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10 Top Tips for Getting More Veges in your Diet
10 Top Tips for Getting More Veges in your Diet
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10 Top Tips for Getting More Veges in your Diet

We all know that veges are good for us and the more the better really, but sometimes we struggle to get the recommended 3 a day into our diet. Here are some great ways to add more vegetables of all colours into your diet.

  1. Add frozen veges or grated courgettes and carrots to pasta sauce or mince dishes
  2. Canned tomatoes are a great addition to casseroles and curries
  3. Omelettes and frittatas are quick easy meals that you can load up with all sorts of vegetables like potato, onion, tomato, capsicum, mushrooms, peas and spinach
  4. Add chopped, grated or frozen veges to quiches and homemade pies
  5. Stuff a baked potato with creamed corn or baked beans for a hearty winter lunch
  6. Puree cooked frozen peas, add a pinch of salt and pepper, for a vibrant tasty dip
  7. A bowl of hot edamame beans in their pods make a great pre-dinner snack
  8. Use fresh or frozen avocado as a spread on your roll instead of butter or margarine
  9. Add a layer of spinach or silver beet to a lasagne
  10. Use raw vegetables as a base for nibbles (in place of bread or crackers) – try salmon on cucumber slices, ricotta & herbs in button mushrooms

Studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet with lots of vegetables, may help lower your risk of developing certain diseases like breast cancer. So however you do it, it's worth getting those veges in!

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