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Hot Cross Scones handy tips and tricks!
Hot Cross Scones handy tips and tricks!
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Hot Cross Scones handy tips and tricks!

With Easter just around the corner, these irresistible Hot Cross Scones are a great, no fuss twist on traditional hot cross buns! They're so quick and easy, based off our popular lemonade scones recipe. Check out some of our handy tips and tricks for whipping up a delicious batch this Easter!


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Hot Cross Scones Tips


.Tip 1: Get all your ingredients ready beforehand as you shouldn’t let the scone mixture sit out too long. As part of your prep, cut 24 pieces of pastry strips to make 12 crosses for the top of your scones and make sure the lemonade is fresh.

Hot Cross Scones Tips 1

Tip 2: When you combine all the ingredients, try not to overmix the mixture once it forms a dough.

Hot Cross Scones Tips 3

Tip 3: Ensure you prepare a floured surface before tipping the dough onto it. Then pat the dough out to a depth of about 3-5cm.

Hot Cross Scones Tips 4

Tip 4: For cutting the scones, use a 6cm diameter cookie cutter, dipping it into flour before cutting the scones out to avoid them sticking to the cutter.

Hot Cross Scones Tips 5

If you don't have a cutter, use the upturn of a glass that has a 6cm diameter. Again, remember to dip it into flour before cutting the scones.

Hot Cross Scones Tips 5.5

Tip 5: When placing the scones in the tin, ensure the scones are placed in a circle touching each other. A 23cm round tin will fit 11-12 scones roughly. If you don't have a round baking tin, you can use a baking tray and just place the scones in a circle, close together. Scones need to be kept close together to help them rise up and ensure they don't spread out too much.

Hot Cross Scones Tips 6

Tip 6: To help with the cleaning up, it’s super handy to have a pastry scraper to clean your bench top.


Tip 7: If you are making these Hot Cross Scones with gluten free flour either use gluten free pastry for the crosses or use the back of a knife to make an indentation in the shape of a cross.

Hot Cross Scones Tip 8