• 70 g sachet Wattie’s Pizza Paste
  • smoked chicken breast, sliced
  • grated mozzarella cheese
  • quince paste, cubed
  • rocket leaves

1. Make pizza dough (click here for recipe) or use pre-made pizza bases.

2. Spread pizza bases with Wattie’s Pizza Paste. Sprinkle over grated mozzarella and top with thin slices of smoked chicken. Drop small pieces of quince paste on the chicken and scatter over a little extra mozzarella. Bake in a 220°C oven for 15 minutes until cheese has melted and base is golden and cooked. Stand for 5 minutes. Scatter over fresh rocket leaves and cut into slices to serve.

Made With

Wattie’s® Pizza Paste sachet 70g

Covers 2 medium pizza bases, the unique single serve format means there’s no mess or waste. No added salt or sugar or preservatives.

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ruth's Review | Rating

lovely and yummy

Carole's Review | Rating

Great combination - again one the whole family loved - def a make again

Judy's Review | Rating

Quince and Chicken? Yes! It's delish and I will be having it again. Made so yummy and easy when you use Watties Pizza Paste too.

Deirdre's Review | Rating

Very tasty. The smoked chicken and quince paste is a great combination

Janet's Review | Rating

The Smoked chicken and Quince Paste Pizza was very easy to make and enjoyed by all the family I will be making it again

Jo's Review | Rating

A lovely simple but very tasty dish, the quince paste really makes it.

Louise's Review | Rating

This sounds like me 100%! I have quince paste in the fridge, smoked chicken, thin & crispy pizza bases, and mozzarella in the freezer, and Watties Pizza Sauce in the cupboard. Sounds divine and will be lunch. Thank you Food In A Minute!

Garry's Review | Rating

Going to try this one

Tania's Rating
Sue's Review | Rating

Wow quince - I suppose you can get this paste at the supermarket. Looks easy

Frida's Review | Rating

A bit plain. Would like it a bit saltier

brenda's Review | Rating

Very nice tasting,Quick and easy.Love the pizza paste, will always aim to have some in the pantry from now on

Karen's Review | Rating

So easy to make & so delicious

Sarah's Review | Rating

Looks amazing, I can't wait to try it, I never would have thought about using quince on pizza.

Sam's Review | Rating


Raewyn's Review | Rating

Wow.....incredible I can almost taste it already

Wendy's Rating
Lynne's Review | Rating

This was lovely and extremely easy to make. I was a bit unsure initially about the quince paste and how that would taste but big surprise it was really delicious. This will be a firm favourite for future dinners .

MARIE's Review | Rating

something different, hadn't thought about using quince paste before - but oh my it was delicious

Betty's Review | Rating

This is so good, this combination was a surprise.

Christine's Review | Rating

Looks nice and deliouse.

Tsana's Review | Rating

This sounds really good! Defi Italy on my to-cook list, using some of my homemade quince paste

Juanita's Rating
Theresa's Review | Rating

Very easy recipe and using quince paste sounds amazing

Joe's Review | Rating

I thought it was entirely great, well worth the effort

Mrs Stephanie's Review | Rating

This is a devine pizza love this ex flavours and great familymeal.

Marilyn's Review | Rating

as a great lover of quince paste, this recipe is more than nice, it is devine....

Shuna's Review | Rating

What a great idea of what to do with the quince paste. This is definitely a pizza for grown-ups and I enjoyed the sophisticated mix of flavours. Definitely a winner in my book.

Sandi's Review | Rating

Simple but something different. Very yummy

Brenda's Review | Rating

So few ingredients this pizza was great. Nice contrast of sweet, peppery and creamy. Yum!

lynn's Review | Rating

Very nice

Natasha's Review | Rating

Easy to make and a super tasty treat. Loved the flavours!

