• 500g fish fillets, such as snapper, gurnard or tarakihi
  • ¼ cup flour
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 egg
  • 1 ½ cup panko breadcrumbs
  • 3 Tbsp oil
  • HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Creamy Tartare Sauce
  1. Wash and pat the fish fillets dry with paper towels. Place the flour onto a plate and season with salt and pepper. Break the egg into a shallow bowl and whisk with 1 tablespoon water. Place the panko crumbs onto another plate.
  2. Coat one fillet in seasoned flour, then dip in the beaten egg. Finally coat the fish in the panko crumbs and place on a clean plate. Repeat with remaining fillets. Refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes before cooking.
  3. Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Place the fish in the pan and cook for 5 to 7 minutes, or until the breadcrumbs are golden and the fish is just cooked through. Drain on paper towels.
  4. Serve with the HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Creamy Tartare Sauce.

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Erik's Review | Rating

Great recipe but instead of flour, I use corn flour (a.k.a. cornstarch) - it will really make the outer breadcrumb coating crunchier!

David's Review | Rating

The dip made the fish taste delicious

Eileen I's Review | Rating

I have tried the Mediterraean pottle of Cucumber and dill Greek style yogurt for the fish just delicious

Sharon's Review | Rating

As we eat a lot of fish for summer we love the great flavours. We have to watch for gluten free products but otherwise easy and quick to make

Shirley's Review | Rating

Brilliant loved it.Will be doing that again very soon.

Anne's Review | Rating

Beautiful dish the Mediterranean Cucumber, Mint & Dill Greek-style Youghurt dip goes really well

Judy's Review | Rating

So easy , even a man could master it on a fishing trip! ;)

Suzy's Review | Rating

Such an easy and delicious dinner, perfect for summer holidays and catching fish! The yoghurt dip was such a nice alternative to tartare sauce.

sumathy's Review | Rating

very easy and will try it again

Frances's Review | Rating

The panko crumbs are a great combination with the fish and the mediterranean cucumber mint and dill gives this dish a wonderful mouthful by mouthful satisfying taste

Tom's Review | Rating

Simple and mess free and very tasty, now our regular Wednesday dinner as that is when the fresh fish truck comes to town.

Kay's Review | Rating

So easy and yet looks to be so delicious and the yoghurt dip would just finish it off beautifully

judy's Review | Rating

The most delicious, refreshing dressing to put on fish !!

Liz's Review | Rating

Simple, tasty meal. The panko breadcrumbs are great and Mediterranean Cucumber, Mint & Dill Greek-style Yoghurt Dip is an outstanding!

Glenis's Review | Rating

I love this recipe now I have been introduced to the Piako crumbs & the yum Cucumber, mint & dill dip nothing will hold me back making this again.

Joanne's Review | Rating

Very easy and healthy recipe with the wonderful burst of flavour given by the Mediterranean dip

Felicity's Review | Rating

This recipe was so nice and with the Mediterranean Cucumber, Mint & Dill Greek-style Yoghurt Dip is a nice change from the normal tartare.

jax's Review | Rating

yummy fresh, and easy, better alternative to fish and chips!

Julie's Review | Rating

this looks yum, I would love this as long as I can get fresh fish, which can be a mission

Julie's Review | Rating

this looks yum, I would love this as long as I can get fresh fish, which can be a mission

frida's Review | Rating

Simple ingredients and fast to make.

Kelvin's Review | Rating

Have tried most of the mediterranean dips, this cucumber , mint and dill is one of my favourites, great with fish, but goes well with curries and poppadoms!

ROSS's Review | Rating

very nice, the Panco bread crumbs gives is nice & crisp & the Mediterranean dip adds to the taste.

Stepanka's Review | Rating

tasty, easy, all of us would love this

Johnathan's Review | Rating

So simple and yummy!

Betty's Review | Rating

A wonderful fresh, yummy tasting meal.

Shirley's Review | Rating

The Mediterranean Cucumber, Mint & Dill Greek-style Yoghurt Dip went very well with the crumbed fish. Very moreish. I will certainly be including this on my regular repertoire of things I make for dinner.

adrian's Review | Rating

Fast, easy to cook & really enjoyed it, will be making this again

Paul's Review | Rating

Real easy and tasty. Family loved it

Asma's Review | Rating

Easy to follow instructions. My family really like it.

Margaret's Review | Rating

I enjoy this recipe every week but with the extra addition of the Cumber Mint and Dill dip it makes it just that bit more flavoursome.

Gay's Review | Rating

Really delicious way to cook your fish. Crispy and crunchy coating and tastes wonderful with the Mediterranean blip and new potatoes and a nice, crisp salad on the side. A popular meal with the whole family

Janene's Review | Rating

Fresh fish is best with minimal cooking. This recipe is prepared and cooked in under 25 minutes so is great for a mid-week meal. I love the use of a crispy crumb coating. Delicious.

Michelle's Review | Rating

The panko crumbs made this fish really tasty and a lot 'lighter' and less greasy than battered fish. It was quick and easy to prepare and cook and the whole family loved this meal, especially with the Dip. When I next have guests coming I'm going to chop the fish into bite size pieces and use it, along with the dip as an appetizer. I will definitely be making it again!

