• 200g dry thick Pad Thai rice noodles
  • 1 Tbsp peanut oil
  • 1 medium onion, halved and sliced lengthwise
  • 400g skinless chicken breast fillets, cut into strips
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 210g pouch Wattie's WOK Creations Pad Thai Stir-Fry Sauce
  • 2 Spring onions, sliced on an angle
  • 100g bean sprouts
  • Handful of fresh coriander leaves, chopped
  • ⅓ cup roasted peanuts, roughly chopped
  • Lime or lemon wedges (optional)
  1. Cook the noodles in plenty of boiling water for approx. 5–7 minutes or until just tender (or according to directions on the packet). Drain. Refresh in cold water and drain again.
  2. Heat peanut oil in a wok or frying pan over medium heat. Add the onion and stir-fry until it starts to soften. Increase the heat to high. Add the chicken strips and stir-fry until golden and nearly cooked.
  3. Add the beaten eggs and stir-fry until just scrambled and set.
  4. Reduce the heat to medium. Add the cooked noodles and Wattie’s WOK Creations Pad Thai Stir-Fry Sauce. Toss for 1–2 minutes until the noodles and chicken are coated and sauce is hot. Toss through the spring onions, bean sprouts, coriander and half the chopped peanuts.
  5. Serve in bowls garnished with the remaining chopped peanuts and a wedge of lime or lemon, if wished.

Swap it out

  • Replace chicken breast with 200g firm tofu.

Made With

Pad Thai

Create the perfect Pad Thai at home. This sweet & sour style sauce brings rice noodles to life. Add chicken, prawns, spring onion, bean sprouts and egg to enjoy the tantalising taste of Thailand.

* AC Nielsen – Ambient Cooking Sauces - Stir Fry Segment - MAT Data to 25/03/18

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lynley's Review | Rating

Do you mean rice noodles not "nice"

Reply from The Food in a Minute team

Hi Lynley

Yes you're right! It is "rice noodles" - thanks for picking that up! :)

Kind Regards
The Food in a Minute team

Di's Review | Rating

Just the ticket for tonight's dinner.

Deirdre's Review | Rating

Lovely meal try cashew nuts in place of peanuts

Suzy's Review | Rating

So easy to make, but still so tasty with lots of flavour

jerrianne's Rating
jerrianne's Review | Rating

Soo tasty!! Love this with lots of lemon ..takes it to another level of yum! x

Rebecca's Review | Rating

LOVE the pad thai and will continue to use ut and recommend it to friends!

mouzireen's Review | Rating

quick and easy and my family loves it...

Diane's Review | Rating

Whenever we go 'Thai' I always have 'Pad Thai'. I have found this recipe to be easy and such a lovely flavour, just like in a 'restaurant'. The 'wok creations' are a good ingredient to have in the pantry. Thanks.

Shelley's Review | Rating

Easy, delicious and enjoyed by the whole family!

Diane's Review | Rating

Easy to make, delightful to taste, good on the pocket and also the waist.

Dale's Review | Rating

I love the Wok Creations pouches. This is quick and easy - I work full time like a lot of mums so this recipe is superb. I replaced the chicken break with boneless/skinless chicken thighs as they don't seem to dry out the same as breast and usually cheaper. Thoroughly recommended, great for left over lunch the next day (if there's any left) - will done team!

Kevin's Review | Rating

The kids love the egg and noodle combination.

Rebecca's Review | Rating

This has become a family favourite in my household. My family loves it. The recipe is easy to follow. I highly recommend you try this easy recipe. You won't be dissapointed. :)

Janet's Review | Rating

Very nice and easy to make my husband loved it

David's Review | Rating

Lovely Thai flavours bursting from my own kitchen - amazing....

Shelley's Review | Rating

Such a quick & easy dinner, if I don't have quite enough Chicken I'll throw in extra veges like green beans & carrots to bulk it out. Really yummy!!

Angela's Review | Rating

Easy recipe full of flavour, definitely recommend

Diane's Review | Rating

Easy to cook, kind to the waist, cheap on the pocket - a fabulous taste.

CHRISTINE's Review | Rating


MARIANNE's Review | Rating

i love Pad Thai Noodles and so does the rest of the family!! Not only is this meal easy to cook it takes very little time to prepare. Give it a go!! Would highly recommend!

Anne's Review | Rating

Well this is a great recipe to use, I also will keep one in the pantry, is also great with out chicken just add a few more vegs.

JEAN's Review | Rating

I love Thai food, and its where I go to when eating out. I love you Pad Thai and its great to be able to make at home, especially as its getting colder at nights to go out to eat. YUMMY

Adrienne's Review | Rating

Very authentic flavourings....a real favourite....

jax's Review | Rating

always good to have a quick meal on standby after a long day, and I would use cashews next time, and loads of lime, mmmm

Gay's Review | Rating

Fresh and tasty with everyday ingredients that come together really well. Worth a try

Spedding's Review | Rating

looks well worth a try

Elise's Review | Rating

Easy and yum.

Jude's Review | Rating

I made this the other night loved it!

Prachi's Review | Rating

I love "Pad Thai" as it gives me totally Restaurant Asian Taste. Having Wok Creations in my pantry is helpful to make it in few minutes. Thank you Wattie's.

Charmaine's Review | Rating

Thanks for producing such an easy way of preparing a favourite meal of ours Pad Thai.

Wendy's Review | Rating

Simple recipe - I would avoid the onions since neither my husband and I like them but for a quick and tasty meal when we are both going out for the evening, this would happily satisfy.

Bobbie's Review | Rating

Pretty good and so easy. I used cashews, bit of finely chopped ginger and more bean sprouts.

Sarah's Review | Rating

Really like it so tasty and so easy and quick to use well done

Stephen's Review | Rating

Sound easy and delicious

david's Review | Rating

Simple & Easy & Very Tasty

Holly's Review | Rating

This is a quick and easy meal that my whole family enjoyed. The bean sprouts, peanuts and lemon juice really make it - so it's worth getting ahold of those ingredients. It's also quite nice with prawns instead of chicken.

Andy's Review | Rating

Love Pad Thai .....no fuss no mess num num

Nadiya's Review | Rating

Quick easy and delicious. I will never buy takeaway Thai again

Denise's Review | Rating

really nice will certainly feed the teenagers that again went down a treat

dante's Review | Rating

Very nice,quick and one of the easiest thai recipe,loves it .

Denise's Rating
Trish's Review | Rating

Impressive meal which is quick to make during the week.

Mandy's Review | Rating

We love Thai food in this household and the flavour of the Creations sauce was a real hit. Very handy to make after a busy day at work and everyone is starving. Recipe easy to follow, adding roasted peanuts just takes it to the next level, soooo good. easy 5 stars given.

Donna's Review | Rating

Not something I would normally eat - but looks really nice, so I will give it a go.

Rena's Review | Rating

The sounds so yummy....just got given some fresh limes and will try it with the cashews...it's nice to read other peoples comments with their suggestions

Lavinia's Review | Rating

I love it. Quick, easy and tasty.

Lili's Review | Rating

Pad Thai is something that I cannot cook from scratch, just cannot get the right taste. This is really good for that Pad Thai craving. A keeper in the pantry.

Karen's Review | Rating

Yum! Kids loved it.

Alison's Review | Rating

something I hadn't tried before - will definitely make again, lovely

Donna's Review | Rating

Quick easy & delicious & so much cheaper than "takeaway" Thai.

Renuka Swaroop's Review | Rating

Better Than Takeaway. Made it in less time than it takes to have it delivered.

june's Review | Rating

Lovely ,tastes very authentic

judy's Review | Rating


Suzanne's Review | Rating

I'm already wondering what other veges I could sneak into this for the kids - I'm thinking of trying baby corn first...

Janice's Review | Rating

Fast and easy to make. One of my families favourites

Jeanette's Review | Rating

First time I have tried to cook Thai food, was a great success! Will be making this one again.

Marie's Review | Rating

Yummy evoking memories of first trying this dish at a Dominion Road restaurant family dinner

Polly's Review | Rating

Love this quick and easy

Daryl's Review | Rating

Chicken Pad Thai. Awesome and so easy and the type of meals my kids love

Donna's Review | Rating

Yum, easy and liked by the whole family

Therese's Review | Rating

Very yummy. Quick and easy for a week day meal. Saved the receive to my cookbook.

Patricia's Review | Rating

Love it with peanuts or cashews.The perfect quick meal at the end of a long shift.

leonardus's Review | Rating

Tasty and easy to make. Just add meat and stir fry

Coralie Anne's Review | Rating

One of my fav Thai dishes when dining out. Be great to have my own "home made" using the wonderful Wattie's Wok Creations Pad Thai Stir-Fry Sauce & recipe. Yummy

elvi's Review | Rating

Fantastic sauce. I love the taste. Quick stir fry dinner meal

Kirsten's Review | Rating

We really liked this one, quick and easy and tasty too

joy's Review | Rating

pad thai supreme give me more, even my husband who never looks at this type of food is converted, yom.

joy's Review | Rating

oops forgot to rate it.

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Very yummy, taste like the ones we buy from restaurant, at a fraction of the price :-)

Pru's Review | Rating

We are three generations under one roof, fantastic to be able to create 1 meal to suit all our tastes and so tasty.

Tania's Review | Rating

Love this one. Just cannot find it in our stores. Am missing the ease of this packet.

Barbara's Review | Rating

Really enjoyed this recipe, and took an earlier reviewer's advice and used cashews instead of peanuts! So easy to do, and really tasty!

Rosie's Review | Rating

Tasty, Easy and Yummy :)

Brenda's Review | Rating

This recipe is not only a godsend, it's delicious & so tasty the family adore it.

