• 250 g boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into small pieces
  • 1 Tbsp cornflour
  • 1 small onion, halved and sliced lengthwise
  • ½ green or red capsicum, deseeded and sliced
  • 125 g Wattie’s WOK Creations Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry Sauce
  • ½ x 410 g can Wattie's Baby Corn Cuts, drained
  • ½ x 225 g can pineapple pieces, drained
  • spring onions
  • ¼ cup roasted cashew nuts, roughly chopped (optional)
  1. In a bowl toss the chicken in cornflour to coat. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a wok or frying pan and stir-fry the chicken over a medium heat for 8-10 minutes until chicken is crispy and cooked. Remove from the pan and keep warm.
  2. Add a little extra oil if necessary. Add onion and capsicum and over medium heat stir-fry until vegetables are beginning to soften. Add Wattie’s WOK Creations Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry Sauce, baby corn cuts and pineapple pieces. Stir and heat until nearly boiling.
  3. To serve place the cooked chicken in a dish and pour over the sauce. Garnish with sliced spring onion and roasted cashews if wished. Serve with rice.

Top Tips

chicken breast fillets;capsicum;sweet and sour stir fry sauce;baby corn;pineapple;spring onions;cashew nuts

Made With

Sweet & Sour Sauce

Wattie's® Sweet & Sour Sauce is a delicious sauce that will be enjoyed by the whole family. Great for dipping or served with chicken nuggets or fish.

Baby Corn Cuts

Our Baby Corn Cuts are packed with flavour and goodness and have the delicious taste that Kiwis have long enjoyed.

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Justine's Review | Rating

Nice, although i am really not a fan of frying in oil. it was all eaten thogh.

annabelle's Review | Rating


sandra may.'s Review | Rating

just delishes,i have tried it and my family love it.

Jason Lin's Review | Rating


Doreen's Rating
Terry&Kaye's Review | Rating

terry, fantastic, chinese chef certificate

Julie's Rating
Di's Review | Rating

Made this and everyone loved it.

jerrianne's Review | Rating

This is my littlies favourite! I must admit ...I enjoy it all the more ..as yummy finger food with the little ones!!

Lorraine's Review | Rating

Great taste and enjoyed by us all , I also used fresh cauli and broccoli .

Judy's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious and so easy to prepare and make! A family fave now :)

Denyse's Review | Rating

Love how recipe is just for two. Ingredients simple, and easy to add any other vegetables you have at home. Very tasty too.

Kevin's Review | Rating

I added some chopped celery and a red chilli for the adults - everyone loved it.

Gillian's Review | Rating

Fantastic, quick and easy sauce to jazz up your stir-fry. Very tasty and use weekly. YUM :0)

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Family favourite, quick & easy. The recipe is super simple. This recipe is very satisfying. Your tastebuds will be wanting more. My family loves this dish. I'm always telling everyone I know to try it. Ticks all the boxes for me & my family.

Janet's Review | Rating

I real y loved it

David's Review | Rating

A great sweet & sour - especially when it can be made at home

Kaylene's Review | Rating

An all time favourite of both the kids and adults, easy to make , and yummy to eat.
Will try the other flavours now.

Kristina's Review | Rating

yummy and easy to make

Jill's Review | Rating

Delicious! Very moorish!

JEAN's Review | Rating

My grandkids love this as they can make it themselves, tastes great, and they think they are master cooks

Gay's Review | Rating

A favourite flavoured recipe with all the family including our fussy granddaughter. So pleased to be easily able to get her to eat the crunchy vegetables

jose's Review | Rating

I love this recipe, it is quick and easy and no fuss to make cook and eat.As i live alone, i make one batch, without the pineapple and the cashew nuts, and freeze one portion, then i can add those extra ingredients, if have them at a later date.It is hard to cook for one, so you have to try ways to get around, not eating healthy, or eating the same old recipe every night.

Cara's Review | Rating

This was absolutely yummy, my whole family asked for seconds. The sauce was very nice tasting and adding the cashews is something I haven't done before and this gave it that added crunch.

Elise's Review | Rating

Classic flavours that everyone loves!

gordon's Review | Rating

Very Moreish

debbie's Review | Rating

This is so delicious and easy to make Our family are huge fans of sweet n sour

Jude's Review | Rating

have cooked this. Very easy to make, very tasty.

Bobbie's Review | Rating

Thank-you Watties. Cooking this was a happy medium between my love of Asian food and my husbands love of anything but. And he was happy to take left-overs for lunch.

Daniel's Review | Rating

I love your work Watties. You have outdone yourselves yet again!!! Delicious as always. Toss in some crispy noodles for a little bit of crunchy.

Holly's Review | Rating

I really enjoyed the sweet and sour sauce! This dish is also tasty when made with prawns.

Mandy's Review | Rating

The sweet and sour Creations sauce was the fave of the 3 we tried. Just the right balance of flavours. Recipe easy to follow and so easy to make up especially if home late from work and hungry mouths to feed. We eat a lot of stir fries in this household and its just fabulous to have a sauce packet all set up and to add, vegetables and meat and flavour all in one pan...wonderful product

Andrea's Review | Rating

So easy to make and the whole family loved the taste..........a rare and wonderful thing! A wonder there was any chicken in the dish, because I couldn't stop eating it once cooked in the crispy coating (cornflour)

Lavinia's Review | Rating

Great to have in the pantry. Easier to make than from scratch.

