• 210g pouch Wattie’s WOK Creations Teriyaki Stir-Fry Sauce
  • ¼ cup freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 1 tsp finely grated ginger
  • 4 x thick salmon fillets (about 150g each), skin on, pin bones removed
  • 3 cups cooked jasmine rice
  • 1 Tbsp Gregg's Sesame Seeds, toasted*
  • 2 Spring onions, thinly sliced
  1. Preheat oven to 200°C (fan assisted). Mix together Wattie’s WOK Creations Teriyaki Stir-Fry Sauce, orange juice and ginger.
  2. Place each of the salmon fillets on a separate sheet of foil and place on a baking tray.
  3. Spoon a quarter of the sauce over each of the salmon fillets. Fold the sides of the foil over to enclose the salmon fillet and sauce.
  4. Bake for 10–12 minutes or until the salmon is cooked.
  5. To serve lift the salmon carefully off the foil onto a bed of cooked rice. Pour over the sauce and garnish with toasted Gregg's Sesame Seeds and sliced spring onions. Serve with a green vegetable such as bok choy, asparagus or broccoli, or a green salad.

Top Tips

  • *To toast seeds: Place seeds in a small frying pan and toast over a medium heat for 2–3 minutes until lightly browned, shaking the pan regularly.
  • To cook rice, rinse 1 ½ cups of jasmine rice in running cold water through a sieve. Put rice into a saucepan, add 3 cups of cold water and a little salt. Cover and bring to the boil. Stir. Reduce heat and simmer for 12 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow to stand covered for a further 10 minutes to allow the rice to steam and finish cooking. Fluff with a fork and serve.

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Janet's Review | Rating

I had this the other night easy to make and really yummy

Viky's Review | Rating

My 6 yrs old girl loved it! finally she's eating some fish :) Thanks for this easy and quick recipe

Janet's Review | Rating

Nice quick easy healthy meal taste yummy will be making it again.

Liz's Review | Rating

This a very easy and delicious recipe to make and it it enhances the salmon.

Clare's Review | Rating

Perfect for entertaining

Suzy's Review | Rating

So quick and easy.

Frida's Review | Rating

A bit salty but great taste

Shuna's Review | Rating

I am normally very doubtful when the preparation time says five minutes but it only took me seven so I was impressed. I crushed fresh ginger so it took me a bit longer rather than using the ginger in the jars. It was a definite hit with my guests who knew I was trying a recipe for the first time. (I can only do that with certain guests!) This will become one of my regular "go-to" recipes . when entertaining as it is healthy, quick, easy and very very tasty.

Helen's Review | Rating

This dish works beutifully with fresh trout as well I use baking paper instead of aluminum foil as we have someone that can't eat anything cooked in aluminum

Doug's Review | Rating

Another easy way to consume fresh fish

Stephen's Review | Rating

Simple, quick and delicious.

jacqui's Review | Rating

salmon is delicious, but done like this, yum!

Colleen's Review | Rating

Very easy to make and soooooooooo delicious. The whole family enjoyed it and asked for more.

ck's Review | Rating

Wattie’s Wok Creations Teriyaki stir-fry sauce make this dish so simple to make an exciting dish that everyone enjoyed .. quick and easy .. thanks

Sheila's Review | Rating

Can't wait to try it. Looks tasty and easy to prepare on a week day night after work.

jamie's Review | Rating


Meredith's Review | Rating

Who doesn't love Teriyaki Salmon, can't wait to try this one.

Heather's Review | Rating

Made this tonight would definitely make it again ticked all the boxes. Would pay for this in a restaurant :)

Christine's Review | Rating

Looks nice and tasty and healthy.

Jamie's Review | Rating

Very tasty and easy to follow instructions

CHRIS's Review | Rating

I can't wait to try this. I love the combination of salmon and citrus

Karen's Review | Rating

Magic on a plate! So quick to make and yet so yummy and nutritious! No need for a trip to Japan when I can make this at home!