Peter's Review | Rating

Really liked this recipe. But Im not really into rice noodles so I used egg noodles. I find that they more body plus taste to them. Regards Peter

Coralie Anne's Review | Rating

Pad Thai is one of my fav meals when dining out. So great to be able to make it at home using the Quick & Easy Chicken Pad Thai recipe. Yummy thanks.

Jacqui's Review | Rating

Quick and easy - the family loved it. We are great fans of Wok Creations, quick & tasty meals for a very busy family

Karen's Review | Rating

Fast, tasty, economical and so convenient! Beats eating out! Best thing since sliced bread and no need for me to hop on to a plane to Thailand!

Pam's Review | Rating

I really like pad Thai it really does taste good and with wok creations I do try to reproduce these meals in my own kitchen, thanks for them

Judith's Review | Rating

This looks unbelievably easy and quick, just what I need for tonight, so will give it a go.

Lisa's Review | Rating

Easy too make and full of flavor.....will be a favorite in our home!

Kay's Review | Rating

So quick and easy and heaps of flavour

Anne's Review | Rating

Our family liked the extra crunch you get from the roasted peanuts in this dish.

Jan's Review | Rating

Delicious, fresh tasting and easy to do. A favourite we can have every 3 weeks.

Jessica's Review | Rating

So quick and easy! We love using cashew nuts instead of peanuts :)

Sharyn's Review | Rating

Really easy and love the flavour

Gail's Review | Rating

Delish we just love the flavour

Jenni's Review | Rating

This is a great Thai dish, oozing with flavour and easy to rustle up especially when unexpected guests arrive.!!

D & J's Review | Rating

very easy ,also very adaptable recipe, have used the recipe as stated, and really enjoyed it.
also have used mung beans ,which enhanced this recipe.
. will add a few prawns with it next time. (yes the rice noodles were also "nice noodles"

D & J's Rating
Kaylene's Review | Rating

Yum Yum Yum

Michelle's Review | Rating

My son loves Pad Thai and the Wattie's Pad Thai sauce is our go-to sauce we use when he requests it. Such an easy recipe and tastes great!

Laura's Review | Rating

Delicious and easy. Perfect for the coming winter months!

Karen's Review | Rating

I love pad Thai and the Watties creations sauce is just perfect to create my favourite Thai dish, quickly. It's really tasty and very easy

Helen's Review | Rating

A family favourite as we lived in Bangkok for 2 years .. We added some chilli flakes when we cooked this.

Julieanna's Review | Rating

I always have a "wok creation" in the pantry. But this one is definitely the family favourite!

Kerry's Review | Rating

Awesome reminds me of my travels in Asia great smells flavours & memories

Sue's Review | Rating

Easy to make and everyone loves it :)

Ngaire's Review | Rating

Love Pad Thai and this has got to be the easiest to make and it tastes great!

Pip's Review | Rating

So good, such an easy dish and a winner with the family.

Stuart's Review | Rating

I had a bit of a mishap with the noodles ... but it still tasted great.

Teresa's Review | Rating

This sounds so nice. Enough for leftovers to take to work for my lunch.

Karyn's Review | Rating

OMG this dish was divine!!! So easy that even my 10yr old daughter can make it next time, The flavours & texture was spot on & really tickled those hungry taste buds. Food for dinner was ready within minutes :)

Marie's Review | Rating

We love Pad Thai and this is comparable to the food we get served in our local! Just wish I had a chef here to cook it for me ;)

Nicki's Review | Rating

A new favourite in our house and I have put our 20 year old son onto it for his flat as a cheap easy meal that is really enjoyable and adaptable to any variation eg vegetables etc..

Karen's Review | Rating

Tried this as i usually make my pad Thai from scratch but was in a hurry this night. Will y use this again as the flavour was great without the hassle of making my own sauce. I always use squeezed lime juice over the top. LOVE IT THANKS WATTIES.

Sheryl's Review | Rating

Very quick and easy and delicious too!

Zelda's Review | Rating

Very tasty, will certainly be on the menu again

Anna's Review | Rating

Great recipe! I always love Pad Thai. This recipe is very close to an authentic Pad Thai. Quick and easy to do

Suzannah's Review | Rating

Pad Thai is my partner's favourite takeaway so this was a nice alternative. The flavours were true to traditional Pad Thai flavours and served as a good base for lots of fresh ingredients (especially limes and coriander) which definitely raised the taste bar! We will happily buy and use again.

kiri's Review | Rating

This was soooo simple and very tasty. Love how there are no added colours or flavours. I'm looking forward to trying the butter chicken but I can't seem to find it in Napier, Hawkes Bay, so would be grateful if you could advise me on the supermarkets that sell it

Jaqui's Review | Rating

Fantastic, quick and tasty recipe! Really enjoyed it, my two year old even cleared her plate!! ; )
This will def be a new regular at our house!

Cheryl's Review | Rating

Made the Pad Thai last night and invited family over. Everyone enjoyed and it was easy to make. Will use this again.

Trish's Review | Rating

Very easy to make, yummy flavours, but could do with more chilli. Can become stodgy, so add a little water if gets too thick.

yanni's Review | Rating

Quick and tasty

Fiona's Review | Rating

Running late home had kids to sports practice cold and tired. This is perfect just grab this out of the cupboard you can throw it together in minutes. Warm, tasty, crunchy thank you Watties.

Marla's Review | Rating

Excited to try this dish over the pond! So quick and easy!

MARIANNE's Review | Rating

I didn't think the kids would like this - they are pretty picky eaters - I was being selfish and hoping there would be more for me and hubby - but no such luck!!! - They taste buds are so picky any more - Looks like we will be sharing this between four of us rather than just 2!!

Rosalyn's Review | Rating

Very nice everyone liked it.

Rosalyn's Review | Rating

Very nice everyone liked it.

Linda's Review | Rating

we loved it

Richard's Review | Rating

I usually find thicker noodles a bit bland but the stir fry sauce made the meal very tasty

Tracy's Review | Rating

Yummmy!!! Can recommend this recipe, just as good as takeaway pad thai I buy locally.

neil's Review | Rating

not bad

Nikole's Review | Rating

So delicious! A tasty winter treat. Yum!

Audrey's Review | Rating

Just great for a quick meal. Grandkids love it

Margaret's Review | Rating

Really great. So easy to make.Everyone loved it.

Unity's Review | Rating

Easy and delicious !

Lorraine's Review | Rating

Absolutely DELICIOUS Had to go to 3 supermarkets before getting my hands on the Pad Thai creation. Super easy to make after work.

Alan's Review | Rating

I actually made this last Night, as a Pensioner and my Partner works I do all the cooking and this Pad Thai was absolutely great and so easy & quick to prepare. I look forward to trying the other creations as we do love this kind of food, Alan.

Deborah's Review | Rating

Makes a nice vegetarian version too

tony's Review | Rating

great easy yummy receipes thankyou

Wendy's Review | Rating

Nice and easy, quick and very tastie

sue's Review | Rating

Really yummy - I loved it. Follow the instructions in this recipe for the noodles - make sure you drain and rinse them. I followed the instructions for cooking them on the noodle packet and they all stuck together. Didnt look as good but tasted just as good.

julie's Review | Rating

Love Thai Food, Happy Memories from our trips to Thailand especially with this easy,simple and yummy dish

Maureen's Review | Rating

Loved this dish and so easy and quick to make - a perfect 5 star meal :-)

Barbara's Review | Rating

Yummy, kids and grandkids loved it . Made a banquet style meal using all different packs, all was eaten , loved them all

Faye's Review | Rating

really looking forward to trying this dish looks exciting

Faye's Review | Rating

really looking forward to trying this dish looks exciting

Heatheranne's Review | Rating

Tasty, easy to cook & can make in n time at all

Trisha's Review | Rating

We love pad thai and tried this one - fantastic. Everyone enjoyed it from the partner to older child and infant - thanks

yvonne's Review | Rating

This is one of my favourite dishs on the street in Thailand
yummy as good as

Leanne's Review | Rating

One of my favourite meals, good squeeze of lemon juice tops it off

Kevin's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and tasty......

Rebecca's Review | Rating

As title says, it really is quick and easy and tastes really good. My almost 3 year old took the little bit we had left over too daycare the next day for lunch, he liked it that much

Margaret's Review | Rating

Smells and looks too good to miss! Quick and Easy for the family on the Go go go!

Louise's Review | Rating

Great quick meal. Adding the lemon wedge lifts the meal. Just as good as a brought one!

Debbie's Review | Rating

My family and I really enjoyed this dish

Louisa's Review | Rating

Absolutely yummy, will definitely be making this again

Mona's Review | Rating

Cold Night, but feel like a Thai Meal. Watties in the cupboard and a quick cook will give you an even better Thai dinner at home.

Jill's Review | Rating

At last a simple way of cooking authentic-tasting oriental cooking! Pad Thai ingredients easy to source and dish doesn't take long to cook - I loved it and ate leftovers the next day! Can't wait to try other varieties of Watties Creations!

Norma's Review | Rating

Mmmm.....love this. Happy person

sharon's Review | Rating

this meal was so delicious they all came back for more
Huge hit at our dinner table thanks food in a minute

phyllis's Review | Rating

Yay......I love the pad thai, its easy to make, kids love it, perfect for a quick on the go meal, when you don't have much time. love it with rice noodles or singapore noodles ... thanks Watties, great idea....

Jan's Review | Rating

Just tasted great. I would have liked a little more water in it, a little more liquid for my taste. Also I added a chopped chilli as I like it a little bit spicy.

Kevin's Review | Rating

Impressive combination to produce tasty range of of oriental flavours.