Marie's Review | Rating

Mouthwatering delicious

Alison's Review | Rating

yum, lots of flavour and easy to make

june's Review | Rating

lovely just the right balance between sweet and sour

Jeanette's Review | Rating

Quick and easy for a simple meal during the week when you don't have so much time to create

Polly's Rating
Heather's Rating
Heather's Review | Rating

Very tasty! I do love sweet and sour and this was delicious!!

marissa's Review | Rating

Family loved it

Anita's Review | Rating

Delicious and fulfilling and add other veggies that I have avail at the time.

Daryl's Review | Rating

I love sweett & sour dishes and this one will be added to my list, Yummy

Therese's Review | Rating

My family and friends love this. I am a fan of sweet and sour anything.

leonardus's Review | Rating

Fantastic sauce. Taste nice and perfect for quick dinner meal

elvi's Review | Rating

This is my favorite sauce. Fast and easy to make. Just add meat and stir fry

Shane's Review | Rating

A winner in our house, kids had clean plates, which doesn't always happen around here. Recipe easy to put together, would def make again

Pru's Review | Rating

13 yr old is starting to cook this was such an easy recipe for her to follow, she does not like baby corn so substituted with prickly pear instead. It was gobbled up by all.

julianne's Review | Rating


Judith's Review | Rating

An old favourite with a new twist, I love the idea and look of the capsicum and baby corn. Certainly would be able to serve this up to guests and achieve the wow factor into the bargain.

Claire's Review | Rating

This dish is lovely and quick to prepare. The chicken with onion, capsicum, corn and pineapple gives a colourful finish and Wattie’s Wok Creations Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry Sauce has all the right flavourings, eliminating the guesswork, to produce a satisfying and nice meal. Second try I added some broccoli and cauli florets to provide an even more healthy dinner. Yes, I will continue to use this one.

Anne's Review | Rating

This has everything great taste, texture & looks great on the plate

Amanda's Review | Rating

Always a favourite with my family, very tasty.

Sharyn's Review | Rating

Really nice

Jenni's Review | Rating

Another yummy dish, is quick to prepare my grandchildren love it, a bowl of noodles on the side

Michelle's Review | Rating

My son loves this and he doesn't mind me adding in extra veges. Great tasting and easy recipe.

Karen's Review | Rating

Just love sweet and sour

Leslie's Review | Rating

We loved it and my grandson took the leftovers home for his lunch the next day.

Kerry's Review | Rating

Enjoyed & no left overs

Ngaire's Review | Rating

Sweet and Sour chicken is always a favourite and so easy!

Ailsa's Review | Rating

Great meal

Stephanie's Review | Rating

This is delicious! I didn't add the corn as no-one in our house eats it, & we served it over udon noodles, but it was definately a hit. Will be experimenting with it again this week :) I like Lorraine's idea to add fresh cauli & broc (Thanks Lorriane might give that a whirl!)

Pip's Rating
Teresa's Review | Rating

This definitely is a dish my partner will eat. Sweet and sour is his favourite.

Marie's Review | Rating

I had to make double of this as there wasn't enough to fuel my tribe! They loved it though.

Colleen's Review | Rating

Usually Sweet and Sour meals are to sweet for me. But this was perfect and delicious.

yanni's Review | Rating


MARIANNE's Review | Rating

It is difficult to get extra veggies onto my children's plate - with Wattie's Sweet and Sour Chicken i can grate in carrots/frozen baby peas and corn/chopped celery and they have gobbled it all down!! MM - A family favourite!

Angela's Review | Rating

I really enjoyed it. The kids picked out the chicken to eat, and I served it with rice. At least the kids ate it though cause they're really fussy.

Debbie's Review | Rating

Yum and so easy.

Laraine's Review | Rating

I like the sound of this. I'm putting the Watties products on my shopping list so I can make it for Saturday night's dinner.

Linda's Review | Rating

one out of the box. loved it

Tineke's Review | Rating

Easy to make mostly enjoyed by the family. I omitted the cashews as our family aren't fans and served with noodles and a few more vegetables

Richard's Review | Rating

The Wok Creation Sweet and Sour additive gave a delightful blend to the meal which was easy to prepare and very easy to eat.

Tracy's Review | Rating

Such a quick and easy way to make a delicious tasting meal. All my sons love making and eating this dish. Really helps encouraging boys to experiment. Thanks

Vivien's Review | Rating

This is extremely yummy and easy to make; the fact that it is for two is excellent for me as I recently became a widow and was finding all my recipes difficult to cut in half - I cook for two and either freeze one or have it the next day,

craig's Review | Rating

Really enjoyed the intense sweet & sour taste in this dish and i would buy again and recommend to others this would be great to have with fish just as well chicken

Nelson's Review | Rating

I am not a great fan of chicken, but this was the most tasty meal I have eaten in a long while. Delicious.

Nikole's Review | Rating

Such a nice winter meal

Nikole's Review | Rating

Such a nice winter meal

Margaret's Review | Rating

Full of flavour and quick and easy! devine

Christine's Review | Rating

Delicious and easy to make

Deborah's Review | Rating

Easy to adapt to a delicious vegetarian recipe

Ann's Review | Rating

Yummy. This was a great recipe ,easy to do and delicious to taste, definitely on my list for to do again

Wendy's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and oh so tasty. My favorite!!

Lily's Review | Rating

Yummy and very easy to make. We all loved it.

julie's Review | Rating

Its a taste my husband loves and I can go along with that

Kevin's Review | Rating

like the optional cashew nuts

Faye's Review | Rating

So good.

