• Easy Pizza Sauce*:
  • 400g can Wattie's Italian Style Tomatoes
  • 130g can Wattie's Tomato Paste

  • Vegetables for roasting:
  • 1 red capsicum deseeded and chopped
  • 1 courgette, sliced
  • 1 small eggplant, chopped
  • 1 red onion, sliced

  • Pizzas:
  • 2 large pre-made thin pizza bases
  • 1–1½ cups roasted vegetables
  • 1–1½ cups grated mozzarella cheese
  • Fresh basil or rocket leaves
  1. To make the Easy Pizza Sauce: Mix together Wattie’s Italian Style Tomatoes and Wattie’s Tomato Paste.
  2. For the Roasted Vegetables: Preheat oven to 200°C (fan assisted). Place capsicum, courgette, eggplant and red onion on a baking tray in a single layer. Drizzle over a little olive oil. Roast for 20-25 minutes until vegetables are cooked. Set aside to cool.
  3. Spread each pizza base with about ¼ cup of pizza sauce. Top with roasted vegetables. Scatter over mozzarella cheese. Bake for 15–20 minutes until cheese is melted and base is golden and cooked. Stand for 5 minutes. Scatter over fresh basil leaves or rocket before serving.

Top Tips

  • *This recipe makes 2 cups pizza sauce. Extra sauce can be frozen in ice cube moulds. Once frozen store in sealable plastic bags. Thaw as required.

Swap it out

  • You can substitute the toppings on your pizzas with these other vegetarian options:
    • Mushroom, spinach and feta
    • Black olives, spinach and capers
    • Sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, capers, feta and spinach
    • Basil pesto, black olives, bocconcini and sun-dried tomatoes
  • For other non-vegetarian topping options, try:
    • Corn, chorizo and feta
    • Ham and pineapple

Made With

Italian Style Tomatoes

Ripened on the vine under the Hawke’s Bay sun, Wattie’s Italian Style Tomatoes are blended with oregano, basil, thyme and marjoram.

Tomato Paste

Concentrated tomato suited to adding to sauces, casseroles & pizzas.

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Beverley's Rating
R obin's Rating
Stacey's Review | Rating

Family Loved this Pizza.

Carole's Review | Rating

My favourite (but had to remove the eggplant)

Judy's Review | Rating

So delicious and what a simple way to use left over roast veges. Yummy!

Joanne's Review | Rating

A bit time consuming, but well worth it

Deirdre's Review | Rating


jose's Review | Rating

Lovely pizza, easy to make, and great for non meat eaters.

Garry's Review | Rating

Looking forward to trying this one

Tania's Review | Rating

Love this the most.

Tara's Review | Rating

Looks really simple and quick to make and use up left over roast vegetables.

Sue's Review | Rating

Looks easy enough - could use left over roasted veges too I suppose

Brenda's Review | Rating

Yummy! and super healthy ;-)

Karen's Review | Rating

So simple to make & a lot healthier than normal pizzas. Yum

Donna's Review | Rating

This was really yummy and i will be making again , I have i fussy eater and she enjoyed it.

Julia's Review | Rating

yummy roast vege pizza

Leanora's Review | Rating

This I make so often now I love it so quick and easy for the family

Janene's Review | Rating

I think this recipe is healthy and affordable for families. As I'm vegan I would substitute vegan cheese for the mozzarella.

Sarah's Review | Rating

Pizza turned out great, the vegetables took a while to roast properly, but was worth the wait, added some sliced mushrooms as well

Lynne's Review | Rating

Yummm. My very favourite kind of pizza and this was no exception. The roast vegetables are really lovely with a rich caramel taste and even my friend who is the biggest meat eater ever, just loved it. His words It just tastes like my Mum's roast dinner" My family just loved it as well , even the children and no one missed the meat in it as well. Praise indeed.

Raewyn's Review | Rating

This seems like a bit more preparation than he other two

Sandra's Review | Rating

Very easy to make, very tasty, will become a family favourite

FONG FONG's Review | Rating

Healthy eating

Anne-Marie's Review | Rating

easy to prepare and has lots of taste

Vicky's Review | Rating

Perfect dinner for Friday night when I need to organise a quick easy dinner that everyone loves.

Christine's Review | Rating

Looks yummy and healthy.

Denyse's Review | Rating

Very yummy way to eat left over roasted vegetables.

melissa's Review | Rating

Love this recipe. Was great to see kids enjoy it to!

Janet's Review | Rating

Easy to make using ready made pizza bases and fresh vegetables a quick recipe for a hungry family at weekends.

Juanita's Rating
Theresa's Review | Rating

Very easy recipe and a great way for the children to eat their veges

Linda's Review | Rating

Seems a little bland, although this could depend on the amount of veges used.

Mrs Stephanie's Review | Rating

Love this pizza just full of rich flavours.

angela's Review | Rating

Great range of ingredients

Alan's Review | Rating

absolutely awesome

Deborah's Review | Rating

We made this with a jacket potato base instead of pizza. It was delicious and we will now have it weekly.

