• 1 onion, chopped
  • 500-600 g chicken thigh or breast meat (skinless) cut into 1cm dice
  • 525 g jar HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Rich Tomato Lasagne Bake
  • 1 ½ cups grated peeled kumara (approx 350g)
  • 120 g bag baby spinach leaves
  • 2 Tbsp basil pesto (optional)
  • 8-10 sheets dried lasagne pasta
  • 500 g jar HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Four Cheeses Creamy Lasagne Bake
  • ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese
  1. Heat a dash of oil in a lidded frying pan. Add onion and cook until softened. Increase the heat and add chicken and stir-fry until coloured. Pour over HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Rich Tomato Lasagne Bake. Bring to near boiling. Reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Stir in grated kumara and continue cooking a further 5 minutes.
  2. Remove from the heat. Stir through spinach leaves and basil pesto. Preheat oven to 200°C.
  3. Grease a 2 litre lasagne-style ovenproof dish. Place a layer of dried lasagne pasta sheets on the base of the dish to cover.
  4. Spoon over half the chicken mixture. Place another layer of lasagne pasta sheets on the chicken. Spoon over the remaining chicken mixture. Top with a final layer of lasagne pasta sheets.
  5. Pour over HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Four Cheeses Creamy Lasagne Bake. Sprinkle over grated Parmesan cheese. Bake for 25-30 minutes until top is golden and pasta is cooked. Serve with a crisp green salad on the side.

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Glenis's Review | Rating

Tried this recipe last night and it was awesome quick and easy and I really like the flavour.

Dianne's Review | Rating

Loved this dish, will definitely be using this recipe again, so easy.

Sonia's Review | Rating

I tried this last week and as my son is a very fussy eater I was amazed that he firstly ate it and also raved about it. It is nice to have something a little different than the normal lasagne.

frida's Review | Rating

Tasty indeed. Great mix of chicken and vegetables

Sue's Review | Rating

A great variation with the kumara and spinach included in the lasagna (nothing like hiding veges from the kids). The basil pesto lifts it as well.

chris's Review | Rating

I wasn't too sure of a chicken lasagne as I have only ever used beef mince in mine. I was pleasantly surprised as this was creamy and delicious.

Vicki's Review | Rating

A great recipe and ticks all the right boxes, a good quantity of vegetables and lovely easy sauces. The whole family loved this and although I think that the chicken thighs made the dish moister than the breast meat, if I had only breast meat available I am sure this would work as well. This would also be a good recipe to use up leftover turkey after the big Christmas meal.

Karen's Review | Rating

Always good when you don't have to cook it yourself but this one is good anyway

Jan's Review | Rating

Not keen on spinach in the lasagne, it doesn't cut well and you end up with a big mouthful.

Renuka Swaroop's Review | Rating

This speedy meal solution is a twist on the classic lasagne dish. Heinz's simple ''Seriously Good Four Cheeses Creamy Lasagne Bake'' is great.Easy, tasty, filling family meal!

kaori's Review | Rating

Lasagne with chicken was really nice and will try again.

Tania's Review | Rating

Creamy yummy & fantastic my family of six love my cooking when I cook this meal happy children's happy Mum

Cherian's Review | Rating

I am a sucker for good lasagne and this is one of the better ones I had

Iain's Review | Rating

Seriously tasty

Judy's Review | Rating

Really tasty and great with a tangy side salad and a nice glass of wine. Will definitely make this again!

Diane's Review | Rating

Winter and relatives coming to dinner - what to cook?? Picked up the recipe for Seriously Tasty Chicken Lasagne, a quick shop for ingredients, put it all together, and sat down to chat while it cooked in the oven. Paired it with a baby spinach and sliced orange salad. All the guests asked for the recipe!!! How good is that???

Luanne's Review | Rating

Delicious :) so yummy, quick and easy to make so more time to spend on family.

