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Pear lovers get ready to dive into these sweet treats made delicious from Wattie’s NZ Grown Pears

  • Pear & Boysenberry Summer Shortcake

    The fresh flavour of pears in this delicious shortcake is complimented with the sweetness of Boysenberries. It's simple to make but looks and tastes amazing!

  • Pear and Raspberry Summer Crumble

    For an easy, light and refreshing dessert, this Summer Crumble will make you a hit with family and friends. Layers of pears, raspberries, yoghurt and a delicious oaty crumble – yum!

  • Pear and Vanilla Crumble Muffins

    Stuck for something to put in the lunchbox? These scrummy, deliciously, moist muffins will go down a treat.

  • Easy Plum & Pear Tart

    Looking for an easy, impressive dessert with minimum fuss? Then give this recipe a go.

  • Yoghurt and Pear Syrup Cake

    This delicious pear, lemon and yoghurt syrup cake tastes sensational and makes a stunning dessert!

  • Pear and Ginger Cake with a Maple Glaze

    Who could resist a warm dessert cake drizzled with creamy custard? Pear and ginger is a match made in heaven and when teamed with a delicious maple glaze nothing can beat it.