BRENDA's Review | Rating

wow this recipe has this woow factor ,we had people over from australia the sause is so easy and the whole meal came together

BRENDA's Review | Rating

wow this recipe has this woow factor ,we had people over from australia the sause is so easy and the whole meal came together

BRENDA's Review | Rating

wow what awesome sauce ,we had people over from Australia and we had this meal they tought i had spent hours in the kitchen what a hit thanks for this easy prezzy

Yvonne's Review | Rating

Loved the Pad Thai, especially with lime juice. Found authentic enough for me and easy to prepare

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Thank you so much for the free sample....pad thai is my favourite and it certainly was quick and easy, and super tasty!!! I will definitely be buying this and using again; and recommending it to others.

Kay's Review | Rating

Thankyou was nice to try this. Followed the recipe to a T. Was quick and very easy to make. Nice flavour though could have done with more of a kick (heat). Serving size I would say more to cover a first course serving for 4 over a main course for 4. Would consider this a good Pad Thai for those Who like a mild Thai dish.

Nicola's Rating
sandie's Review | Rating

Quick and easy meal to make. My family love Pad Thai so getting it in the mail was awesome. We did think we could add bit more spice to give it more of a kick to appease our spicy taste buds.

Nicola's Review | Rating

Yum yum yum! I made this however didnt have rice noodles so just served it with rice and yum! Still tasted so good and was so quick and easy!

Christine's Review | Rating

Very tasty and convenient

Christine's Review | Rating

Tasty and convenient

Tracey's Review | Rating

This is a great recipe for all the family, everyone loved this with the crunch of the bean sprouts and its pretty healthy too which is a great way of getting different veggies into the teenage son who clean up his plate thank you Watties.

Christine's Review | Rating

Tasty and simple - the perfect combination

Glenda's Review | Rating

I am a great fan of Thai food and as soon as I got an email showing the product I tried it. And wow, we just love it! It is a great one 'wok' meal and it has already become a real family favorite. Always have a packet in the pantry. A great way to get vege phobic family to eat some 'good things'. Great flavor, reminds me of being in Bangkok. Just love it.

Glenda's Review | Rating

I am a great fan of Thai food and as soon as I got an email showing the product I tried it. And wow, we just love it! It is a great one 'wok' meal and it has already become a real family favorite. Always have a packet in the pantry. A great way to get vege phobic family to eat some 'good things'. Great flavor, reminds me of being in Bangkok. Just love it.

kaori's Review | Rating

Easy to make and taste was good if more fish sauce in it. I am happy to make with deep fried tofu next time. Thanks Wattie's for nice product to introduce to us.

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Pad Thai a hit in our family, 14 year old son, even ate the left overs for brekkie the following day, definitely cashews over peanuts. Thanks Watties for a new family favourite.

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Fabulous flavours, 14 year old son polished off the left overs at Brekkie the following morning, a new family favourite, thanks Watties

Jamie's Review | Rating

Very Tasty not to salty but plenty of flavor, will be purchasing again.

Samantha's Review | Rating

Thai is my favourite cuisine and I like to make my Thai dishes from scratch so I can control the balance of the essential thai flavours - sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter. I was doubtful with using a packet Thai sauce that it wouldn't be of same quality but I found it to be very pleasing! Fair to say that I will keep a pouch or two in my pantry for when I want to make a quick and easy tasty Thai dish! Well done!

June's Review | Rating

Really easy to make and so tasty- well done Watties- better than the restaurant version. Wok Creations are always in my pantry- love them! Makes for really easy and delicious meals at the end of a long day

Louise's Review | Rating

Really easy to make.I use the boneless thigh cutlets as I fin Chicken breasts a bit dry plus I prefer cashews to peanuts.

Allison's Review | Rating

We have this meal at least once a month and love it, nice and easy to make and i use cashews which is my favourite.

Debi's Review | Rating

Personally I found the Pad Thai a bit to salty but the others in the family didnt. With a good squeeze of lime juice helping, I was able to cut that salt taste somewhat.

Deb's Review | Rating

YUM , so easy to make when you have most of the flavouring in a packet, and all you have to add is a few other ingredients, all of which you have in the cupboard anyway, so super easy !! YUM

Karen's Review | Rating

Very tasty and authentic flavors. Would highly recommend

Fiona's Review | Rating

Flavoursome. I served it without meat as we were having a meat free day, just upped the vegetables. It was tasty. My only complaint is that it's slightly on the salty side.

robin's Review | Rating

family enjoyed it ,pity its got fish sauce in it so the family vegetarian couldnt try it!.easy to prepare

Janine's Review | Rating

Really impressed with this sauce. Well done watties. Excellent balance of flavours. Very family friendly and versatile. Also an excellent way to introduce new vegetables. Overall, this dish was easy to make with cheap accessible veggies.

Neisha's Review | Rating

I love a good Pad Thai, and my partner always says how I that's all I order when we have Thai takeaways. So this was a pleasant surprise. Nice flavour and quick and easy for a quick meal

Janice's Review | Rating

So tasty and easy to make. We always enjoy these pouches. Thanks Food in a Moment

Kay's Review | Rating

A great meal! Much quicker and tastier than takeaways. We loved the fact that it was flavoursome yet not too spicy. It would be a great way to introduce children to Asian food. From now on this will be a staple in our pantry.

Terence's Review | Rating

Very easy to make. Tastes great. Will be on the menu again.

Martin's Review | Rating

The closest thing to the real thing. Full flavored especially the Tamarind & so quick & easy to prepare. Would be great to try with a variety of veges too. Will definitely be a regular in our shopping trolley

Jann's Review | Rating

I add broccoli, carrots and other stir fry veges to give it more balance

Julie's Review | Rating

Tried out my Tasters Panel Watties Creation Pad Thai pouch tonight. Had to make a vegetarian option for my daughter with mushrooms but really enjoyed the flavour. Will definitely have again!

anastasia's Review | Rating

My partner and I loved it! We doubled the recipe and couldn't get enough of it. Very delicious and will be making this alot :-)

Joyce's Review | Rating

My hubby does not like stir fry meals, but said he really enjoyed this, thanks. I also liked that it didn't take much time to create.

Lauren's Review | Rating

Easy to make and full of flavour, I was pleasantly surprised with this dish. I dont often purchase packet sauces as I find it hard to find a good one full of flavour and juice - no need to add anything to this one. A+++ - very enjoyable and feeds the whole family.

Faye's Review | Rating

Nice and tasty. Would prefer the sauce a little thicker.

Jan's Review | Rating

What a lovely surprise I got when I got home from work, a pouch of Chicken Pad Thai, to try and rate....A quick and easy receipe, lovely flavors, I used the cashew nuts, can't wait to try the other flavors, thanks again for the Free Sample.....loved It ;)

della's Review | Rating

tasty dish but think would add a little liquid next time -or something to give it a little more punch -very quick and easy to make

Michelle's Review | Rating

Firstly, THANK YOU for the opportunity to trial this product. A very interesting combination of flavours. I loved that the recipe provided required ingredients i already had in my kitchen. I also enjoyed that it was so quick and easy to whip up. I felt it was enough to coat the noodles without being overpowering or making it soggy. I enjoyed the ease in making and the savings in time to get dinner sorted. I would definitely recommend to friends and family to try and will now be going to buy the other 2 variations for myself. Love this new invention by Watties, shows forward thinking and constant improvement. Well done!!

Phil's Review | Rating

Great product, found it was a little bland, but definitely added great flavour. Will purchase again but likely add a few more bits and pieces to it.

Naomi's Review | Rating

It's easy and quick, purfect for those who don't really like cooking or are not that good. One of my fav dishes is Pad thai so I jumped at the idea of trying Pad thai

lois's Review | Rating

very quick and easy to make. tasty

robyn's Review | Rating

Tasty and easy to prepare and cook. Made exactly to recipe - next time would add more vegetables ( capsicum, broccoli ) and would probably cook egg as an omelette, slice and add at end. However, it was full of flavour and would please most palates.

Sarah's Review | Rating

Great simple recipe to follow. Whole family enjoyed it, kids even came back for seconds. I will be adding this to the grocery list.

David's Review | Rating

We enjoyed the dish. Good that there wasn't too much salt in the sauce. Was a little dry but perhaps we didn't use enough oil when cooking. The addition of the fresh coriander really picked up the flavour. Could almost have been from the Thai take away!

Courtney's Review | Rating

This was a quick and easy midweek dinner for my family. A mild flavour, could do with a bit more spice but great for children. My husband and 15 month old loved it.

J's Review | Rating

Authentic, we love it!

Megan's Review | Rating

I love discovering something new and delicious to feed my family...my 7 year old is usually the hardest to please...this meal is his "new favourite,can I take it to school for lunch tomorrow"...I loved how easy, quick and simple the recipe was...I have already stocked the cupboard with some more sauce packets..Well done Watties!

Jo's Review | Rating

It was awesome getting the Pad Thai in the mail and i made it that night, it was very tasty and would highly recommend getting this product :-)

Jo's Review | Rating

Sounds delicious and super quick & easy. My family would love it, but to be honest it sounds expensive and out of our budget.

Garth's Review | Rating

Two of my favourite words when looking for a recipe for dinner - Quick and Easy!

Joy's Review | Rating

Sounds yummy and looks easy to make... dinner tonight! yum!

Kelly's Review | Rating

Very nice, will become a weekly meal in this household :)

CHERYL's Review | Rating

Quick & easy to make & very tasty

Phil's Review | Rating

Wow. Very easy and yummy. Needed to add a few chilli flakes as it's nicer worth a bit of heat

Patricia's Review | Rating

Nice easy tasty meal but prefer the Sweet and Sour Chicken better

Leila's Review | Rating

I added finely chopped broccoli, zucchini and cauliflour, served over rice and it was a big hit in our household. I also used boneless thighs instead of chicken breast as I prefer the more moist chicken meat. My kids couldn't believe it had come from a pre-packaged sauce! Well done will definitely have this one again.

