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How to use your Meal Planner and your Shopping List
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How to use your Meal Planner and your Shopping List

How to use your Meal Planner

Create meal plans using our easy meal planner tool! Here are some ways to get you started:


Or check out the following features:

Surprise me

  • For inspiration, simply choose the number of days and click the surprise me button for delicious inspiration.

Filter by the type of ingredient or recipe category

  • Personalise your meal planner by choosing the type of recipes you like i.e. baking, chicken recipes and we'll serve up delicious inspiration to your liking.

Choose a recipe you like to add to your meal planner

  • The classic way – simply browse through the recipes you like and click “add to meal plan” – you can either add to a new meal plan or to an existing meal plan.

Tip: You can directly add your meal plans to your shopping list to make shopping easier!

Using your Shopping List

Make a shopping list using our easy shopping list tool. Open your list when you're at the store for an amazing shopping convenience.

Shopping List

Here are some tips and tricks to using your shopping list:

  • Add ingredients from recipes to your shopping list from your meal planner.
  • Simply browse through the recipes and directly add the ingredients you need to the shopping list.
  • Expand your shopping list by adding other items you need to buy i.e. tissue box.
  • Did you know you can filter your shopping list by supermarket aisle or by recipes?
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