• Tegel Free Range, Boneless Turkey Roast

This whole boneless roast is made using only the best breast and thigh meat handcrafted around a delicious cranberry stuffing.

It's ready to cook in a deep oven-proof tray and requires only 85 mins cooking time.

*This Free Range Boneless Turkey Roast has been approved by the SPCA.;

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Audrey's Review | Rating

is it True Free Range ? or fed & raised in an enclosed shed ?...
Free Range means living outside with a shed for night time...is this how these turkeys are reared??? if so I will buy one for xmas

please let me know....thanks Audrey

fay's Rating
Toni's Review | Rating

Yes, I would like an answer to Audrey's query about the true free range status. Thank you.

Gordon's Review | Rating

Yes, We would like to know exactly how they are reared also
Annette & Gordon

The Food in a Minute team's Review | Rating

Hi everyone,

Thanks for enquiring and please accept our apologies for the delay in replying to you.

The Tegel Free Range 1.8kg Turkey Roast is made from breast and thigh meat from a Free Range Turkey. Tegel’s Free Range Turkeys are farmed in accordance to the SPCA’s welfare standards. An independent and regularly audited programme which ensures the highest quality of animal welfare. These standards ensure that the Turkeys have full access to the outside range during the hours of daylight. At dusk the access doors are closed and opened again in the morning. For more information, please view the guidelines on the SPCA website: https://rnzspca.org.nz/bluetick/blue-tick-standards or alternatively, please contact Tegel’s customer services at feedback@tegel.co.nz.

The Food in a Minute team