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Freezer Friendly
Freezer Friendly
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Freezer Friendly

Here are a handful of our freezer friendly recipes, simple to pull out of the freezer at any time and cook off for all the household to enjoy #lockdowncooking #stayhomenz


The Ultimate Mac Cheese

Ginger Loaf with a Cinnamon Frosting

Kiwi Mince and Beans

Ultimate Beef Burgers

Feijoa Bran Muffins

Banana Bread

Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry

Mediterranean Salad with Pea Falafels

Weeknight Beef Lasagne

Coq Au Vin

Chicken, Corn and Bacon Chowder

Chicken Tikka Masala

Turkish Lamb Pide

Beef Lasagne

Slow Cooked Beef Ragu

Slow Cooked Mexican Pulled Beef

Mexican Sauce

Italian Tomato Sauce

Check out some of our top freezing tips below:

  1. Make sure foods are cooled to room temperature before freezing. If foods are put into the freezer hot it increases the temperature in the freezer and could cause other foods to start defrosting.
  2. Wrap foods securely in cling film, sealable plastic bags or airtight containers. If you do not exclude the air, foods run the risk of getting freezer burn. While not necessarily harmful this can affect the texture and flavour of the food.
  3. Cooked foods can be re-heated from frozen. Suggest using a lower temperature to start with to enable the food to thaw, then increase the temperature to cook. Re heated foods should reach an internal temperature of 75°C. Foods should only be re-heated once, which is why portion control is important.
  4. Do not re-freeze uncooked food. When food is thawed bacteria can multiply very quickly, so if you re-freeze the bacteria can survive and are more likely to reach harmful levels on the second thawing.
  5. Don’t cook poultry or large pieces of meat from frozen but thaw in the refrigerator first.

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