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Homemade Christmas Gift Giving
Homemade Christmas Gift Giving
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Homemade Christmas Gift Giving

Make Christmas gift giving more special by creating some homemade delights wrapped up in your favourite festive packaging and colourful ribbons. These gift ideas make for some amazing Christmas gifts for friends and family and they sure are delicious!


What you will need for the packaging:

  • Christmas-themed metal containers
  • Cellophane bags
  • Glass jars
  • Brown cardboard boxes
  • A variety or colourful and Christmas-themed ribbons for decoration
  • Christmas-themed name tags

Let's get creating!

Creating delightful Christmas gifts is extremely fun and there are so many options. Check out some of our ideas:

  • Put some Decadent Chocolate Truffles or Christmas Fruit Mince Tarts in a Christmas-themed metal container wrapped up with a nice ribbon.
  • You can also put some of your baking in brown cardboard boxes wrapped up with Christmas-themed ribbons.
  • If you'd like to show off your baking more, try putting them in a glass jar - great for truffles or lemon curd. You can even hang a Christmas-themed name tag off the neck of the jar to add a personal message.
  • An easy packaging option is also to use cellophane bags tied up with a simple ribbon.

Need some inspiration? Check out our recipes below:

Our Gingerbread Christmas Cookies are an absolute must try! This year we made Xmas tree cookies and jazzed them up with some rolled out coloured fondant. Did you know that you can use the same the cookie cutter to shape the fondant! Then all you need to do is brush a little sieved apricot jam, egg white or edible glue on the biscuit and gently press the fondant on top of it so it holds. For the final touches:

  • We also decorated our cookies with edible cachous and cute Xmas coloured sprinkles that we sourced from our friends at Chef's Complements.
  • We also brushed our fondant with metallic gold and silver paint and sprinkled glitter onto the fondant for an extra touch!

Decorating ingredients can be found in some specialty kitchen shops or online.Click here to visit Chef’s Complements’ website for more Christmas inspiration.


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