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  • Here’s one for all you vegetable lovers out there a lasagne packed with delicious flavours and loads of your favourite roast vegetables. Let’s not forget the rich tomato and super creamy cheese sauces that create this seriously clever lasagne.

  • Chocolate and cornflake morsals topped with chocolate icing and no afghan would be complete without a walnut on top.

  • Here’s the new easy when it comes to lasagne. A hassle free recipe that you can easily make mid-week! With a delicious tomato sauce, no pre-cooking of pasta and a super smooth cheesy sauce it’s seriously clever and seriously tasty!

  • Here’s a treat for lasagne lovers out there. A seriously tasty & easy chicken version packed full of great flavours but still with layers of tomato and cheese deliciousness. Tastes like it took hours to create but we’ll keep your secret!