• 1 onion, chopped
  • 500g lean beef mince
  • 200g mushrooms, chopped
  • 525g jar HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Rich Tomato Lasagne Bake
  • 8–10 sheets dried lasagne pasta
  • 500g jar HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Four Cheeses Creamy Lasagne Bake
  • ¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese
  1. Heat a dash of oil in a lidded frying pan over medium heat. Add onion and cook until it starts to soften. Increase the heat and add the mince and brown, breaking up the mince with a fork if necessary.
  2. Add the mushrooms and cook a further minute. Pour over HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Rich Tomato Lasagne Bake. Bake, stir and bring the sauce to the boil. Reduce the heat to low, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from the heat.
  3. Preheat oven to 180°C (fan assisted). Grease a 2L lasagne-style ovenproof dish. Place a layer of dried lasagne pasta sheets on the base of the dish to cover.
  4. Spoon over half the mince mixture. Place another layer of lasagne pasta sheets on the mince. Spoon over remaining mince. Top with a final layer of lasagne pasta sheets.
  5. Pour over HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Four Cheeses Creamy Lasagne Bake. Sprinkle over the grated Parmesan cheese. Bake for 25–30 minutes or until the top is golden and pasta is cooked. Serve with a crisp green salad on the side.

Top Tips

  • Placing a layer of pasta on the base of your greased lasagne dish makes it easier to lift out and serve.

Swap it out

  • Replace beef mince with chicken mince.
  • Replace dried lasagne sheets with fresh lasagne sheets, cut to fit the dish. Cook time will still be the same.

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Reviews (250)

Dorothy's Review | Rating

Absolutely very tasty and my Grandson loved it!

june's Rating
Ann's Review | Rating

Quick and tasty

janet's Review | Rating

very nice dish we would have again great taste

Lesley's Review | Rating

A quick and easy and tasty meal.

Marion's Rating
lyn's Review | Rating

This was so easy to make that my husband did it while I worked on his day off. Husband- what a breeze, the recipe was very easy to follow and having the right ingredients it turned out absolutely perfect. The Four Cheeses Bake gave it a delicious taste. We were so impressed that we split the dish over two dinner meals with a different side of veges.

Melanie's Review | Rating

This was absolutely fantastic!! So easy and tasty. My Partner and Daughter raved about it and how tasty it was. I didn't tell them I had cheated and not made my own cheese sauce like I normally do. Have brought the stuff to make again seem it was such a HIT!!

Andrea's Review | Rating

This is a very quick & tasty lasagne & we loved it.

Suzy's Review | Rating

Crazy easy but still so filled with flavour and deliciousness, definitely a crowd pleaser in winter

Sonia's Review | Rating

This is such an easy and simple recipe. great for week nights as it is so quick to make.

Noeline's Rating
Sue's Review | Rating

This is a classic recipe which came out tasting really classy. It fed the whole family (no leftovers - next time I'll have to double the amount) for a really good price.

Caroline's Review | Rating

This is a great simple meal and everyone enjoys it. Have done this dish twice now and if there is any left over it is great for an easy heat tasty lunch the next day.

Ashley's Review | Rating

To construct - easy! TASTE - Mmmm just great !! Just thought it a little runny(liquid) from what I have been used to. but a quick and simple dish and enough for my supper also!!!

Jan's Review | Rating

I loved the addition of mushrooms, it adds a better depth of flavour.

Tania's Review | Rating

A nice hearted meal keep my family happy easy to prep and really yummy to eat.

Rochelle's Review | Rating

Quick and tastes amazing

Judith's Review | Rating

This looks a fabulous quick recipe - just the thing for this busy household

Judy's Review | Rating

An easy, quick meal for all the family that tastes good.

gaynor's Review | Rating

I absolutely love lasagne, this recipe is sooooo easy and very yummy, i have passed on the recipe to a friend to cook for her shearing gang

Jennie's Review | Rating

Very simple recipe to make, and the mushrooms and sauce mix give it an excellent flavour. I have tried the same mix with chicken, but the mince is better. The cheese sauce has a great texture and makes the whole recipe very quick and easy. Definitely a keeper - and it heats up very well after sports practices!