Barbara's Review | Rating

Best of all, banquet was a real success thank you, better than bought takeaways

Faye's Review | Rating

just what I want, so quick and easy, wonderful

Trisha's Review | Rating

I only buy pre-maid of this so really happy with the flavor of this one. Great for work nights when I am tired and dont' want to start from scratch

Renuka Swaroop's Review | Rating

No need to order take-out anymore – this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!

yvonne's Review | Rating

Yvonnes Review
As good as I have tasted was perfect

Maureen's Review | Rating

Great recipe as we love sweet and sour. Just so easy to cook. Maureen

Margaret's Review | Rating

Not a fan of sweet and sour, but tastes good :)

Debbie's Review | Rating

This has to be one of my favorite. Yum!

Sue's Review | Rating

Delish!!! Quick and Easy to make, too!! :-)

Joanne's Review | Rating

Easy to make and so yummy

Charmaine's Review | Rating

Just as tasty as any good takeaway sweet and sour sauce

Pauline's Review | Rating

double batch in my whare, easy to follow recipe, added broccoli, no left overs, that says it all..

Louisa's Review | Rating

My absolute favourite, love it

Mona's Review | Rating

Of the three rate and review recipes this was my favourite. We do not have a Chinese takeaway close by, but this easy to make recipe filled the bill to save petrol and cook at home. Really, very, very good. MONA

Karen's Review | Rating

I loved how easy this to make. My husband and I really enjoyed eating it and so did my 4 kids who can be so fussy at times. Definitely a favourite in our household.

Barbara's Review | Rating

My family really enjoyed the sweet and sour chicken. I used the cashews also. Will definitely make this again. Sauce was very tasty and so much easier than making from scratch. Dinner ready in record time!

Corazon's Review | Rating

The mixture of the sweet and sour was just right... It was lovely...very appetizing... also good with other meat...

Nancy's Rating
Nancy's Review | Rating

Delicious and not too expensive.

Susan's Review | Rating

Wattie's Sweet and Sour Chicken. Yummy! quick and easy for a thursday nite. had it with rice and broccoli. will definetly have again. Dinner done in 20minutes.

carol-ann's Review | Rating

omg my whole family loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have given this recipe to several people they all love it too yummm thanks for making this easy great dish available to us

JANICE's Rating
Pauline's Review | Rating

was easy to prepare, but I would have preferred more vegetables, which I would have added but I followed the recipe sent to me. Both my husband and I thought it quite sweet. (unusual for him ! ) We also feel it could have had more zing. .

kath's Review | Rating

I love cooking but some nights you like a quick meal and the Wattie creations do just that. Takes only a few minutes to put together and you can do changes to suit your likes and dilikes. So far all have been great. Kath.

Michelle's Review | Rating

Whole family loved it. I now have to make it at least once a week

Karen's Review | Rating

Easy to make meal and tastes really good, can add other vegies as well

Allyce's Review | Rating

YUM YUM YUM.. we have toddlers in our house who are fussy so was stoked for a new dinner option we all loved!

Liz's Review | Rating

Just the job when you are in a rush, we added lots of vegies with sliced chicken thighs ( nicer than the breast ) we would buy again and cant wait to try the rest of the range

Neil & Margie's Review | Rating

The recipe is easy to make and has a lovely balance of sweet and sour. The ability to adapt by adding other vegetables makes for a quick and easy meal. I initially made it as per the recipe provided and then again with other vegetables. Will always have it in the pantry. Well done Wattie's

Kevin's Review | Rating

One of the most iconic, and beautiful recipes to leave the wok!. This recipe both highlights and enhances the beauty of this classic Chinese dish.

Kevin's Review | Rating

One of the most iconic, and beautiful recipes to leave the wok!. This recipe both highlights and enhances the beauty of this classic Chinese dish.

Alison's Review | Rating

Easy and quick devilish meal, LOVED it and will def make it again

Lory's Review | Rating

was absolutely scrumptious will defintately be making again a HUGE hit with the whole family

Kevin's Review | Rating

Easey meal to prepare and looking forward to tasting the others. Lovely flavours. Will certainly be having it again.

Jennifer's Review | Rating

Really easy to make and easy on the pocket as well. It is delicious and i will be taking the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Will definitely be making this again soon.

Kevin's Review | Rating

Quick and easey meal. very delice. Will certainly have again.

Vanessa's Review | Rating

Sooo good, definitely better than some of those just add chicken jars. Simple and quick, definitely a fave in my house and it tasted healthy.

Joanne's Review | Rating

Delicious, will definitely make again. So simple to make.

Christine's Review | Rating


Christine's Review | Rating

Feels like a decadent meal. Great balance between sweet and sour. Hard to stop at one serving!

Johanna's Review | Rating

really delicious and easy! the whole flat loved it -which is a first, however would be better if the sauce sachets served more than two people

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Never been a fan of sweet and sour, but I am now, great flavours, thanks Watties

June's Review | Rating

So easy to use, really handy for a quick meal and tastes great. Not keen on corn, so substituted green beans an fresh carrots- yummy. Will definitely be a store cupboard staple from now on

Sophie's Review | Rating

Super quick and easy meal. All the flat mates loved it, will definitely be making again

Carolyn's Review | Rating

Delicious, easy to make, my 5-year old loved it.

Diana's Review | Rating

It was a easy and quick to prepare and we really enjoyed the dish, very tasty.

Belinda's Review | Rating

Even though my husband eats meat and 3 vegetables - we really enjoyed sweet and sour.

Chris's Review | Rating

Very tasty. Loved all the flavours. Will be keeping a packet of this in the pantry. Keen to try it with other meats too.

