• 225g San Remo Macaroni Elbows
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped
  • 200g skinless chicken breast fillet, diced
  • 3 rashers bacon, chopped
  • 100g button mushrooms, trimmed and sliced
  • 500g jar HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Tasty Cheddar Macaroni Cheese Pasta Bake
  • ¼ cup panko breadcrumbs
  • ¼ tsp Gregg's Ground Smoked Paprika
  • ½ cup grated Parmesan Cheese
  1. Preheat the oven to 190°C (fan assisted). Cook the San Remo Macaroni Elbows in lightly salted, boiling water for 8–10 minutes or until just tender. Drain. Return the macaroni to the saucepan.
  2. While pasta is cooking heat a dash of oil in a frying pan. Add the onion and cook over medium heat until softened. Add the chicken and bacon. Cook for 5 minutes. Add the mushrooms and continue cooking until the mushrooms are soft and chicken is cooked. Add to the macaroni in the saucepan.
  3. Pour the HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Tasty Cheddar Macaroni Cheese Pasta Bake over the macaroni and stir to combine. Spoon into an ovenproof dish.
  4. Mix together the panko breadcrumbs, Gregg's Ground Smoked Paprika and Parmesan cheese and sprinkle over the macaroni cheese. Bake for 15–20 minutes or until the macaroni cheese is hot and the top is golden.

Top Tips

  • Prepare and freeze prior to baking in the oven or it can also be frozen as a completed dish and reheated in individual portions in the microwave.

Swap it out

  • Try different pasta types, instead of macaroni elbows you can try penne pasta.
  • Omit the chicken and if wished replace with chopped chorizo sausage
  • Omit the chicken and bacon if wished and carefully mix through lightly cooked cauliflower or broccoli florets before spooning into the ovenproof dish
  • Try different cheese variations such as grated tasty cheddar or smoked cheddar instead of Parmesan cheese.

Classic Mac Cheese

Pour, Stir and Bake – creamy quick and delicious Classic Mac Cheese that just got better!

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Sue Campbell's Review | Rating

Very easy but very tasty!

Sharon's Review | Rating

Absolute classic recipe and both my girls (5 and 8) loved it! Hubby too - and I don't normally do much of the cooking so they extra impressed

Lisa's Review | Rating

Left the mushrooms out (fussy mouths at my table!) and for the first time in ages, all 3 kids came back with empty plates, asking to have it again tomorrow. Luckily this made HEAPS, so they have plenty leftover for a guaranteed no-arguments dinner tonight!

Andre's Review | Rating

Best Mac and Cheese Ive had..

Anna's Review | Rating

Great recipe, I always use this when I would like to add extra protein and flavour to my meals, I however switch out the mushrooms for corn and or onion. Very easy but no lack of taste.

Donell's Review | Rating

Soundz so good I think my 3 boys would love to try and a easy dinner for a busy family

Gary's Review | Rating

Sounds tasty - especially with bacon and chicken. Definitely one to try, and good that it's quick to make. I'd add a sprinkle of oregano as well for a little extra flavour.

Victoria's Review | Rating

Really tasty. Absolutely delicious. I would recommend it.

Kim's Review | Rating

Another pasta bake rather than a true mac 'n cheese.

Barbara's Review | Rating

This is so yummy. I also added a little green capsicum. Easy to make and eat.

Christine's Review | Rating

This dish is so absolutely delightful. Easy to prepare and cook and everybody loves the flavours.

Erin's Review | Rating

Would make this without the Mushrooms.

Beth Dye's Review | Rating

This recipe has leapt straight into the family favourites. Easy and tasty and you can add in some veges to make a one dish dinner.

Tim's Review | Rating

Wow such an easy and delicious dish to make on a Cold and Rainy Sunday! My 9 year old daughter pitched in and together we agree that this is definitely a 5 Star meal and one that we will cook over and over! we can't wait to put our own personal twist on it and impress our friends!

Bob's Review | Rating

You must try this fabulous sauce its extra creamy and yummy.