Bev's Review | Rating

Absolutely scummy & so so easy & quick ,& easy to get all the ingredients many thanks

Luanne's Review | Rating

Yum yum yum :) we loved it, a must have for the family recipe book

Lynne's Review | Rating

A very quick and easy meal that the children all love---in fact it is a firm family favourite and will always have the ingredients in the cupboard so Ij can make this whenever it is wanted

Jeanette's Review | Rating

I love lasagne, and I think hubby would be able to make this one easily. Can't wait to try it in the next few days.

jean's Review | Rating

tastes great top marks

Carol's Review | Rating

Why does everything come out of a packet these days - it's not cooking - it's reheating.

kiri's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make, and very tasty too

Wendy's Review | Rating

Usually one to fiddle around with recipes, I thought I'd stick to the recipe provided to test the result. And the result...? Bloody brilliant! We all loved it. Its a keeper!

jennifer's Review | Rating

Absolutely great, tasty, moorish,healthy, easy to put together. Have made it twice since seeing the recipe.

Susan's Review | Rating


Lynda's Review | Rating

Made for a family pot luck loved by all !

Christine's Review | Rating

I give this dish a 3/5 - mainly because it is not using fresh ingredients. I make lasagne frequently - it's not rocket science.

Debbie's Review | Rating

this sounds delicious and so easy to make with the easy instructions to follow A definite must make for me to try for the family

April's Review | Rating

Amazing and easy to do as im a busy student.

tony's Review | Rating

sounds tasty and easy to make will add to my cook book

Debbie's Review | Rating

Normally I make my Lasanga from scratch and it can take an hour plus!!!.......but with unexpected guests who got invited for dinner, this was a breeze to make, cook and of course, eat.....everyone loved it and thought I was the cleverest cook around!

Jocelyn's Review | Rating

Tasty and very quick to put together. A definite hit in my family.

Jenni's Review | Rating

Certainly a quick way to get a yummy meal mid-week. Tastes great too.

Nadene's Review | Rating

Nice and easy to make!

viv's Review | Rating

Easy to make, goes a long way, very tasty and freezes well

Judith's Review | Rating

We eat a lot of lasagna in winter as it's easy to prepare early and get rid of the mess. This is a really practical, easy and ever so tasty recipe - just up my alley!

robyn's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious and easy to make

Patricia's Review | Rating

Nice standard lasagne but I think the Roasted Vege lasagne is a lot nicer. I changed the Parmesan to Tasty Cheese just for personal preference. I like that these do not take too long to cook.

Joanne's Review | Rating

Considering Lasangne used to be very time consuming and fiddly to make , this recipe is soooo quick and easy and to top it off tastes absolutely fantastic. The 4 cheese sauce is delish. Good on you food in a minute. Your word is your oyster.

Julianna's Review | Rating

A great simple quick recipe the kids can even do. Yummy and a good week night go to.

craig's Review | Rating

Tasty and every one loved i would make this again real soon as so delish

garry's Rating
christine's Review | Rating

Was awsome the family loved it so cheesey they said and best lasagne they have had

Tania's Review | Rating

I added spinach

helen's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and so yummy. Would make again for sure.

Leah's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare and make. I blitz Veges (carrot, broccoli etc) and add them too.

Kate's Review | Rating

Quick to prepare and really good flavour we will definitely be having this again!

Eddy's Review | Rating

simple and quick recipe with lots of mushrooms just divine, i always use premium beef mince and thats key in a good beef lasagne made easy with Heinz

Stephanie's Review | Rating

Amazingly quick and easy. The addition of mushrooms gave it added flavour. I've made this twice now. The second time I made the mince recipe the day before, completing the rest of the dish the next day. Also good for busy cooks. The flavour was even better! I added 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese which worked well. Thinking about doubling the recipe and freezing what little might be left over.

Irene's Review | Rating

Great recipe, the Four Cheeses Creamy Lasagne Bake was like the icing on the cake. Perfect family dish!

Amanda's Review | Rating

I absolutely love this recipe - so simple, using everyday pantry ingredients and much quicker than other recipes I've used. Thank you :)

Judith's Review | Rating

My kind of lasagna - easy to make after a day a work and tasty too. Without having to go to the trouble of making your own sauces time to relax with a wine whilst its cooking!

Jennie's Rating
Sonia's Review | Rating

Awesome tasty recipe. No fuss.

Tsana's Review | Rating

Quick to assemble, and tasty!

Penelope's Review | Rating

Great easy meal in a student flat!

Kathy's Review | Rating

Tried this tonight and loved the flavours. It was so quick and easy to make..