Deanne's Review | Rating

YUM. Lots of tasty toppings with the added bonus of being low fat.

MARIANNE's Review | Rating

My 13 year old son is Vegan - so difficult to find recipes he can eat - We just don't use the Mossarella - even adding a mix and match of other vegetables like mushrooms/capers/olives/jalepenos/beans and it still tastes delicious.

abi's Review | Rating

Is so nice to have a roasted vegetable pizza. Really like the ingredients used for this pizza flavour

Craig's Review | Rating

Easy to make and the wifey and kids Loved it

Simonne's Review | Rating

Easy to make, healthy and popular with the family

leah's Review | Rating

Simple, easy, fast and everyone loved it!

Michelle's Review | Rating

I actually planned this pizza when making a roast so did extra veggies and used them the next day. Our family love pizza and this one got gobbled up and was a great way to get the veggies in my kids! Would be great to offer up to vegetarians when entertaining! Will be making this pizza again!

Matt Lisa's Review | Rating

Be perfect for my father who is coming to visit over school holidays, kids will enjoy making this for him..

Ray's Review | Rating

A healthy pizza option towards your 5 a day

david's Review | Rating

This would be very interesting to try , certainly something that i have never made or eaten

Arthur's Review | Rating

It looks a good recipe, but I must admit I do like some meat on my pizza. I will definitely make the pizza dough though.

Renuka Swaroop's Review | Rating

A true guilt-free,family pleasing pizza!.Roasted vegetables are a fantastic topping. I served it alongside a standard meat pizza, but this was the first to go!

sumathy's Review | Rating

This is my favourite as it incorporates healthy vegetables and looks delicious, very good for healthy eaters and health conscious food lovers

Kim's Rating
Carla's Review | Rating

Great tasting and can put different roast veg in it that the family likes

Donell's Review | Rating

Will give it a go

Trish's Review | Rating

Easy recipe, added garlic for a bit more flavour, and maybe a little chili next time ...

claire's Review | Rating

Delish and easy

Jill's Review | Rating

Sounds interesting, not 100% sure

Gay's Review | Rating

This recipe is really tasty and the males in my family didn't complain about the lack of meat! Will definitely make this again and maybe vary the choice of vegetables

Tim's Review | Rating

Didn't expect to like this with no meat, but was really yummy

Trent's Review | Rating

Really tasty and perfect for Vegeterians... would recommend and make again.

Gloria's Review | Rating

Even the fussy husband liked it!

Raewyn's Review | Rating

Wonderful and fulfilling combo!

Bryan's Review | Rating

Very easy to prepare and so tasty. Makes a great meal without meat for a change

Anita's Review | Rating

A great way to get those veggies into those that don't usually like them...tasty and filling.

Meredith's Rating
Juliette's Review | Rating

Really amazing

Lynn's Review | Rating

Really tasty...I added garlic cloves as well when roasting the veges.

kiri's Review | Rating

this was simple to make and everyone loved it..... even those that werent sure if they liked eggplant. I would make again the night after a roast with the leftover veges

Melinda's Review | Rating

Sounds very nice...going to try this on the weekend!

robyn's Review | Rating

What a different pizza. A change from the usual meat ones. I couldnt source a eggplant but very nice without it.

Sandy's Review | Rating

Excellent product, tasty concentrated and easy to use

Valerie's Review | Rating

These vegetables are all a bit expensive at the moment, but it was delicious, so I'm glad I made it.

Emily's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious! Very easy to make and even the fussy one who apparently hates everything but the Mozzarella on the ingredient list loved it too. Empty plates and requests for it again was definitely a good sign. Very tasty and a great meat free meal

Kay's Review | Rating

We added a little seedless chopped chilli and it came alive! What a lovely pizza idea. I'm well and truly sold on the convenience of Watties pizza paste.

Jill's Review | Rating

Really enjoyed this pizza - great to get in an extra helping of vegetables

Kathy's Review | Rating

Loved this Roasted Vegetable Pizza and trying a different idea for using left over roast vegetables.

Jean's Review | Rating

Best ever. Great for a quick healthy meal!

Jade's Review | Rating

Quick and easy with a great flavour.

Christine's Review | Rating

Watties Pizza Paste brings these toppings up to another level. Great new recipe for Meatless Mondays.

meljay nicole's Review | Rating

yum, love making this as a snack for the family when we have movie nights simple and easy!

Jude's Review | Rating

We thoroughly enjoyed this pizza - I normally have a protein on my pizzas, so it was great to just have roasted vegetable for a change. I also took out the eggplant, but used all the other veg that were in the recipe. You could pretty much top with most vegetables that you have in your fridge. Jude

Fiona's Review | Rating

very tasty, a little extra work with having to roast vegetables first but worth the effort

Jill's Review | Rating

Really yum and a good way to get that extra serving of veges

Heather's Review | Rating

Easy and a great way to get kids to eat veges....