Gay's Review | Rating

This would be my favourite go to recipe at the moment for the fact of all the fresh veges included, the chicken which all my family like, and and creamy sauce that ties it all together

Lynne's Review | Rating

We all really really love this.. I have made it this week and got rave reviws from the family. They had the Beef lasagne a few days earlier and were quite surprised when I said it was their favourite meal but with chicken instead of beef. That didn't matter one whit to them as lasagnes can be eaten every day of the week in this household. However this is so easy and fast to make you could make it every week with no problems

Annemarie's Review | Rating

YUMMY!!! Chicken, sauce pasta! Win! and so easy to make.

Jeanette's Review | Rating

You have the title right here, it is seriously tasty and good.

witchy's Review | Rating

How to cook a flash tasty meal that is quick simple and easy just follow the recipe above. Was so nice to have chicken for a change in a lasagne and was even better the next day.

Lynda's Review | Rating

A touch of class with this recipe will be definitely repeating

Bobbie's Review | Rating

It was tasty. Never made it with chicken before. I used a good quality chicken mince and omitted the basil pesto as I didn't have any, and used a sprinkle of italian seasoning instead. I also had no parmesan and used tasty cheese instead. I made it to take to a pot luck dinner, and it was a hit.

Debbie's Review | Rating

I have never thought of putting chicken in a lasagna but this is certainly something I would ove to make for the family great recipe easy to follow and sounds yummy

April's Review | Rating

Love, love, love looks like this will be a staple in my house hold

tony's Review | Rating

now that is a mouth watering recipe

Jocelyn's Review | Rating

The family loved this recipe. I will definitely using this recipe again.

DANA's Review | Rating

Avery yummy dish and I highly rate it.

Judith's Review | Rating

This is a fabulous recipe and I have now made it twice. Going to be a firm favourite in this household. Thanks for an easy one.

Sara's Review | Rating

Makes a refreshing change from a beef dish. Probably better for us too. yummm.

Kim's Review | Rating

Tried this recipe so easy to make and will definitely make it again. Also is great for leftovers the next day :)

Andrew's Review | Rating

Very Nice

Patricia's Review | Rating

A delicious easy meal to cook up which does not involve hours of preparing and cooking and very tasty.

Emily's Review | Rating

Loved making a Lasagne using chicken - nice change to mince. Also enjoyed the ease of the ready made sauce.

Julianna's Review | Rating

a different twist on Lasagne. Yummy and healthy.

Sue's Review | Rating

So easy to make and very very tasty.My friends really enjoyed it.

Tania's Review | Rating

I added mushrooms too :)

Barbara's Review | Rating

this truly is the tastiest chicken lasagne dishes I have ever made & eaten.......will make again for sure

Leah's Review | Rating


Angela's Review | Rating

I looooove chicken and pasta together... can't wait to try this scrummy recipe... I'm sure my new husband and my 8 yr old daughter would love it aswell

Eddy's Review | Rating

sounds very tasty, again quick and simple, haven't tried making a chicken lasagne myself but this ones next

Irene's Review | Rating

Loved this this dish. Easy to make, Kids loved it too!

Amanda's Review | Rating

I love this recipe - such a delicious spin on a classic. This will definitely become a favourite in our house! :)

Kirsten's Review | Rating

Loved how quick and easy this was. Whole family enjoyed this. Will be making this again soon

Sonia's Review | Rating

Easy to make. Will do it again.

Tsana's Review | Rating

Quick and simple to prepare and cook

Anna's Review | Rating

I cooked this recipe the other night and I was absolutely sensational! Definitely will cook this dish again

Maree's Review | Rating

Thought this chicken lasagne was delicious. However, had a problem with the pasta (It was instant pasta) It didnt cook properly on the bottom and was a bit hard so had to cook for another 20 mins longer than recipe stated. We having the rest for tea tonight. I would definately buy this for a quick easy meal but would put a layer of sauce on bottom then pasta. Otherwise we all enjoyed it

Dale's Review | Rating

Yummo!!!!!!! lasagne, the family really enjoyed it, very easy to put together and the best part my 16 yr old who won't eat kumara didn't even know it was in there!! will definitely be making this again.

Sarah's Review | Rating

Can't wait to try this out! It will be a good change from the traditional beef lasanga I also love the idea of adding kumara and spinach a great way to get those vegetables into the family!