Anna's Review | Rating

So easy to make, does not take long too. Looks absolutely delish!

Denny's Review | Rating

I have tried the rest and now I have used the best , this is seriously good stuuf.

fiona's Review | Rating

Tasty and easy, really liked the cheese sauce

Monique's Review | Rating

Ab fab recipe! Normally the sry lasagne doesn't cook and ends up with a cardboard crunch. But this recipe, dellissimo.It works! Tender, moist, flavoursome.Best of all the kids, especially the fusspot daughter, ate the lot and asked for seconds. Leftovers kept well and tasted just as good next time round. Looking forward to trying the vego/ lentils recipe this week. Right, just popping down to the shops for my combo beschamel and tomato Heinz Seriously Good Sauces!

Raewyn's Review | Rating

Easy to make, looked and tasted good. (actually almost a Mexican flavour!) Loved the smart tip! makes getting out of the dish so much easier

Sarah's Review | Rating

Can't believe how easy it is to create such a tasty and hearty meal. Will definitely be making again.

Wendy's Review | Rating

Absolutely first class ingredients,have already bought more of both.

Janet's Review | Rating

quick and easy with easily obtainable ingredients

Sarah's Review | Rating

My Dad helped me make this and as we had guests over we increased the mince quantity to 1kg. The dish was easy to prepare and turned out just perfect. We sometimes like a little more spice in our meat dishes and a few added flakes of chilli made a great meal magnificent.

Anne's Review | Rating

Nice but think next time I would place some of the Four Cheese Creamy Lasagne Bake on top of the middle layer of pasta as I usually do. tasty

Haylee's Review | Rating

Best lasagne ever. Very easy to make and both Heinz products used in the recipe made it very tasty. Whole family loved it!

Pauline's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make. We will defiantly have this again, very tasty

DEBBIE's Review | Rating

A great dish fill of veggies. Easy to make & the family loved it.

DEBBIE's Review | Rating

Quick & easy weeknite meal.

Jenna's Review | Rating

Whole family really enjoyed this lasagne .. full of flavor

gayle's Review | Rating

Delicious and sooo easy gor a week night.

Anna's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and tasty. A firm family favourite that also freezes really well. Great for those nights when you need to plan ahead.

Jeanette's Review | Rating

Yum, so quick and easy when you have limited timed. Jeanette

CARMEL's Review | Rating

Great taste all the family loved it even our fussy granddaughter

Klaus's Review | Rating

This recipe is easy to follow and the cooking ingredients are available in most households. An all time favorite in our family, I would definitely double the recipe and store the leftovers in the freezer for a quick meal topped with some salads.

Averil's Review | Rating

Was really simple to make. The taste was fine but we prefer made from scratch for fuller flavours. Think the tomato sauce had a nice garlic flavour but a little touch more sugar would have reduced the acid of the tomato. One teen loved the cheese sauce and we could taste the rich cheeses but mostly it jist tasted a little preserved. Good flavour for bottled food but still prefer homemade although it takes ten times longer to cook!

Kirsty's Review | Rating

Surprisingly easy!

Mandy's Review | Rating

Hi there, last Friday night we had lasange night at our place!! We made the beef lasagne and the vegetable lasagne. Yum Yum Yum!! Both were delicious and certainly easier and less time consuming than my normal lasagne. In relation to the beef one, the only comment from my boys, was that the cheese sauce being on top wasn't ideal so next time I make it I will put the cheese sauce in the middle of the meat layers. Thanks for the opportunity!!

Helene's Review | Rating

I love a good lasagne, and although this can be seen as a bit of a cheats version, it is really good

Shelly's Review | Rating

Quick and Tasty

Jennie's Review | Rating

This is an excellent recipe. The mushrooms give extra flavour, and the cheese sauce is a nice consistency and doesn't taste too processed. It reheats really well for hungry teenagers after sports practices!

Lisa's Review | Rating

This was so easy to make and even better as leftovers for work lunches.

Helen's Review | Rating

My husband didn't like pasta but does eat my home made pasta mainly spaghetti but really enjoyed this dish. With only 2 of us for meals it's always hard thinking up new dishes. Make a whole dish freeze half better than a TV dinner

Betty's Review | Rating

My favourite meals lasagne that tip is great about using greaseproof paper will try it next time your recipe sound simple and easy to make nand i could think of nothing better than to have Josh and Aaron cook it for me

Kenneth's Review | Rating

Awesome Lasagne, can't beat traditional beef! make it with brown flat mushrooms for that extra taste.... Yummy!!

