. The sweet and savoury mix of corn, chorizo and feta was a delicious surprise. We used a tortilla for the base. The convenience of the Watties tomato paste stick, canned corn, chorizo and feta made it the easiest and quickest pizza I've made for a long time.

Barbara's Review | Rating

Easy to make and tasty

Carol's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make. The Pizza paste gave the pizza the added tomato flavour without any fuss.

Stepanka's Review | Rating

Easy, delicious, loved by all.

Tania's Review | Rating

Easy as. Simple to use the pizza paste sachet. The spice of the chorizo with the freshness of the corn, yum.

Jill's Review | Rating

Love the chorizo and with the paste so easy to make and

Paul's Review | Rating

Is a yummy and easy pizza to make. Can substitute the chorizo for another type of sausage if desired.

Jean's Review | Rating

Great combination. Very easy to put together.

Ingrid's Review | Rating

The Wattie's Pizza Paste is rich and smooth. With the spicy Chorizo, creamy Feta and the Corn it made a tasty homemade pizza on this cold and rainy evening. Yum.

Moira's Review | Rating

Quick and tasty. Watties Paste stick was just the right amount. Thanks

Ngaire's Review | Rating

Delicious and will make again. Thanks.

Christine's Review | Rating

Quick and easy especially for 2 oldies. Used pork sausages as husband dislikes choritzo

meljay nicole's Review | Rating

this is definable our fav we make this every two weeks, lovely cold also

Janet's Review | Rating

Home made base, Watties Pizza Paste, with chorizo and feta was really nice. Don't like corn so replaced with capsicum and mushrooms - nice and easy recipe.

Heather's Review | Rating

Easy to make and colourful. kids love it....

Uma's Review | Rating

The pizza paste makes all the difference to the overall flavour of this recipe. Flavoursome without being overpowering. Great recipe for the kids to make at home! I added a little cheese with mine... yummmmmm!

Neil's Review | Rating

This is a really good pizza recipe. I thought the corn would not be suitable for a pizza but I was wrong.

Tara's Review | Rating

This was different. I surprised myself by liking it.

Joanne's Review | Rating

What a super easy meal to make! Who doesn't love pizza? Minimal ingredients so costs kept low but flavour is maximised! Yum!

Linda's Review | Rating

This proved to be tasty and pretty easy to prepare.You cant go wrong actually. The pizza base is a great start for alsorts of toppings.

Leanne's Review | Rating

Basic uncomplicated easy receipe. Easy to assemble. Not convinced about the corn but loved the chorizo & feta combination

Lyn's Review | Rating

Easy, quick and tasty

Kelly's Review | Rating

The tomato paste added a delicious richness to our pizzas bases and I would definitely purchase the product in the future.

Cath's Review | Rating

A new flavour combo for us - worked very well - with the addition of spinach. Great (:

Marina's Rating
Angela's Review | Rating

Perfect combo.

Charmaine's Review | Rating

Really easy to make. My grandson and I had fun.
Making this easy to make.pizza the taste is.amazing I rate. It 5plus

Saara's Review | Rating

Great way to use that can of corn that has been languishing in my pantry!

Angela's Review | Rating

I quite liked this, the chorizo added a nice spice flavour, the kernels popped with a bit of sweetness and the feta added some saltiness. Yum!

Judith's Review | Rating

This looks a very easy and stress-free recipe, and what a great combination. I am going to try it tonight ✅

Michele's Review | Rating

Not particularly keen on chorizo so I substituted leftovers roasted chicken and cooked ham which worked really well!

Helen's Review | Rating

This pizza had all the taste buds tingling!

Joannel's Review | Rating

A tasty pizza but needed a light coating of mozzarella cheese or similar as quite dry.

Jenny's Review | Rating

loved by 2 out of three ,the third not a corn lover. Tasted great with the sauce and sausages . The corn made it different but not like the unusual pizza's I make. I do use the pizza's sauce on my other pizza's .

Sharon's Review | Rating

Was a quick and hassle free meal mid week and was really tasty

Sharon's Review | Rating

A very quick and extremely tasty mid week meal

Victoria's Review | Rating

Wow this pizza was amazing, great flavours and enjoyed by all family members. Pizza stick was great too easy and no wastage.

Anna's Review | Rating

So simple, quick and fun to prepare with the kids for dinner, they loved helping and adding all the colours. Fantastic fun and taste! And NO dishes!!

Bekz's Review | Rating

Just the right mix of savoury, salty and a pop of sweet!

Amanda's Review | Rating

Yum yum yum and so easy to make

angela's Review | Rating

Lovely quick easy recipe ideal for the kids to make for themselves,

jacqui's Review | Rating

quick easy and different twist, great!

Jackie's Rating
San's Rating
Ian's Rating
Lyn's Review | Rating

Tasty and easy

Nilufer's Review | Rating

Enjoyed this lovely pizza paste. Recipe idea is also very interesting.

Arthur's Review | Rating

Great, tasty and easy to prepare.

Dave's Review | Rating

I've never made a home made pizza before -- found this so easy to do, very yummy, can't wait to try another recipe!! Well done Watties!

Karen's Review | Rating

yummy love the mix feta corn chorizo

Karina's Review | Rating

The BOMB!! I had the night off and kids did the cooking that's how easy it was, can't wait to try the others.
Cheers Food in a Mintue oxox

angela's Review | Rating

Absolutely fantastic - kids loved it!!

Jamie's Review | Rating

Really easy tasty dish that all the family enjoyed

Steven's Review | Rating

Easy to make and family enjoyed it.

Tegan's Review | Rating

Well it was gobbled down quickly which tells me it was indeed a hit. The corn and the fest were an awesome combination and together with the chorizo and herbs and the pizza paste exploded with delicious flavours. Beats this Mommas usual Hawaiian pizza hands down any day!!

Andrew's Review | Rating

Awesome, easy and mighty tasty.

ck's Review | Rating

really easy to make with Wattie’s Pizza Paste and tin of corn, loved the flavor of chorizo sausage with feta
we had this and veg 1 for dinner, this was fav with adults in house

elvi's Review | Rating

This looks easy to make and will be very tasty . Chorizo and feta so I think it is a wonderful combination of flavours.

leo's Review | Rating

It is simple to make and very tasty

Vivienne's Review | Rating

soooo tasty :) made on a flatbread base :)