Craig's Review | Rating

Mmmm tasty and the kids Loved it tastes great the next day in the Lunch box

Trish's Review | Rating

Sounds yummy and will definitely try this one

Deb's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious. So quick and easy to make and the entire family were looking for more!!! A recipe for my keep file for sure!!!!!

david's Review | Rating

what a wonderful easy meal , would be great with soup , this would be something nutritional and so easy to make

Matt Lisa's Review | Rating

Interested to try, never tasted quince so be different

Robert's Review | Rating

winner with the whole tribe

Arthur's Review | Rating

What a great combination, this would be a real winner because it looks delicious and that's just the picture. Will be giving this a go soon. ✅

sumathy's Review | Rating

I will definitely try this recipe as chicken and quince is a classic combination and definitely a new twist to pizza flavours

Grant's Review | Rating

Very much enjoyed as it was very tasty!

Kim's Rating
Carla's Review | Rating

Very yummy family liked it

Donell's Review | Rating

So would LOVE to try

Jill's Review | Rating

Not sure about the quince paste, think I'd be tempted to use maybe cranberry jelly with the smoked chicken. Will be interested to hear if anyone tries it with quince paste.

Janet's Review | Rating

Ingredients that go very well together and quick and easy to make. Loved trying the Quince paste in a different way, very yummy and will make again and again.

Doug's Review | Rating

Chicken and apricot, chicken and cranberry, now chicken and quince ... yet another great chicken a fruit combination! The savouriness of the chicken with the perfume of the quince - sublime!

Tim's Review | Rating

Not a huge quince fan, but the combination was nice.

LORELEI's Review | Rating

If this Chicken and Quince pizza looks as good as it tastes it will be on our menu for sure!

Melanie's Review | Rating

Tasty and easy to make.

Anita's Review | Rating

Looks delicious and, great flavours !

Ann's Review | Rating

Great easy pizza with a tasty twist. Looks great too

elvi's Review | Rating

I tried this recipe and love it. Mix of delicious flavours all in one meal

elvi's Review | Rating

Excellent dish . I have tried this pizza and my son loves it

Kay's Review | Rating

I'm afraid it wasn't to my taste. But, it was simple to make due to the convenience of Watties Pizza Paste.

Edith's Review | Rating

Very easy recipe very tasty enjoyed by young and old

Valerie's Review | Rating

This is delicious. It was lucky that I had some quince paste in the fridge and rocket in the garden, so I just needed to get the smoked chicken and mozarella. Quick, easy, delicious.

Linda's Review | Rating

absolutely delicious especially with the pizza paste along with the fruity flavours with the chicken and quince. Loved the combination. will make again. thank you wattie"s.

Jean's Review | Rating

Delicious. I made it last night and it went in a flash

Jean's Review | Rating

I Ade it last night and it 2 as delicious

Jean's Review | Rating

I made it last night and it was delicious!

Clare's Review | Rating

The pizza is easy to make with the help of Wattie's pizza paste and I love the quince paste which goes well with the chicken.

Beverley's Review | Rating

Really easy to make, exceptionally tasty (my bloke loved it!). Would have this each week.

Diane's Review | Rating

So easy and the hole family loved it, Never used Quince before and with the chicken it was amazing.

Christine's Review | Rating

The Watties Pizza is such a flavoursome base can let my imagination run wild with toppings. This year I made my own Quince Paste so can't wait to try this one.

Sharon's Review | Rating

What a cracker, so easy to make. Was able to use my homemade quince paste, will make again!

meljay nicole's Review | Rating

yuuuuum so delicious healthy and filling definitely a family fav!

Jill's Review | Rating

gosh isn't mozzarella cheese great - so yum especially with the chickent

Uma's Review | Rating

Yummmm... this is my favourite so far! Packed full of flavour... a great recipe if you're looking for something quick, easy and delicious for lunch or tea!

Tara's Review | Rating

The kids didnt like it but we certainly did so will definitely make it again!

Linda's Review | Rating

This was an interesting choice of flavour as quince is not an ingredient or fruit I normally go for but it works really well.The flavours marry together well in the melted mozarella.

Angie's Review | Rating

Easy to put together didn't take long, tasted delicious and enjoyed by all, great tasting meal

Lyn's Review | Rating

simple but with these ingredients , just a little bit special- would make again

Leanne's Review | Rating

Easy pizza to make, the quince gave it a lovely taste, this will be my new go to pizza, will definitely be making it again, the husband and I loved it.