Steph's Review | Rating

Sounds like a super quick lasagne recipe for week nights.

Carolyn's Review | Rating

Usually make mine from scratch but tried this while we had a Japanese student staying. He had seconds and finished the leftovers next day! It is quick and easy for a change

Komal's Review | Rating

so we normally don't eat beef but the recipe sounds so good & easy to make even if you replaced with another mince! yummo!!

Alison's Review | Rating

With adjustments can make this gluten free and its so tasty

sarah's Review | Rating

Yum yum yum even the kids could not stop saying yum. Love this recipe and its made so much easier now thanks to heniz and their two yummy sauces.

Val's Rating
Amanda's Review | Rating

It tasted amazing and I think maybe the new favourite in our house hold.

Chris's Review | Rating

Always a good quick filling meal.

Kathryn's Review | Rating

Best lasagne ever

patricia's Review | Rating

excellent and very tasty

Adrienne's Review | Rating

Quick and easy. I suggest adding some grated carrot to the mince mixture to up the vege content.

Kellie's Review | Rating

Great easy recipe, family liked it. The leftovers were nice heated up the next day.

Kellie's Rating
julie's Review | Rating


Judy's Rating
Gerald's Review | Rating

prefer it with fresh ingredients without additives as it was originally made

Ann's Review | Rating

This is such a quick and delicious meal for any night of the week and versatile as you can add whatever veges to it as well and a great lunch dish the next day .....if there's any leftover, ... Yummy dish

Gerald's Review | Rating

who are these "Cooking Show Personalities"? I prefer it as it was originally made, with fresh ingredients and without additives,

Reply from The Food in a Minute team

Hi Gerald,

Josh and Aaron were My Kitchen Rules New Zealand contestants in 2014 :)

The Food in a Minute team

Marianne's Review | Rating

Fabulously easy recipe. Quick and oh so tasty

Annette's Review | Rating

A definite for my weekly menu a big favorite of my husbands

Gemma's Review | Rating

hmmm interesting, sounds so easy, my way tastes great but is time expensive. If it tastes as good as it looks then I may have a new midweek quick dinner.

glenys's Review | Rating

Nice and quick the way I like it

June's Review | Rating

Very easy and really tasty

Jill's Review | Rating

I Love anything with Mince so this recipe is perfect for me...yummy yummy

Lesley's Review | Rating

Very Tasty and such an easy meal to prepare.

John's Review | Rating

Like the quick and easy preparation time ..... and a very tasty result ..... perfect for mid-week!

Julie's Review | Rating

Easiest & quickest lasagne ever! Definitely a keeper for my family.

Eve's Review | Rating

delicious and so quick to make. Family love it also

Jennifer's Review | Rating

Nice and easy, Lasagne can take so long to make and this cuts the time down considerably.

michele's Review | Rating

always wanted to know how to make an easy lasagne. now I know

Liz's Review | Rating

I've made this recipe several times now. It is a family favourite - easy to make and so so tasty.

Wendy's Review | Rating

Love lasagne love easy so it's love love from me

Echelon's Review | Rating

The pasta cooked better than my normal recipe for lasagne. It was perfect and easy to make

Judith's Review | Rating

Have made this and it's as easy as falling off a log - really it is. I avoided making Lasagnes in the past because they were so time consuming, but this is as quick as - and therefore a pleasure to make.

Alan's Review | Rating

Classic ingredients and very tasty. Kids would love it, especially those how are picky with vegetables

Tracy's Review | Rating

This is actually the best recipe! The pasta sauce is amazing you can smell the hint of red wine in it! This is a hit in my household I now make it weekly!

Shana's Review | Rating

mmm super tasty

Janine's Review | Rating

Such an easy recipe to make on a school night. I like to double it and either use it for s few nights or freeze some for another day

Nerida's Review | Rating

Sounds easy

Nigel's Review | Rating

Some Spinach placed in the layers would really boost it & really work with that salad.

Jacqui's Review | Rating

Doesn't get much easier or tastier than this. Great for all the family

Katrina's Rating
Emily's Review | Rating

Quick and easy, great for younger family members and busy days, prefer more basil flavour personally in sauce but next time will just add some. Cheese sauce was great, so much easier and faster than making.