Jan's Review | Rating

Easy to make the family enjoyed it.The cost was great most vege's I grow very good all round

Uma's Review | Rating

Great tasting, healthy pizza for a vegetarian option! Once again the Pizza Paste packs in so much flavour... and what a perfect way to get your veges in!

Trisha's Review | Rating

We enjoyed the Pizza did not use the egg plane we used small pieces of pumpkin instead.

Sarah's Review | Rating

Loved making this roast vegetable pizza! I changed it a little from the recipe replacing the courgettes and capsicum with roasted orange kumara, and adding dried oregano, and sprinkling the cheese with paprika. Was a huge hit with the family, only one slice left! Would certainly recommend, a delicious easy recipe that the whole family will love :)

Tara's Review | Rating

Great recipe. Even the kids enjoyed it. Will definitely make it again. The watties pizza sauce was a hit too. Thanks

Martin's Review | Rating

Easy to make and add own leftover veggies.

Barbara's Review | Rating

I loved this vege option, it was really tasty and was so easy and quick to make. I did put some cooked chicken on half of it as my son (adult) just can't do without his meat.

Lyn's Review | Rating

Great way to get more veg into the kids

Maureen's Review | Rating

Such an easy way to use up left- over roasted vegetables. Really tasty with Watties Pizza Sauce.

Cath's Review | Rating

I didn't have eggplant but substituted finely sliced courgettes and mushrooms - enjoyed by all (:

Amber's Review | Rating

Kids loved it had to add meat to half but I really loved the vege one!! Found the paste gave it a lovely flavour. Will do again

Angela's Review | Rating

Really tasty. I'm always looking for new meat free dishes & this one is a winner

kylie's Review | Rating

The sauce was not quite rich enough and quite runny on the pizza, slightly too sweet too

Jackie's Review | Rating

Roasted Vegetable Pizza, very yummy, tasty as. I also added some Feta to give it a bit of a bite.

Saara's Review | Rating

Trying this one tonight and adding in some roast pumpkin!

Michele's Review | Rating

Really easy to prepare, great for getting the veggies servings in especially the kids. Can substitute other additions such as roasted kumara, potatoes, pumpkin etc

Judith's Review | Rating

This was tasty and fillings and family enjoyed it - , but have to say that I really do like some meat on my pizza.

Helen's Review | Rating

Colorful and tasty vegetarian pizza option. Recommended.

Lorraine's Rating
Willy's Review | Rating

Love this!! Making it every Sat.

Anna's Review | Rating

This turned out to be a creative way to use up leftover roast vegies and no-one even noticed it was meat-free. Thanks for such simple, tasty ideas!

Bekz's Review | Rating

This one was simple to make and the whole family loved it

Amanda's Rating
Rochelle's Review | Rating

a great way to get the kids to eat the veges yum

Karen's Review | Rating

Absolutely delightful, full of fresh goodness, easy to prepare and uses very affordable and easy to find ingredients , It will be a hit in out house that's for sure!

angela's Review | Rating

great recipe and easy to put together. Can use left over roasted veggies and one way to get the kids to eat veggies put them on a pizza, great idea.

Sally's Review | Rating

Great non-meat meal, but had to include some roasted garlic! Made it sing...

Viky's Review | Rating

Great tasty & healthy vegetarian pizza! Yummmmmmm

Susannah's Review | Rating

Very yummy. I also added tomatoes

jacqui's Review | Rating

great way to use up leftovers

Janice's Rating
Jackie's Rating
Danielle's Review | Rating

So Good and so easy! Makes weekend meals simple but still Yummy!

San's Rating
San's Rating
Chris's Review | Rating

Even the adults couldn't get enough.

Ian's Review | Rating

Absolutely Delicious and even the left overs were nice cold the next day for breakfast!

Roseann's Review | Rating

Very tasty meal

Johannes's Review | Rating

Great family vegetables

Nilufer's Review | Rating

Love it. Good way to get the veges in.

Jacqueline's Review | Rating

I loved the roast vegetable pizza but i didn't add the egg plant.

Kirsten's Review | Rating

Something the whole family enjoys. Yummy!

Arthur's Review | Rating

Not our favourite, prefer a bit more zing in my pizza.

Anne's Review | Rating

Never thought to use eggplant on a pizza before but I will now.

Deborah's Review | Rating

Delicious. Good to see vegetarian recipes included in the Rate and Review.

Barbara's Review | Rating

looking forward to making this for an easy tea. good way to use some veges

Joanne's Review | Rating

Was tasty but i changed some of the vegetables to suit my family.

Andrew's Review | Rating

Awesome, easy and mighty tasty.

ck's Review | Rating

great way to get the kids to eat vegies .. easy to make - we had for dinner tonight and its all gone

elvi's Review | Rating

It is very easy recipe and a great way for the children to eat their veges

leo's Review | Rating

I love this recipe. It is great to see my son enjoys the veges