Ruth's Review | Rating

Ruth's review. We purposely went to the best Thai restaurant last night in Chch and ordered the Pad Thai knowing we had to cook this recipe the next day so we could compare properly. Three star given. Thank you for the trial. My husband and I found it not flavourful enough, needs more tamarind to add some zing, would suit kids under 10, not so good for adults unless you don't cook much and don't know any better. Probably had too much tomato in the sauce which made it sweet so lacked a traditional Thai flavour. The sauce part seemed to be created to suit Europeans not Thai people. It lacked a gusty Thai flavour. Good ingredients suggested it is just the sauce that needs to be more powerful. The recipe did not include salt which would help a bit, even the peanuts there is no mention of salted or not salted. The Pad Thai noodles we bought had sachets with flavoured powder but your recipe should say is the powder to put into the boiling water when cooking the noodles or do you add the powder to the chicken part in the pan, your recipe should be more clear as the dish could be too salty for all one knows! Tweak it a bit by adding a stronger flavour in the sauce and I would buy it. I ate one spoon of the cooked dish to get the real flavour of the dish before adding the lime juice last and it was really flavourless with no lime , so why buy the sauce when it is not doing the job! Let me know when you have changed the sauce recipe as the rest is perfect.

Mark's Review | Rating

I don't normally use recipe's, but I followed this to the letter. I was fantastic, served on a bed of brown rice. Yummo

Fay's Review | Rating

Great surprise to receive the pouch of Pad Thai to try and rate....like all the Wok Creation pouches it was quick and easy to prepare and cook...flavours subtle...nuts yummy...will definitely keep a pouch in the pantry. Just fabulous for those cooking for 1 as you have a delicious meal in no tie at all. Keep dreaming up new ideas Watties!

Christine's Review | Rating

Very tasty dish, real easy to make, Daughter and I loved it. :)

Sheryl's Review | Rating

Yum, this sounds easy enough that even Dad can cook this and get it right. Can't wait to let him know what's on the menu when he gets home.

Liz's Review | Rating

Adults love this but can't get the kids into it yet.

frances's Review | Rating

Perfect for a end of week meal

Diane's Review | Rating

Thank you for the trial product. One of the nicest Pad Thai's I have cooked, the whole family enjoyed it,this could be served to any age group

Wendy's Review | Rating

Very quick and easy to make, lovely flavour and by adding a bit of extra chicken it fed 3 adults for tea last night with enough left over for lunch today. I am now keen to try the other wok sauces. Great idea to have a couple of pouches in the pantry for those nights when you just can't be bothered. A much healthier alternative than takeaways and this one used ingredients that I already had in the pantry

Deborah's Review | Rating

Makes a delicious vegetarian recipe too

Carol's Review | Rating

My Ex-naval husband misses his traditional Thai Crusine, Chicken Pad Thai delivered the goods. I struggle to do Thai Meals from scratch, using Wattie's Wok Creations made the meal easy, colourful and tasty. The Method was easy to follow for even a beginner, thank you Food in a Minute, the diverse recipes and Wattis for the sauces.

Wendy's Review | Rating

As it says quick and easy. No mess little preparation and a hearty meal. We used beef stir fry meat. It is delish and I will be buying again. Great, No, actually better alternative than going to buy Pad Thai takeaways.

Danielle's Review | Rating

Was looking for a pad Thai recipe online today and stumbled across the food in a minute 50c coupon and recipe. Thought why not give it a go and stopped into the supermarket after work to pick up a pouch of the pad Thai sauce. Really easy and quick to prepare, and nice flavours. I would prefer it a little spicier (to me there was no spice whatsoever) but I guess that's good for families and you can add your own chilli if you like more heat. I used a 200g pack of pad Thai rice noodles and the sauce was the perfect amount to coat evenly. I added a little more lime juice to mine, and the coriander and peanut garnish definitely makes the dish, don't miss it out! Will definitely make this again.

Ramari's Review | Rating

My family just loved it very easy and quick to make..thanks for letting me trial this cooking sauce..my kids plate were all empty after eating it all up so it must have been good!!

Robyn's Review | Rating

My daughter in law is malayasian and even she enjoys this recipe - well done!

Fran's Review | Rating

Y u m m y...............!! Very tasty dish. I used Chefs World Pad Thai Noodles and they were as easy to use as the Watties Wok Creations Pad Thai sauce. So quick to serve this up. Was going to upload a photo but don't see the button here.

Judy's Review | Rating

Yummy and quick great for full time families, wish it was GLUTEN FREE for coeliac

Judy's Review | Rating

Great wish it was GLUTEN FREE for Coeliac patients, Yummy!!!!!

Jennifer's Review | Rating

Were we're very impressed with the Pad Thai recipe. Very tasty & Quick & easy to prepare.

Lynne's Review | Rating

Great Meal, tasty, and quick will try using cashews next time , I used more chicken than the recipe stated , loved the flavour and just the right amount of sauce, I'll definitely hunt out the other options to stock the pantry

Tracy's Review | Rating

Was quick and easy to prepare - I think next time I would add more veges, but the flavour was great :)

Alyce's Review | Rating

Super easy to put together although I did need to source a few of the extra ingredients before I could make it. Tasty and gobbled up by 3 adults with no leftovers despite making '4' servings!! A great addition to my dinner repertoire!

Nicola's Review | Rating

I made the Pad Thai using my tasters puch. This was a nice and easy meal to make. Next time I would use less noodles as the ratio of noodles to sauce was not quite right.

Tony's Review | Rating

Loved it, authentic flavours, quick and easy to prepare & cook, will be going back for seconds.

Janet's Review | Rating

A BIG than you for the opportunity to try one of these wow pouches. My family loved the Pad Thai meal. In fact they said they would eat that all over again. Super easy instructions to follow and using really easily accessible extra ingredients. Would try other pouches thanks once again

Pat's Review | Rating

Thank you so much for your free sample ,arrived yesterday morning and I made it that night ,I used left over chicken from the night before and my hubby and I loved the flavour and so easy to make even hubby could make !!!! Looking forward to tasting your other varieties :-)

Donna's Review | Rating

Being on a tight budget this recipe is wonderful, we love it and it has now become a family favourite.. Watties you have got it right :)

Christine's Review | Rating

I was surprised and delighted at how easy it was to make the Pad Thai recipe, and very tasty to eat. The family enjoyed the meal and want me to make that again soon. Thank you very much for sending me the packet to try out and thank you to Watties for producing such a good product.

Vanessa's Review | Rating

Just loved this so easys and tasty keep one in my pantry and no more going out for takeaways any more just as quick and tasty at home.

Andrew's Review | Rating


Murray's Review | Rating

Yummy!! Like a couple of others, I tried cashew nuts as an alternative to peanuts. Thanks for giving me the chance to try this product and recipe. Looking forward to others now.

sarah's Review | Rating

What wonderful dish to make, thank you for allowing me to be part of your tasters panel. With having a big family to feed this meal was nice change. With two out of four children being very fussy this meal went down a treat with all four kids loving it and found it great to get their taste buds going on something different. The instructions were very easy to follow and quick to make. I loved the fact it was all made in one dish and I had the ingredients all ready on hand. I did not add the peanuts though as two kids will not eat peanuts. I used lemon wedges off my tree and found it added a real nice fresh zest to the dish. I am now keen to try out the two creations that you's have out since this other one went down a treat. Thank you on another top quality product.

Justina's Review | Rating

I was most definitely seduced by the great packaging and was pleasantly surprised, when I produced a not too shabby Pad Thai in a short amount of time. For a quick and easy dinner, this is definitely the way to go. Thanks Watties! Its been my pleasure :)

Robyn's Review | Rating

A very tasty dish which was enjoyed by everyone. Needed slightly more sauce and next time I would add extra chillies for a bit more hotness. But well done Watties I will definitely be trying the other variaties!!

Robyn's Review | Rating

Very tasty, quick and easy meal. Pretty much all ingredients are 'staples' in our household so not a bother having to go shopping specifically for them. The kids love Thai food especially Pad Thai and they all gobbled this down! Thanks for the opportunity.

Helen's Review | Rating

Easy to make, and was flavoursome, but it did not taste like any other Pad Thai I have ever eaten. My sauce was red, unlike the picture above. I look forward to trying the others in the range.

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Yummy dish! I added some fresh chilli and lemon juice for a bit more zing. Fed four hungry people easily, thanks for the trial!

Anne's Review | Rating

Fabulously easy recipe to put together so ideal for busy moms and working folk. A very tasty meal without being overpowering. Well done Watties and thank you Food in a Minute team for the opportunity to be a part of the review panel and for supplying the product.

Mary's Review | Rating

I found it very easy to prepare and cook but do think it would be improved by using chicken thighs instead of the breasts, however we all found it very tasty and there were no leftovers so that speaks for itself. Look forward to trying other creations.!!

Colin's Review | Rating

Thanks for the opportunity to rate this Thai Pad dish. Simply to prepare , cook and enjoyable . For my wife and my taste, it is tasty but quite bland, Really needs more flavor. Having been to Thailand and sampled their down flavor for tourists, this still doesn't cut the mustard enough. Still it was really nice, we just like more spice taste. Would still have it again. Thanks again

trish's Review | Rating

made the chicken pad thai tonight, there was no complaints from the children so was a winner in our house. Will make it again and can't wait to try the other ones. Thanks so much!

Jenny's Review | Rating

A lovely flavored meal, well enjoyed by all. Three older adults, could share this and we didn't feel hungry which was my worry. NO need to worry. I thought it was so easy, quick to make and other than the noodles all ingredients in the pantry. I will try the others. Also will hold one in my pantry for my weekly quick cook day. [When I'm in a hurry]. Many thanks for choosing me for the trail.