Karen's Review | Rating

Quick and easy dish to make. Unfortunately, my children found it a little too sweet. I may try it again with less pineapple to reduce the sweetness. Overall, it was OK.

Kitty's Review | Rating

Loved the "Sweet and Sour"

susan's Review | Rating

My sweet and sour pouch arrived last night. Lucky because I thawed my chicken. We had this sweet and sour dish last night and the family really enjoyed. Hubby wonted more. Think hes hoping to have the same dish again tonight..lol

Robert's Review | Rating

Very easy to make, most enjoyable, very tasty, will become a favorite, one to serve family and friends.

Shani's Review | Rating

Absoloutley delicious! Eassy to make and divine to eat! We left out the cashews and the spring onion for the kids sake but it was still delicious and the meal went really far served with rice, even Mr Fussy 3 year old ate all of his! This will definitley be a regular on our menu and I look forward to trying the others!

Sue's Review | Rating

My sweet and sour pouch arrived last night too so was able to cook with it. I used watties pick of the crop stir fry vvegetables and tin of pineapple. The meal was on the table in no time and was very enjoyable. Thanks

Anne's Review | Rating

Easy tastey dinner. No further special ingredients needed. Definitely adding this to the shopping list

Colleen's Review | Rating

I love sweet and sour dishes and this was probably the best store S&S sauce I've had. Normally they is too much for the recipe and way too sweet, this was just right in both categories. It was really simple to make, the hardest part was coating the chicken lol. Looking forward to trying it with pork...... Thanks

Joyce's Review | Rating

This is a lovely recipe had to use two packets of the sweet for 4 people its our favorite as we love sweet and sour this could also be made with pork instead of chicken one of the best sweet and sour that we have made

Brian's Review | Rating

very nice

Katie's Review | Rating

easy to make, quite a few ingredients needed (I don't always have these in the cupboard so did have to purchase especially) - very tasty!

Kay's Review | Rating

Sweet & Sour chicken - yum and so easy to make - the cashews just lift it to another level

Mary's Review | Rating

Nice and easy to make, tasty enough and the kids seemed to like it.

J's Review | Rating

Family favourite, easy to prepare.

Lois's Review | Rating

Normally I make my own Sweet and Sour sauce but it takes quite a bit of time and to be able to use the packet of sweet and slur which was delicious and a winner with all the family it also is a definite winner for me as I was able to take more time with my guests and family members rather than being situated over a hot stove away from everyone

Garth's Review | Rating

An excellent, rich tasting dish which is mild enough that the children enjoyed it too. One for the whole family.

Jo's Review | Rating

Love the look of this. Seems authentic & relatively easy on the pocket since it serves two and not a whole family. Would give this a go for a special occasion.

Glenys's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious. Sweet and Sour parcel had been delivered after I had been out all day. Found I had all ingredients in pantry and a quick, easy and tasty dinner was ready in no time at all. My husband and I couldn't eat it all and the next night it was just as tasty reheated with some extra rice and what was left of pineapple and baby corn. Will surely put this on my shopping list!

Elyse's Review | Rating

Really enjoyed it! Easy to make and nice for something different as a weekday meal. Can't wait to try the other flavours!! :-)

Patricia's Review | Rating

Love sweet and sour but the cashew nuts just make this recepie - thanks

Elsa's Review | Rating

Chicken is such a versatile meat. Made with Watties Sweet and Sour Creations Sauce, it creates a delicious meal which can be served at home or to any guests.

Dave's Review | Rating

This was terrific, great in my stir fry. Quick and easy toprepare and good to eat.

Imelda's Review | Rating

I love any Asian recipe.. This time I used the pork meat balls with Watties Stir fry veges and Watties Creation Sweet & Sour . The family loved it. Tasty and everyone enjoyed the meals. Really commendable.

Sheryl's Review | Rating

The Hubby loves Sweet and Sour and this looks like an easy way to get into his good books while enjoying a tasty meal together.

Liz's Review | Rating

I wonder if you could cook the chicken first in the microwave so you don't need to use so much oil? Great taste which the kids love. Bought 2 packets

Henry's Review | Rating

Great as it is or tarted up a bit if that's what you want. Easy peasie! Works just well with pork or fish or just use 100% veggies. A lot less sweeter that other sweet and sour options so diabetics take note. Using a brown rice with low G.I also helps! Toss in some lemon grass pieces (white shoots only) for an added flavour dimension.

Deborah's Review | Rating

Used pumpkin instead of chicken to make a delicious vegetarian version

Yoka's Review | Rating

Received pouch yesterday, made it today according to recipe, used chicken, it is easy and fast. The sauce is nice, easy to get out of the pouch, could have been a bit more though. I was not fussed on the baby corn, will not use that again. Will use fresh veges next time.

melissa's Review | Rating

Loved it!! The whole family ate it with no complaints! Definatly a winner in our house will have this again. easy to make and tasted great. The chef tips were helpful to.

Val's Review | Rating

I will be making this again... even my husband said he would eat it again! Loved the sweet & sour sauce, not too sweet. Coating the chicken with cornflour made it so much nicer to eat. I served it with udon noodles, a very filling meal and easy to make.
Thanks for the opertunity to try this product.

Sheryldeen's Review | Rating

Enjoyed by our family ( Two adults and two teenage daughters) A good amount of sauce, easy to prepare ( the meat I prepared earlier, before heading out to hockey practice, then once home it was quickly finished off with veg and sauce) and an empty pan at the end of the meal. Two of our group thought the sauce was a little sweet, and perhaps there wasn't a strong sweet sour variation.
Would try it again .