Danny's Review | Rating

A quick light meal ever one loves

Patricia's Review | Rating

Easy to make and tastes delicious

Jackie's Review | Rating

hubby loved it

janine's Review | Rating

Fast easy & tasty =)

Maria's Review | Rating

We love salmon, but we love it even more with this Teriyaki sauce. Quick and easy family meal.

Mary's Review | Rating

Could not be easier ,tastier or good for us!

Anne's Review | Rating

Salmon is my favourite fish so just had to try this recipe too. Absolutely gorgeous.

Savannah's Review | Rating

So easy to make. Lovely dish. Kids liked it too.

Kellie's Review | Rating

This was a big hit. Will be a regular now on our menu!

Deborah's Review | Rating

Made a delicious vegetarian version of this

Sandra's Review | Rating

Like this

Kevin's Review | Rating

Makes a lovely meal. Will be having it again.

dawn's Review | Rating

It would be great if you get it in Oamaru

Reply from The Food in a Minute team

Hi Dawn,

You should be able to find the product from your local New World or Countdown store.

The Food in a Minute team

Clayton's Review | Rating

Found this so easy to make.. Coming from the gym after work, with a restricted diet, this was perfect in taste, nutrition and ease to make.. Will totally be making this weekly..

michelle's Review | Rating

Loved the Honey Soy Stir-fry so had to try this one too. Sadly, not so impressed. Whilst very easy to prepare and smelt great I personally found the Teriyaki a little overpowering taking away the natural flavours of the Salmon...

Margaret's Review | Rating

A family favorite in our home. salmon is so healthy and yum yum yum

Audrey's Review | Rating

Awesomely easy to make & lovely

Gayle's Review | Rating

Did this last night for my mother and brother. It was great, everyone loved it, they even asked if I had anymore. But alas I had only done enough for one each. An absolutely superb recipe.

Lynne's Review | Rating

This method of cooking salmon was an instant hit with us all----even those extra fussy children all of whom loved it. They even asked if they could have it every night for dinner! Such high praise indeed. It was so quick and easy to prepare which has to be an added bonus and is simple enough that the children will be able to cook it for dinner themselves. The teriyaki sauce gives it that little bit of magic and will certainly be using this recipie time and time again.

Keith's Review | Rating

Very nice - had some friends over for dinner and they were mighty impressed

Lorraine's Review | Rating

Easy, delicious and great for a special occasion

Joey's Review | Rating

I had this last night and it was really yummy! Smelt amazing when I was cooking it. Will definitely need to buy more of these Wok Creations!

Lea's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare, quick to cook.
Just love the flavour of the Wattie's WOK Creations Teriyaki Stir-Fry Sauce and it goes so well with Salmon.

Debbie's Review | Rating

Yummy! Even got the thumbs up from the kids! Didn't use it with salmon, but did a pork stir fry with noodles and the flavour was fab!! The end result was 'more stir fries like this one please mum!'

Jeff's Review | Rating

Fantastic took us back to Japan where we first experienced this dish. Certainly a winner enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for the free sachet I have already put it on my next shopping list.

Judy's Review | Rating

I had never had salmon before but this was delicious!

Sheryll's Review | Rating

I have always been a little unsure when cooking Salmon but this recipe is great using the Teriyaki sauce

La Tessa's Review | Rating

Salmon is so indulgent, the teriyaki sauce just takes it to another level!
And the pouch arrived just in time so dinner :)

Graeme's Review | Rating

Very easy to prepare, looks great on the plate, absolutely recommend.

Neisha's Review | Rating

Such an easy dinner to make. the packet Teriyaki sauce makes it fuss free and easy to whip up

Sarah's Review | Rating

Made up mainly of soy sauce so quite salty. Needed to put quite a bit of rice with this so it didn't taste so salty. Next time I'll try chicken instead of salmon. Tasty & quick.

Deb's Review | Rating

Very easy to make with an authentic teriyaki taste.

Jan's Review | Rating

We enjoyed this dish last night and so did our two unexpected guests,I used a small amount of the sauce to marinate the salmon before cooking.It was a very easy trouble free dish to cook and the directions very simple for any cook to do even a novice,We served the salmon on white rice with bok choy.From now on it will be one of our favourite dishes to cook.Thank you Food in a minute for this chance to review and thank you Wattie's for another easy meal. which was really yummy.