Jillian's Review | Rating

Great to have in the cupboard for those unexpected guests or just as a special dinner for the family who all love Mac & Cheese.

Carla's Review | Rating

Quick and easy meal and good for lunch the next day too

Judy's Review | Rating

My kids have always loved Mac Cheese but this just blew all other recipes for it out of the water! Delicious and so easy to make, it has me won over too.

Sameer's Review | Rating

Geart and easy recipe

Natalie's Review | Rating

Pretty tasty.

Christine's Review | Rating

Looks scrumptious with all the lovely ingredients in it for a family meal.

Wendy's Review | Rating

An easy and filling meal for that is tasty and easy to bake

Elizabeth's Review | Rating

Tasty simple family meal.

Barbara's Review | Rating

I followed the recipe exactly as given and really enjoyed it. The macaroni cheese sauce was so much easier and more economical than shredding about three cups of cheese which is the usual for macaroni cheese. A tasty dish

Gwen's Review | Rating

I found this recipe absolutely delicious and everyone came back for seconds

Mrs Stephanie's Review | Rating

So easy full of flavour cheesy too lots flavour and family loved this dish will be making more thank you.

Mathavasivam's Review | Rating

My children love ultimate mac chees

Wendy's Review | Rating

I found this very easy but really nice. Will vary it with different meats and veges but will definitely make often

Sarah's Review | Rating

Yummy and simple dinner

Dorothy's Review | Rating

the extra additions make it a tasty dish

Michael's Review | Rating

Adding chicken AND bacon to mac and cheese is a work of genius

Christine's Review | Rating


joanne's Review | Rating

My kids loved this recipe.

Jo's Review | Rating

LOVE this, everyone in the house does, even the fussiest, quick, easy and tasty...even easier just using left over roast chicken!

Vanessa's Review | Rating

So good with the added smoked paprika and Parmesan cheese.

Joanne's Review | Rating

Macaroni cheese with chicken bacon and mushrooms is the best ever. The best thing about this is not having to slave over the oven making the cheese sauce. Super easy always goof

Genemeine's Review | Rating

Made this for dinner, will be a family favorite now.

Leonie's Review | Rating

This is going to be Monday nights dinner forever. My hubby is a fussy meat and vege man but he reckons this would be the only way to have Mac and cheese. So you cant get a better recommendation than that

Nat's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and delicious - is a perfect Friday night dinner. Added in some spinach to get some more veges into it, love this sauce!

Clive's Review | Rating

I find this is so easy to put together using Heinz (Seriously Good Tasty Macaroni Cheese Sauce)and the family just love it, it becomes a once a week dish requested by them all,and I don't mind making it's just a breeze.

Karen's Review | Rating

Quick and easy and very tasty, I did add a bit of bacon.

Marilyn's Review | Rating

I haven't made this yet, but am 100% certain it will be a big hit in our family...Can't wait to make it this weekend....thanks so much for superb recipes..

bruce's Review | Rating

I don't do mushrooms and you don't need them. Easy to cook every one loves it.

Ann's Review | Rating

It is very nice.

Eleanor's Review | Rating

Easy and quick to make. Our guests loved it especially with the bacon, onions and tomato . Yumm

Ginetta's Review | Rating

Love this it has everything you need for a beautiful hot winter evening meal or lunch, with the delicious bacon and chicken and of course the mushrooms, absolutely delicious, very mouth watering, Thanks you Heinz and Watties of course.

Neena's Review | Rating

It was super tasty given how easily and quickly we put it together & got it in the oven. By we,i mean my little five year old son who loves yo help his mum out in the kitchen

jacqui's Review | Rating

I would leave out the mushrooms because I don't like them, but this would be a great hearty meal for a cold night

Sandra's Review | Rating

My Grandchildren LOVE Macaroni Cheese

Maree's Review | Rating

Yum!! Husband & Kiddies loved it, I will make it again

Melissa's Review | Rating

This is an easy side dish for when you have visitors for dinner.