Robyn's Review | Rating

Extremely easy to make after a busy day - even the kids can help you with this one. Little ones enjoy the shape and texture of the baby corn and the lovely sauce.

Tanya's Review | Rating

easy to make. really enjoyed it. would make again. :-)

Debra's Review | Rating

So easy to make. We loved it and my husband is very fusy with his food and does not like spicey food. This was perfect for him and he said he would eat it again. Sauce yummy. Must for the shopping list.

Toni's Review | Rating

Sooooo yummy!! The reciphe was really easy to follow, and while we were missing a couple of ingredients (I used carrot instead of capsicum and had no baby corn) it still came out great, and my generally fussy boys ate the lot :) noms out of 10? 10! :)

karen's Review | Rating

Easy and very tasty dish. Added more vegetables. The packs need to be bigger - serve 4 - would be better.
Will be making it again.

Amy's Review | Rating

Really yummy. Was a bit worried having a 'serves 2' recipe for feeding 2 adults and 2 very young children, however ended up using more chicken, capsicum, baby corn and pineapple than the recipe said, just because of what I bought and not wanting to waste any, and found there was still plenty of sauce, so could have used more chicken and vegetables and still had great flavours :)

victoria's Review | Rating

Very tasty sauce. Nice balance of sweet vs sour. spiced it up with bok choy as a replacement "crunch" for the cashews.

vanitha's Review | Rating

the sweet and sour dish was good, we left out the pineapple as we do not like that taste in stir-fries, the children loved it.Use of lots of vegetables is great.

Val's Review | Rating

Have used these StirFry Recipes before, all are really nice but one of our favourites is the Sweet and Sour Chicken. Think they would be nicer if their were a little more sauce. But otherwise are great for the quickness they can be prepared and the flavour is just right not too sweet like some are.Looking forward to trying some more.Liked the fact all ingredients were in cupboard or garden.

judy's Review | Rating

it was Lovely we added more vegetables than it said . I am not a fan of baby corn so left out and added lots of other vegetables . Family said to cook it again

Louise's Review | Rating

Thankyou for the sample. Lovely sauce the whole family enjoyed. Definately buy again.

Pamela D's Review | Rating

A very nice sweet and sour sauce for chicken. I also added cauliflower and broccoli to the recipe.It is very quick easy and yummy. I also used a packet heated up to make a very nice dipping sauce for chicken nuggets and prawns, excellent!!!!

sheryl's Review | Rating

loved the sweet and sour, the sauce straight from the pouch had a bit of a tang with it, but seemed to get a bit lost especially when served with rice. but still super yummy!! would definitely use again. sheryl

Bob's Review | Rating

I love sweet and sour but normally only follow the recipe on the packet. This was absolutely delicious - keen to try the others now .... cheers

Louise's Review | Rating

Totally delicious, will be a weekly favourite in household. It was demolished in a few minutes by hungry teens! I added a small amount of red chilli and also added a few crispy noodles on top. The sauce tasted quite 'natural', not at all synthetic which can be typical of pre-packaged sauces. LOVE it. Louise.

Donna's Review | Rating

Sweet and Sour has always been a favourite in my household, the grand kids will actually eat it haha... This one in particular is so easy to put together with not much fuss and it is devine :)

Lorraine's Review | Rating

An enjoyable meal easy to follow and make.I followed the recipe exactly however wouldn't use the corn recommended again.. Next time I make it I will just use suitable vegies I have in fridge. Will add it to caravan stores I'm sure my husband will like making on bbq in his wok!!!

Mike's Review | Rating

Easy high quality, highly popular and tasty meal. The sweet wasn't too sweet nor contained too much salt. It had the right amount of liquid to easily cover the ingredients without turning it all into soup. Lets also celebrate the fact that anyone with the right ingredients can cook up a storm and impress that bf/gf or even grand kids with a flick of the tea towel. Gotta try the rest of them now!

Kath's Review | Rating

Kath's review We loved this recipe. It was easy, tasty and economical. Will certainly be cooking it again, Great to be able to put the complete dish on the table for people to serve themselves. keep up the good work!

Robin's Review | Rating

My sweet and sour pouch arrived Tuesday and I cooked it today for lunch. After I went and bought the other ingredients from Count Down at Mairangi Bay we had it with rice. I used Watties sweet corn and pineapple. The meal was on the table in no time and was very enjoyable. Thanks Robin.

Bev's Review | Rating

Dad said not much sauce but all up very tasty and enjoyed by both of us

Anne's Review | Rating

We were very impressed the flavours all came together beautifully will certainly be doing again

Nadene's Review | Rating

I would normally make my own sweet and sour sauce but this is one of the best tasting sauces I've tried for sweet and sour - big thumbs up. I also added carrot strips and a wee bit of the pineapple juice to the sauce. I added more chicken and veges than the recipe and there was still plenty of sauce too

Linda's Review | Rating

I doubled the recipe as had more than 2 people to feed. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Was really yummy. Would definitely have it again. Very easy recipe the follow and cook.

melissa's Review | Rating

The whole family loved it cleaned the plates. The chefs tips on the back was very handy. Will be very likely to purchase again. Thank you.

Denise's Review | Rating

Have never used cornflour to dust meat before and it was a nice flavour, brown and crispy. Sauce was just right in taste not to sweet or to sour and my youngest like the taste on the chicken. Had it with rice. Would do it for a quick and easy meal again.

wendy's Review | Rating

Absolutely fab, quick and easy and kids loved it.