Bronwen's Review | Rating

Really easy to make - less is more when it comes to pizza. Loved the flavour combination and the leftovers tasted even better the next day!

Rex's Rating
Angela's Review | Rating

Super easy & delicious. The quince adds that hint of sweetness & it goes so well with the chicken. Perfect for a quick Sunday dinner.

Angela's Review | Rating

Super easy & delicious. The quince adds that hint of sweetness & it goes so well with the chicken. Perfect for a quick Sunday dinner.

Kellie's Review | Rating

This so so delicious. Loved making it with my son and the pizza sauce was so decadent. Fast becoming a family fav.

Saara's Review | Rating

Delicious! Great use for quince paste.

Judith's Review | Rating

Have made this one several times now and it's just so good. The littel parcels of quince paste are an extra treat. Great for Sunday lunch and guests love it too.

Helen's Review | Rating

The chicken goes beautifully with the quince paste. A slightly more sophisticated variation of pizza for that special lunch.

Anna's Review | Rating

Having made Quince Paste recently this was a great reminder of how I could use it in a different way. Pizza was really quick and easy to put together and delicious! A huge step up from takeaway pizzas and so simple and convenient to make. WOW!

Bekz's Review | Rating

A great change to our everyday pizza!

Amanda's Review | Rating

ingredients worked great together. YUM

Sally's Review | Rating

Brilliant, a fabulous change from cranberries & I had even made my own quince paste this season. Will be lovely to serve for a girls lunch & a couple of glasses of wine!

brent's Review | Rating

Nice combo of flavours

jacqui's Review | Rating

easy and delicious

Colleen's Review | Rating

Very yummy and delicious

ck's Review | Rating

nice easy recipe, full of flavor enjoyed by all. really like the Wattie's Pizza Paste in small size just right for pizza, no waste no fuss

Jackie's Rating
San's Rating
Chris's Review | Rating

Tasted very nice, enjoyed by all

Ian's Review | Rating

Simply the best I've ever tasted...... A winner for sure in this family

Ian's Review | Rating

Delicious and nice cold for work & school lunch boxes.

Johannes's Review | Rating

Just what the winter dinner needed

Nilufer's Review | Rating

The combination of the ingredients along with the pizza paste is enjoyable and brings out the flavours and textures.

Kirsten's Review | Rating

A very yummy combo of flavour

Arthur's Review | Rating

Great combination which we tried with guests last night, very popular all round.

David & Joanne's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare and tastes really yummy!

karen's Review | Rating

Omg this children absolutely loved this pizza will definitely do this one again thank you food in a minute

Sue's Review | Rating

I thought the pizza was really great. I had it with a fresh salad. The grandchildren were not that fussed on the quince jelly? I thought next time I made it I would substitute the jelly for something else.

Andrew's Review | Rating

Awesome, easy and mighty tasty.

Kristen's Review | Rating

Great combination of flavours

Rodney's Review | Rating

This is most definitely my kind of Pizza

Kellie's Review | Rating

made my taste buds dance - I loved this combination. Definitely a regular on the menu now

Debbie's Review | Rating

My hubby and I and my fussy teenager son love this recipe. Will make again.

cathie's Review | Rating

can't wait to try this great easy meal :)

elvi's Review | Rating

something different, hadn't thought about using quince paste before - but it was delicious

leo's Review | Rating

It is very easy recipe and using quince paste sounds amazing

Jo's Review | Rating

This is really really yummy!! I love the Quince paste variation on the classic chicken and cranberry, and the pizza sauce sachet is the perfect portion size, making for no waste. Def will make again!

Saffronne's Review | Rating

Love Pizza... Love Smoked Chicken, Love Quince. Put all together and you have a Marriage Made in Heaven...yummmmmmmmmmm
This is our Friday night easy winter warmer:-)

Wendy's Review | Rating

Easy to make and tastes great :-)