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Top tips for back to work lunches
Top tips for back to work lunches
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Top tips for back to work lunches

Here are some great tips for back to work lunches!


Get organised!

- Make your lunch the night before. It's often too busy during the morning rush.

- Plan your lunches before you shop. This way you will have everything you need at the beginning of the week.

- Write a plan of what's for lunch every day, it will be easier to stick to.


Use your freezer

- Make a batch of muffins and freeze them pulling out what you need the night before. Ideal are these popular Peach and Weet-Bix Muffins.

- Cook extra for dinner and freeze any leftovers. Label and date them then simply pull out when inspiration is needed.

Weet-Bix Muffins & Cheesy Lasagne

Easy snacks

- Pack a variety of snacks they'll save you for reaching for the chocolate!

- Carrot and celery sticks with hummus are a healthy alternative to chips.Try the Just Hummus range now! Selected products now with the Heart Tick.

Just Hummus products

Back up plan

- It's always good to have some quick and easy lunches in the office drawer. Our favourites are Wattie's Baked Beans, Wattie's Canned Chicken and Wattie's Very Special Soups.

Baked Beans

Mix things up

- Get inspired and try some different ideas such as Chicken, Bacon & Mayo Wraps, Chicken sushi and Afghans.

Sushi and Afghan polaroid