Carolyn's Review | Rating

Awesome dish my lasagne mad daughter loved it and hubby and son to.

Alison Callander's Review | Rating

Nothing beats a good lasagne and this one is quick and easy too

Leonie's Review | Rating

I tried this and it was delicious and so easy to make

Sonya's Review | Rating

A quick and easy winner on nights when time is short! The whole family loves it

Mary's Review | Rating

Couldn't really be simpler to make with the sauce and lasagne sheets ready to use. Delicious.

Jacqui's Review | Rating

Kids would love this, it's so easy to make and enjoy :-)

Debbie's Review | Rating

Easy to make and filling for a large family of children.

Robyn & John's Review | Rating

Quick & easy. Tastes good too!!

Janiel's Review | Rating

Easy to follow & tasty. Definitely a "keeper"

gerald's Review | Rating

Thank you for the opportunity to try this out. My family loved it. Very tasty, easy to prepare and economical as it made enough for 2 meals. Will try again.

Rona's Review | Rating

Kids love mince! So easy when in a hurry and you know they will eat it!

Jill's Review | Rating

Nice dish, but a layer of egg plant & some yoghurt would have enhanced the dish in my opinion served with a flat bread.
Cheers Jill

marilyn's Review | Rating

This is my all time favourite meal. so easy to make, and so, so much better the next day.
Full of goodness and just beautiful. Sometimes I have to remember to not eat it all.....lol..gotta save some
for tomorrow.....

Jan's Review | Rating

The Family loved it. Very simple receipe! Doubled the receipe For when extra guests turn up for Dinner!

Melanie's Review | Rating

This recipe looks great, quick and easy, I would add a couple more veges, ie celery and carrot etc. Love the heinz sauces, they are a great addition to lots of family meals.

Melanie's Review | Rating

This recipe looks great, quick and easy, I would add a couple more veges, ie celery and carrot etc. Love the heinz sauces, they are a great addition to lots of family meals.

Mini's Rating
Michael's Review | Rating

All 3 recipes were great, the '' week night Lasagna '' looked wonderful on the table for serving, but my favourite was the vegetable lasagna with a few personal changes.The list of vegies were RED ONIONS, KUMERA, MUSHROOMS, PUMPKIN, CARROTS, and for a different taste try a dish with some WATTIES BAKED BEANS added. Bon Appitite. Michael O'Sullivan.

Simonne's Review | Rating

I have made this and it truly is easy and tasty. I made it with my 8 year old niece for her family and now she has become really keen on cooking too.

Malcolm's Rating
Stephanie's Review | Rating

Great taste, I can even make this on a budget

ck's Review | Rating

Quick to prepare and very tasty, hearted meal enjoyed by all. I added some mushrooms (cos I like them lol) and will be making again

Pauline's Review | Rating

This is truly a magnificent lasagne and loved by the grandies and all the extended family I rate it

kirsty's Review | Rating

Tried it for tea last night and the family loved it! And myself! Best lasagne ever and will be making it once a week from now on, Well done Heinz!!

Raquel's Review | Rating

So tasty,yummy and easy to make my kids love it aand ask for more

Melissa's Review | Rating

Was delicious and so easy to make. Everyone in my family loved it, and it was a lot tastier than the way i usually make it!

Yvette's Review | Rating

Lovely and easy to make, but an hour is not what I would call a 'quick' meal to make after work.

Lynda's Review | Rating

Really lovey and easy to make.

Robyn's Review | Rating

Love this recipe, makes lasagne so easy to enjoy any day of the week!

Jill's Review | Rating

Chicken makes a nice change from beef mince.

Jill's Review | Rating

Love the easy peasy cheese sauce!

Kaylie's Review | Rating

Easy to make, love lasagna

desrae's Review | Rating

Looks easy to prepare

Denise's Review | Rating

We love Lasagne and the Beef one is our favourite. It is quick and easy to make and never fails to impress.

Russell's Review | Rating

As a bachelor this would have to rate as one of my all time favourites. Great with a red wine and even better reheated for that Saturday morning hung over brekkie.

Judy's Review | Rating

Quick & easy. Tasty

Deb's Review | Rating

This appears to be a super easy recipe to make with minimal fuss. Only thing i would change is the type of cheese on top not being partial to parmesan

Valda's Review | Rating

Fantastic really easy and tasty

Nikki's Review | Rating

I made this last week, it was very good and such a treat as I normally don't have time to cook this sort of meal mid week.