Mary's Review | Rating

We love fish and this would make a nice easy family dinner not over complicated or over flavoured so you can't taste the fish.....amount of dip to have with fish is a personal preference which is the only way for fish....

Jerry's Review | Rating

So light and refreshing...a healthy meal for all.

Jacqui's Review | Rating

Yum, sounds tasty and healthy

Pam's Review | Rating

A yummy quick meal that all the family would love

Anne-Marie's Review | Rating

My fav love crumbed gurnard and the Yoghurt Dip will make a great addition

Jenny's Review | Rating

Quick easy and tasty dinner

CARMEL's Review | Rating

Great with the dip

marilyn's Review | Rating

having a hubby who catches fish, this recipe is just devine. Love the addition of the Mediterranean cucumber, Mint & Dill Greek-style Yoghurt Dip. ever so tasty

Lynne's Review | Rating

I cooked this fish up for tea last night and my family just loved it. It was the first time I had used the panko bed crumbs and I can tell you it will be my all time favorite from now. Everything tasted so good and I certainly don't regret ever buying them. The family all gave the fish a big thumbs up and want them for tea tonight again. 10/10

phillip's Review | Rating

Very easy dish, taste is delicious

Michele's Review | Rating

Really easy and sure way to please all family members!

julie's Review | Rating

A typical scrumptious crumbed fish recipe. The addition of the yoghurt dip really adds flavour to the dish. I substituted some of the oil with a tablespoon of butter. I find that the 50/50 butter oil mix gives the fish more flavour and if brought to bubbling temp cooks the fish perfectly.

Corazon's Review | Rating

yummy, so delicious, easy and fast and a healthy meal

Jacky's Review | Rating

easy peasy, yum

MARIANNE's Review | Rating

This is an awesome money saver and healthier too!! We usually get fish and chips in every Friday - but tried Pan-Fried Crumbed Fish with Mediterranean Cucumber, Mint and Dill Greek-style Yoghurt Dip and homemade wedges and loved it!! Homemade is so much tastier than store bought and less greasy

Della's Review | Rating

I tried this one night and found it easy and delicious. One tip - if using panko crumbs, turn the heat down as they burn easily and do not taste as nice. A plus for this recipe is you do not need to use very much oil. I imagine it would be good baked in the oven too.
We had the Med Cucumber, Mint and Dill greek style yoghurt dip which added a freshness to the fried fish.

Mary's Review | Rating

I love the simplicity of this recipe. Very tasty - better than some restaurants where I've had fish.

Doug's Review | Rating

A delicious way to cook up our fish. The panko breadcrumbs made it all crunchy and the acidic zing of the dip high-lighted the freshness of the fish.

Karen's Review | Rating

So yummy. Kids love it.

Cari's Review | Rating

I loved this dip with this recipe, and the children always enjoy crumbing fish! The children however preferred the Beetroot and Mint with it :)

Raewyn's Review | Rating

A quick and simple Friday night tea. Cucumber, mint and dill dip added that 'extra special' flavour and factor. Also could be used with shop bought crumbed fish fillets to create an impressive, instant meal

Alison's Review | Rating

Simple but delicious! Loved the

cucumber dip which had a fresh zing to it.

Simple, delicious with a fresh zing to it!

Irene's Review | Rating

Perfect family meal everyone loves!

Jan's Review | Rating

The yoghurt dip complements the fish. Not too sour, not too thick or creamy. Perfect.

Frances's Review | Rating

Loved the flavour of the mint and dill with the fish.. very refreshing

Paul's Review | Rating

Easy to make and yummy to eat. Went down well with the family.

Joanne's Review | Rating

Lovely, simple and very quick to prepare on a work night
Greek Dip made all the difference

Judith's Review | Rating

When this dip was eaten simply as a dip, a few people found it 'quite strong', while others thought it was 'perfect'. When it was used as a topping, it made the dish lovely and tasty!

Trisha's Review | Rating

Easy and tasty!

Trisha's Review | Rating

Easy and tasty!

carolyn margaret's Review | Rating

i had never tried any dips before until i saw this competition now i love it

Doreen's Review | Rating

I used Tarakihi which complimented the light flavours of the Cucumber, Mint & Dill Yoghurt dip. Very refreshing taste and great recipe will certainly do this recipe again. Good family meal enjoyed by all four of us.

Deann's Review | Rating

Lovely meal really quite quick and easy. Kids enjoyed it to, which was great

joytika's Review | Rating

Easy and delicious fish meal. The dip makes it more tasty.

Dianne's Review | Rating

An easily prepared nutritious meal complimented by the delicious Mediterranean Cucumber,Mint and Dill Greek-style dip....all plates were emptied with requests for seconds ....think this will be a family favourite....

Bryan's Review | Rating

Quick to prepare and really tasty. The cucumber, mint and dill dip just goes so well with the fish

Phylisha's Review | Rating

Tried this recipe and loved it! Fish was cooked perfectly with a crispy coating of panko.