Wendy's Review | Rating

Absolutely perfect for chicken too,have already purchased more for the future.

Janine's Review | Rating

I was really pleased to get my pack in the post this week. I cooked it tonight. I really enjoyed it. The pesto gives it an extra kick. The recipe was easy to follow.

Maureen's Review | Rating

Thanks for the products to 'test' this recipe, I decided to try the chicken version, once I added the Kumera the mix became quite dry so I had to add a tin of tomatoes or the lasagne would not have moisture to help it cook, it was different and not sure if I would make again will stick to the traditional mince next time.

Janet's Review | Rating

A great recipe for lasagne which is a bit different and includes some healthy ingredients

Jenny's Review | Rating

Loved it, easy to make and the flavour was yummy. Hubby really liked it too so that was a hit. Will be making it again!

stephanie's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make. Good way to sneak in a few extra veges. Everyone loved it. Lived up to the name 'seriously tasty'. Will be getting these sauces again and making this version as well as trying the other recipes that came with the sauces.

samara's Review | Rating

Scrummy meal - chicken makes a big taste difference and is a nice change from beef. Great flavours

Sonia's Review | Rating

My son has always preferred chicken to any red meat so he really enjoyed this chicken lasagne. Thanks for the great recipe and products.

Nickie's Review | Rating

Nice alternative to a beef lasagne. I added a bit of chilli to it to give it some warmth.

meg's Review | Rating

A good alternative to a red meat lasagna , i got a bit heavy handed with the pesto but then we like a lot of flavor, this will become one of our weekly meals really enjoyed it and very simple t o put together

Erin's Review | Rating

Amazing - such a yummy change with chicken and kumara! Family loved it!

Ann's Review | Rating

Delicious! and you manage to sneak some extra veges in there too.

Anna's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and tasty. A firm family favourite that also freezes really well. Great for those nights when you need to plan ahead.

Helene's Review | Rating

A great alternative to the traditional beef lasagne

Niki's Review | Rating

I Absolutely loved this dish, being a nurse and working 12 hour shifts and only getting home at 7.30pm to start on dinner, this recipe was so easy to prepare and gave it that little more of a kick!

Shelly's Review | Rating

Very healthy with the spinach

Jacqui's Review | Rating

Delightful change from beef lasagne, love your new recipes which are so quick and tasty

Helen's Review | Rating

My husband is not a fan of pasta but will eat my home made pasta & really enjoyed the flavour said of this recipe I can now try the others soo easy.

Lisa's Review | Rating

Cooked this for a family dinner - and successful!!! Definitely will cook it again

Betty's Review | Rating

would never have thought to use chicken instead of mince but its definately a must

Susan's Review | Rating

A nice touch with the kumera and spinach leaves that lifts a normal lasagne

Ainsley's Review | Rating

Can't wait to try - a good variation on the classic beef lasagne. Will use pumpkin instead of kumara as you guys suggested as currently have an oversupply in the cupboard. Bob's your mother's uncle - I've been looking of a way to use up me pumpkin!

Steph's Review | Rating

Keen to try this, sounds tasty.

Bronwyn's Review | Rating

Always loved Lasange, but found often using mince it became to fatty, but using the chicken, wow, spectacular.

Komal's Review | Rating

aha finally something that I can make & eat as well! Just as easy & yummy! you guys make life easier with a good follow to recipe

Julia's Review | Rating

This is yummy, everyone should try it.

Val's Rating
Chris's Review | Rating

New favourite in the making with this warming and filling tasty lasagne

Kathryn's Review | Rating

So easy to make and a joy to eat

Lexis's Review | Rating

Another quick and easy dish for the midweek meal. And hiding the veg is great for the kids

Adrienne's Review | Rating

Yum. I like the added kumara and spinach.