Jenny's Review | Rating

Many thanks for this opportunity. I enjoyed the ease and the quickness that it took to make and the fact that most of the things were in my pantry. The meal was filling and enjoyed by all in the family. I will be trying the other flavors and keeping a pack in the pantry to make on my weekly easy meal days. Once more thanks.

Hamish's Review | Rating

Great recipe - we added a few more vegetables. It was good to get the Pad Thai flavour without having to wonder what spice ingredients to find. We are now looking forward to trying the other flavours.

brent's Review | Rating

good product, a bit sweet for me but i put on extra lime/lemon juice and very much enjoyed.

Julie's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare, super-tasty and if you need a meal in a hurry this is for you - love it!

Colleen's Review | Rating

Nice and easy. Used everyday ingredients and tasted great
Super meal for when short on time!

Tracey's Review | Rating

Was a good recipe, kids liked it. Easy to follow.

Polly's Review | Rating

Very tasty dish simple to make and the lime juice and cashew nuts enhance the authentic flavour

Lou's Review | Rating

Thank you for letting me trial this product. It was SO delicious, and yummy, and easy to make!! Ingredients were affordable and it only took me half an hour to whip up. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends and it's going on my weekly shopping list for sure! I normally stay away from packet sauces and prefer to make my own but this is such an easy and delicious option, it makes it worth it! Well done!

Jackie's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make, tasty. Did add more vegetables, there was plenty of sauce too.

Grace's Review | Rating

Absolute magic. Quick and easy, my family want more - Thanks for the sample

Linda's Review | Rating

So easy to make, awesome flavours, tender chicken, Living on a benefit made this a very inexpensive meal. Love the recipe provided. Sweet yet not overly sweet. Very quick to make and have on the table. Just brilliant. thanks for allowing me to try this product and I can assure you one I will continue to buy.

Raewynne's Review | Rating

A really nice exotic flavour - authentic even! So easy to make with this sauce sachet and the lime just adds that perfect finish.

Raewyn's Review | Rating

Thank you for letting me try this Loved that it was so easy to make and tasty a good friday nights dinner to have when the girls come around for winesy.

Carolyn's Review | Rating

Teriyaki - not a lot of flavour, my daughter found it slimy.

Pamela's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare and the sauce has a lovely flavour. We like loads of vegetables so I would use the sauce with chicken, vegetables and noodles. Thank you for the opportunity to take part.

Roland's Review | Rating

Excellent dish but for one addition to suit our taste buds. I added some Thai chillis to the wok with the vegetables. It went well with the Creation Sauce and both my wife were agreement that it was a great dish. Easy to prepare and ample in quantity for the two of us. Thanks for the opportunity to try the recipe.

Judith's Review | Rating

I love these Thai flavours and the sachet is so convenient to use.

Jules's Review | Rating

Having made Pad Thai regularly as well as often having it made by Thai chefs I would have to say I wouldn't buy this. It tasted like a sad black bean sauce mix. Very little flavour. Certainly none of the tang and flavour burst I expected. None of us enjoyed it or finished our bowl. Sorry, but it was quite a disappointment.

Wendy's Review | Rating

Thanks for the Pad Thai trail product. It was a yummy, easy to prepare meal. I liked that the ingredients were what I had in my garden, pantry or freezer as I live in a rural location and my nearest supermarket is a 45 minute drive. my husband really enjoyed it as well. Thank you very much and I will try the others soon.

Maxine's Review | Rating

Lovely flavour - a bit sweet on first taste - but balanced out nicely with a good squeeze of lime juice

maureen's Review | Rating

Thanks for letting me trial this product. I have used your green curry one and plan on trialling the Teriyaki one. I made the Pad Thai recipe last night for two friends who along with myself thoroughly enjoyed it. I did sprinkle some coriander on top with the peanuts, to add a bit more greenery to the dish. The Pad Thai noodles I purchased just needed soaking in boiling water for a minute and then rinsing in cold water and left to air dry in the strainer. When I make this recipe again, which I plan on doing next week, I plan to add some green beans as I am a vegetable lover. I note the recipe on the pouch only used one egg, I followed the recipe that came with the pouch. Fantastic dish.

Helen's Review | Rating

Pad Thai recipe really easy to follow, done in no time. Quite tasty but I would have prefered a bit more bite, maybe a little chilli in there. It was absolutely perfect for my husband though. I did notice that the recipe I used from the enclosed little book differed to that of the sauce pouch. It had 1 egg on it and was optional along with the peanuts, bean sprouts and lemon/lime. I would always use the two eggs and you need the other ingredients as well. Enjoyed being a taster, many thanks for the opportunity :-)

Gillian's Review | Rating

Orsum recipe everyone at home loved it .

Veronica's Review | Rating

Quick and tasty. When I make it again I will add some mixed vegetables to give it colour appeal. Will definitely try the Sweet and Sour Chicken and Teriyaki Donburi.

Janet's Review | Rating

Very tasty and easy to make will use the recipe again.

Joe's Review | Rating

This is a wonderful and easy recipe to follow and eat. it was too much for me to eat at once but I shared it the first night with one of my neighbours and had the rest the next night for my dinner. She thought it was delicious especially with the peanuts in and on it and asked me for the recipe which I proudly gave her.

Dianne's Review | Rating

The meal was lovely and i added broccili, you definitly need the lime at the end

Annette's Review | Rating

suits my taste buds for sure

Heather's Review | Rating

Easy and quick to prepare, generous portion size too. Good flavour, not too salty which is often an issue with pre prepared sauces in my opinion. The addition of the beansprouts and spring onions at the end gave it some crunch and a squeeze of lemon brought it to life! Would definitely keep a pack in the pantry for those times when in need of something quick and tasty. Well done Watties a winner!

Margaret's Review | Rating

Easy, tasty meal. Used cashew nuts.

Helen's Review | Rating

Very easy and delicious.

Paulette's Review | Rating

Nice enough, but it was a little on the bland side to be honest - needed a bit more flavour/kick to it. Was very easy to prepare and cook though which is great. Perhaps next time I'll try it with different noodles too.

shalisse's Review | Rating

This was so easy and quick to make, especially when not the greatest cook, like me. The whole family loved the flavour. Thanks. And thanks for the great tips for getting the texture of the noodles just right.

Angela's Review | Rating

It was an easy and quick meal for the family. I would recommend this to friends. Thanks

Dianne's Review | Rating

very easy and delicious, I also added shredded cabbage and used cashew nuts instead of peanuts, we are 3 veg and meat people so wasn't sure how this dish would go down but we loved it and it will become a regular on our menu from now on, going to try out the other flavours as well.

Helen's Review | Rating

Hmmm. Tasty, yes, authentic no. Pad Thai is such a fresh vibrant dish that i dont thinkma simmer sauce can do it justice.

Marion's Review | Rating

I had the Sweet and Sour did it with Chicken very nice had it with Rice both my flatmate and I enjoyed it very much and would cook it again. Very easy to make(:

Peter's Rating
jaqui's Review | Rating

received my sample of Pad Thai and found the recipe quick, simple and very tasty- thanks for the chance to try it out

Fern's Review | Rating

awesome simple tasty recipe just the thing for busy mums.

Patrice's Review | Rating

Was very tasty and yummy. You really do need to squeeze the lemon or lime to get that zing. :)

Karyn's Review | Rating

Great, easy recipe to use. Didn't have all the ingredients in my cupboard so substituted the dry, flat rice noodles with Thai Peanut Noodles - they gave a very subtle peanut flavour. Tasty dish, would recommend trying this dish. Thanks for letting me play a part in this trial.........

Jocelyn's Review | Rating

nice and easy to make we add just a little more soy sauce at the end to suit our task its a dish I would make again

Ross's Review | Rating

Yummy meal. Couldn't find Pad Thai Rice Noodles so just used Wide Ribbon Udon noodles and it was fine. We must be greedy it only fed two of us but then we did have small seconds!!

Richard's Review | Rating

Very easy to make, very tasty and the whole family enjoyed it. Will have to try the other Watties Creations now.

Gail's Review | Rating

Chicken Pad Thai was delicious. There were no leftovers. Will enjoy it again.

Noeline's Review | Rating

Thank you for letting me trial this product. We both loved the chicken pad Thai. The recipe ingredients worked so well together.
I really enjoyed the peanut flavour and with the bean sprouts added it had taste and texture deliciously combined. Will definitely make again and will recommend to family and friends.

Jan's Review | Rating

Excellent, plenty of flavour,

Stephen's Review | Rating

Delicious tasting sauce , nice and easy to make , really enjoyed it , thanks for the free sample

Stacey's Review | Rating

Easy to make and quite tasty.

Sydnee's Review | Rating

Very easy and so tasty

Marie's Review | Rating

It's average. I wouldn't make it again versus buying it from my local authentic Thai takeaway, which is delicious. This was bland. Needed more fish sauce and perhaps something else??

Nathan's Review | Rating

Quick and easy meal. I love rice noodles! Scored me good brownie points with the missus when she came home to dinner all done. It looked like I had made more of an effort than I actually did.

Wendy's Review | Rating

A great quick and easy dish, tasted good all the family enjoyed it. I found the lemon just finished it off nicely. I prefer egg noodles, so am going to try them next time. Thanks for the opportunity to try . Cheers

Alexia's Review | Rating

Super easy and super tasty. Would definitely make again.

Kathy's Review | Rating

Delicious. Easy to prepare and quick meal. Put a few cashews on it with just a little lime juice. Yum :-)

Kathryn's Review | Rating

Very tasty, I added a few sliced mushrooms to add a better look and flavour

Cara's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make. Very filling :) definitely enjoyed it and would make it again.