Julie's Review | Rating

When my kids prefer my cooking over a takeaway or restaurant meal I know I've hit the jackpot. This dish did, and my family eagerly await the next time I create this super tasty dish!

Jo's Review | Rating

Was very quick and easy to make. I used a can of corn kernals as I'm not a fan of baby corn but otherwise cooked it as per the instructions. I like a strong flavoured sweet and sour so this was a little bland for me but still very tasty. I will definitely be trying out one of the curry flavours.

Helen's Review | Rating

Tasty and very quick and easy to do.

Bruce's Review | Rating

Easy and open to interpretation as regards vegetables. More sweet than sour for our taste.

David's Review | Rating

Very easy to put together and cook. Great taste and very light meal for after work.

Lesley's Review | Rating

The Hubby enjoyed it so that's a plus!!!

Lee's Review | Rating

Very nice sweet and sour sauce and really liked the cooking instructions / method. Only comment would be I would like more sauce! Maybe a slightly bigger pouch.

Kate's Review | Rating

Yum easy and so tasty

Dawn's Review | Rating

We are very partial to sweet and sour, it was an enjoyable meal with cashews and rice. I only have one negative and that is we felt it lacked a smidgen of salt which we added to our meal. would buy in the future.

pam's Review | Rating

Lovely,tasty, easy to cook , husband and family loved the sweet and sour dish,will make again

Ray's Review | Rating

Very tasty and filling. Will try some of the others soon

Alice's Review | Rating

My husband and I, both enjoyed the Sweet and Sour meal very much, the chicken was nice done this way, did not dry out,when I cook it again, I would half the amount of corn and make up the other half quantity with broccoli, it was very tasty

Sue's Review | Rating

Very easy to make with good instructions. Lovely flavour. Will try again & must try the other flavours as well. Awesome thanks for the chance to review the product.

Jennie's Review | Rating

This Sweet & Sour was so good.I cooked Chicken & used the Cooks Tip by cooking a crust on the Chicken & it was so yummy. All was eaten too. Would buy again. Jennie

Amanda's Review | Rating

Very easy to make, and also to substitute (if you don't have the exact ingredients in the pantry).

Barbara's Review | Rating

We really enjoyed this meal. Was easy to make, with ingredients out of our garden and fridge. Not sickly sweet

Benjamin's Review | Rating

Very nice but didn't really have much of a bite that I look for in a sweet and sour sauce. Other than that very good, although did not think that there would be enough sauce to begin with but turned out okay.

Judith's Review | Rating

Sweet and sour is my husband's favourite - this one has just the right ingredients and looks authentically Asian.

Merle's Review | Rating

Super easy to prepare, and a big hit with all the family. Will definitely try this one again. Thanks

Andy's Review | Rating

Its similar to what I make but will defiantly add this sauce to my concoction

Annita's Review | Rating

This sweet and sour dish was very nice. My husband and I both enjoyed it . Plus it would be easy to just throw in other vegetables to suit or leave out the cashew nuts if you didnt have any. I however do love the cashew nuts in there. - Thanks for the opportunity to sample.

Annette's Review | Rating

My husband is a S & S fan. Next weeks meals getting sorted alreay.

Jan's Review | Rating

Made this for my sister and brother-in-law. We all enjoyed it but personally I was not a huge fan of the corn cuts . Very easy and quick to make.

Fiona's Review | Rating

The sourness of this sauce is amazing! Takes me back to when I was little and would make this from scratch for my Dad's dinner.

Virginia's Review | Rating

I love sweet and sour stir frys and I think that this has got to be the best sweet and sour sauce I have eaten. I have had some sauces where you are left with a horrible after taste after a meal - but not this one - this one ticks all the boxes!! This was easy to make (I used chicken also adding the pineapple) was great tasting and I definitely will be buying this sauce again. I want to try this with pork next time. I like the fact that people can choose whether to add the pineapple or not depending on if they like it. Definitely worth 5 stars.

Jan's Review | Rating

Thoroughly enjoyed the receipe perhaps a little more sauce would be appreciated.

Michelle's Review | Rating

Really easy and fast to make, I think the rice took longer to cook!!
Tasted good, not too sweet or sticky. Had the perfect amount of everything.
Thanks Watties and Food in a Minute for the opportunity.

Barry's Review | Rating

It fed 1 adult and 2 children. We used Udon Noodles for our base and used the recommended baby corn as part of the vege mix. The sauce wasn't overpowering so the kids enjoyed it. It filled us all up and we will definitely give it a go again (maybe with pork or turkey in the mix).

rae's Review | Rating

Quickly put together and even more quickly eaten. The sauce didn't really go that far and came to boiling point before it really had a chance to mix in, but very tasty.

Elizabeth's Review | Rating

My sweet and sour was fantastic so easy and quick both my husband and I really enjoyed the meal. I used fresh veges I had bought the day before and it was ready and on the table in no time at all. Both thought it was Yummy!

Tom's Review | Rating

Very simple to make and a great taste, the wife loved it, best shes had she said. Will definitely be making again. Looking forward to trying the others.

Maria's Review | Rating

I loved this sauce, I usually make my own recipe but was in a rush. It was very quick and simple. I have tried jars of sweet and sour and found them bland or too sweet, with this sauce your also get the sharp of the vinegar. Look forward to trying out the other flavours. Well done Watties another winner!

Maria's Review | Rating

I loved this sauce, I usually make my own recipe but was in a rush. It was very quick and simple. I have tried jars of sweet and sour and found them bland or too sweet, with this sauce your also get the sharp of the vinegar. Look forward to trying out the other flavours. Well done Watties another winner!

