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Nutrition FAQs
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Nutrition FAQs

  • I follow a gluten-free diet. Do you have any suitable recipes?

    We have a number of Food in a Minute fans who require gluten-free diets so we have created a collection of gluten-free recipes.

    However, be sure to always check the label of any food you use to see if it contains any gluten-containing ingredients as product recipes can change at any time

  • Can you please provide the nutrition breakdown or Weightwatchers points for your recipes?

    We have considered many ways of providing nutrition information about our recipes. Many of our fans have told us that they find too much nutrition information daunting and confusing. Hence, we launched our Healthy Pick initiative. The Healthy Pick logo easily identifies recipes that are lower in total fat, saturated fat, salt and/or sugar. If you click on the logo you can see the criteria or search through the full collection of Healthy Pick Recipes.

    If you require more specialised guidance please contact us and we will do our best to help.

  • I have diabetes. What recipes would you recommend I try?

    Dietary advice for people with Type 2 Diabetes is very similar to a healthy eating plan for everyone; low in total fat, saturated fat, sodium and sugar, high in fibre and including plenty of whole grains and fruit and vegetables. And of course, sensible portion sizes and regular exercise. Because of this we do not have recipes designed specifically for people with diabetes but if you look for recipes with the Healthy Pick these are a suitable place to start.

    If you have Type 1 Diabetes or require further information please see your health professional.

  • I find it hard to find good Vegetarian recipes. Can you help?

    We have a collection of Vegetarian recipes. This collection of recipes is based on a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet so eggs and dairy products have not been excluded.

    However, be sure to always check foods labels to see if they contain any animal products as product recipes can change at any time.

  • You use lots of frozen vegetables in your recipes. Surely fresh is better?

    In fact, frozen vegetables can be just as nutritious as fresh vegetables. Most of our frozen vegetables are normally processed within hours of harvesting, thereby preserving a higher proportion of their nutrient content. "Fresh" vegetables can be several days old by the time they are eaten (unless you are able to grow your own).

    Frozen vegetables are very convenient as they are always available in the supermarket and can be kept on hand in your freezer. Another bonus is that there is little waste or spoilage as you use only what you need each time - so you are able to use everything you pay for!

  • Some of your recipes are too simple and use a lot of ready-made foods. Shouldn't you be teaching people how to cook things from scratch?

    As the name Food in a Minute implies, we try to have quick and convenient recipes. When it comes to ready-made foods there is the option, of course, for people to make their own.

  • I have a food allergy. What recipes are suitable for me?

    Because there are so many different possible allergies and allergy combinations we do not have separate recipe collections for all. Always check the ingredients in the recipe you would like to try. If you are unsure about any of the Heinz Wattie's products used in the recipe you can contact us here.

    It is still important to check all food labels before using it as product recipes can change at any time.

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