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HP Sauce... a few of my favourite uses
HP Sauce... a few of my favourite uses
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HP Sauce... a few of my favourite uses

HP Sauce is one sauce that should be in every pantry!

It’s such an easy way to add more flavour and depth to simple dishes. It has been used to spice up different foods for generations – actually, since the 1870s. Although the full recipe is kept a guarded secret, we know it consists of malted vinegar blended with fruit and spices. The sauce, originally created by Nottingham grocer FG Garton, was named HP Sauce as it was rumoured to be used in the British Houses of Parliament restaurant.

Some of my favourite uses…

  • Add to Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Put a dash in your casserole
  • Top cheese on toast with a splash
  • In onion gravy with sausages
  • Marinade your meat and vege
  • Spread on a bacon sandwich
  • Brush over grilled meat or vegetables during the last few minutes of grilling
  • Mix sour cream and use as a dipping sauce
  • Add to shepherd’s pie
  • And of course, a Full English Breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a good slurp of HP Sauce! Eggs, sausages, baked beans, fried tomato, mushrooms & toast…