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Expert Tips for Coconut Milk!
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Expert Tips for Coconut Milk!

Find out what makes coconut milk the perfect dairy-free and vegan milk alternative and tips on using it.


Coconut milk or cream is made from grated and pressed flesh of brown coconuts. Due to it's high fat content, it has a rich, mildly sweet flavour and creamy texture making it similar to dairy based milks - which makes it the perfect dairy-free and vegan milk alternative. Try coconut milk / cream:

  • As a dairy substitute - stir it into your coffee, whip it into cream, add it to baking or custard recipes, make into yoghurt or ice cream
  • To amp up the creamy factor in mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs
  • For richer more decadent desserts
  • To give smoothies a tropical twist
  • And pair it with Seafood – think ceviches or raw fish island-style, use as a poaching liquid for fish or mix with a curry paste to steam mussels
  • In curries - try these recipes: Slow Cooked Thai Red Beef Curry and Easy Thai Green Chicken Curry

Leftover coconut milk?

Trident Coconut Milk Ice Cubes
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