Bruce's Review | Rating

Excellent and impressively easy. Great for dinner parties

Karen's Review | Rating

Super easy and a delicious teriyaki sauce. Recipe is effortless and a tasty way to have Salmon. Looking forward to using this sauce to make the Donburi next.

michele's Review | Rating

easy to do & easy to eat & tasty too

Gail's Review | Rating

This was a hit with the whole family. Very quick and easy to make and even quicker to eat!

taylor's Review | Rating

really easy to make & teriyaki tastes good

Sue's Review | Rating

easiest tastiest meal our family has had for a long time. Everyone loved it even the grandkids

Stephanie's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious! This recipe was very simple to make, and was so tasty. Love the teriyaki sauce, use it quite often in our household.

sharon's Review | Rating

Awesome great recipe would def make again

Wayne's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare and oh so delicious. Highly recommended

Josephine's Review | Rating

Healthy and easy to make meal enjoyed by all the family. Well worth trying.

Margaret's Review | Rating

As a lover of salmon, this recipe enhances the delicate flavour and texture of the salmon. Served with rice, the easy preparation and short cooking time, makes it a quick, nutritious meal. Perfect !!!

Charlotte's Review | Rating

Really tasty meal and was quick and easy to prepare. The whole family enjoyed it

Paula's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and very tasty

Anita's Review | Rating

I really loved the burst of flavour I got from this sauce, and adding the ginger gave a lovely zing to to it. Adding the toasted sesame seeds also gave it a nice texture. Overall, I really enjoyed this dish and would make it for friends and family.

Joy-Marie's Review | Rating

Had Teraki Chicken with rice, Super easy and delicious

Brian's Review | Rating

Thumbs up from all the family. I need to practice removing pin bones from salmon though.

angela's Review | Rating

Wattie’s Wok Creations Teriyaki stir-fry sauce - Delicious - sauce portion was a good size and went well with the rice. Did feel the dish needed vegetables added .So added broccoli and sliced carrots. Would definitely have again. Would feel happy to serve to guests.

Mary's Review | Rating

It certainly passed my husband's standard and we both enjoyed it. Thanks for the free sample. Will certainly buy it in the future.

Annette's Review | Rating

Very tasty and so easy to make. Will try this again.

Denise's Review | Rating

The whole family loved it, super quick for a great weeknight meal - will definitely be making Wednesdays Wok night!

Ruth's Review | Rating

Easy and delicious. Served with rice and broccoli. The sauce soaked into the rice and enhanced the flavour of the rice.

lynn's Review | Rating

We had it last night for my birthday meal, easy to cook and very tasty, loved it

Helenl's Review | Rating

Made this last night as a special treat - wow - delicious - raves from everyone...thank you so much.....

Yvonne's Review | Rating

Nice subtle Teriyaki flavour with good amount of sauce. Great quick meal to have when entertaining, will be making this again!

Gerry's Review | Rating

Great flavour, the kids loved it (we did use chicken instead of salmon). Very easy!

Robyn's Review | Rating

Really easy to make and very tasty. The sauce was just a tiny bit too sweet for my taste but other than that would recommend to anybody.

Lyn's Review | Rating

Very tasty. Made my salmon really burst with flavour without overpoweringn the salmon.

Ron's Review | Rating

delicious easy and healthy will have this oftrn

Jackie's Review | Rating

Really enjoyed making this with my daughter and it tasted surperb and delicio

Cara's Review | Rating

Made this for tea last night. It was so delicious as I had never had salmon before was a bit hesitant, cooked it to the recipe and the salmon was melt in the mouth when cooked and the sauce was just great. This was so easy and quick to make. Will definitely be making this again.

richard's Review | Rating

Very nice. I used canned salmon, and it worked fine (and cheaper.)

Lee-Ann's Review | Rating

Delicious, Teriiyaki flavour just right. Really quick to make. Whole family loved it.