David's Review | Rating

I needed a faster way to make a nourishing sauce so I would like to try your recipe please

Yvonne's Review | Rating

Nice, easy one for the kids to cook. They did a good job. Was yummy!

Karen's Review | Rating

Just the bees knees with bacon bits added

Cassandra's Review | Rating

Yumm easy to cook

Jean's Review | Rating

Looks delicious, I would leave out the mushrooms.

Launa's Review | Rating

Adding chicken and mushrooms to a classic San Remo Macaroni Elbows Mac n Cheese is an inspiration, but to use Heinz Seriously Good Tasty Cheddar Macaroni Cheese Sauce has taken it to the next level of deliciousness. Yummy

JEANETTE's Review | Rating

Wow, this one I will have to make..it sounds so yummy. I normally make the Classic Mac Cheese.

Marisha's Review | Rating

Just made this and with a few additions would have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying this... added garlic to the bacon and used leftover marinated chilli chicken, with some blanched broccoli florets and thinly sliced courgette, a handful of peas and some mozzarella through the crumb ... delicious and simple xxx will definitely make again.

helen's Review | Rating

just love this so yummy with bacon

Kirsten's Review | Rating

Yummy, very easy and whole family enjoyed

Sandra's Review | Rating

Very delicious, added some mixed peas and corn for an added bonus and finely diced red capsicum. We all enjoyed it.

John's Review | Rating

An easy, but very tasty beefed up version of your standard Mac 'n Cheese.

Rachel's Review | Rating

I like how this recipe has bacon and mushrooms in it.

MARIANNE's Review | Rating

Quick/Easy and most importantly the meal was all gone - no left overs for lunch the next day - the only drawback.
I like that you can add and create your own too -like adding spinach or brocolli or frozen mixed veg to push the vegetable intake up

taylor's Review | Rating

I like the added bits to just a plain mac cheese & i'm now into different tastes & like mushrooms so would like to try this

michele's Review | Rating

this looks like a really good way to have an extra fulling dinner so its on my list for this week & can use all the extras to make it really tasty plus I may add some zuchinni

Kim's Review | Rating

Not sure about this one there looks to be a lot of ingredients but may try it using seasonal ingredients instead with the pasta sauce.

Jinny's Review | Rating

Can't beat bacon, cheese, mushroom and chicken combo!

Lisa's Review | Rating

Goes down very tasty, Seriously good allright

Arthur's Review | Rating

This was easy to make and great to eat. Didn't bother with the mushrooms but added broccoli. Will certainly make again as quick and popular.

Claire's Review | Rating

Macaroni Cheese tends to be bland and gluggy - here we have something on a much higher level with taste, colour, healthy ingredients and a simple go-to for dinner. The bacon/chicken combo is a great addition, mushrooms can be optional, and Heinz Tasty Cheddar Sauce is the ultimate secret which boosts the flavour in the dish. Even tiny pieces of broccoli or peas and corn can be added. Thanks for this recipe, it's now top for winter's comfort food evenings.

Ann-Marie's Review | Rating

wow...this took me back to my childhood. All of a sudden when I saw this sauce I was like I have not eaten this since a child & had a hunger for it so thank you :)

Anita's Review | Rating

This is delicious! We had it for dinner last night....I added a few more veggies, so there is leftovers ❤️. Highly recommend this meal!

david's Review | Rating

This recipe i must try on my family to have all these different ingredients it will be Delicious it is always good to try something new

Janice's Review | Rating

Love this recipe with the added bacon and mushrooms

Kim's Review | Rating

Quick easy and kids loved it

Tasha's Review | Rating

Yummy so tasty, we added boiled eggs sliced on top with the be read crumbs and grated cheese, mm n mm.

Joanne's Review | Rating

Sounds easy and delectable, will definitely try it.

Beryl's Review | Rating

Such an easy recipe to make and so delicious

Mary's Review | Rating

Great comfort food, well balanced when served with a big helping of broccolli

Jill's Review | Rating

The Heinz Mac Cheese sauce made this a quick and easy dinner to make and was a big hit with all the family. I added some bacon, button mushrooms and cherry tomatoes - it was delicious and tasted even better the next day when I took a slice in for my lunch.

