• See our method for suggested combinations. You can top these combinations on seed crackers, crostini, blinis, small savoury pastry cases, cucumber rounds.

Just Smash Avocado & Basil Pesto:

• Smoked Salmon and Caper
• Prawn with a little lemon zest or a small ‘blob’ of mayonnaise
• Chopped tomatoes, red onion and parsley

Just Smash Beetroot & Ricotta:

• Pan fried haloumi
• Shaved hot beef (deli line) and olive
• Crumbled goats cheese and toasted walnuts
• Crispy proscuito and microgreens
• Chopped roasted capsicum, courgette and eggplant

Just Smash Roasted Kumara & Butternut:

• Cherry Tomato and Spring Onion
• Shaved salami and microgreens
• Rock melon and crispy proscuito
• Radish with chopped orange, freshly ground black pepper and microgreens

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