Kathryn's Review | Rating

Loved this for flavour and ease of preparation. As a single person most meals are for 4 people, but with this I could prep the salmon segments and add the teriyaki to the foil package. Then I was able to cook straight away, chill or freeze to use later in the week as a quick, easy after work meal. Love it :)

Cynthia's Review | Rating

Loved this Easy Teriyaki Salmon, it lived up to it's name "Easy" - had some very impressed guests - it gave the salmon a lovely flavour especially liked the addition of the orange juice and grated ginger. The toasted sesame seeds are a nice finishing touch.
I have also used it with chicken breast, marinating it first as suggested, super easy and super tasty, family love it, especially on steamed rice steamed rice along with Watties Steam Fresh@ Green Butter Beans and Edamame Beans, or Steam Fresh@ Broccoliand Sugarsnap Peas, made me feel an accomplished chef

D's Review | Rating

Departed from recipe, marinated 1/4 mixture with Salmon, finely chopped ginger & orange juice 1.5 hrs before baking. Used left over spoonful of this tossed with mixed vege stirfry. Worked well, flavoursome, rich, with Salmon having sticky caramelised texture.

trish's Review | Rating

Very easy to prepare . Looks attractive when plated and is very tasty.

Peter's Review | Rating

This sauce was a new taste for us and we were not disappointed with it.
The flavours were subtle, easy for all the family, not too spicy, just right!
The pack gave a very good quantity and cooked well, easily, and reasonably quickly, without too much fuss.
The pack is easy to store and we will now try other packs in the series.
We would definitely buy again.

Liane's Review | Rating

Received the Teriyaki sauce pack in the mailbox on Friday. Cooked the Teriyaki Salmon recipe today (Sunday) for lunch.
This meal was one of the tastiest salmon dishes my husband and I have ever eaten. And because there is only two of us home, I only used half the packet. I have frozen the rest of the packet to use mid week with chicken. Awesome deal. Will definitely try the flavours.

Dennis's Review | Rating

I'm all for easy, fast but healthy and nutritious meals and this did not disappoint at all. I served it with rice and broccoli and it was delicious!

Kim's Review | Rating

Yummy, family loved it - super quick and simple for a very busy family. Thanks!!

Leah's Review | Rating

So easy and super tasty,the salmon was delicious and the whole family loved it.

judy's Review | Rating

Lovely way to have salmon,Cooks quickly no mess.
I topped with coriander leaves and microgreens from our small garden.

Jacqueline's Review | Rating

Really quick and delicious, looked impressive too

Barbara's Review | Rating

I just loved this... I won the ingredients to make the Malaysian Chicken Sate and enjoyed that so much I decided to try the other recipes too... all fantastic! The Teriyaki Salmon is SO easy and delicious too

Nilufer's Review | Rating

I used this sauce with chicken and mushroom and served it on a bed of noodles. Yummmmm.

Gayle's Review | Rating

Nice and easy and very tasty - a good Sunday night meal before the hectic working week starts

Lauree's Review | Rating

Great receipe... I made this with chicken and it was fantastic. A excellent easy and tasty dish. Served with a Japanese style salad to fav reviews.

Susan's Review | Rating

So easy and so quick and so tasty! This is definitely going on the menu. Thanks!

Mary's Review | Rating

A very tasty quick recipe to prepare. Have trouble getting the grandkids to eat vegies or healthy meals but had no trouble getting them to eat this. Will certainly be making it again.

Emma's Review | Rating

have nott really tried salmon before but it was nice cooked the the WOK creations Teriyaki sauce will defiently have again

Dorothy's Review | Rating

We all really enjoyed this dish using Salmon with the Teriyaki Sauce with a hint of ginger and the sesame seeds really gave the dish a lift... We have used this sauce with Chicken and is a lovely dish also...great flavors.

kiri's Review | Rating

Absolutely delicious although the children weren't so keen on the salmon

Sara's Review | Rating

Very easy to cook and quite tasty. We didn't have salmon but instead I used a white fish and I believe it worked just as well. I do;t use a lot of packet flavourings but this was actually not too bad!

