• 500g chicken tenderloins
  • 210g pouch Wattie’s WOK Creations Malaysian Peanut Satay Stir-Fry Sauce
  • Handful fresh coriander leaves
  • Roasted peanuts, chopped (garnish)

  • Coconut Rice:
  • 1 ¼ cups jasmine rice, rinsed in cold water and drained
  • 2 cups cold water
  • ½ cup Trident Premium Coconut Milk
  • ¼ cup (reserved) Wattie’s WOK Creations Malaysian Peanut Satay Stir-Fry Sauce
  • 1 tsp salt
  1. Place chicken tenderloins into a glass or ceramic dish. Reserve a ¼ cup of Wattie’s WOK Creations Malaysian Peanut Satay Stir-Fry Sauce and pour the remaining sauce over the chicken. Stir to coat the chicken. Cover. Allow to marinate in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight. Remove chicken from the marinade and thread onto pre-soaked wooden skewers.
  2. BBQ or grill kebabs over medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side or until chicken is cooked. Serve over coconut rice and garnish with coriander leaves and chopped roasted peanuts.

Coconut Rice:

  1. Place rice into a saucepan. Add cold water, Trident Premium Coconut Milk, the reserved Malaysian Peanut Satay Sauce and salt. Stir. Cover and bring to the boil. Stir. Reduce heat and simmer covered for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow to stand for 10 minutes to complete cooking.

Top Tips

Soak wooden skewers in water 30 minutes before using to avoid burning on the BBQ.

Made With

Malaysian Peanut Satay

Discover Malaysian flavours with Wattie’s WOK Creations Malaysian Peanut Satay Sauce. Roasted peanuts and smooth coconut milk, combined with a hint of chilli and a blend of exotic spices, for a versatile mid-week Malaysian stir-fry.

* AC Nielsen – Ambient Cooking Sauces - Stir Fry Segment - MAT Data to 25/03/18

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TeAroha's Review | Rating

Totally loved this

Grant's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious!

Renuka Swaroop's Review | Rating

Wattie’s WOK Creations Malaysian Peanut Stir-fry Sauce IS TRULY GOOD. It has those beautifully aromatic, slightly sweet, flavors and the richness and complexity of satay sauce with a hint of acidity.We liked it a lot.

Colleen's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and almost authentic. Just the recipe for busy people.

Tom's Review | Rating

A great simple and tasty meal, a real hit with the grand kids.

Suzy's Review | Rating

Super tasty, the coconut rice really jazzed this dish up

gordon's Review | Rating

Loved this meal. The actual sauce was gorgeous. I mucked up the rice a little bit but it was still a lovely meal

Julia's Review | Rating


Shuna's Review | Rating

I do have a BBQ so cut the chicken pieces into small ones and stir fried them and it worked well. (I never use the grill as I hate cleaning the oven afterwards !!). The coconut rice was delicious.

Vikki's Review | Rating

Love it! the kids loved it also and one of their friends was staying over and now non stop talks about having it to his mum!

jacqui's Review | Rating

peanuts, chicken and coconut rice? what is not to love, quick, easy and delicious, and great cold the next day too!

Michael's Review | Rating

tasty and delicious

John's Review | Rating

It sounds fantastic

Jenny's Review | Rating

Satay sauce is great with the chicken kebabs. I use it as a stir fry also.

Janet's Review | Rating

I made this last weekend for the family very nice

Deborah's Review | Rating

Adapted this recipe to make a delicious vegetarian version with pumpkins and other vegetables.

Ralph's Review | Rating

The only problem is there was not enough, loved it.

Dee's Review | Rating

Gorgeous! If I can following the recipe and it still taste amazing, anyone can!

Janine's Review | Rating

So simple but sounds like it will be full of flavour. Will definitely be giving this a go

jamie's Rating
Diane's Rating
Meredith's Review | Rating

Two of my favorite things satay and coconut, sounds delish!!

Christine's Review | Rating

Looks delious and yummy satay.

CHRIS's Review | Rating

Sounds fabulous with the coconut rice.. I wonder if its as good as my own Satay sauce !

Carol's Review | Rating

Minimal preparation time and all my favourite flavours - delicious.

Gavin's Review | Rating

easy to make, nice flavours

Jackie's Review | Rating

so fresh

janine's Review | Rating

Amazing tasty meal

Frances's Review | Rating

I have lived in Malaysia and this is a lovely easy, quick way to make as near an authentic satay sauce as is possible.

Ngaire's Review | Rating

Loved it! Satay is my favourite but the coconut rice as well makes for the perfect combination. Quick and easy to make too.

Julie's Review | Rating

A wonderful easy to follow simple recipe that's full of flavour - nice one

Mary's Review | Rating

Easy to make ,a favourite of my husband.

tahera's Review | Rating

is very yummy we both loved we love malaysian food

Marisha's Review | Rating

Easy to whip up when late home from work, added bit more peanut butter, lime juice and chilli, totally delicious, definitely try again.

Nicola's Review | Rating

So quick and easy for a weeknight meal

sarah's Review | Rating

dellishimo !!!!!!

Anne's Review | Rating

Took these kebabs to a dinner party as a starter - they went down a treat. Have also had them myself with the coconut rice - scrumptious

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Mmmm this looks very delicious and so easy to make!!!

Pauline's Review | Rating

This one is very tasty.

Sandra's Review | Rating

My favourite has lots of flavor.

Carolyn's Review | Rating

This is so easy! And so nice! A favourite with everyone.

June's Review | Rating

Super easy to prepare. Tasted great. The coconut rice added extra pizazz

Judith's Rating
Michelle's Review | Rating

Absolutely amazing, the whole family love it!

Barbara's Review | Rating

I haven't tried this yet, but it looks delish.. think I'll be adding this to my shopping list. Thanks :-)

beverley's Review | Rating

. I absolutely loved this dish as well as well as my husband . I use these wok creation pouches all the time but the Malaysian peanut
Satay stir fry sauce is my favourite

Garry's Rating
Judy's Review | Rating

I love satay and Wattie’s Wok Creations Malaysian Peanut Satay stir-fry Sauce makes it so easy to do at home. No more take aways for me! Absolutely delicious.

