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Hungry at Work? Create your own Lunch Bar
Hungry at Work? Create your own Lunch Bar
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Hungry at Work? Create your own Lunch Bar


Do you hit mid morning or afternoon, get the munchies and go racing off to the nearest vending machine for a quick fix? Nothing for lunch, so you rush next door to the takeaway shop?

Do yourself a favour and keep plenty of healthy foods around your work place so when you are hungry, you have lots to choose from that taste great and will make you feel good. The suggestions below will ensure you have lots of choice for both snacks, and to make a healthy lunch.

Clear out a drawer and make your own tuck shop. Fill it with goodies such as:

  • Fruit pottles or Fruit Squirts
  • Bags or small containers of raw almonds, brazils or cashews
  • Cans or satchets of soup
  • Small boxes of raisins or other dried fruit
  • Cans of tuna or salmon (great on toast or in salads)
  • Multigrain crackers (keep a supply in an airtight container)
  • A jar of marmite or peanut butter

2. The fruit & veg bowl

Next clear a small space on the corner of your desk and place a bowl filled with:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Avocado (great on toast or added to salads)

3. The fridge/freezer

Make use of the lunch room fridge and/or freezer and pack a container with:

  • Yoghurts
  • Spread or dip such as hummus
  • Reduced fat / Edam cheese
  • Loaf of wholegrain bread
  • Bags of mixed leaf greens, vegetables such as peppers, carrots, cucumber
  • Jar of relish or pickle
  • Bottle of low fat dressing - try the Eta Lite 'n' free range
  • Deli meats (lean varieties)
  • Small frozen meals such as Weight Watchers

Handy tip

If you can't survive the day without a chocolate fix include a small treat your tuck shop. Buy a bag of mini 'treat' sized chocolates or wrap 2-3 squares from a larger block (dark chocolate is best) and take just one to work with you. A small amount on hand should stop you from shopping for larger amounts elsewhere - remember small portions are best!