Ray's Review | Rating

Just the ticket

kaye's Review | Rating

I cooked prawn pad thai and it was great. Very economical, quick and very tasty. Thanks.

Carey's Review | Rating

My 15 year old daughter jumped at the chance to use this very quick and easy meal choice on her cooking night this week. The flavours are great and she found it very easy to use. She used cashews which added to the appeal. Will definitely be buying this again.

Helen's Review | Rating

Enjoyed the Pad Thai , but thought the Teriyaki Chicken Donburi was nicer

Val's Review | Rating

easy to prepare, quick and easy, very yummee... even better the next day for lunch.

Judy's Review | Rating

Really delish!! I actually made it with beef since my husband does to like chicken.

Jane's Review | Rating

Thanks for the free trial. After a hard days work its nice to be able to whip up a quick and tasty meal with no fuss. My partner was nicely surprised too. I will definitely purchase this product again and will even try some of the others. Thanks again :)

Darryl's Review | Rating

Had three others around for dinner to try this out. We felt that there was a lack of flavour it just did not have that wow factor. I also put cashew and lime juice on as an option. I did use two packets of the Pad Thai Wok Creations. We will be trying out the Honey Soy in another couple of weeks. It was a quick and easy meal to prepare and will not stop me from using it again and perhaps try a different type of noodle.
Many thanks for the opportunity in trying this product out.

Heather's Review | Rating

Really tasty. Even my Mum thought it was delicious and she often doesn't like Asian flavours. Nice and simple to make without lots of preparation. I added in a few extra veges to the recipe.

David's Review | Rating

Thanks for letting me be a taste tester and that recipe is just awesome its tasty and the combination of the fresh coriander and spring onions just gives it that extra flavour and taste I would recommend to any person in the household that cooks its quick and very easy.

Michelle's Review | Rating

Very tasty

emma's Review | Rating

Quick & easy to make, did find it tasty although a little artificial. Would buy again for a meal in a hurry thanks for the sample.

Sarah's Review | Rating

Great dish that was very easy to make! Made this to introduce Mum and Dad to a new meal and they loved it, will now be added to the weekly menu!

Trudi's Review | Rating

My family and I really enjoyed this meal. I liked that it was quick and easy and lends itself to adding more of whatever veges you have on hand. I also like using rice noodles as a change from rice. Overall, a nice product with good recipes.

nicole's Review | Rating

I didn't know Pad Thai could be so easy to make - the flavours are perfect and the ease of making this dish was just right for a busy family.

Niki's Review | Rating

Really enjoyed making this. Quick, easy and fun to make, and really tasty. Like having Thai takeaways at home! Will definitely be doing this one again.

Rod Bradnam's Review | Rating

Sauce was a nice colour,mild but a little bland but coated meat and veges well and sufficient for the recepe. Opitional "garnishes" egg,lime and coriander were all crucial to balance the dish and create depth of flavour. Well accepted by all the family.,and easy to make.

Justina's Review | Rating

Was all our pleasure :)
Thank you Watties!

Clayton's Review | Rating

First time trying Pad Thai and it was delicious.. So easy to make. Switched it up a little due to no peanuts in the pantry , only pistachios.. Even some left over for lunch the next day.. Will definitely be making this one again..

Ann's Review | Rating

I enjoyed trialing the Pad Thai creation. We found it tasty and a pleasant change from the usual meat and three vegetables. I had to make a special trip to the supermarket to buy some of the ingredients, but it was worth it. Did not consider using the prawns as we don't like them. Didn't use the egg. I did use the bean sprouts and peanuts, but could substitute with other vegetables or nuts. Not a great pile of dirty dishes at the end of the meal either.

Andrea's Review | Rating

I hadn't tried to make Pad Thai before, it's so easy with a sachet! Thanks Watties!

Eleanor's Review | Rating

Wow what a dish. Pad Thai was put together very simply with this Wattie's Wok Creations Pad Thai Stir-Fry Sauce with having to buy only the sprouts as I had everything else in my pantry. I found the rich bodied flavour to be very authentic. I will now try the other flavours and I am sure they will be just as good. These will be on my menu once a week from now on. I duplicate the above Review from Michelle.

Laura's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make, tasted great and the whole family enjoyed it

Noeline's Review | Rating

Thank you for the opportunity to trial this product. We loved the chicken Pad thai recipe. The combination of flavours were delicious. I loved the peanut flavour combined with the fresh crunchy bean sprouts. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Kirsten's Review | Rating

Really enjoyed this dish. Extremely easy to make!! Had with lemon wedges, best result as they bought out more of the flavour. Would put a sprinkling of salt and pepper in when cooking the chicken. Delicious! Thanks Watties and Food in a Minute. :o)

Sue's Review | Rating

very easy to make and everyone loved it

Vicki's Review | Rating

Quick and tasty. No nasty aftertaste. Will definitely have again.

Karen's Review | Rating

Ok dish - a quick and easy meal under 30 minutes.

Catherine's Review | Rating

Thanks for the sample. I don't usually use pre-prepared sauces but this one was pretty good and got a big tick from the family.

Jan's Review | Rating

Quick and easy enough for the kids to make. I would add cashews next time I make it.

Collette's Review | Rating

Very easy and quick to make. I made this when my parents came over to visit and everyone loved it. I usually make Pad Thai from scratch but this is so much easier. My kids also loved it.

Shirley's Review | Rating

Easy to make and really delicious. My husband loved it. Thanks for the free sample to try. Thanks again watties.

Dan's Review | Rating

Thank you very much for the free trial. I love thai, but unfortuneatly never get to eat out. Its fantastic that with this product you get to experience the taste of Thai at home and it is so simple!!! No slaving over the oven for hours!!! Thank you it was very yummy!!!

Odette's Review | Rating

I have made this 3 times now and I love it. So quick and easy also very tasty.

Trudi's Review | Rating

Very tasty, my family all enjoyed it, I did add extra veges though.

Debbie's Review | Rating

The family found this to be ok and ate it happily, however we thought there could have been a bit more oomph flavour wise. I think the rice noodles made it seem a bit bland so I would make this again with a little tweak to give it that extra bit of zing.

Harriet's Review | Rating

Delicious! The eggs really add something extra to the dish and the sauce tasted just like id made it from scratch!

sharon's Review | Rating

nice and convenient, a little mildly flavoured for my taste but can be zinged up with extra lime, coriander, chilli, etc

Diane's Review | Rating

I found this dish very easy to make and tasty. I did leave out the peanuts as I don't use them in any cooking but did not miss them. I thought it would be a great dish for students to make. also I sliced my chicken very thin so it cooked quickly. this was not mentioned in the recipe and i wondered how it would go with thicker pieces.

CAthy's Review | Rating

Great taste used shallots in place of onion and plenty of fresh lime, my toddlers loved it too, great family dish that doesn't require gluten noodles :)

Sue's Review | Rating

Very flavoursome

Sue's Review | Rating

I don't like coriander, so leave that out, but I will need to try it again with cashews instead of peanuts.

Mel's Review | Rating

My 14 year old daughter made this and it was quick and easy - we all loved it!

Debbie's Review | Rating

Hadn't used the thick noodles before, very nice. Added cashews instead of peanuts husband loved it

Lauren's Review | Rating

My partner and I had never had Pad Thai before- and now I know we had been missing out! Absolutely loved it! So quick and easy, I checked the recipe three times as I thought I must have missed a step. Have been telling everyone all day that the need to try this. Perfect week night dinner.

Elizabeth's Review | Rating

Delicious very quick to cook Granddaughter loved it too.

George's Review | Rating

Really easy to make, quick and family loved taste - good stuff Watties

Penny's Review | Rating

Easy meal for after work and tasted good too.

Ann's Review | Rating

loved it...highly recommended

Sandra's Review | Rating

I just love STIR FRYS so this is going to be put on my weekly menu.

Kama's Review | Rating

This is an extremely family friendly meal, that is quick 'n' easy, nutritious and absolutely delicious!

Alan's Review | Rating

We are pensioners and I do most cooking the first time I cooked this, I love cooking & I must confess the Creations made the dish and so easy & quick! It was superb, there was actually enough for two meals for us, thank you. Alan

Elizabeth's Review | Rating

The different textures have lots of appeal and it is wholesome and yummy too.

Christine's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and tasty for the whole family.

Kaye's Review | Rating

We all enjoyed the dish but thought it could do with a bit more of a kick. I used fresh rice noodles not dried and they were great. I would also cook egg separately into an omelette and cut into strips rather than add egg and scramble.

Michelle's Review | Rating

Was certainly quick and easy to prepare and easy to follow. Found the sauce lovely and coated the ingredients really well. Couldn't find the dry Pad Thai noodles so used the fresh ones, which made it even faster to prepare. The whole family enjoyed it, even my fussy daughter

Julie's Review | Rating

Recipe is easy to follow and this makes a great weeknight meal. It makes making Pad Thai easy with an authentic taste. Very nice sauce. Well done Watties. You make cooking easy.

Robyn's Review | Rating

I got sent the Pad Thai sachet a couple of weeks ago. The whole family really liked it and we would definitely use it again. Thank you. I would be keen to be sent other new products!

Linda's Review | Rating

I cooked this last night It was yumm. Hubby really enjoyed it as well. It had a lot of flavour and was so easy to cook. I am going to try the others now as well. thanks. I used pine nuts and a squeeze of lemon juice mmmmm.

Adele's Review | Rating

Was really easy and tasty. Definitely a cupboard must have

Olga's Review | Rating

Loved the Pad Thai.. Was really nice, especially with lime. I loved it so much I've shared this recipe with friends and family. Thanks for sending me the pouch!