Jutta's Review | Rating

Sweet and sour is one of my favourite dishes however it's not often you get one that is not only tasty but healthy, I also like the fact that after having made this recipe for the first time I realised you can be flexible as to the veges you use, thereby creating a different dish every time. Very tasty loved it.

kirstie's Review | Rating

I give five all round was yumo awsom I love it.it was easy and quick to make my kids loved the tast.thank you

Mary's Review | Rating

Easy to make, Would have liked a little more sauce in pouch.Would make again and try with chicken.

Grant's Review | Rating

It was an easy recipe to make. I made it for two of us, followed the recipe and the outcome was delicious. Will definitely by the sauce again.

Fern's Review | Rating

This one tastes as good as it looks.

Andre's Review | Rating

Excellent recipe. I found it went very well with pineapple and pine nuts.

Maria's Review | Rating

Quick and easy, would definitely try again and my husband wishes to add a bit more chili.

Nalda's Review | Rating

Loved the Watties Creations Sweet and Sour Chicken, the food was tasty, moreish and more than plenty for two people. Loved that the recipe was so simple. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

Maria's Review | Rating

Loved the sweet and sour, plus crunch of the cashew nuts, would add more chili sauce for my husband.

Sharon's Review | Rating

Quick to make and tasty!. Would have liked a little more sauce , also added some broccoli.

Vanessa's Review | Rating

Easy to make and enjoyed by everyone here. Will definitely make again

Kathy's Review | Rating

Really yummy and very easy to make. My kids wanted more sauce though so next time will have to buy 2 sachets :-)

Raewyn's Review | Rating

I found this quick and easy to prepare and was delicious, just what you need when you get home in the evening

Lee's Review | Rating


Sydnee's Review | Rating

Very tasty.and so easy

John's Review | Rating

Great recipe enjoyed that the quantities are for two servings. As a widower living alone who entertains a lady friend from time to time it great for two BUT can easily be doubled if I invite another couple. Great flavour and easy to make, will use it again many times in the future. Intend trying the other two dishes on the recipe sheet I received.. Thanks John.

Amanda's Review | Rating

I really liked it. It wasn't to sour which was good for my kids, and I had clean plates at the end. Will definitely be buying this more often.

Mary's Review | Rating

Nice that all the ingredients were already in the pantry/refrigerator. Very easy to cook. Found that sauce had quite a strong flavour but this was toned down with the rice. Will make again.

Kay's Review | Rating

Very tasty but next time will use chicken thighs as I find the breasts dry.

Jacqui's Review | Rating

Nice. But didn't think there was a enough of the sauce. But definitely a nice flavour.

Kimberley's Review | Rating

Very nice and easy to make

michelle's Review | Rating

This was really quick and easy to prepare and cook. I used chicken and initially thought there was not enough sauce but the final product was just right. Totally use this one again.

Lynda's Review | Rating


aileen's Review | Rating

Was very yummy and easy to make, would make it again :)

Beryl's Rating
Judy's Review | Rating

Much nicer than sweet and sour Takeaways! Everyone loved it and keen to have it again.

Janine's Review | Rating

Really nice sauce. Tried it with both pork and chicken and preferred the pork by far. Found you need 2 pouches if you are making for more than 2 people!

Robyn's Review | Rating

Loved the sauce..recipe was easy to follow.
Cooked sweet and sour chicken, served on a be of rice..yummy..thanks

Candie's Review | Rating

Easy and tasty dish, loved all the ingredients apart from the baby corn, loved cashew nuts in it

Clayton's Review | Rating

Perfect combo of sweet and sour.. Fast putting our local Chinese out of business, haha! A new staple for the stir fry's we make..

Andrea's Review | Rating

I love sweet & sour, and this product is just as good as making from scratch. Very easy to open a sachet. I added broc & cauli as I had them in the fridge. will definitely make again

richard's Review | Rating

This is really tasty and I would have it again. Tis very easy to prepare and cook. Just great. thanks

Ray's Review | Rating

Sorry it's late - have been very busy with hospital's etc. The recipe was just so easy to follow, the time to prepare the meal was only a matter of minutes, the sauce was just so yum --- not a bit was left, even the pan was scraped clean. Thanks so much for the chance to make and try this - it was delish!!

Cecilie's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious, easy to prepare, great balance of flavours and will certainly use again. Used some whole kernal corn instead of baby corn because somehow the baby corn got left off the shopping list! Still a great meal!

Robyn's Review | Rating

Nice'n'easy to prepare, which I appreciated as I am having to make separate meals (due to my restricted diet) & my husband appreciated as he enjoyed having the kind of food he used to have.... He did find it a bit sweet, though - but otherwise great :)

Penny's Review | Rating

Was very easy to make with everyday ingredients- was yummy but could use more sauce to pour over the chicken.

Julie's Review | Rating

Really good taste, easy to prepare, I was able to get home from work and have a meal ready in no time!

Julie's Review | Rating

Really good taste, easy to prepare, I was able to get home from work and have a meal ready in no time!

Glennis's Review | Rating

Quick and easy. Very delicious and the whole family liked it. Will certainly try again.

audrey's Review | Rating

An easy and quick recipe if you are on the run. The children loved it and an easy way to get a few veggies down. Yummilicious.

Cindy's Review | Rating

Had left overs the following day for lunch, even better day 2! Loved that it wasn't a batter and not too sweet. Kids and husband gobbled up.

Helen's Review | Rating

This was quite nice. Quick to make if you cut all the vegetables up before you start. Would make again.

