• 500g skinless chicken thigh fillets
  • 1 leek, washed and sliced
  • ½ cup dry white wine
  • 500g jar HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Honey Mustard Simmer Sauce
  • 400g red potatoes, thinly sliced
  1. Preheat oven to 180°C (fan assisted). Cut chicken into 2–3 cm pieces. Heat a dash of olive oil in a frying pan. Add the chicken and stir-fry over high heat until the meat colours. Remove the chicken from the pan and set aside.
  2. Reduce the heat to medium. Add the sliced leek and stir-fry until it softens. Pour over the wine and cook until the wine is reduced by half. Return the chicken into the pan and pour over HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Honey Mustard Simmer Sauce. Stir until the sauce is almost boiling. Transfer to a lasagne-style ovenproof dish (2L capacity).
  3. Overlap the potatoes on the honey mustard chicken. Brush the potatoes with a little extra olive oil. Bake for 40–45 minutes or until the potatoes are tender and chicken is cooked. Serve with your favourite green vegetables.

Top Tips

  • This recipe gets the Healthy Pick for Main Meals.
  • Potatoes need to be thinly sliced – a mandoline is a great kitchen gadget to use. If the potatoes are too thick, cooking time will need to be increased.
  • Omit the wine if wished.

Switch it up

  • Replace the potatoes with kumara slices or use a mix of both.

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Reviews (48)

Jan's Review | Rating

Very easy dish to make and it tastes even better, Highly recommend.

Jim's Review | Rating

a very nice chicken and potatoe meal

Felicity's Review | Rating

Tasty and different. A good winter dinner. Popular with the family.

Susan's Review | Rating

Quick recipe to prepare - excellent when unexpected guests turn up. Add a salad and you have a wonderful meal.

Michelle's Review | Rating

So easy and so yummy!!

Catherine's Review | Rating

So need to try this version of potato bake

Savvy's Review | Rating

After making the original honey mustard chicken I went on to try the bake and couldn’t have been more impressed

Grant's Rating
Jacqui's Review | Rating

This meal was popular with both the adults and the children. So easy to prepare that I actually just supervised my 10 year old granddaughter while she made it. We had it with a lettuce salad and garlic bread. Delicious.

Joni's Review | Rating

Perfect comfort food for these cold winter days, simple to prepare & bake. With Heinz sauces like this in the pantry it’s easy to quickly throw a lovely dinner together that everyone will love.

Louise's Review | Rating

an easy dish would pass on to my friends

Ashleigh's Rating
Britt's Review | Rating

Very easy to make and delish with steamed broccoli on the side

Kate's Review | Rating

Delicious and easy to make

Diane's Review | Rating

Wow the honey mustard simmer sauce is to die for yummy

Lenora's Review | Rating

I find the chicken thigh meat easier to eat than the sometimes drier chicken breast meat. Also extra vegetables could be added and the crunchy potato topping makes a very tasty winter meal

Joanna's Review | Rating

So easy to make and I found that everyone in the family wanted seconds, will now be a frequent family meal

Ray's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare and tasty for a cold winter evening.

Jill's Review | Rating

The potatoes help this dish to feed a family for a reasonable price. The Honey Mustard simmer sauce gives it a lovely tangy flavour.

Mary's Review | Rating

Simple and quick to make and delicious to eat. Top marks.

Ferdinand's Review | Rating

Look's good...

Karen's Review | Rating

This is so easy to make & really delicious

Amy's Review | Rating

Loved this! So easy to prepare. And the taste is amazing, will definitely be adding this to our go-to meals list :)

Holly's Review | Rating

Delicious bake that is also easy to make!

Peter's Review | Rating

Absolutely wonderful. Very easy to make but I cut my potatoes a bit thicker. My whole family loved it.

rodney's Review | Rating

Nice tasty recipe, although i',m not to keen on the leeks, i would replace with spring onions

michele's Review | Rating

sounds quick & easy & yummy. I love potatoes & chicken & easy to prepare meals & my son loves honey mustard so easy to get him to eat it

Yvonne's Review | Rating

Made this for diner tonight and it was yummy and everyone enjoyed it. Will certainly use this recipe again. Yvonne

Eddie's Review | Rating

Love this recipe, good combination of ingredients

Maree's Review | Rating

Husband very basic cook made this other night! Really easy and tasted good

Shane's Review | Rating

The family just loved this one, super yummy. Will be a regular dish in our house from now on

Karen's Review | Rating

Looks good but what can you use instead of the wine thanks?

Reply from The Food in a Minute Team

Hi Karen,

You don't have to use anything else in place of the wine you can just leave it out.

Thanks for your question,
The Food in a Minute Team

Trish's Review | Rating

This meal was popular with both the adults and the children.

Glenn's Review | Rating

This was very easy to make, short prep time, Very Tasty was enjoyed by all the family

rachael's Review | Rating

best potatoe bake Ive tried and loved the mushrooms in it so decadant

Sarah's Review | Rating

Very easy to make. I added some finely diced bacon and some spinach with a side salad and it was a massive hit

Michelle's Review | Rating

very yummy

Damian's Review | Rating

So tasty loved it

Carly's Review | Rating

Got to be one of my favourite dishes!

Bev's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and delicious. Everyone loved it.

Sherilyn's Review | Rating

Yummy, and easy to make, Thank you!!

Eileen I's Review | Rating

so easy to prepare and delicious

Eileen I's Review | Rating

This is the first time of making this dish certainly won't be the last it was scrumptious

ash Playne's Review | Rating

So delicious!

Cedric's Rating
Yohann's Review | Rating

This is one of my favorite recipes. Never turns out bad. Taken it for pot lucks and is the first thing that's finished.
Stick with the thighs, it leaves the chicken moist.
I also saute and add 1 onion chopped and garlic. It adds flavor and depth.
I would also recommend adding chili flakes with the cheese.

Genevieve's Review | Rating

Very delicious, easy and simple! I made my sauce from scratch (which was easy) as I don't like jar of sauces! I added peas as I didn't have any leeks.

Heeni's Review | Rating

Do you need to use 1 whole leek please?

Reply from The Food in a Minute team

Hi Heeni, thanks for your question! You'll need to use 1 whole medium leek for this recipe :) Happy Cooking! The Food in a Minute team