Jacqui's Review | Rating

Fabulous quick and easy way to make my all time favourite Thai recipe

christine's Review | Rating

very delicious also add cashnut, my daughter add extra steam vegetable to make more easy healthy food during her busy life

c's Review | Rating

Really yummy & so easy for any night of the week !! Thanks

Mandy's Review | Rating

So easy and tasty - like a mild sweet and sour. my kids absolutely loved it!!

Denise's Review | Rating

We found the dish to be a little bland and needing some more sauce ie liquid. The dish was easy to prepare but needed just a touch more zing. We shared with neighbours and they concurred

Jennifer's Review | Rating

Tasty quick and easy nom nom!

Haylee's Review | Rating

I thought it hardly had any flavour...I could barely taste the sauce. Was easy to make though.

Nilufer's Review | Rating

Easy to make, family love it. Does not need many ingredients.

Clare's Review | Rating

This recipe was so easy to follow and the result was super yummy - plenty for four people, tasty and quick and easy. Slices of lemon added a nice zing to the finished meal - not as spicy as I expected - and the kids loved it. Will definitely cook this again..Thanks Watties for another family friendly quick and easy meal - perfect for our busy family. Had never tried pad thai rice noodles before and am now a big fan. Good to try something new.

Norma's Review | Rating

Easy and delicious - YUMMY

Karen's Review | Rating

Very tasty and very easy to prepare

Vivianne's Review | Rating

Easy to use and the kids loved it.

Siah's Review | Rating

This is my new go to meal. Tasty, easy to make and my 3 year old son eats it.

Gaylene's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make but not quite tangy enough

Kristin's Review | Rating

My husband loves Phad Thai. He attempts to make it, however, I made this for him (he was sceptical). Apparently this was the best one ever! (Kudos to me / aka Watties) for making this happen!

Juliana's Review | Rating

Simple to make, Authentic in flavour and so aromatic. Even my preschooler ate it! Looking forward to cooking this meal again for my family with this product!

Judith's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare and filling. Tasty, but needed a shade more chilli. Very nice!

Judith's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare and filling. Changed the peanuts to cashews . Tasty, but needed a shade more chilli for me! Very nice.

Tania's Review | Rating

So easy to make..my family loved the flavors. Definitely buying and always going to have in the pantry

Janet's Review | Rating

Nice and easy to make un a hurry and so tasty. Hubby is not a bug pasta eater but he loved thus recipe.

Michelle's Review | Rating

Can not believe how yum and easy this was! A brilliant meal to have as a 'takeaway pretend' on a Friday night as just tastes so amazing and took no time at all.

Nicki's Review | Rating

I really enjoyed this meal. It wasn't too spicy to serve to my toddler and was relatively easy to prepare. The serving sizes were a generous size, so much so that I shared this meal with my neighbours! Would definitely make this again.

Sharon's Review | Rating

Very tasty, ready in a jiffy and cooked for me by my daughter what a treat :-)

Bryan's Review | Rating

So easy and tasty. Used cashews instead of peanuts gave a softer taste to the dish. Will definitely make again

Lynn's Review | Rating

I found the instructions confusing as they differed between the pouch & the leaflet. My guests enjoyed it & it was easy but I thought it was a bit bland. I used prawns .

Lorelei's Review | Rating

Thanks for the opportunity to trial this product. I found it very tasty and the addition of a big squeeze of lime just brings it to a whole new level. One thing I will comment on is, it is a shame that gluten free soy sauce isn't used in the sachet. This would make it completely gluten free as maize thickener is used. Pad Thai is an amazing tasty and predominantly gluten free dish but with the addition of gluten free soy sauce, then this Creations Cooking Suace is perfect!

Carla's Review | Rating

Wow! Pad Thai was full of flavour, quick and easy to prepare & cook. Mums old fashioned palate was delighted with this meal and we will certainly be trying the other flavours out. Thanks to Watties & Food in a Minute for making it so easy.

Renee's Review | Rating

A first for our family using the Watties creation pouches which has had rave reviews by us all. A lot easier than I thought to put together and really flavoursome which was an added bonus. It is now on our monthly dinner menu list - so try it out if you have not already

Sarah's Review | Rating

So easy to make and a big hit with the whole family! Even my super fussy miss 3 gobbled it up!

Sue's Review | Rating

A quick and easy meal, great flavour, enjoyed by all

Pam's Review | Rating

I was sent the Pad Thai recipe pack which we found delicious, although my daughter suggested that i add more noodles next time.

Stepanka's Review | Rating

Easy, tasty, will definitely make again. I used all other leftover veggies, and "normal" noodles. Really nice.

Mike's Review | Rating

Hi, what a fantastic yummy dish which is nice and quick to make, family loved it, everyone happy.
Thanks for the free trial. Sorry I'm two days late with this rating (couldn't get to a computer) Cheers

Diana's Review | Rating

Couldn't find rice noodles, so used Hokkien noodles. Was really tasty and everyone loved it. I used peanuts on with it and we enjoyed our meal. Will definitely try the Wok Creations again!

Lesley's Review | Rating

It's a very tasty dish and so easy to make. Well done.

Tim's Review | Rating

Very tasty sauce and quick and easy to make! I love Thai style food and will buy this again.

Sara's Review | Rating

I've always planned to try to make Pad Thai at home as I love it - now I can do it so easily! Thanks Watties

Jeanette's Review | Rating

My family really enjoyed this meal. Would be nice with prawns too.

Jeanette's Review | Rating

For a newbie to cooking Thai food, this was made to measure. Quick, easy and very tasty. Will be added to regular recipes that I make from now on.

merle's Review | Rating

Ablolutely love this. So quick and easy too.

Nicola's Review | Rating

Not massively authentic but still a delicious family dinner.

Kathryn's Review | Rating

Definite fav of mine. It's quick and easy to make - and easily as good as any in a restaurant. Now just to convince my hubby to like it as much as I do!

Lois's Review | Rating

Just like the Thai restaurant great flavours

Trish's Review | Rating

So quick and easy to make and really tasty

Ken's Review | Rating

I added a bit more Ginger and that did the trick for me

Judith's Review | Rating

This is easy as and fabulously tasty. I have always loved Thai flavours so it ticked every box.

Rodney's Review | Rating

I enjoyed the recipe, i found the Pad Thai very similar to what is served by a local Thai Restaurant here in Napier

Jenni's Review | Rating

its an easy to follow recipe and taste great !! .

Karen's Review | Rating

Fast, tasty, versatile and economical. Super yummy too!

Sarah's Review | Rating

It really was quick and easy to make. One of my sisters favorite foods is Pad Thai and she loved this!

Helene's Review | Rating

Very easy and tasty, my husband loves it.

Jane's Review | Rating

Only very mild flavour. Nice but could have had a bit more omph. Mild to moderate chilli??? Don't think so. No heat at all.
I generally stay away from ready made packet sauces because of their artificial flavour but I must say that is one positive about this meal. Adding lemon juice definitely helped try and lift some flavour in the dish.

Sarah's Review | Rating

Great taste, have never made a Pad Thai before so easy instructions and tasted yum and authentic

Andrew's Review | Rating

Tasty quick and easy recipe heaps of leftovers for 2 people :)

Judy's Review | Rating

I hadn't tried Pad Thai before but this is so easy to make and we all loved it.

Wendy's Review | Rating

Very nice recipe

Melissa's Review | Rating

Great recipe & great tasting!
Dinner was on the table in literally 30 minutes!
Substituted the onion for red onion so was a little sweeter.

tony's Review | Rating

we all enjoyed this tonight very tasty

Alvin's Review | Rating

Welcoming innovation from Watties, stir fry sauce taste is acceptable for quick and easy home cooking.

Tamara's Review | Rating

Absolutely loved this meal....was so quick and easy I even had the kids helping out! Tasted delicious and was amazed that even my fussiest eater asked for more. I am definitely keen to try the rest of the range and will definitely be buying this to make for dinner again soon.

Dale's Review | Rating

Great quick and easy mid-week meal

Lesley's Review | Rating

Looks delicious! Quick & easy for mid week meal that everyone will enjoy. Usually use the honey soy but will try this one next.

Stuart's Review | Rating

So tasty and quick and easy to make family loved it

Pip's Review | Rating

Yum! Love the taste of this, as it says, quick and easy.........

wendy's Review | Rating

Very quick easy tasty meal

Mark's Review | Rating

Easy to make and solid taste without overpowering

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Easy to make and a very tasty recipe for a family of 4

Jessica's Review | Rating

Not my kinda thing

Tracy's Review | Rating

This is my sons new favourite dinner! He told dad all about his dinner prompting Dad to finish it off. Apparently it was absolutely delicious!

Juanita's Review | Rating

Oooh yum, looks good, quick & easy to make, this is my favourite one and will try this for dinner soon!

Maryanne's Review | Rating

Oh wow this sounds delish! A dish I will have to try for sure. Fresh and healthy

Aimee's Review | Rating

LOVE LOVE pad Thai . My 3 year old loves it as well, I ate soooo much of it when pregnant with him lol.

David's Review | Rating

So quick and easy, with great taste. Everyone loved it

Amy's Review | Rating

This looks tasty and quite easy to make

JULIA's Review | Rating

this was so quick & easy to make & everyone in the family commented on how yummy it was!!

Helen and Peter's Review | Rating

Not as flavoursome as we thought it would be but none the less a pleasant meal.

Cody's Review | Rating

Love pad thai

Katrina's Review | Rating

Super tasty, flavours are really good! And super easy to make.

Jasvin's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make and it's absolutely delicious

Diane's Review | Rating

This is a 'comfort food' dish with a bit of zing! I do like rice noodles. And there is enough 'crunch' and 'greenstuff' to make this wholesome and satisfyingly good!

mavis's Review | Rating

yum yum

Asti's Review | Rating

Never thought to add egg. Yummo

john's Review | Rating

so yummy and easy to make

Francy's Review | Rating

I added some baby spinach and Broccoli to to this.It was devine.Didnt have Pad Thai Rice Noodles so used Hokein Noodles.Used Cashew as I dont like peanuts.