Shirley's Review | Rating

This was delicious, quick and easy to make. Thanks Wattie's.

Beverly's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare and very tasty. I will certainly try the other flavours.

patricia's Review | Rating

loved the recipe
not often i make such a different meal. my partner liked it though hes not a fan of capsicum and onion :p
my 3yr old son decided he didnt want it for dinner but he ate all of it for lunch the next day. it reheats really well
definetly buying it again

Sally's Review | Rating

Why would you go out for takeaways when you can whip up such a delicious meal in a short time? Always have a Sweet and Sour sachet on hand for when unexpected visitors arrive, quick and easy and always a hit

Kim's Review | Rating

This was great, easy to make and very tasty for the whole family. My toddler thoroughly enjoyed it and ate it all, which is always a sign of a good meal. I will be looking to try the other flavours now.

Harriet's Review | Rating

Made this last night for the flat mates (using pork) and they though it was great! Lots of sauce which they loved and the cashew nuts really make the meal something special.

Harriet's Review | Rating

Made this last night for the flat mates (using pork) and they though it was great! Lots of sauce which they loved and the cashew nuts really make the meal something special.

rebecca's Review | Rating

Yum Yum and Yum. My whole family loved this and are definitely going to have again. So easy to cook too.

Judy's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and delicious

Jaclyn's Review | Rating

Quite yummy, we added carrot which was nice. I would probably purchase again but would like to try other flavours first

Sue's Review | Rating

Just like a bought one - no actually, heaps better than a bought one :)

Debbie's Review | Rating

Sweet and sour always a family favourite and this is so easy and quick. Also good with pork

Leith's Review | Rating

I love sweet and sour chicken.

Julie's Review | Rating

It was very much appreciated by my family when they were home for a weekend and have all decided it was so simple and delicious it would be on there menu at there house mum was so pleased there were vegetables involved

Sandra's Review | Rating

I love the sweet and sour flavours

Elizabeth's Review | Rating

Simple to make and it looks so tasty.

SURRENA's Review | Rating

Tasty, quick and easy

Christine's Review | Rating

One of my favourite flavours and easy to prepare.

Sheila's Review | Rating

This is one recipe that goes down well with me.

Iain's Review | Rating

Great recipe . Size of packet is good as there is only 2 of us.

:Lois's Review | Rating

Lovely taste not too sweet with a little spicieness' Easy to prepare ingreds easy to obtain.

Saskia's Review | Rating

It was delicious and the sweet and sour taste was very nice, however I struggle to understand how one packet is enough for 2 people?
As Manu from my Kitchen Rules says : 'More sauce". I always use 2 packets.

Emma's Review | Rating

Great sauce Watties. Can be made as per packet with limited extra ingredients or as above which is even tastier.My family loved it and I loved it even more because it was quick and easy.

Martin's Review | Rating

Quick and easy.

Pauline's Review | Rating

I am a real Sweet & Sour fan and found this stir-fry sauce the best I have ever tried. It was easy to prepare and very very tasty. If you were to add more vegetables to this recipe I feel there should be more sauce. I served this with rice and it was a most enjoyable dinner.

Jennifer's Review | Rating

My family loved it. very tasty and easy better then buying!

Carol's Review | Rating

A rival to any Chinese takeaway, this Sweet and Sour sensation is easy to prepare, and scrumptious delicacy any domestic goddess can do. Definitely a Wok Sensation.

Michelle's Review | Rating

Was easy to prepare. Healthy eating but found it not quite as tasty as other brands

Nilufer's Review | Rating

A hit with the young ones. Easy to create. Balance of flavours and textures.

Paul's Review | Rating

Great meal, easy to prepare. Sweet & Sour sauce could have been stronger.

Paul's Review | Rating

Great meal, easy to prepare. Sweet & Sour sauce could have been stronger.

Shirley Ann's Review | Rating

I was expecting just another sachet flavour packet, but can honestly say this this the best sweet'n'sour dinner I have ever made at home. It was as good as any Chinese restaurant dinner and was a huge hit with the family. Will definitely be using that one again!

pauline's Review | Rating

Easy preparation and enjoyed the finished product. Light and tasty and looked classy in the serving dish. Will make again.

Rosie's Review | Rating

We really enjoyed this recipe. The pouch made it so easy. You could cook the chicken ahead and keep it in the frig if you were wanting to "put it together" later in the day.

Rachael's Review | Rating

Very weak flavour and not enough sauce for my liking.

Shirley's Review | Rating

Enjoyed the sauce.Quick and easy to make.Lends itself to a variety of vegetables.

Sharyn's Review | Rating

The sauce was very tasty, but would have prefered a packet that had more in it.It was easy to make and the instructions were clear, so a quick and easy tasty meal.

Russell's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare and quick to cook, it look good on the plate, and tasted delicious. It was very tempting to eat the lot instead of leaving half for the following day.

Gill's Review | Rating

Very quick and easy. Everyone ( including the fussy teenager) loved it. It would be super easy to add or subtract ingredients also.

Cherian's Review | Rating

It was cool and we really enjoyed the sweet sour flavour

Sarah Jane's Review | Rating

this meal was amazing even my kids ate it all up and said that i don't need to buy chinese anymore lol

Terry's Review | Rating

This recipe is missing the traditional carrots (thinly sliced), also mixing the pineapple juice with the flour makes an excellent tasting light batter type coating. Works well for pork and fish also.

Denise Johanson's Review | Rating

Loved this but changed it up a bit I mixed some of the pineapple juice with some cornflour and poured this in as it needed more sauce, it thickened up and was yum. I also added extra vege