Natasha's Review | Rating

Simply delicious! Easy to make and what more could you ask for in a macaroni cheese dish!

Shelley's Review | Rating

I added some chopped tomato

Maureen's Review | Rating

My family loved the Ultimate Mac Cheese and is quick and easy to make

Helen's Review | Rating

Fully loaded, plenty of flavour and nourishing. Goes well with a slice of sour dough bread.

Teresa's Review | Rating

Quick and easy and one of our favourites for Monday night dinner

ck's Review | Rating

Seriously Good, with the mushrooms and bacon .. easy pessy to make and super tasty

Becky's Review | Rating

This recipe takes this much loved "comfort meal" to a new (tasty) level. Great!

Hannah's Review | Rating

Not bad, however a bit too soggy and dense for me.

Lucy's Review | Rating

It best mac cheese ever yummy my favorite recipe

Megan's Review | Rating

Such a versatile sauce as it can be used in other dishes not only mac n cheese

Karla Jayne's Review | Rating

Mac and Cheese just got real!
Following the recipe is extremely easy and yum but there's so much wiggle room with the ingredients!
And so hard to mess up which is always a plus :)

Tania's Review | Rating

Very tasty and very easy to make...perfectly cheesy and super creamy - Wish I could say there were some to save for another day, but it all got eaten, no left overs lol.

lynette's Review | Rating

Absolutely loved this recipe very scrummy

Paul's Review | Rating

Took out the mushrooms and it was a tasty recipe also tastes good with a bit of capsicum added.

Jackie's Review | Rating

very easy to make the whole family loved it

Niki's Review | Rating

Very quick and easy recipe to follow, great for those winter nights

Anne's Review | Rating

Absolutely scummy easy and tasty

Jenny's Review | Rating

This has now become a family fave. Thanks Watties, This was very tasty and easy.

Raymond's Review | Rating

Without the paprika and mushroom, mac cheese was really delicious. Easy to make and ingredients affordable.

Sam's Review | Rating

Simple and so delicious!!

Frida's Review | Rating

Too easy!! So simple and delicious. It's a great dinner to have especially in the winter when you crave that comfort hot meals filled with cheese and pasta. The panko crumbs add to the crunch!

Lynne's Review | Rating

This was super easy and really delicious. My family all loved it----even the fussy ones and the grandchildren find it simple enough to make it themselves. There is plenty of opportunity here for people to add whatever else they like-to the dish----eg corn, fresh tomatoes, green or red peppers etc. Will be having this often

Fiona's Review | Rating

This is a really good and simple recipe! :) I always fail making a good Mac and cheese but this is the first time I succeeded making a simple but delish meal :)

Lorraine's Review | Rating

Easy to follow recipe, it's delicious, we used cheddar cheese on top and used corn instead of mushrooms

Gaye's Review | Rating

Time to take my macaroni cheese to the next level ! This will definitely be a family favourite with the addition of chicken & mushrooms

Helen's Review | Rating

Not the biggest fan of Mac & cheese ( to often as a child). But love all other pasta dishes. this tasts really delicious love the chicken in it takes it to another level

Jan's Review | Rating

Wonderful hearty meal with a bit of a twist

Audrey's Review | Rating

Even better than mac & cheese

Paddy's Review | Rating

Family Loved it I added extra cheese, mushrooms and ham instead of bacon very delicious indeed!

ALISON's Review | Rating

With just a few extras it makes a good dish a whole lot better. . Love it

Bryce's Review | Rating

Simple to make without needing complicated ingredients or ones that you don't use very often

Karen's Review | Rating

Absolutely gorgeous, the mushrooms, chicken and bacon just take it to the next level, yet still easy and quick to make!!!!

lynette's Review | Rating

this was absolutely beautiful yummy scrummy !!!! :)

leanne's Review | Rating

loved this recipe will be making it again soon for the family

Asma's Review | Rating

One of my family's favorite. Easy to follow recipe and amazing results.

