• 350g middle bacon (rind removed)
  • ½ cup grated cheese
  • 6 eggs
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • ½ cup Mediterranean Basil Pesto Chunky Dip

1. Preheat oven to 200°C (fanbake).

2. Lightly grease six holes of a muffin tin. Line the holes with bacon, then place a little of the cheese into each hole.

3. Crack an egg into each hole, then season to taste.

4. Dollop a teaspoon of Mediterranean Basil Pesto Chunky Dip into each hole, then place in the oven and bake for 15 minutes or until the eggs are cooked.

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Ann Spain's Review | Rating

These were easy to make. Doesn't have to have pesto. Great with hollandaise sauce.

Barbara's Review | Rating

Really nice and great for nibbles when entertaining.

Dorothy's Review | Rating

Such a great idea

Amanda's Review | Rating

Nice flavour with the pesto, takes them up a notch from everyday.

Sara's Review | Rating

Tried this overnight and it was great. Quick and easy and the pesto dip turned it from basic bacon and egg pie to something a bit different. I believe the Basil Pesto Chunky Dip is gluten free too, so will use this for GF lunches for a friend

Simon's Review | Rating

A great combination of flavours that really compliment each other well. This is a must have for any social gathering.

Sara's Review | Rating

quick, easy delicious and even our fussy eaters loved it.

Victoria's Review | Rating

Fantastic pie recipe. I would recommend it.

wendy's Review | Rating

Being asked to set up a fund-raiser morning tea with little notice, I decided to try this recipe.

What an easy, quick and tasty recipe this was, and went down so well - I was asked to repeat it!! It was so convenient too, and the plates cleared in no time!! ( I also used some of the other dips too.) I will be trying some of the other dips for the next meeting!

Thank you, Food in a Minute for the ideas!


Sue's Review | Rating

Really delicious for breakfast, brunch or a quick meal. Couldn’t be easier & plenty of tasty variations if you change the cheese (feta, gruyere etc) or replace the bacon with ham, pastrami or prosciutto slices.

Kellie's Review | Rating

I would never have thought to use a dip in cooking. What a fantastic idea. Very yummy

Judy's Review | Rating

Such an easy recipe and a delicious twist on an old family favourite. I am going to try it with some of the other Mediterranean Dips too. Great for picnics and celebrations too.Yum!

Toni's Review | Rating

Easy, flavourful recipe

Sue's Review | Rating

A great entertaining standby and the pesto gives a bit more zing - try with different pestos for variety.

Natalie's Review | Rating

These are tasty little snacks great for the lunchboxes or picnics easy to make too

Jill's Review | Rating

Tastes really good, quick and easy to make and the pesto just gives it that extra special taste

Karen's Review | Rating

Made these for this weeks lunches! Great if you're gluten free or cutting carbs.

Kelvin's Review | Rating

Not tried it but what a great simple and sounding tasty dish

Beryl's Review | Rating

Made them in ramekins and added a little sun-dried tomato. Quick, easy, tasty and warming for lunch on a chilly day

Melissa's Review | Rating

Great tasting and loved the pesto dip and awesome idea for breakfast light snack

Shelley's Review | Rating

The dip adds to the tasty. Easy to make & store

Paul's Review | Rating

These are yummy and are easy to make.

Vicki's Review | Rating

A great idea, tasty and looks good too.

Angie's Review | Rating

Easy to make, very tasty. Great snack / lunch food for kids

Meredith's Review | Rating

Fun to make with the kids and quick and easy! Tastes great.

Sarah's Review | Rating

Absolutely loved these. They looked so cool and were perfect for family brunch

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious! So easy to make, pesto added a great flavour

nicole's Review | Rating

its really yummy i would cook this everyday if i had the chance

Jill's Review | Rating

What a yummy twist on bacon and eggs!

Justine's Review | Rating

Easy as and great for low carb eating.