Sarah's Review | Rating

all I can say is yum yum yum.

Lorraine's Review | Rating

We really loved this dish -lovely aromatic ,sweet with a hint of heat.Yum!!

Karen's Review | Rating

Love this, really easy and a great satay. Goes perfect with the coconut rice. A new fave

Tracey's Review | Rating

Wow wow wow! These were absolutely beautiful. Just the right amount of spice in the satay sauce. Whole family enjoyed

Tracey's Review | Rating

Wow wow wow! Absolutely beautiful and the right amount of spice in the satay sauce. The whole family loved this and really easy to make

LYNDA's Review | Rating

Very disappointed in this recipe. Don't think there are any problems with the product, but after eating satay all over the world, thought it was extremely unusual not to have this accompanied by a dipping sauce, without which, it made the dish dry and uninteresting. The coconut rice was a nice addition though.

Joanne's Review | Rating

So yummy! My kids really enjoyed it!

Tracey's Review | Rating

Really yummy everyone loved these

Irene's Review | Rating

I tried this recipe last night and if was fabulous. The whole family loved it. Plenty of flavour and really quick and easy to make.

Jennifer's Review | Rating

I did love the flavours of this dish, but there wasn't enough sauce for us. We could have done with 2 pkts of the sauce, found it dry otherwise, but great flavours, my kids thought the same, needed more sauce.

Anita's Review | Rating

Thoroughly enjoyed this dish, so much so, that I also tried out the stir fry recipe on the pkt.
The flavours were absolutely delicious! The rice nice and smooth and tasty, and the peanut satay gave the wow factor! Would definitely have again.

Komal's Review | Rating

No hard work! Delicious & can go with anything. Plate will come back empty :)

Lee's Review | Rating

Absolutely yum, from the coconut, satay rice (1st time having this, but not the last) to the kebabs. I usually make my own satay sauce, but don't need to now. Will have a packet of Malaysian Peanut Satay in the cupboard from now on!!

Shirley's Review | Rating

Yum, easy to make and very tasty, coconut rice went well with the satay sauce. Husband loved it, definitely a make again.

Robyn's Review | Rating

Quick and easy, absolutely yummy - devoured by the whole family. Adapted recipe to just grilled chicken strips instead of kebabs as no sticks on hand. Even panko crumbed half the chicken for variation. Both worked really well with this sauce and the coconut rich was the bomb. Only wish the sauce packet was a bit bigger - would have loved a little extra to warm and spoon over the chicken just to top it all off. Thanks Food In A Minute and Watties - will definitely be buying this flavor.

jay's Review | Rating

Easy to make and enjoyed by the whole family. Great authentic flavours.

Rina's Review | Rating

I actually used the Malaysian Peanut Satay Stir-Fry sauce with our Salmon fillets and it was a 'Hit' everyone loved it me included, i was a little apprehensive at first, but no it worked well with the Salmon. So thanks Food in a Minute.

Amanda's Review | Rating

absolutely loved this recipe. It was quick and easy to make and the whole family likes it which is a nice change. Well done Watties

Sharlene's Review | Rating

A quick and easy dinner that is loved by the whole whanau! Full flavoured Wattie's WOK Creations Malaysian Peanut Satay Stir-Fry Sauce makes these chicken kebabs and rice a gourmet meal.

Diane's Review | Rating

Easy to make and the family enjoyed it

Sue's Review | Rating

Really great taste and so easy, will definitely be adding these to my shopping basket each week.

Samantha's Review | Rating

I was pleasingly surprised with how authentic tasting the Malaysian Peanut Satay sauce was! I cook Asian recipes all the time and usually make my own pastes and sauces to create the distinctive balance of Asian flavours, spicy, salty, sweet, sour. This sauce had all these flavours covered with a beautiful taste and texture of the peanuts! I also love the way of cooking the rice in some of the sauce along with coconut milk. Best tasting rice I've ever had!

Jackie's Review | Rating

Absoultely fab. Loved it so did the kids

Beverley's Review | Rating

After trying the Soy Beef with noodles.... I was keen to try more recipes... and again it did not fail
me.... fabulously easy... all enjoyed & will now be added to our go too... for easy full of favour meals
thank you.... for these amazing recipes... LUV it... :)

Graeme's Review | Rating

I would recommend this recipes to any one. Kids absolutely love it as well.

richard's Review | Rating

Good, quick, and the grand-kids loved it.

Kerilyn's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious. ANd very tasty

Cynthia's Review | Rating

We're sold on these Watties Wok Creations, love Asian food and these give me the "magic taste" without loads of time. Marinated the chicken overnight and grilled the kebabs. The coconut rice is special too, with the coconut milk and remaining satay sauce, yummy flavour! Love the garnish of toasted peanuts and coriander.

trish's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to prepare and very tasty. The trident coconut milk added flavour to the rice.

Margaret's Review | Rating

another tasty meal and so easy,fast and for all the family to love

Pip's Review | Rating

My girls helped me make this. It was so easy and super tasty. They loved it and we would do it again.

Jess's Review | Rating

One word - YUMMY!

Jacqueline's Review | Rating

Absolutely loved it, totally delicious and the rice was really enhanced. A real winner

Barbara's Review | Rating

This recipe is just delicious! I was lucky enough to win the ingredients and tried it last night... I lived in Malaysia for a while and really enjoy sate. Up until now I have bought a Malaysian brand of sauce, but now will use this one. Loved the rice too, with the lovely coconut flavor, it really complements the chicken sate.

Nilufer's Review | Rating

Quality end product that I would love to make again and again.

Karen's Review | Rating

Easy to make, delicious, we all loved it. Yum!!!

Mary's Review | Rating

Lovely flavors and texture. we particularly liked the coconut rice with the satay sauce addition. I added a side of carrots and broccoli, as I feel hard done by without a good serving of veges, and they added colour to the plate.