Becky's Review | Rating

Wow!! Definitely for those who love extra cheese. Great fill in between meals, an extra course or for uninvited guests who will never go hungry!!

Angela's Review | Rating

Simple easy peasey family enjoyed it

Darlene's Review | Rating

couldn't find the panko breadcrumbs at the supermarket, so just blitzed up some couple of days old bakery loaf for breadcrumbs and it worked a treat served it with a warm lettuce salad with, red onion, sun dried tomatoes, avo and a little crumbled feta delicious will be trying the classic max n cheese at a later date too

Marilyn's Review | Rating

A yummy grown up version

Joseph's Review | Rating

a little more bacon

Sue's Review | Rating

Love this recipe - chicken and mushrooms are favourites with us.

michael's Review | Rating

try it with a teaspoon of mustard powder in the sauce yummmmmm

Helen's Review | Rating

Easy & very tasty!

marissa's Review | Rating

So easy to make. My kids love it. My oldest
Wants me to make it a least once a week.

Karen's Review | Rating

Extra tasty with mushrooms and chicken. Easy family meal to enjoy after a busy day

Julie-anne's Review | Rating

Seriously awesome, quick and easy but very tasty

viv's Review | Rating

So tasty, you must try

Ann's Review | Rating

Fantastic way to add extra protein with the chicken and even a "hidden" vegetable with the mushrooms. A more balanced meal that gets the thumbs up

wendy's Review | Rating

Super Tasty and easy to prepare!

christine's Review | Rating

It is so quick and easy to make even for the kids to make for tea

Annette's Review | Rating

Even better without the mushrooms.

Sandra's Review | Rating

This is perfect for pot luck dinners, thanks to Heinz Sauce easy to make and real tasty.
I take out the mushrooms and add some red or green capscuim, always a hit.

Kim's Review | Rating

A quick tasty 'grown up' mac and cheese, easy to make. Great for a pot luck dinner.

Lucia's Review | Rating

Easy one. Kids would love it and even with the mushrooms my 'big kid' aka hubby would love it too. Thank you. :-)

William's Review | Rating

Super Delicious ! What else need be said ?

Sarah's Review | Rating

Very easy, but oh so tasty! Y brother loved the addition of the chicken he didn't even seem to notice the peas that I added in there as well

Robert's Review | Rating

magic the whole family loves it

Ian and Colleen's Review | Rating

Colleen's Review
Very tasty and moreish. Added extra chicken, bacon and mushrooms; this made it a substantial meal. Used lots of tasty cheese and panko crumbs for that extra crunch and texture. Try it!

Cynthia's Review | Rating

One of those easy meals to dish up when the family come around and decide to stay for a meal

Lyn & Peter's Review | Rating

Added some fried leek and rinsed the jar out with a little white wine which got added to the dish. Quick and easy

Janet's Review | Rating

I made it for lunch yesterday I found it very easy to make but very tasty I will be making it again my grand children just loved it

Grant's Review | Rating

I love Mac 'n Cheese! A childhood favourite.

Sara's Review | Rating

One of the staples in our house, yum, but my adult children still claim the stuff I make from scratch is better.

Imelda's Review | Rating

Minus the paprika, really tasty and easy to make. Definitely going to make it again.

bill and Debbie's Review | Rating

Tasty and easy to make. Sauce had a good flavour though was hard to get all out of the jar with the narrow top. Addition of bacon, chicken and mushrooms lifted the flavour and it wasn't stodgy to eat.

Pamerla's Review | Rating

Simple, tasty and good value for money dish. I often add a dash od worcestershire sauce to the sauce.

Jo's Review | Rating

Wow, this is seriously taking Mac Cheese to the next level, and is so easy too! Very well received, and I have no doubt it will become a firm family favourite.