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Very easy to make and the kids loved it

Suzanne's Review | Rating

This is the one my man loves, and I'm sure it will be a favourite with the guys, and so love seeing Aaron and Josh, fantastic cooks.

Denise's Review | Rating

Delicious and very easy to make

Debbie's Review | Rating

So easy to make, only 7 indredients.

Janene's Review | Rating

This would be great to prepare ahead and keep in the fridge until after work.

Liz's Review | Rating

This is a great recipe and delicious. If you don't like mushrooms you can substitute for sliced corgettes

Joy's Review | Rating

So easy and quick, hardly any dishes to wash afterwards and the result is always the same, so tasty and moorish

Sara's Review | Rating

This is the easiest way I've made a Lasagne and the family request it each week now as it is yummo

Sue's Review | Rating

My two boys love this dish, and its so easy to make

Louise's Review | Rating

Love the Rich Tomato Lasagne Bake Sauce -it adds the tasty touch to this quick and filling family meal

Leanora's Review | Rating

Love this quick and easy as I am a Lasagne fan

imrose's Review | Rating

These ready made sauces make it so easy to recreate this yummy dish at home in no time at all.A regulars favorite at out place.

MARIANNE's Review | Rating

Delicious and Easy to make!!

helen's Rating
helen's Review | Rating

a great simple quick meal.Plenty of flavour

Lauren's Review | Rating

This would be an easy dish to make on a Sunday and have for dinner Monday & Tuesday night. Great for the whole family

Rod & Patsy's Review | Rating

just love all Lasagne dishes-- will look forward to someone else cooking it for us.

Sharleen's Review | Rating

so easy to put together and great flavour

Katherine's Review | Rating

Tried this out last night and found it to be really yummy. Had to cook it the full 30 minutes though
Will defnitely make again. Perhaps a wee bit expensive.

Ann's Rating
Andy's Review | Rating

Flag the mushrooms, triple the cheese.

Christopher's Review | Rating

This recipe has great flavours and is very quick and easy to prepare and cook, Delicious.

Wendy's Review | Rating

So easy to make and loved by the entire family. Love making this recipe.

Deborah's Review | Rating

Delicious and easy

Elissa's Review | Rating

It is delicious!

Lynley's Review | Rating

Seriously, mushrooms in a typical Lasagne?? - there is no mention of red wine added to the sauce to give it a fuller flavour and would suggest that fresh pasta sheets be used - buy them on special and they are fresh for up to 2 months. Far nicer product to work with!!

Bev's Review | Rating

Sounds quick,easy and delicious.

Melva's Review | Rating

Mushrooms left out for my family. Fewer dishes than when I make lasagne from scratch but not a lot quicker as I usually make the sauce while the mince is simmering and use watties tinned pasta sauce anyway (original flavour).

Ulam's Review | Rating

I will add it on our menu

Jenny's Review | Rating

Yum, so easy to make. The Heinz sauces are fantastic!!

Rayleen's Rating
Ngaire's Review | Rating

So much easier than my usual lasagne made from scratch and every bit as tasty, loved by all and will be a regular menu item I can see!

Tina's Review | Rating

Quick and easy and very nice taste

Liz's Review | Rating

A quick and easy, tasty mid-week option .... and a favourite with all!

Destari's Review | Rating

Tasty and not too hard to make. Perfect meal for cold winter nights!

Susan's Review | Rating

Loved the cheese sauce-perfect amount and just the right richness. did add a layer of spinach leaves for the greens which went really well.

Susan's Review | Rating


Tina's Review | Rating

Sounds easy to make and very tasty

janine's Review | Rating

Super duper yummy and easy to make

christine's Review | Rating

Good for my son as he's a big beef eater, add a bit of chilli bring more taste

Katherine's Review | Rating

Have it in the oven now Smells great

angela's Review | Rating

Made it twice in the week. Family LOVED IT

Sally's Review | Rating

Very easy and stress free to make at the end of the day.Great taste

Jess's Review | Rating

Yummmmmmm this is always my go to dish. I love using these Heinz sauces they taste so goooooodddd.

