• 700g bag Wattie’s frozen Country Style Herb Potato Roasters
  • 400g can Wattie’s Pesto Style Tomatoes
  • 4 x 125g fish fillets (such as tarakihi, cod, gurnard or snapper)
  • 2 Tbsp black olives, pitted and halved
  • 1–2 Tbsp capers
  • Fresh parsley leaves to garnish
  • Lemon wedges (to serve)
  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C (fan assisted). Place the Wattie’s Country Style Herb Potato Roasters in a baking dish. A lasagne-style dish (2L capacity) works well. Pour over the Wattie’s Pesto Style Tomatoes. Bake for 20 minutes.
  2. Remove from the oven and place the fish fillets on top of the roasters. Return the dish to the oven and bake for a further 8–10 minutes or until the fish is cooked.
  3. Scatter over the black olives and capers, and garnish with parsley leaves. Serve with steamed asparagus or baby peas and a lemon wedge.

Top Tips

  • Replace Pesto Style Tomatoes with Italian Style Tomatoes, if wished.

Made With

Country Style Herb Roasters

From the fields of Canterbury we bring you these tasty skin-on potato pieces with a golden crispy crunch, generously seasoned with an irresistible blend of country style herbs.

Pesto Style Tomatoes

Ripened on the vine under the Hawke's Bay sun, Wattie’s Pesto Tomatoes are blended with onions and basil, garlic, Parmesan, olive oil, and pinenuts.

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