David & Joanne's Review | Rating

We Loved the Malaysian Peanut Stir-fry, kids also really enjoyed the Coconut Rice. I would definitely buy it again!!! Thanks Watties

Denis's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare. Chicken was marinated overnight. The finished dish was very bland. I did cook some vegies to go with the dish but both my wife and I had to add some spicy apricot sauce to enhance the dish. Needs more flavour.

Trish's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and very tasty dish to make - a hit with our House. Thanks Watties - looking forward to trying the others now.

Stephanie's Review | Rating

I loved this, as did the rest of the family. Easy to make and very tasty. Will be making this again. Thanks.

Julia's Review | Rating

Yummy recipe, all the family liked it, easy to make, will definitely make this again!

Jacqueline's Review | Rating

Thoroughly enjoyed it, was so delish. Quick and easy to make as well. Kids helped me so made it a lot better.

kiri's Review | Rating

this was very quick and easy to make. Tasted delicious and was a big hit with the children too

kiri's Review | Rating

very quick and tasty especially with coconut rice!

Dave's Review | Rating

Delicious creamy peanut and coconut sauce with a hint of heat and all ready in 20 minutes

Brenda's Review | Rating

A tasty recipe enjoyed by all the family easy and quick to prepare, will make again

Sammantha's Review | Rating

I love anything that can be done on a bbq! Especially in winter. Sp tasty and love the addition of coconut rice, who knew it was that easy.

Amanda's Review | Rating

Quite sweet and I would prefer more sauce

Neesha's Review | Rating

Amazing twist of Asian satay fusion kebab and coconut rice. Totally delicious. My family and specially my fussy girls enjoyed every bit of it.

Amanda's Review | Rating

Really easy to make, wouldn't have thought of using the sauce to marinate the meat, so that was handy to know.
Yum Yum

melanie's Review | Rating

Absolutely loved this recipe, the rice was amazing, both my boys loved it and being teengers they can be very fussy!

Bobbie's Review | Rating

This Recipe was really lovely. Enough for my husband and myself, and some leftover for lunch tomorrow. Very Tasty

Carolyn's Review | Rating

Wow, will be adding coconut milk to rice all the time now! Split the recipe as we have vegetarians so half chicken and half tofu - everyone very happy with dinner.

Pat's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and delicious.

Robynne's Review | Rating

Very easy & tasty. Have to admit I actually poached the chicken in the leftover coconut milk - I like lots of sauce over my rice AND added a few veges. Don't think the recipe would feed 4 adults though?? I'd probably buy 2 pouches of the sauce next time. Yummy though

Fiona's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make and got the thumbs up from my kids.

paula's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious! A very gentle and elegant satay flavour, got leftovers for lunch mmm yum

Julie's Review | Rating

Super easy to cook and very tasty. Would impress the guests in BBQ season.

Leatrice's Review | Rating

So delicious & easy!

Carol's Review | Rating

I made the kebabs as per your recipe, they were delicious! Easy to make, great for any occasion and children will love them too. I also made the recipe on the back of the packet, with the Capsicum and green beans, this time I used pork strips. Delicious as well! I added some red pepper and coriander for colouring the rice, a great idea for a Christmas recipe. Colourful and very tasty. Thank you. Carol

Stuart's Review | Rating

Whole family loved this recipe, really tasty but not too spicy for kids. Quick and easy to make, would certainly do this recipe again.

Barbara's Review | Rating

After the success of the Salmon and Beef sauces we tried this chicken one which is now my favourite. Thank you Watties for making my life in the kitchen so much easier.

Manohar's Review | Rating

Sauce is great addition to the coconut rice; never thought of that so well done. 5 star for the rice.
The chicken satay dish itself is a little bland, too Westernised for me (I'm Malaysian). To enhance and make it great (again, for my palate), I suggest adding a tablespoon of tamarind paste and a 1/2 tablespoon of sugar in the marinade, and when grilling to have a small bowl of peanut oil and lightly coat the meat on the skewers with a film of oil; that gives it a nice "crunch".
Also, the satay sauce (2nd packet) itself in nice as an accompaniment to the cooked satay as a dipping sauce. With my modifications, 5 star I'd say.

Amanda's Review | Rating

Nice and easy to make and delish!

Shanti's Review | Rating

Delicious!! Is now one of the family favs

Arthur's Review | Rating

This was an excellent dish and the coconut rice was great. Would happily serve this to guests as its really top notch

Lynn's Review | Rating

Really tasty. Could have this every night

Karyn's Review | Rating

Was really tasty and very easg to make, sure to become a family favourite!

Sharyn's Review | Rating

this has to be the best Satay ever, and the coconut rice is just magic.

Sarah's Review | Rating

The coconut rice is a lovely complement to the peanut sauce flavour

Cari's Review | Rating

Was fabulous. Didn't have kebab sticks so just cooked as chicken cubes and used cashews instead of peanuts on top. My husband had thirds! So will make again :)

Lesley's Review | Rating

This was just so easy to make and looked and tasted gorgeous.Just loving using these products for quick easy meals

Kate's Review | Rating

We BBQ the kebabs which were tender and tasty. The coconut rice added a real Asian twist and lifted the entire meal. A real winner.

Sonya's Review | Rating

My products only arrived today, the day this closes, so I haven't been able to make the recipe. However, I have used this Malaysian Peanut Satay sauce previously and found it to be very tasty and easy to use.

Reply from The Food in a Minute team

Hi Sonya,

Thanks for rating and reviewing on this recipe. We sincerely apologise - there seems to have been some confusion as to the ending date of this promotion, which is 10am on the 25th July, not the 18th. We apologise for any confusion this might have caused.

The Food in a Minute team

Jaclyn's Review | Rating

All the family really really enjoyed this. Super easy, and very tasty. Will be having it again

Allison's Review | Rating

A great meal for entertaining guests. Quick, easy and full of flavour.

Ingrid's Review | Rating

Delicious. The sauce is smooth and rich. The coconut rice and chicken compliments each other beautifully.
Thank you Watties. Thank you Trident.

