• 95 g sachet Fogdog Original Perfect Fritter Mix
  • ½ cup chilled soda water
  • 410 g can Wattie's Whole Kernel Corn, drained
  • 2 spring onions, chopped
  • ¼ cup sundried tomatoes, chopped (optional)
  • ¼ cup chopped ham
  • 1 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley
  • butter or oil to fry

1. Place Fogdog Original Perfect Fritter Mix into a mixing bowl. Add the chilled soda water and mix until smooth.

2. Add the drained Wattie’s Whole Kernel Corn, chopped spring onions, sundried tomatoes, ham and parsley. Mix until combined.

3. Heat a frypan with a little butter and oil over medium heat. Drop 2 tablespoons of batter mixture per fritter into the pan. Cook for 6-7 minutes, turning once, until the fritters are cooked and golden.

Serve with your favourite tomato salsa or sauce and salad greens.

Note: Fogdog Perfect Fritter Mix can be found in the baking aisle or near the fish bar in your local supermarket.

Top Tips

The reason we use chilled soda water is because the bubbles in the water help aerate the batter and act as a raising agent, making the fritters light and tender.

Made With

Whole Kernel Corn

Grown in sunny Hawke’s Bay and picked at its peak, only the sweetest corn from our crops makes it into our Whole Kernel Corn.

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Natalie Lloyd's Review | Rating

Can anyone please tell me if this batter mix has egg in it? Cheers!

gloria mcglone's Review | Rating

i would love to make this recipe but can't get th fogdog perfect fritter mix ,i expect it is flour with something else can you help please

Anonymous Review | Rating

So easy! And so tasty too! The mix is quite hard to find..

Andrew Fogden's Review | Rating

Natalei it has no egg
Gloria email me on andrew@fogdog.co.nz with your location and I will tell you the closest store

Bryan Mathias's Review | Rating

If you cannot get the mixture, I made my own using flour, 1 tsp Baking Powder, a little salt and about 3 Tbsp Milk Powder - just mix them together before you add the soda water. So light and fluffy and ever so easy.

Bryan Mathias

katrina lambert's Review | Rating

this is also nice with sweet fruit chutney and bacon in the middle of the corn fritters sooooooooo yummy

katrina lambert's Review | Rating

gloria mcglone ive got a good batter mix email me klambert46@hotmail.com
thanx and i sent it to you

wiki takaia's Review | Rating

hi, kan n e 1 tell me can i get the fritter mix in aussie cairns, bin lookin plz thanks....

Rachel Lawler's Rating
Kirsten Newton's Review | Rating

Just made these for dinner for the family and they were enjoyed by all.. Very yummy

Lorraine's Review | Rating

I have tried this with fogdog mix. It didnt make 8 fritters

terry's Review | Rating

no fogdog mix in my cupboard, also no half cup of soda water in the fridge! what a joke this site has become.

Mary's Review | Rating

Hi where in Upper hutt can you buy the batter please Thank you

Reply from Food in a Minute Team

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your query. The Fogdog fritter mix can be found at your local supermarket.

Thank you,
The Food in a Minute team

Carol's Review | Rating

At long last a delicious recipe for corn fritters! Hey thanks Bryan for the optional batter mix. Easy pesy now. Cheers!