Marie's Review | Rating

Love the sound of this one. A definite try.

julie's Review | Rating

sounds lovely

Gerald's Review | Rating

who are these "Cooking Show Personalities"? I prefer it as it was originally made, with fresh ingredients and without additives,

Reply from The Food in a Minute team

Hi Gerald,

Josh and Aaron were My Kitchen Rules New Zealand contestants in 2014 :)

The Food in a Minute team

Marianne's Review | Rating

Great alternative to beef. The kumara and pesto a tasty addition to the dish

Gemma's Review | Rating

Have yet to try a chicken lasagne and this could be the recipe to do it.

glenys's Review | Rating

Great to take on a pot luck dinner, a crowd pleaser

Paula's Review | Rating

Easy to make with minimal ingredients. Tasty enough, but I would probably change a couple of things. The kumara made it a little sweet for me so would maybe use a mix of vege, but the others loved it. Will try again.

Carol's Review | Rating

Don't normally do Lasagne as my other doesn't like it. I tried this tonight ad he loved every bite!!! One to you guys. It was delicious.

John's Review | Rating

A twist on the traditional lasagne ... love the use of the kumara in this.

Julie's Review | Rating

Very easy & so flavoursome! Great when chicken is on special.

Eve's Review | Rating

Never tried this before, never thought of chicken in lasagne, but we all learn

June's Review | Rating

Just love lasagne. This was very tasty and my visitors thought so also

Jennifer's Review | Rating

A great twist on the old classic with chicken instead of beef. Quick, easy and delicious.

reg's Rating
taylor's Review | Rating

we would change the kumara to potato as dont like kumara but like the idea of spinach & basil

Alan's Review | Rating

My wife would love this dish because of the ingredients. Great if you aren't into red meat.

Katie's Review | Rating

A delicious and easy meal!

Judith's Review | Rating

Fabulous, so easy and also generous. Loved the creamy texture and great having chicken instead of beef. Again the family approved, which is a huge bonus in this house.

Janine's Review | Rating

Good recipe to hide some veggies for the kids!!!

Nerida's Review | Rating

Like this option as has greens in it

Jacqui's Review | Rating

Tasty and healthy too - great way to get the kids to eat those vegies

Katrina's Rating
Angela's Review | Rating

Super easy to make and really delicious. The chicken is something a bit special and different from a mince base. A favourite in our household!

Leonie's Review | Rating

easy peasy & very delish

Mary's Review | Rating

Wouldn't have thought of using chicken for lasagne, but tastes delicious and is still easy to make.

Debbie's Review | Rating

The kumara makes this dish very tasty.

Janiel's Review | Rating

Very clear & simple with good flavours

Robyn & John's Review | Rating

Love it!!!!

gerald's Review | Rating

Quick and simple to prepare. The addition of the veges and pesto worked really well. Family loved it.

Mini's Review | Rating

Great dish...would love to make again.

Jan's Review | Rating

Great taste...the family loved it, will defently try this again, I didn't have Kumara so used pumpkin....delicious. Have a couple of jars in the pantry ready for a quick and delicious meal !

Stephanie's Review | Rating

Good taste, love the fact that there are vegetables in it

ck's Review | Rating

seriously tasty ... delishimo, my fav of the 3 Lasagne recipies ...

Raquel's Rating
Sue's Review | Rating

It was so easy to make and it was very tasty.

Meredith's Review | Rating

great tasting, fast & easy but can only be a 4 star as it is made from a bottle.

Sue's Review | Rating

The most delicious Chicken Lasagne ever. So easy to make even my daughter loves to make it. :)

Kaylie's Review | Rating

Chicken Lasagne - yum!

desrae's Review | Rating

Looks easy to prepare, which is always a good thing for busy people!

Russell's Review | Rating

An alternative to the beef, this recipe rates highly also. Its one of those cant wait to eat meals.

Rebecca's Review | Rating

I have never made a lasagne using chicken before and it tasted great!

Suzanne's Review | Rating

Lasagne was always mince, and now chicken which is so devine, and the sauces are so quick and easy, takes no time to put together and a wholesome meal in no time, fantastic and the guys are too.

Denise's Review | Rating

tasty & good combination chicken and veges. Loved it!

Saskia's Review | Rating

Absolutely creamy and lovely with lashings of cheesey filling. Loved the chicken instead of beef

Annalie's Review | Rating

I love this variation on a traditional favourite by using chicken instead of beef.