Brian's Review | Rating

Very nice very tasty and very easy to make. I will be making it again but do on the BBQ

Barbara's Review | Rating

Easy, delicious meal in minutes.

Helen's Review | Rating

this was great! i used white fish instead of salmon, and served it with stir fried vegies - everyone loved it! will definitely be making this again!

maria's Review | Rating

not usually a salmon fan. we loved it. yummy flavors. Kids ate it with no fuss :)

Pamela's Review | Rating

loved it so quick and easy and the flavours were great. Will defiantly be trying the others. Thanks for letting me sample.

Bevan's Review | Rating

Very tasty recipe that was quick and easy to make.

Diane's Review | Rating

I couldn't believe how simple this was to put together, and the flavor and moisture of the salmon was fantastic. Would definitely make this a favourite way to cook a salmon steak.

Barbara's Review | Rating

What a wonderful recipe. So easy, so tasty, and even this worst of cooks could make this. I will certainly have it again.

Katrina's Review | Rating

This is divine, just loved it.

murray's Review | Rating

Beautiful , moist , flavourful, really yum and enjoyed by all. then after was reminded that the 'sealed fish salmon' could also be cooked in a steamer.excellent

Manohar's Review | Rating

Love it.
As a variation, try frying the salmon lightly after marinating in the marinade (Teriyaki sauce, orange juice and ginger) adding whats left of the marinade at the last minute in the remnants of the salmon "juice", and thickening into a nice sauce with corn flour.

Arthur's Review | Rating

Quick, easy and very good. Definitely will do this one again.

Michelle's Review | Rating

Easy recipe to follow (although we used chicken as we don't eat salmon) and a really pleasant texture/consistency to the sauce.
Unfortunately though, we found the flavour a bit lacking - it didn't 'pop'. Just a bit bland, almost like something was missing.

Dave's Review | Rating

Very tasty, easy to do and very succulent!!

Amber's Review | Rating

It was a little too sweet with the orange juice. I would make it with less next time. But it was very quick and easy!

Stephanie's Review | Rating

Taste better than expected and will be making this again

Debbie's Review | Rating

WOW was the comment I got on preparing this dish for dinner! The best thing (apart from the yummy taste) was that he thought I had gone to a lot of trouble, when it was very easy to make. Will definitely be cooking this recipe again and will try the other wok creations as well.

Sarah's Review | Rating

Easy recipe that's good for a quick weeknight meal

Christine's Review | Rating

Looks lovely and scrumptious looking

Karen's Review | Rating

Very easy delicious recipe that all the family enjoyed!

Allison's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to make and full of flavour.. A perfect meal to make when you get home late from work.

Joanne's Review | Rating

A quick easy meal that was so tasty - I did add carrots and broccoli so it was very filling! Will be having it again.

Nikhat's Review | Rating

Delicious and super easy to make

Katie's Review | Rating

Very easy for a week night. Salmon lovely and moist. Lovely served with ginger, garlic and soy braised bok choi and endamame beans. I used sushi rice which soaked up the sauce :).

Margaret's Review | Rating

The sauce was really great. I initially thought the sauce might take away the salmon flavour but it really enhanced it. We had the salmon with a lettuce salad. It went really well together. Would thoroughly recommend it.

Jenny's Review | Rating

this was a devine meal, loved it and so easy to make

Gail's Review | Rating

Easy to follow recipe and was so yummy. I will make again for sure. We all really enjoyed it.

Gay-Maree's Review | Rating

Quick and super easy and tasted so good

Margaret's Review | Rating

This was loved by my family - even the one who does not normally like salmon!!

Kiri's Review | Rating

Oh so good, my entire flat loved it and it made me look like a true food hero.

Jenny's Review | Rating

A very easy, quick and tasty meal.

Bronwen's Review | Rating

Very easy to make and tastes delicious!

Rob's Review | Rating

Another yummy and easy meal, thanks to Watties Wok creations

Richard's Review | Rating

Adults were not so keen on the taste, but children thought it was delicious.

Keryn's Review | Rating

Quick and easy to use, great tasting also! Would use again and recommend, we made the Chicken Teriyaki next time will definitely try it with Salmon!

