To add wine, stock or other liquid to the sediment and cooking juices left in a pan after roasting or sautéing –which is then heated to make a jus.

Dropping Consistency

The consistency of cake batter when the mixture drops off the spoon with some reluctance.


Filo Pastry

Paper thin sheets of pastry commonly used in Greek, Eastern European and Middle Eastern cuisines. Filo is brushed with oil or butter and layered. Found in the refrigerated section of the supermarket.

Fold (to)

A gentle hand mixing method used to combine a lighter, airy mixture (eg whipped eggs) with a heavier mixture. Use a metal spoon or spatula to cut through the mixture, gently lifting the bottom mixture to the top and turning the spoon over to ‘fold’ it into the mixture again. The motion is top to bottom rather than round and round.


Make sure that anything you put into the freezer is tightly sealed as it’s easy for air to get in and cause freezer burn on your food.



To coat foods, particularly meat or cakes, with syrup, jam, egg, milk or meat juice to give it a glazed surface when cooked.


A popular Mexican dish of mashed avocado mixed with lemon or lime juice and seasonings such as chilli. Sometimes finely chopped tomato, onion and coriander are added. Used as a dip or with other Mexican food like tacos.



A puree or dip of crushed cooked chickpeas flavoured with tahini (pounded sesame seeds), oil, garlic and lemon juice.



To extract flavour from one food into another, often by heating or steeping.



To cut vegetables into long thin matchsticks.


Loose-bottom tin

Cake or flan tin with a removable base which allows the cake to be lifted out cleanly and served directly off the base.


A temperature that feels neither hot nor cold when tested on the inside wrist – around 35˚C

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