Nikhat's Review | Rating

Crowd pleaser.my guests just loved it.

kate's Review | Rating

This was so yum! Loved the peanut satay sauce it went perfectly on chicken

Talia's Review | Rating

The sauce was amazing, the rice was a nice change for the boring old water. DO NOT skip the marinade time, you will not get the full aroma of flavours through the chicken if you do it last minute.
Definitely using the satay sauce again. Can't wait to experiment with it.

Jill's Review | Rating

What a tasty recipe! Authentic flavours. Love the Coconut rice! So easy to make. I've taken a photo and will put on Facebook page/email to Food in a Minute. Thanks for sending out the Watties Wok Creations flavour pack and coconut milk.

Margaret's Review | Rating

Very tasty! The chicken was rich and nutty. I love coconut rice anyway, but the extra flavour from the sauce was great.

Nicola's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious!! Will definitely have again. I can see this being a family favourite!

Sue's Review | Rating

Sorry this is late but the package was delivered to the wrong address and unfortunately this was an unoccupied home.
We had the meal last night and found it so quick and easy to make and we loved the combination of flavours. A must use again recipe we decided.

Reply from The Food in a Minute team

Hi Sue,

Thanks for rating and reviewing on this recipe. We sincerely apologise for the error in delivery of the product and the inconvenience this caused.

The Food in a Minute team

Viv's Review | Rating


Paula's Review | Rating

super easy, super tasty! The kids loved it too. Will defintely be making again.

Heather's Review | Rating

So Easy to make. Loved the nutty flavor. YUM

Sarah's Review | Rating

This was so easy and the whole family including 15month old loved it! I didn't have skewers so just used diced chicken pieces and the coconut flavour in the rice just completed it☺

Evonne's Review | Rating

Really enjoyed this recipe, Very quick,easy and delicious. Will definately be trying all of the other Wok Creations.

Angie's Review | Rating

Loved it - quick easy and suited whole family

Nicola's Review | Rating

Easy, and delicious. The coconut rice really added to the meal and brought it together nicely. Will make again :)

Irene's Review | Rating

Being in the middle of winter, I really did not feel like making this recipe as suggested on the BBQ. So instead I marinated the chicken tenderloins in all of the sauce, and cooked them whole in the pan. I then added Watties Stir Fry vegies to the pan, and when the vegies were ready poured the rest of the coconut milk in. Why I particularly like this recipe is the idea of cooking rice with coconut milk added. It gave a lovely finish to the recipe as compared to bland rice. I will definitely make this again. It is worthy of 5 stars.

Joan's Review | Rating

Really loved this dish. Satay was just to my taste.

Clayton's Review | Rating

Such an authentic taste.. This went down a treat with the family.. Peanut and Coconut, what a killer combo!

Olivia's Review | Rating

Really yum and really easy to make. Loved it and I have left overs for lunch :) thank you!

korrine's Review | Rating

This was so easy to make and delicious too! All my fussy kids ate this all up!

Judith's Review | Rating

I have done this r cipe nd it's fabulous. The coconut rice just finishes it off, great for guests.

Jody's Review | Rating

Really easy to make with lots of flavour, only problem is needing to remember to marinate the meat on a morning before work or the night before. Will definitely get again!

Denise's Review | Rating

Great satay.! I will make the coconut rice often for other stir fry's too. Yumm

Nicolas's Review | Rating

Was surprisingly quite delicious. Our guest from France enjoyed as well. Flavours were more subtle and not overpowered by sugary sweetness. Will have again for sure.

Chantelle's Review | Rating

I really enjoy peanut sauces and this by far the yummiest one ive tried. On the second night i added a lil bit more peanut nd melted it into the leftovers as the sauce was so good the first night we took heaps. The rice also was something i never tried but it turned out well and was yummy. Will defs be making this again

Helen's Review | Rating

Love this recipe- the coconut rice was yummy and so easy to make and the Satay sauce is one of the best I've tasted.

Brenda's Review | Rating

The whole family loved it and it was so easy to prepare - this will go on the menu ! Thanks for the chance to try it

Sarah's Review | Rating

Delicious! Delicious! Delicious! Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!

Gaynor's Review | Rating

Loved this combination. Easy to prepare and delicious. I want to try the other ones now.

Lucille's Review | Rating

Clear directions made preparation easy. Was quick to make - just cook the chicken, tossed in vegetables, quick stir fry. and voila a gourmet meal, Looked and fantastic. The coconut rice was a hit with my family of fussy eaters. Definitely recommended,

Ian's Review | Rating

Totally delicious and a quick and easy meal that my husband managed to cook with no hassles. Thank you "Wattie's, Trident & of course Food in a minute".

Angela's Review | Rating

This was so quick and easy to prepare and was so delicious. Full of so much flavour. Was a huge hit with the kids. Will definitely be a regular meal in our house!

angela's Review | Rating

OMG this was sooooo good - definitely a family favourite!!!

Lili's Review | Rating

The Malaysian Peanut Satay marinated chicken was delicious! Its a good combo with coconut rice. I have always cook rice the same way and coconut rice is new to my family and it was a hit! They love the meal! The recipe is easy to make and it was a treat for my family! Thank you for the trial and the inspiration.

Karyn's Review | Rating

We all loved this recipe and I am sure it will become a family favourite! Really easy to prepare as well!

Tracey's Review | Rating

This was pretty average, I prefer a more nutter satay.

Theo's Review | Rating

Loved it. Mind you, I was really hungry by the time it came to serve, and they do say that hunger is the best sauce. (Sorry, Watties).

Jude's Review | Rating

We thoroughly enjoyed this dish. Have been very disappointed in the last few months with different curry sauces, but this was great. Had enough spice, and wonderful flavours. It was the first time I had made coconut rice, and I will now be making it a lot. I can't wait to try some of the other Wok Creations sauces

Judy's Review | Rating

Perfect satay, very tasty and the coconut rice was the finishing touch, will be trying all the other creations!!

brylee's Review | Rating

Delicious! It was quick and easy to prepare and all the plates came back empty. Its really hard to find something to satisfy my two picky eaters but this hit the spot :)

Anne's Review | Rating

Sounds delicious and I like the fact I can use the rice recipe with other things I make - thanks.

