A mixture of finely chopped vegetables or fruit combined with other flavourings and served cold – usually with spicy food.


To fry food quickly in a hot pan, stirring or shaking the pan.


To heat liquids, (usually milk) until they are just at the point of boiling.


To cut the surface of meat, pastry, or fruit with a sharp knife, without cutting right through it.


To brown (usually meat) in a hot pan or on a grill.


To cook in liquid that is heated to the point where little bubbles rise to the surface.


To remove fat or scum from the surface of a boiling liquid.

Springform pan

A cake tin with a release spring on the side that allows it to expand and lift away from the cake, leaving the cake and base behind.


To cook in the steam created by boiling water – usually in a lidded container that allows the steam in through vents in the base. Also refers to method of cooking puddings (especially Xmas puddings) where the pudding is cooked in a tightly sealed container which is immersed in boiling water.


To stand food in hot liquid in order to extract the flavour.


Method of cooking – traditionally in a wok, but also in a pan, where small pieces of food are cooked at a high temperature while turning and tossing constantly until just cooked.


Used as the base of soups, stews and in risottos – can be home made or packaged.Beef, chicken, vegetable and fish stocks are the most common.


To cook vegetables, particularly onion, until the juices just run and the vegetable softens without colouring.

Swiss roll tin

A shallow rectangular baking tin often used to bake slices.



In Spain a tortilla is a set omelette often containing potato and other vegetables. In Mexico tortilla refers to a flatbread made from corn or wheat flour.



A salad dressing made from oil, vinegar and seasonings.


Water Bath

(or french term bain-marie )

A method of cooking whereby food is placed in a dish, pan or bowl and is sat in a large pan of warm water which surrounds the food with gentle heat.

This method of cooking can be used on the top of the stove or in the oven.

This cooking technique is designed to cook delicate dishes such as custards and sauces without breaking or curdling them.


To beat with an egg-beater or electric beater until thick and frothy.


To beat with a wire whisk until thick or frothy.



The outer rind of citrus fruit containing essential oils. Must be removed with care – avoiding removing the white pith with it.

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