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Talking Peas and Broad Beans
Talking Peas and Broad Beans
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Talking Peas and Broad Beans

I’m a bit of a late comer to enjoying peas and broad beans, but these two vegetables are fantastic! Mind you, I came to enjoy them puréed with a splash of cream so maybe that’s the trick for first time tasters.

Long term probably not the best idea as without the cream these two vegetables are full of fibre and contain protein and Vitamin C. Little green nutrient-rich mouthfuls are one way of looking at them.

These purées are now making a show on the menus of some very up-market restaurants and they are usually made from the beans or peas puréed with a splash of cream and salt and pepper. Serve with sausages, steak or chops for a delicious meal.

These days I don’t think of peas or broad beans last minute to have on the side of my plate but actually make them the star of the dish. Take risottos, a classic way of using them and with fantastic flavour combinations like peas and parmesan or broad beans&basil.

Other rice dishes such as kedgeree, pilaf or fried rice are always improved with a splash of green. Serve with pasta either hot or cold, cooked broad beans and peas can be tossed through after cooking with a little olive oil or a dressing. Great in salads especially teamed with feta. A perfect taste match with pork, bacon or pancetta (if you can afford it), serve them with small dice of pancetta or bacon or serve them under pork chop.

When pureed they have a lovely texture making them a flavorful way of thickening soups.

So I suggest next time you are thinking about something different for dinner or entertaining try the humble pea or slip a few skins off some broad beans.

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