Sue's Review | Rating

It was so quick to make everyone really loved it , I myself don't like the noodles ..

Suzannah's Review | Rating

Really delicious and very family friendly, the four stars are just because we prefer a little big more kick but add a chopped fresh chilli and you're there

Shannon's Review | Rating

Love Thai food and this version is lovely. Family loved it, easy to make, tasty and a new family favourite! Thanks Wok Creations for a great go to family meal :)

Mary's Review | Rating

Yummy meal my whole family can enjoy, I like to add extra nuts

Tui's Review | Rating

This has become a family favourite in our home. So tasty and easy to make :)

Uday's Rating
Justyna's Review | Rating

I made the meal with tofu and it was delicious and nutritious and we all lived it.

Maureen's Review | Rating

This will be a family favourite after my daughter made the Quick and easy Chicken Pad Thai for our tea two nights ago. Tasted delicious and so easy to make.

Chee K's Review | Rating

Good and tasty. Pad Thai goes well with Chinese sausage.

Lily's Review | Rating

It is easy to follow instructions-step by step. Lòoks so yummy...make me hungry!!

Hannah's Review | Rating

Was quick & easy and tasted yummy too

Karen's Review | Rating

We changed the recipe slightly, using chucks of fish not shrimp as we don't like shrimp. Other than that all packet instructions were followed.
This recipe is great, not too spicy but super tasty and was enjoyed by the whole family. It was easy to do, and I enjoyed the challenge of providing a meal a little out of my usual mid week go to meals.
Will definately buy this sauce mix again.

Gayle's Review | Rating

We enjoyed the Quick and Easy Chicken Tai Pad, I would make it again but as we like lots of sauce I would use two Watties Wok Creations.

Kelly's Review | Rating

Very tasty pad thai. Easy recipe for quick dinner and delicious flavour.

david's Review | Rating

Its always good to try new and interesting dishes best thing about new meals is that you always enjoy eating them

Cheryll's Review | Rating

Quick and easy and very tasty. Would certainly add the Pad Thai to our dinner choices.

's Rating
louise's Review | Rating

not too spicy just right

Michelle's Review | Rating

Extremely fast and easy to make, tasted great too!!!

Kathryn's Review | Rating

Our family really enjoyed this. I used a Pad Thai recipe given to me by a Thai friend, rather than following the packet directions. The Wattie's sauce was very tasty, and better value than the sauce I usually use. I have been converted!

David's Review | Rating

I found this recipe quick and easy to prepare and the end result was a very nice tasty dish that my wife and I loved. Have had Pad Thai in restaurants before but this recipe was by far better. The whole family will love it.

Kim's Review | Rating

Lots of sauce which is great, found it wasn't peanut tasting like it should be though. Quick and easy to make which is great

Karl's Review | Rating

Having gone through a Thai Food kick recently, I tried making this recipe and found it to be full of flavour, simple to prepare, and very affordable eating for a group of three. While not the best version I have had - nothing beats it made by a Thai national in the traditional style - this was a very, very good Europeanised version.

Linda's Review | Rating

So tasty and simple and the whole family loved it

Viona's Review | Rating

I love Pad Thai. This looks easy to make by yourself and taste yummy too

Sandy's Review | Rating

tasty quick easy and a new fav at our place

Colleen's Review | Rating

We loved the flavours and the textures of the crunchy bean sprouts complimented the smooth noodles and tasty chicken and every now and then a hint of egg. The sauce does not look like it will cover it all but it does and brings out the flavours beautifully . All gave it a thumbs up.

Rachel's Review | Rating

So easy to create and tastes excellent.

L's Review | Rating

This was amazing! Very authentic thai

Courtney's Review | Rating

Was so easy and simple to make tasted so good would recommend. :)

Tom's Review | Rating

So easy to make, Taste is great, Will be using more of these meals.

linley's Review | Rating

Thought it was a bit bland not spices enough

Lucy's Review | Rating

simple flavoursome meal, was quick easy and enjoyed by the flat

Karen's Review | Rating

Nice and easy and quick! Family loved it and this will become a weekly meal.

Dez's Review | Rating

Sensational Flavour. reminds me so much of Thai food.....YUM

Rosie's Review | Rating

This product is super easy to use, tastes amazing and the plates came back to the kitchen clean so went down well with everyone. Will become a regular meal in our house.

Holly's Review | Rating

My family absolutely loved this meal. The pad thai sauce seriously shortens the preparation time required, and I quickly had a tasty meal on the table. Prawns are another delicious option instead of chicken.

Linda's Review | Rating

this was so devine and flavoursome, grandchildren loved it, an all time favorite in our household, keep a spare one in my pantry so can whip it up any time

Julie's Review | Rating

Very easy to make and just the right amount of spice for me. Will definitely make again!

Adele's Review | Rating

Loved the flavour easy and quick to make. Most economical too.

Tehirere's Review | Rating

This was a very easy and simple meal to prep even for 16 people. It was a slight bit tasteless, I had to add brown sugar to give some added flavor with a dash of lime juice. How ever it was still a good meal, probly won’t use this particular one again and try something else.

Rachel's Review | Rating

I really enjoyed this - usually i find Pad Thai too sweet but the balance in the the sauce is very good. I used prawns instead of chicken.

Colleen's Review | Rating

very tasty and easy as !! certainly make this again

Grant's Rating
Ridha's Review | Rating

I tried this recipe at home, the chicken was so juicy and tender. The rice noodles were nice and thick which helped me fill my stomach well! I really recommend trying this out! If you are allergic to peanuts use cashews as an alternative. It's just as good!

Graydon's Review | Rating

Really easy to make ,tasty & no left overs speaks volumes! Awesome! :-)))

Betty's Review | Rating

this is so easy to make real yummy its our favourite and sometimes i addd different vegetables to make it a bit different

Susannah's Review | Rating

I love this recipe. One of my go to's for a family weeknight dinner. Quick and easy

Ken's Review | Rating

Tonight my wife and I had the Watties WOK Creations PAD THAI Stir Fry Sauce with WOK Creations Vegetables Chinese styles and rice.
I found the sauce a little bit spicy for my liking but otherwise very nice flavours and quite filling.
Personally I would prefer the Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables, we have tried this before and it was lovely.
Thank you for the chance to try and rate this product.

Christine's Review | Rating

This is so easy even the grandkids can make it better than the lady on the tv add.i use chicken thighs and bone them myself.much tastier

Jacinta's Review | Rating

This was very easy to make. The family enjoyed it though my daughter didn’t like the prawns

charlene's Review | Rating

I absolutely love Pad Thai and this is so easy and quick to make ...I will be buying more and will defiantly be trying the rest of these products
Well done watties

Amanda's Review | Rating

I used this in the slow cooker with chicken drums. Then I mixed the noodles and sprouts and used this as a bed for the chicken and sauce. Very nice.

helen's Review | Rating

Love this meal so quick and easy and tastes great

Nickie's Review | Rating

Quick, easy, and very very tasty. Clean plates all round, will certainly be buying this again.

Louise's Review | Rating

Delicious. Much more tasty than my local Thai restaurant serves.

Lynda's Review | Rating

Quick and easy and enjoyed by all. Would make again.

Stephanie's Review | Rating

It was yum! So quick and easy to make, cheap too! And no complaints from anybody

Vicki's Review | Rating

Nice texture and flavour, would be better with cashews. I added some broccoli for extra greens.

Ngaire's Review | Rating


Cynthia's Review | Rating

So easy very Yum will become a go to once a week

Margaret's Review | Rating

I have made this many times and it is ...DELICIOIUS!

Robert's Review | Rating

Easy quick tasty recipe Ideal for an easy, tasty quick meal. Cashews are nice with this too

Bernadine's Review | Rating

So easy, my husband can make it. It is also delicious!

Sam's Review | Rating

A quick, tasty meal that disappeared from all the plates in a flash.

Sarah's Review | Rating

This is absolutely delicious and so easy to make. We will making this again soon!

Alvin's Review | Rating

Not spiced enough, but handy for quick easy meal recipe...

Garth's Review | Rating

I received the sauce in the post. I found the recepe easy to follow and had no problem getting the ingrediants. The smell was amazing coming from the Wok and the taste of sauce through the ingrediants was amazing. The dish was filling on a cold winters night and my wife is having the leftovers for her lunch today.

Chris's Review | Rating

Delicious for a simple meal at night...and so easy for cooking times

Marianne's Review | Rating

Very quick and easy we enjoyed this a shame I didn't read the recipe correctly I left out the peanuts. Will definitely be making this again and yes will add the peanuts.

Rita's Review | Rating

Now that I can make Pad Thai at home with Watties, I do not order Pad Thai when I visit a Thai restaurant!!!

Kate's Review | Rating

Looks tasty & quick

Barbara's Review | Rating

Authentic and yummy. Made it vegetarian with extra veggies and tofu :-)

Cheetah's Review | Rating

I loooooove this padthai i never tried it before i tried this recipe and it was awesoooooooomly nice.

shirley's Review | Rating

This has to be the quickest pad thai to make and its so delicious. Yummy

Paula's Review | Rating

A very tasty dish that was way easier to make than I expected! This will definitely be added to our family meals more often!

Joy's Review | Rating

Pad Thai is my favorite thai food and this recipe didn't disappoint yum

Ross Browne's Review | Rating

This was a nice easy simple meal that tasted God’s & everyone lovely. Two young girls under 10 & 2 Asian Homestay’s.
Will happily do again

Suz's Review | Rating

Delicious! I also use cashew nuts and double the mung beans, I love this so much I eat it every week.

Toni's Rating