Janet's Review | Rating

Loved it easy to make and was really yummy.

Marika's Review | Rating

Loved this dish, but would love a sauce over the chicken! Next time would leave peanut sauce out of the rice and serve over the chicken..

Tracey's Review | Rating

Easy to follow recipe and delicious to eat. Coconut rice was the perfect partner for the dish.

Linda's Review | Rating

Great tasting meal; simple and easy to make. Will definitely make again!

ngaire's Review | Rating

great recipe and easy to prepare

Nicola's Review | Rating

This meal was a hit with the whole family, we loved it and I have the kids asking me to make it all the time. Definitely the new fav in our house.

jose's Review | Rating

love this recipe, simple and easy.

Craig's Review | Rating

This tasted great was so easy to make and the Kids Loved it. I would make this again anytime I do think it would be great to have another sauce to go on top of the Kebabs and Rice

Barry's Review | Rating

Amazing flavours. The coconut rice was a first for us. Will be having again next week. Will be a regular meal in our house from now on. Cheers Watties

murray's Review | Rating

really enjoyed the rice. the satay was good easy to do but could have been a bit more

Peter's Review | Rating

Beautiful meal. Very quick and very easy. Loved the coconut rice!

Ray's Review | Rating

The recipe was very good, however I would have liked the sauce to have been a bit spicier myself. Perhaps i am trying to turn Malaysian into Thai? it was easy to prepare and could well be a favourite.

Catherine's Review | Rating

Tasted beautiful and loved the coconut rice.

Sonya's Review | Rating

An adult-strength satay flavour - very tasty and enjoyable. I wouldn't bother with skewering the chicken again, for me that step doesn't add anything. The rice is a pleasantly different too, but the dish could just as easily be served with plain rice if time or ingredients were short on the day.

Venus's Rating
Bronwyn's Review | Rating

Wow this was awesome, fast & delicious, I have a Malaysian Flatmate & she was very impressed... Yum yum, we'll be into again for sure.

Julia's Review | Rating

Great taste, easy to make - so flavourful! Loved by everyone :)

Jamie's Review | Rating

Very tasty and easy to follow, family loved it so will be making agaim

Theresa's Review | Rating

Love this satay chicken dish.

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Closest to the one's made from scratch, only it's much easier and convenient. Flavour is excellent.

Jessica's Review | Rating

This meal was loved by all family members inc fussy master 9 year old!! Didn't have kebab sticks so we made it into a yum stirfry!!! delish!

Linda's Review | Rating

This recipe was easy to prepare, but I found it a little bland, even though I don't like spicy food that much. Kids will love it as there is just a hint of spice

Karen's Review | Rating

This recipe is quick and easy for a weeknight after work but still produces a really tasty meal that the whole family enjoyed from my elderly mother to the fussy teens! Quick, cheap and tasty - my ideal meal! Would definitely do this again.

David's Review | Rating

A quick and easy recipe thats tastes delicious and great for a starter or a main meal

Kerri's Review | Rating

Very easy to cook and extremely tasty.

Elisabeth's Review | Rating

Delicious recipe and easy to prepare and make....reminded me of the lovely food to be eaten in Malaysia. This dish is so versatile it could be made at any time through the year using seasonal vegetables.

Kerry's Review | Rating

Awesome whole family loved the Malaysian flavours not to spicy and very easy to make.

Kerry's Review | Rating

Loved this - not too spicy, but spicy

MARIANNE's Review | Rating

This was such a delicious meal!! - My 16 year old made it herself and felt very clever having cooked the whole family a mouth watering dish - and NO LEFTOVERS!!! - Would have been nice the next day for lunch.

Vicki's Review | Rating

Delicious, and not too spicy. I especially liked the coconut rice.

Amanda's Review | Rating

Kids loved it, would love to try in summer on the bbq. Loved the coconut rice, delicious!!

Shontelle's Review | Rating

Absolutely loved this recipe! Although I did find the dish needed a lil more sauce. I might use two packets of the sauce the next time I make this. :-)

Anna's Review | Rating

Our whole family loved this including the three kids. Not too spicy and hubby & I and Master 13 months loved the rice. Master 4 & Miss 7 not such a fan of the rice but loved the chicken. Would definitely make it again :)

Erin's Review | Rating

I really enjoyed this meal, the peanut satay was delicious and perfectly accompanied with the coconut rice. It was easy to prepare and enjoyed by all who eat it. I will definately be adding it to my menu again. " Thanks Watties."

Carla's Review | Rating

Very tasty and easy to do. I would definitely cook this again.

Asma's Review | Rating

Simply amazing. Easy to follow recipe and the aroma of coconut rice was devine. The whole family loved it.

Tarsha's Review | Rating

Absolutely amazing. My 3 year old wanted seconds. Definitely will have this again

Russ's Review | Rating

Very nice will have again

Lois's Review | Rating

The recipe was easy to put together with delicious results. Our thoughts were that it may have been improved with extra sauce for serving.

Tracy's Review | Rating

Super easy to make, mild spicy flavour so suits the whole family, give it a go!!!

Jennette's Review | Rating

This recipe was delicious, we made a modified version as we didn't have time to make the chicken skewers or marinate the chicken. The coconut rice was tasty and worked in my rice cooker so was very easy, the Malaysian Peanut satay sauce was very flavoursome and even had a little spice to it which was great, a very quick and easy meal.

Sharon's Review | Rating

Really tasty and easy, I'll definitely be adding these ingredients to the pantry staples.