Barrie's Review | Rating

We cooked the Week Night Beef Lasagne and invited 4 of our friends round to our house for a meal. We served the Lasagne with fresh vegetables and all 6 of us tried it and everyone of us raved about it. The taste was out of this world and the dish itself looked really appetising. All of us agreed that we would definitely have the meal again, and in fact we have served it to our son and his family as well and they also thought it was excellent.
The really good thingabout the meal is that it is very simple to cook but looks and tastes as if we had spent hours preparing it.
We will recommend the Week Night Beef Lasagne to all our friends and give it a five star rating

Margaret's Review | Rating

loved it was so easy as well to make so will definately be a staple dish for us

Heather's Review | Rating

Loved the meal - easy to prepare - never had lasagne before but will definitely be having it again!

Roy H's Review | Rating

Easy to make and no fuss recipe and my son is a lasagna fan its his favorite meal.

Dorothy's Review | Rating

This recipe is absolutely excellent,so easy to prepare,economical and ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS,
a winner dinner,

Amanda's Review | Rating

Thumbs up from my 6 and 3 yr Olds. Simple tasty dish, Will def make again.

Mandy's Review | Rating

Nice and easy

Vanessa's Review | Rating

Much less mucking about than my recipe so will save time for me as I'm a busy at home Mum of a very active 15 month old! She will love this for dinner.

Rachael's Review | Rating

Usually make lasagne from scratch to minimise sugar content etc, but this was good, and so easy to make after a busy day. Would make again. Will try out the chicken lasagne one next.

Ted's Review | Rating

Very tasty and Creamy, My wife loved it, I have a tried and true Alison Holst Recipe, which I have used for 20+ years. This is so easy to make, no added salt and pepper like my previous recipe. A definite winner, and will be made again and again!

Jolanda's Review | Rating

Lovely flavours, the whole family thought the lasagne was yum! I added some basil to the sauce...just because I love basil. ...And home made lasagne sheets to make it really special.

Sophie's Review | Rating

Quick and easy but we didn't like the taste of either of the sauces. My 4 year old usually loves lasagne, well any mince dishes but he wouldn't eat it which is a first for him. I think I will stick to making the sauces from scratch :)

Katrina's Review | Rating

Exceptionally easy and tasty

Tamara's Review | Rating

I made this last night and it was sooo yummy, im defiantly going to be making it again :)

Barbara's Review | Rating

The whole family absolutely loved the cheese sauce, so creamy, smooth and tasty. I found the taste of the tomato sauce yummy and true to flavour making the meat sauce really tasty. From the cooks point of view the lasagne Bake sauces made making the lasagne quick and easy for a weeknight dinner.

Kate's Review | Rating

Looks like a good, simple recipe with minimal preparation, great for a busy household

Chantelle's Review | Rating

This is the first time I have ever made Lasagne, took an hour and 10 minutes from start to finish. I made this for a couple of late shift co-workers as one was leaving New Zealand and was craving a home cooked meal. I thought this would be the perfect going away dinner for him. The cheese sauce was especially loved and he complained there was nothing left so he could lick the bowl after everyone had enjoyed it. This was so well enjoyed by everyone it will be a regular for entertaining guests.

Kristy's Review | Rating

Very easy and tasty! I used 1kg of mince and added a can of chopped tomatoes to the sauce with a bit of chilli.

Marie's Review | Rating

Authentic Flavours, Quick to easy to prepare ,.Beef is the Favourite .Thanks for the chance to Taste great products again .HEINZ ,
Good for the HEART ,ENTERTAINING,INSTANT,NUTRITIOUS,and adding ZING to our meals .

Kirsten's Review | Rating

Enjoyed the tomatoey sauce, however I added 2 cloves of garlic, peas, smoked paprika and some chilli flakes - I would have added herbs, but none on hand. I found the cheese sauce a little processed and plastic tasting. Would use the lasagne sauce in my mince again. :o)

Lena's Rating
Karen's Review | Rating

The most fussiest eater in my home asked me to make it again.

Jessamyn's Rating
Timothy's Review | Rating

Very well received, got a lot of positive feedback from people that enjoyed it. Cant go wrong with this...

TeAroha's Review | Rating

Absolutely very-tasty

TeAroha's Review | Rating

Absolutely very-tasty

Wera Kaho's Review | Rating

Yum!! And really easy to cook!

Ele Achti's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious

Jenny Yan's Review | Rating

it was really good, I was very impressed

Dennim Ruske's Rating