Georgina's Review | Rating

Kids loved this and I really liked the ease to make a staple meal

Cherie's Review | Rating

My son and his 3 friends loved this meal, however I think I would use 2 jars of the macaroni cheese as so much pasta, however getting a 10 out of 5 stars rating from them pretty much summed it up as a great meal, thankyou

Julia's Review | Rating

Quick and easy for busy families

Tammy's Review | Rating

This was delicious ! So tasty. Loved the texture also. My younger siblings who are very fussy enjoyed this meal and keep asking for me to make it again !

Vicki's Review | Rating

A very tasty dish, simple to make, and a complete meal with some vegetables or salad on the side.

Anah's Review | Rating

The best

Stuart's Review | Rating

Great flavours with the bacon, mushroom and parmesan/panko crumb.

Ngaire's Review | Rating

Has the perfect combination of my favourite things; chicken, mushrooms and pasta!

Sue's Review | Rating

Yum! The ultimate comfort food for a cold wintry weekend with the fire going and family visiting. So easy to make and very well balanced. There is never any left.

Evelyn's Review | Rating

This recipe easy, fast and delicious.
I am meat and cheese lover.
High recommend

Victoria's Review | Rating

Fast and easy to make. I customised my a little by adding a pinch of chili, throwing through some baby spinach leaves to make it a smidgen healthier and replacing the panko (because I didn't have any) with 1/3 cup wholemeal breadcrumbs :)

David Watkinson's Review | Rating

Everyone loves this recipe

Caroline's Review | Rating

Another delicious dish that the whole family enjoyed

Rob's Review | Rating

Macca cheese is our standby meal that fills the gap on these cold wet wintry weekend nights - and with this recipe the meal moves from being more of a side dish to a main - and is always a Fav in our house. We try and have Heinz Seriously Good Tasty Cheddar Macaroni Cheese Sauce in our pantry to be sure we can make a yummy meal in no time.

Faye's Review | Rating

Tasty very easy l will add some cauliflower to add extra veges

Ailsa's Review | Rating

As we don't eat bacon & chicken, & some don't like mushrooms, left these out & replaced with mixed vegetables. All thought it was very yummy. More please.

Fiona's Review | Rating

Delicious, no fail. A winner with the children

Emily's Review | Rating

Super tasty! The onion, chicken, bacon, mushrooms, parmesan and panko breadcrumbs make it even better than plain old mac 'n cheese. This makes quite a lot and the leftovers are even better. The Heinz Seriously Good Tasty Cheddar Macaroni Cheese Sauce is really delicious too. Highly recommend this recipe, easy to make and a nice hearty meal.

Leigh Struthers's Review | Rating

This recipe was enjoyable, but I put one large chicken breast and 6 slices of bacon in it for the amount of pasta, as it wasn't enough as it stood, and I added extra cheese sauce so it was more creamy( a little too thick for the amount of pasta) It was tasty and enjoyable. I would make it again with either the reduced pasta or increased chicken and bacon, and extra sauce. Two of us ate it over 2 meals with salad and garlic bread. Yum!

Ciska Penlington's Review | Rating

It was nice. Loved the panko crumb. I doubled this recipe for my family. We all felt that it was more like a pasta bake than a true mac cheese.

Shona's Review | Rating

Very easy to make and prepare. We love mac & cheese in this house. Easy to adapt to what suits you also.

Shara's Review | Rating

Quick and easy dinner after a real busy day, hits the spot for kids!

Jane's Review | Rating

This looks fantastic, I'm making it tomorrow night but have already given it 5 stars as I can tell thats what it will deserve. If I'm wrong I'll change it, but I'm sure I'll be back to confirm my star rating.

Jane's Review | Rating

This looks fantastic, I'm making it tomorrow night but have already given it 5 stars as I can tell thats what it will deserve. If I'm wrong I'll change it, but I'm sure I'll be back to confirm my star rating.

Shayy Kaur Bhangu-Turner's Rating
Tamara Burnnand's Review | Rating

So easy and nice. Really enjoyed it. You could add anything to this for person preference and it would still taste great.
First thing I made off this app and first time making mac n cheese too and it turned out perfect.

fiona's Review | Rating

very tasty dish. added some chorizo to add a little zing.