Niki's Review | Rating

Lovely flavour and a quick easy meal for those days when there's not much time.

linley's Review | Rating

We really enjoyed this Loved the rice Linley

Judith's Review | Rating

Being a Malaysian I was skeptical about Watties satisfying my expectations of a good satay sauce and boy, i am impressed! The flavour was rich and nutty, and even more enhanced when mixed into already tasty and flavourful coconut rice. The satay chicken and coconut rice just married together perfectly, needless to say this sauce and recipe is one to keep and repeat. Tasted great when accompanied with fresh sliced chillies for those who would love an even more flavourful kick with the satay sauce. Delish!

Tracy's Review | Rating

This was really delicious and the chicken was really tender, it could have been a little bit more spicy though, the addition of coconut milk and the flavour sachet to the rice was great to give it a lovely flavour also. I would definitely have it again.

Louise's Review | Rating

Delicious. Loved the Satay - I did substitute carrot and celery for the capsicum as I'm not a fan of capsicum!! - but will definitely cook this meal again and the rice was great. Have never tried cooking rice in anything other than water before. Using the coconut milk and the sauce in the rice gave a greater flavor to the whole meal.

Vanessa's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious! Although hubby and kids thought it was a bit hot! Coconut rice was great with it too.

Stacey's Review | Rating

Top notch. A nice little bit of heat but mild enough for the kids. I was sceptical about it as I have tried a few other satay sauces on the market, this was the best I have tried! The coconut rice was the perfect accompliment. Yummo

Terry's Review | Rating

Very easy and tasty meal - will be a favourite quick week-night meal :)

Geoff's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to prepare. Tasted great. Yum, yum, yum!!!!

Sharyn's Review | Rating

I just made this for dinner tonight and I was really impressed. I love satay and the flavours were delicious and the rice was amazing! I will definitely be making this again!

Rachael's Review | Rating

Yummm! Quick and easy to make .. delicious! The coriander and peanuts added a lovely touch. Glad we took the time to marinate the chicken overnight.

Christine's Review | Rating

As a fan of Chicken Satay, I wanted to give your recipe a try to see how it compared. The taste was very tantalising, and certainly lived up to a true peanut satay flavour. The Jasmine rice with the coconut cream certainly gave a most palatable flavour and well complimented the Malaysian Peanut Satay sauce with the chicken kebabs - delicious. Well done

Ali's Review | Rating

The Watties WOK Creations Malaysian Peanut Stir-fry Sauce was a big hit with the whole family. The sauce was nice and creamy with a lovely tangy satay flavour. The whole house smelled wonderfully fragrant and with the combination of coconut milk and satay, the rice was amazing. We added some stir fried capsicum, carrots and broccoli with some extra sauce.

Tim's Review | Rating

Love,Love, Love. Such an awesome flavour burst, definately a new favourite!

sheryl's Review | Rating

This was a super easy and tasty meal loved the added flavour from the coconut rice such a great go to when short on time.

Jacinda's Review | Rating

Very Yummy, quick and easy

Jo's Review | Rating

YUM! Easy to make and my kids loved them too. Will be great in summer on the BBQ.

Michelle's Review | Rating

Loved the Coconut rice, was something a little different but not overpowering with Coconut flavour. Kebabs were very easy to make and very tasty. I cooked under the grill in stove as it's a little cold for a BBQ!!
Only thing I thought they needed was a sauce of some sort to put on top, However if having with salad etc at a BBQ they would be awesome.
All in all a great dish and I am pretty sure kids would love them.

Kelsie's Review | Rating

The satay wasn't very flavourful and the kebabs were kind of dry. The sauce is better use as a stir fry, particularly with vegetable. I will use the rice recipe again though.

Marion's Review | Rating

Rice was superb tasting strongly of coconut, but found the flavour of the Malaysian Peanut Satay stir-fry Sauce very bland even after marinating the chicken overnight in the sauce.

Tegan's Review | Rating

Oh my goodness what an amazing Watties Wok creation the Malaysian Chicken Satay Kebabs with coconut rice was. A real hit with the family and the peanult satay sauce was delicious!!! I must say first time I have tried the coconut rice, and I'm hooked.... A great easy meal, quick to prepare and it looked fantastic, our only critisism was we loved the sauce...too much, in fact so much so next time I will need get two lots !!! Cant wait to try something different from the Wok Creation series next week, and neither can the kids.

Tegan's Review | Rating

Oh my goodness what an amazing Watties Wok creation the Malaysian Chicken Satay Kebabs with coconut rice was. A real hit with the family and the peanult satay sauce was delicious!!! I must say first time I have tried the coconut rice, and I'm hooked.... A great easy meal, quick to prepare and it looked fantastic, our only critisism was we loved the sauce...too much, in fact so much so next time I will need get two lots !!! Cant wait to try something different from the Wok Creation series next week, and neither can the kids..

Barb's Review | Rating

This was divine. We all loved and especially the coconut cream rice and satay flavours

Dee's Review | Rating

really tasty, easy to make, great for the kids

Mary's Review | Rating

Everybody totally loved this. We have never cooked rice in coconut milk before and it was amazing. I think it would be delicious as a sweet pudding too.k The chicken satay was moist, tender and delicious - well flavoured

Deanne's Review | Rating

YUM! This was so easy to make & was a huge favourite with the family.

Karen's Review | Rating

Family absolutley loved it will be trying other WOK creations so easy and simple.

Sara's Review | Rating

Excellent sauce -really tasty, slightly sweet. I didn't make the coconut rice but will add that next time

Frida's Review | Rating

Taste great! Though probably don't need to use the whole can of coconut milk. Makes it a bit thicker.

Teresa's Review | Rating

This went down a treat when I made this for our last BBQ. Before winter set in. Served with the coconut rice and lots of other dishes we had with the BBQ.

Mel's Review | Rating

Exotic and unpretentious! An easy weeknight meal.

Lois's Review | Rating

Real satay flavour. Love it.

Judith's Review | Rating

I cooked this last night and it was divine. An amazing combination of satay sauce and coconut. Will certainly be doing it again- by popular demand !

