Maldon salt

A gourmet salt which comes from the Maldon area of Essex. Maldon salt flakes are used sparingly as a condiment.


To leave meat, poultry, fish, or sometimes fruit to soak in a ‘marinade’. Most often a combination of liquid ingredients and other flavourings. Used to tenderise and add flavour.


A mixture of young shoots lettuces, herbs and leaves used in a salad. Available pre-packed at the supermarket.



Cook quickly in heated pan using a small amount of oil or butter as stated.


To partly cook in boiling water. In the case of vegetables, they should still be very firm, but not crunchy.


Traditionally pesto refers to an Italian paste of basil, oil, pinenuts, garlic and parmesan, but can also be made from a variety of herbs and different nuts. Served with pasta, vegetables or breads.


To cook very gently in simmering water or other liquid eg: wine.


To mash, sieve or blend well-cooked vegetables or fruit to create a thick smooth paste.



To boil rapidly in order to evaporate liquid, concentrate the flavours, and thicken.


To plunge cooked vegetables into cold, or iced water to arrest the cooking process after they are removed from boiling water.


Refers to something that has been filled or stuffed and rolled. In particular meats, pastries and sponge cakes.


A method of thickening a sauce by cooking flour and butter together, then gradually stirring in the liquid ingredients.

Rub into

A method of combining flour and butter, by rubbing or pressing the butter into the flour using the finger tips. The butter is ‘rubbed in’ when the mixture reaches the consistency of breadcrumbs.

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