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20 Ratings Cheesy Corn and Bacon Scones

Reviews (20)

Linda's Rating
Marie's Rating
Susan's Rating
Jannette''s Rating
Hema's Review | Rating

It was a very easy recipe to follow & it turned out beautiful. Throughly enjoyed .

Dee's Rating
Judy's Rating
Tony's Review | Rating

Can you use lemonade instead of soda water?

Tony's Rating
Jan's Review | Rating

I love a fantasticly great scone - this was awesome.

Polly's Review | Rating

Very sticky need to add more flour

Patricia's Rating
Sandra's Review | Rating

not overly impressed I found them quite doughy but tasted nice

Adrian's Rating
Judy's Review | Rating

A nice change. Thank you!

lee's Rating
Jan's Rating
louise's Review | Rating

This scone recipe came out perfect, best scones i have made, i used lemonade instead of soda water and this was fine.

kylie osborne's Review | Rating

Had to add heaps more flour to it as it was really sticky

Jan Humphries's Review | Rating

Never tasted anything so good - I make them regularly and freeze them so I have them on hand for emergency morning teas, afternoon teas and anytime eats !!!!!!!!!