Lynley's Review | Rating

very easy to make and very tasty - loved by all.

Leokadia's Review | Rating

I made the salmon recipe last night with the Teriyaki Wok creation. I had family visiting from Switzerland and Tauranga
and they absolutely loved it, so much that my sister from Tauranga and my son from Switzerland are both going to
purchase some packets to take home with them. My son just raved about the wonderful taste, and he said he will be making
it for family and friends when he gets back home, so that will be a plus for NZ cuisine overseas.

Leokadia's Review | Rating

I just realised I forgot to rate my review, which is a 5 star rating.
Leokadia White

Patricia's Rating
Alan's Review | Rating

Pleasantly surprised. A nice balance of sweetness and Teriyaki flavour. Went extremely well with added vegetables (broccolli, Cauliflower, onions, mushrooms. Will do again as it was quick and easy

Lori's Review | Rating

Very quick and easy meal and enjoyed by the whole family! We will definitely make this again.

Sharlene's Review | Rating

I had this last night and it was easy to make and so tasty

Katie's Review | Rating

I swapped the salmon for beef as I'm not a salmon fan. I really enjoyed this :)

Sally's Review | Rating

Delicious and easy meal to make for my family!

Kirsty's Review | Rating

Tasty and easy, added some chopped chili and coriander to make more interesting.

helen's Review | Rating

A very easy recipe to make, I added some chilli flakes for a bit of heat. Teriyaki and salmon are a great match

Cushla's Review | Rating

Delicious and super speedy dinner. We are very busy and love meals that can be whipped up super speedy with awesome flavours and health benefits. Not too sweet too which was awesome. Teriyaki Salmon is a fave in this house and it went down a hit. Anyone could whip this little beauty up :)

Judith's Review | Rating

I have made this and it's a beautiful combination - and it really is only 5 minutes prep time.

Alison's Review | Rating

Stunning, easy and tasty. Only thing stopping my 100 percent rating is that it was a bit sweet. I cooked this for friends - it adhered beautifully to the salmon and the outcome was a moist, oriental flavoured yummy meal. Definitely would buy again.

Christine's Review | Rating

The Teriyaki salmon dish was divine. The orange juice and fresh ginger in the marinade gave a wonderful flavour to the salmon. This dish I would happily serve at a dinner party for friends or family. It was effortless to make and the finished result was fantastic. Thank you Watties.

Nicola's Review | Rating

Very easy to make and tasty too!! The sauce says serves 4 but could easily cover a couple more pieces of salmon.

Amber's Review | Rating

Such a lovely and easy recipe! Kids loved the flavours too which is a huge bonus!

Shanti's Review | Rating

Easy and tasty recipe. One more family fav to add to my Watties list. Thanks

amanda's Review | Rating

A delish easy meal, and one that kids even ate

Lindsay's Review | Rating

So quick and easy,with the authentic asian taste

Kate's Review | Rating

Nice quick easy healthy meal, which enhances the salmon in a way even fish-dislikers will enjoy. As an alternative this was also delicious with different types of juice - I tried with plain OJ, blood OJ and lemon - allowing adjustments to suit a range of palettes. Only criticism would be about cleaning some slight spills over the foil into the baking tray as the 'packages' were sealed. A suggestion might be to just use a single larger fillet and portion afterwards...

Gemma's Review | Rating

Quick easy to make and yummy

Theo's Review | Rating

Quick to make and a must if you love ginger. I must say that salmon is a trifle expensive, but this is no doubt a meal to savour for a special occasion. Highly recommended.

eileen's Review | Rating

Delicious. A very elegant dish. It also gave a lift to some pan fried monkfish.

Helen's Review | Rating

This is a tasty recipe that also works with fresh rainbow trout & is quick to make

Marlene's Review | Rating

T -empting
E -njoyable
R- apid
K-a pai
I -mpressive

Claire's Review | Rating

This was a masterpiece - and guests assumed I had poured hours of preparation into the dish. The orange and ginger complemented the beautiful fresh salmon side I was able to procure locally and the sesame seeds and spring onions were the perfect "dressing". Thanks Watties, this will be a regular treat.