Linda's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to feedmyfamily

Sarah's Review | Rating

The satay sauce is amazing. It was great for an easy weeknight meal although I didn't bother with the coconut rice and just served it with brown rice. I like using the sauce for stir-frys as well

Briony's Review | Rating

This recipe is quick, easy and delicious. Even the fussiest of eaters have empty bowls by the end of the meal!

Leanne's Review | Rating

Great idea for the Bbq. Anything on a stick goes down well with the kids. Love the idea of the fresh coriander and the crunch of peanuts

Ray's Review | Rating

Satay is always a winner in our house and this dish is no exception, and its so easy too.

Sharlene's Review | Rating

This recipe is absolutely delicious! I've never had rice like that before. This has quickly become a family favourite. Add a homemade coleslaw for a little veg and it's perfect.

Anonymous Review | Rating

Love this sauce! Love this recipe really easy and fast as well :)

Judy's Review | Rating

I love Asian food and this recipe is delicious and so easy to make.

Wendy's Review | Rating

Very nice recipe

Sue's Review | Rating

Easy to make, tasty, can add extra veges if wanted

Kim's Review | Rating

Very convenient and easy to cook. Love the sauce, wished there's more. Good to be able to taste the peanut in the sauce. Definitely will buy the sauce to cook again. Just the right amount of spice.

Leslie's Review | Rating

Great recipe. Very easy to make and was extremely tasty and delicious and will definitely be on my family's menu again as we all loved it...

Stuart's Review | Rating

So tasty and easy to make family loved it

wendy's Review | Rating

Love the peanut flavour. Love this in the winter

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Really tasty the family loves it

Jessica's Review | Rating


Juanita's Review | Rating

Delicious and simple to make, the coconut rice attracted me to this dish and what a yummy match up with Peanut Satay sauce - Malaysian styles, another to definitely try!

Wendy's Review | Rating

Another quick and easy meal to add to my recipes. Love the coconut rice. Chicken and satay sauce are such a great combination. Will definitely be making this again.

Maryanne's Review | Rating

A yummy sounding dish and another I must try :)

Aimee's Review | Rating

These do not last long in my house, I make them and am lucky I bet one with my partner and 3 year old lol.

Jessica's Review | Rating

Kebab is my son's one of the many favorites and he so loves it. It so flavorful. The peanut in the sauce is very-well blended. It is best with rice but never realized that rice can taste even better with a coconut milk. Hmmm...I also used this in my chicken Caesar Salad and it is just so lovely.

Amy's Review | Rating

So yummy my children loved these

Lei-Anne's Review | Rating

Creamy sauce with a full flavour, spicy but mild enough for tender palates.Can add heat with dash of cayenne flakes for that adult edge if desired.
Will also try as a tasty addition to leftover cooked chicken, preferred stir-fry or steamed vegetables and plain rice .....limitless possibilities!

Carike's Review | Rating

Very delicious, quick and easy to make. I didn't make skewers, but stirfried chicked cut into pieces. Coconut rice, delicious!

Sally's Review | Rating

Yum! So easy to make. Miss six enjoyed helping. Loved the flavours and how it all worked together. The kids love the kebabs so that's always a win for me. We will definitely make this again . Thanks Watties

Julia's Review | Rating

Fantastic taste & easy to make - enjoyed by all the family!! :)

Diane's Review | Rating

I love this! It's deceptively simple - yet elegant enough to impress.
The Coconut Rice recipe will be so very useful in other guises. I can picture using it as a 'bed' for chocken meatballs- or, as part of a vegetarian spread.

mavis's Review | Rating


Asti's Review | Rating

Mmm full of flavour.

Laura's Review | Rating

Satay chicken is a favourite in our house. This recipe is easy and delicious. We use this recipe with skewers in summer on the BBQ and without skewers as more of a winter style dish.

john's Review | Rating

so quick and easy

Daniel's Review | Rating

Satay and chichen is always a good combination, the addition of the Malaysian flavors and coconut rice wooow makes it all the more taster.

Sue's Review | Rating

So very easy and tasty

Jaimee's Review | Rating

So quick and easy and tastes great too. A win with the little people is a big win in my books

Justyna's Review | Rating

I made it with Tofu and grilled garlic and it was so lovely, aromatic, full of natural goodness and just marvellous for treating my family.

Chee K's Review | Rating

A little more chilli heat will be right.

Lily's Review | Rating

That look good!!! My favourite meal!! I am going to cook it for my family!!! Yummy!!Satays!!!

Lei-Anne's Review | Rating

creamy, flavoursome sauce , spicy yet mild enough for more tender palates. Combining a sprinkle of chili flakes added an adult-pleasing punch.

margo's Review | Rating

easy to make and good flavour

David's Review | Rating

Made this last night after marinating the chicken overnight. I used a cast iron skillet to cook the kebabs on and they were beautiful. Never had coconut rice before but we will again. A very nice cosy feel good meal on a cold winter night.

Elaine's Review | Rating

Tasty, creamy and peanutty. Simple to prepare and yummy

Kirsty's Review | Rating

Great taste and quick and easy to make.

Kyla's Review | Rating

Really tasty and so easy. I love this for a quick throw together meal that actually tastes amazing too. It has a teeny hint of a spice but is just right for us. I'd definitely recommend this product!

Karl's Review | Rating

Despite having tried a wide range of Asian style dishes over the years, coconut rice was one that I was never quite game enough for after an unfortunate experiences with a coconut-rice based dessert item from India. Because of that, I didn't think making it myself would be worthwhile, or easy. How wrong I was! Deciding to bite the bullet and give it a go for the sake of this recipe, I found the instructions made it a breeze to make, and it was the perfect partner for these delightful satay sticks.

I messed with the sticks a bit, adding in some capsicum between the chicken, which I did as chunks rather that flat slices, and that turned out to be exactly the recipe for my tastes. I would have liked to have added a bit more kick to the sauce, but I didn't want to veer too far off the path for my first go, so the results were very good, but I think will get closer to my ideal the next time. ;)

Linda's Review | Rating

Made this for a pot luck dinner recently- a real crowd pleaser

Barbara's Review | Rating

Easy Peasy! Love this, especially with the coconut rice. Thanks you Watties for my free sachet of Sauce, it was delicious and so easy to make.