Fi's Review | Rating

Delicious as chicken is a yummy change to using mince and what makes it even better is using kumera as it's my favourite vegetable. Very quick to make

Janene's Review | Rating

This would be great to prepare ahead and keep in the fridge until after work.

Sara's Review | Rating

Fantastic Taste

Joy's Review | Rating

This recipe truly is Seriously Good! The kind of dish I will make when needing to take a meal to a sick friend or a family celebration and they would think I slaved for hours in my kitchen

Tony's Review | Rating

Looks yummy and I bet it's tasty

Rachael's Review | Rating

Tried this last night and my kids loved it. Very tasty way to get lots of vegies into them.

Leanora's Review | Rating

This I must try looks easy and tasty to cook and yummy on a cold day/night

imrose's Review | Rating

Hmmm..Beautifully flavored and so easy to make even on weeknights. Will be making it over and over again.

MARIANNE's Review | Rating

Quick to make and Family Friendly Delicious!!

kathy's Review | Rating

great recipe

Sharleen's Review | Rating

Really quick and easy and love the kumera. I hdd not tried chicken lasagne but definately will again

Rod & Patsy's Review | Rating

We have never had a Chicken lasagne--looks & sounds delicious. Will look forward to eating this.

Wendy's Review | Rating

love making and eating this recipe. a family favourite.

Deborah's Review | Rating

Different, but a delicious exciting change

Elissa's Review | Rating

Definitely a deliciously tasty yet interesting meal- you don't often find chicken in a lasagne dish!

Robyn's Review | Rating

Recipe sounds fantastic - great to see a Chicken Lasagne Recipe instead of a Beef one. Will be trying this ASAP!!!

Bev's Review | Rating

I've never made lasagne with chicken before but what a great , new idea! Must try this one.

Ulam's Review | Rating

Will add it on my menu

Rayleen's Review | Rating

Simple & Tasty

Michelle's Review | Rating

Really easy to make and great to get some vegies into your kids. My two year old and I really enjoyed.

pam's Rating
Ngaire's Review | Rating

Enjoyed using chicken in a lasagne for a change and a great way to incorporate some vegetables that I wouldn't normally have thought to add into my lasagne. A great addition to the cooking repertoire!

Liz's Review | Rating

Chicken lasagne, what a cool twist .... and so tasty as well!!

Destari's Review | Rating

Yum-yum, my family love it!

christine's Review | Rating

very delicious & easy for my kids to cook for me after work during holiday. add a bit chilli will add more favour

Margaret's Review | Rating

we had this on Thursday for dinner still tasty will have again

Roy H's Review | Rating

My wife and i loved this recipe but will have to leave the spinach out next time my son is not a spinach fan. but my wife and i loved it.

Rox's Review | Rating

I love using chicken instead of the usual beef in our house, made for a lovely tasting dinner :)

Mandy's Review | Rating

yum yum!

Vanessa's Review | Rating

Having never tried anything but beef lasagne I was a bit wary but this was easy and very tasty! Hubby loves kumara so anything with kumara added is an instant hit. Even my 15 month old was saying mmmmm as she tucked into it.

Rachael's Review | Rating

Just made this tonight - delicious and easy to make. Probably a little expensive to make as an everyday dish though.

Pam's Review | Rating

This dish tastes great, my guests loved it and will make it for themselves. I can have guests more often with a recipe like this, its so easy, I will tell everyone about it.

Janine's Review | Rating

Yum variation on the beef or vegetarian options!

Morag's Review | Rating

As a rule I make every thing from scratch (sauces etc) but I needed a quick recipe for tonight and saw this one, I was pleasantly surprised, it was really lovely and you couldn't even tell there was Kumara in it, even my very fussy daughter enjoyed it and didn't notice th kumara if she did, she wouldn't of eaten it, very nice indeed.

Kate's Review | Rating

Great flovour combinations, great looking recipe

Scott's Rating
Debbie's Rating
Reshma's Rating
Justine's Rating
Liz Carn's Review | Rating

This is so tasty I will make it again friends really enjoyed it 5 stars for me