Clare's Review | Rating

I was given a packet of Terriyaki sauce to try with the Salmon recipe. It is so easy and delicious and versatile with any kind of meat.
I don't have to make my own terriyaki sauce again! Just love it .

Bryan's Review | Rating

Easy to make outstanding taste heightened by teryaki sauce

Lorraine's Review | Rating

Easy to prepare and nice and tasty

Vicky's Review | Rating

Yummy...quick and easy. The adults liked it more than the kids though.

Judy's Review | Rating

Delicious. Very easy to make.

Jill's Review | Rating

Yum this sounds so amazing and I certainly will try. Maybe tonight! We both love those ingredients.

Claire's Review | Rating

This recipe is all class, it's simple and very tasty for its small number of ingredients (thanks no doubt to Watties magic). I purchased a fresh beautiful salmon steak locally and the orange/ginger combination complemented it well, sesame and spring onions finished a most attractive and enjoyed creation.

Karen's Review | Rating

wonderful flavour and was so quick and easy to make. Its become a favorite!

christine's Review | Rating

This is a great recipe, very tasty and easy to make. We all enjoyed it and would make it again

Pamela's Review | Rating

Healthy, simple and delicious!

PAMELA's Review | Rating

Simple to make, the subtle flavour of the Stir Fry-Sauce definitely enhanced the salmon

Teresa's Review | Rating

This was really delicious. The flavour of the sauce is divine and was enjoyed by the whole family. I would definitely purchase this again and look forward to trying it with different meats.

Shelley's Review | Rating

yum , will be making this again

Julianna's Review | Rating

Lovely different way to have Salmon.

Mary's Review | Rating

very easy to make and tasty. A nice light meal.

Chantelle's Review | Rating

Very tasty and easy to make

Shelley's Review | Rating

Super easy and the teriyaki sauce is delish.

Glennis's Review | Rating

Whole family loved the Teriyaki sauce; we had it stir-fry style with chicken strips due to family preference at the time over salmon and it was delicious! Marinated in some of the sauce for a couple of hours beforehand. This will be a family favourite and we are trying it with pork next. Best Teriyaki sauce I have tried.

Mere's Review | Rating

Salmon is a favorite and I was looking forward to trying this sauce. Fantastic! Quick, easy and delicious. Thank you!

Michelle's Review | Rating

Great recipe! Easy to make and the whole family loved it. The Salmon was well worth the buy to have that delicious dinner served up with some green beans and rice. Can't wait to try the recipe on the packet using Chicken. Yummo!!!

Dianne's Review | Rating

Really easy to make and instructions were clear and easy to follow. I followed the chicken recipe on the back of the packet, including the spring onion, cabbage and carrot. The sauce was a little salty and a little sweet but overall tasted very good. A great quick meal.

Georgina's Review | Rating

A great ready made sauce that tastes good and is the perfect glaze for salmon and also chicken. However, the consistency was a bit gluey. Overall, it is great for convenience and super simple for a delicious dinner. I can't wait to try the other flavours!

Tim's Review | Rating

Not being fish eaters in ourr house, we substituted chicken in it's place, and OMG! The flavours coming through were amazing and better than a number of the sushi bars around.

Keryn's Review | Rating

This was super easy to make and had tasted great, will happily use this again and look forward to trying the other flavors.

Jo's Review | Rating

Another quick and easy meal and my boy kept eating more.

jan's Review | Rating

Very authentic flavours, totally enhanced the salmon

Chizu's Review | Rating

Easy cooking meal for fish and chiken.

Helen's Review | Rating

This is delicious - the first recipe I made with Watties Wok Creations. Works out ver economical as Salmon is very good for us healthwise, takes no time to cook and because of its richness you only need a small piece and the Teriyaki Wok Creation is available at my local supermarket andf if you buy on special you can always keep one for a spare.

Kevin's Review | Rating

Had this last nite absolutely beautiful

Suzannah's Review | Rating

Loved this!!! I served with some matchsticks of ginger on top too (we love ginger!).