Ans's Review | Rating

Yummy, could have some more sauce, I added some lemon juice.

Carolyn's Review | Rating

So easy to make, and not too hot/spicy. Husband thoroughly enjoyed it!

Karen's Review | Rating

Good and enjoyable. Nice flavors.

Judy's Review | Rating

Fast, easy and great. A perfect go to meal for all the family

Judy's Review | Rating

The perfect go to meal, when life is so busy. Marinate the chicken overnight, it then only takes 15 minutes to have delicious meal on the table.

Holly's Review | Rating

This is such an easy and delicious meal. My whole family loved it! Wattie’s Wok Creations Malaysian Peanut Satay stir-fry Sauce is absolutely scrumptious.

Aimee's Review | Rating

We only buy the wok creations as we have health issues and this is the only sauces that dont make us sick. Our four year old LOVES the satay sauce.

Suma's Review | Rating

I love this recipe, easy to make and my children love it too, suitable for all ages

JILL's Review | Rating

Nothing like a really good spicy satay flavour! Loved this meal!

Cherian's Review | Rating

The satay grilled over the BBq has got a very sweet and nutty flavour which is very discerning

Rachel's Review | Rating

Really easy and delicious - i tried it with tofu and it worked a treat :)

Grant's Rating
Kushla's Review | Rating

So yummy and really easy to make

Winsome's Review | Rating

Brings back memories of growing up in Malaysia & eating a whole dinner of just chicken satays! Now my children & grandchildren all love it too. Quite happy to eat the satays on their own with peanut satay sauce without the rice but coconut rice is also a favourite of mine. Thank you.

michele's Review | Rating

quick & easy to make taste great & the sauce was yummy

Judy's Review | Rating

We have been experimenting with kebabs lately and decided to try this recipe. So easy to make and now a firm family favourite.Thank you

Anne's Review | Rating

This recipe is so simple and easy to prepare with so few ingredients I just loved it.

I used my wok to cook the kebabs in so I could control the temp time. A beautiful easy meal for entertaining or on your own as the extra can be deep frozen.

I can see it becoming a firm favorite with me. Will try it in the slow cooker next time!

Helen's Review | Rating

Super easy and very tasty.

Marilyn's Review | Rating

The chicken satay recipe was very easy and quick to put together and the coconut rice was delicious.
We had the neighbours over and we all enjoyed it. We did however think it needed extra sauce and used Watties Java Satay - bit on the side which was a great addition.

Tina's Review | Rating

Easy to make and absolutely devine

Vicki's Review | Rating

I used the recipe and stir fried the chicken in the Satay sauce. The sauce had a smooth rich flavour with just the right amount of spices. The rice with the coconut milk was very creamy. I would recommend this.

Elizabeth's Review | Rating

We loved the flavours, swapped brown for jasmine rice (with an extra cup of water) and reserved some of the sauce to quickly brush on after resting out of the oven.

Norma's Review | Rating

Easy to make. I was surprised rice worked so well. Fed 3 with some to spare

Vicki's Review | Rating

Delicious satay flavour, enjoyed by the family.

Rosemary's Review | Rating

Quick and easy and absolutely fabulous. Will definitely make this again soon

Margaret's Review | Rating

This is popular at a BBQ.

Nicola's Review | Rating

Easy and quick which is always good! Can be done with chicken strips rather than kebabs if preferred. Leftovers tasted great the next day too.

Helen's Review | Rating

I'm a vegetarian so left out the chicken upped the veges delicious and really easy to make

Suma's Review | Rating

It is very easy to make, children loved it and adults enjoy it yoo

Sara's Review | Rating

This sounds delicious but I always get disappointed with prepackaged mixes, so many taste artificial/not authentic and I'm left disillusioned. However prepared to purchase this one a give it a go! (Rice sounds a winner).

Rochelle's Review | Rating

this recipe is devine. I also get really creative and use the malaysian peanut sauce in any possible way i can for interesting tasty dinners.

Chris's Review | Rating

This would be great to try out on the BBQ during summer, or even as a nice winter meal one way to warm up the soul of your body.

Wanda's Review | Rating

Great flavour. Easy to make recipe and I have since brought more and made the recipe on the packet as well.

Alisha's Review | Rating

Yum! My children loved the coconut rice

Sylvia's Review | Rating

Easy & quick to make, tasted very nice.

Kirsty's Review | Rating

great tasting product and recipe

Kate's Review | Rating


Kelly's Review | Rating

Wattie’s wok creations Malaysian peanut satay sauce was really delicious and almost authentic. It was quick and easy a perfect recipe for busy people. We loved it!!

Susan's Review | Rating

Easy and delectable.

shirley's Review | Rating

This was absolutely delicious and the coconut rice yummy. Just like all Wok creations sauces A HIT

Lesley's Review | Rating

This sauce was really delicious but we used noodles to serve it over and was a quick meal after a day out.

Briony's Review | Rating

A crowd pleaser for even the fussiest of tastebuds! Delicious.

Emma's Review | Rating

This a a tasty and easy meal to make. The Malaysian peanut sauce is delicious, with just enough of a kick to get your senses going. The nutty kebabs are perfect with the smooth coconut flavours of the rice, and pairs well with some steamed greens

Michaela's Review | Rating

We didn't try the rice this way as we went for a couscous instead but that aside, this sauce is SO good! It is one of my absolute faves. Too easy.

Tania's Review | Rating

It was absolutely delicious and so easy, would definitely make again. :)

Cecelia's Review | Rating


Shelley's Review | Rating

Love the idea to just thread on tenderloins, never going to cut up cubes again. So quick and tasty, didn't need to marinate longer than an hour for flavour to come through.

Shelley's Review | Rating

I did something a little different. I sliced up the chicken ,let it marinate then without the skewers I put the meat in my air fryer to cook it. I put a tin pie plate under the basket to catch any drips to make clean up easier. Then I served it on the rice. Very Good.