• 50g sugar snap peas
  • 130g bag baby spinach leaves
  • 1 yellow pepper, sliced
  • Wattie's Baby Beetroot
  • 1 Lebanese cucumber, cut into chunks
  • 50g feta cheese, crumbled
  • ¼ walnuts, toasted
  • 135g pottle Mediterranean Beetroot & Mint Greek-style Yoghurt Dip
  1. Blanch the sugar snaps in lightly salted boiling water for 1 minute. Drain and cool in iced water.
  2. Place the baby spinach on a platter or in a salad bowl. Top with the sugar snaps, yellow pepper, cucumber, Wattie's Baby Beetroot, feta and walnuts. Serve with Mediterranean Beetroot & Mint Greek-style Yoghurt Dip.

Made With

Baby Beetroot

Wattie’s Beetroot has long been a Kiwi favourite, grown with pride in the the rich soil of the Hawke’s Bay and harvested at their tender best.

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52 Ratings

Reviews (52)

Lynn's Review | Rating

Very tasty and convenient for BBQ timess

Judy's Review | Rating

Love it! Full of antioxidants and really good for you as well as delicious!

sumathy's Review | Rating

very easy to make, kids will love the colour and taste

Debbie's Review | Rating

This looks like an easy way to get beetroot into our diet! thanks

Chris's Review | Rating

Delicious, Very Yum. Great Summer dish, We loved it. Nice and easy to put together.

judy's Review | Rating

Just love this fresh, colourful salad, which is complimented by the tangy dressing

Lana's Review | Rating

I threw in a few roughly chopped mint leaves as well, lovely refreshing salad to accompany a bbq.

jax's Review | Rating

great easy salad and tasty!

Julie's Review | Rating

sounds good love beetroot

leah's Review | Rating

Can't really go wrong with this combo is yummies combined with feta. Yumbo!

Maureen's Review | Rating

A healthy salad and oh so colourful.

caroline's Review | Rating

Very light and refreshing

Wendy's Review | Rating

Love this The beetroot and cheese are delicious together.

Sharon's Review | Rating

Easy to put together and goes with any BBQ meal

Deborah's Review | Rating

Lovely. I can grow all the veg in my garden! to make this delicious meal

Denise's Review | Rating

All my favourite ingredients. So easy to assemble and to very yummy. You will never use inferior ingredients again after you try this recipe.

Arthur's Review | Rating

Made this yesterday and it was so popular. Beautifully colourful, crisp and ever so tasty.

Anne-Marie's Review | Rating

Different and fresh especially when entertaining looks stunning

Neisha's Review | Rating

This was divine for a quick and easy dinner party salad. The feedback I got was fantastic. Recipe shared :)

Nalda's Review | Rating

I've made this fabulous beetroot and mint salad and it's now a huge favourite with our family - it is great standing alone with some warm ciabatta or as a side salad served with salmon or cold meats

MARIANNE's Review | Rating

This Easy Beetroot & Mint Summer Salad with Mediterranean Beetroot & Mint Greek-style Yoghurt Dip is my own lunch-time guilty pleasure treat. Sadly, neither hubby or children like the look/taste of beetroot - but I'm hoping with time they will realize what they are missing - and this salad recipe might do it. I'm drooling just thinking about it!! MMMM - Tasty and healthy!! - MMMM!!!

Kirsty's Review | Rating

Love this! Love the different texttures and vegetables and the feta and dip just make it perfect.

elvi's Review | Rating

Great recipe, quick and easy to make. My son loves it...

Irene's Review | Rating

This is my kind of Salad...Lots of colour, lots of flavour!

Frances's Review | Rating

loved this as was very simple to prepare and loved the colours... Great BBQ dish

carolyn margaret's Review | Rating

loved it what more can i say

joytika's Review | Rating

A healthy salad that goes well with roast meal

Anne-Marie's Review | Rating

Really easy to make, looks gorgeous and very tasty. Sure to be a summer goto recipe

christine's Review | Rating

Love the freshness of mint and feta in this salad but left out the sugar snap peas as could not find them in supermarket. will be making again

Silvija's Review | Rating

Great ingredients and tasty

Andrea's Review | Rating

As soon as it said 'easy' I was interested. Love it! Going to try this tomorrow night. My dinners always consist of salads and fresh veges so I'm excited by the simplicity of this but looking forward to a new salad as I get tired of the the same old...

Janene's Review | Rating

This salad is nutritious, colourful and easy to prepare. Beetroot is definitely versatile.

marie's Review | Rating

This salad is divine. Couldn’t wait for coupon so bought the beetroot and yoghurt dip last week to try this. My guest were super impressed at the love summer flavours with out first bbq

Victoria's Review | Rating

Fantastic salad recipe. I would recommend it.

Frances's Review | Rating

Refreshing, healthy, crunchy, colourful & delicious!

Sue's Review | Rating

Delicious - the beetroot dip is full of flavour.

heather's Review | Rating

This receipe is great, but I added the odd mint leave also to it, flavours are great with Beetroot.

Henrietta's Review | Rating

Fantastic salad to brighten up the dining table. Love the flavour, colour and most of all it's healthy! What's not to love?

lynette's Review | Rating

made this salad and wow it was so yummy even the kids loved it :)

Rebecca's Review | Rating

Great for summer time

julianne's Review | Rating

very nice and easy

Karen's Review | Rating

Great way to eat lots of colour!

Kelvin's Review | Rating

Way to go with the corn and sundried tomato fritters

Anne's Review | Rating

Yes this is my fav summer salad.

Suzanne's Review | Rating

I soo love beetroot salads

Juanita's Review | Rating

What a beautiful salad, I love beetroot & mint, this dish looks like at winner, love the new pink yoghurt dip...have not seen that one, and now I'm going to try it!

Kim's Review | Rating

I love beetroot and this looks super simple for summer BBQ's

Linda's Review | Rating

All of the ingredients available at my local supermarket. Very tasty.

Vicki's Review | Rating

Great colour, but I substituted some of the ingredients with my own garden pickings e.g. baby broad beans and lightly steamed asparagus, instead of the sugar snap peas and yellow pepper. I used my own fresh spinach, and added some parsley and mint as well.

Bev's Review | Rating

So quick and easy to make. Tasty and good for you too. What more could you want in a special salad.

Sarah's Review | Rating

Such a lovely salad. So easy to make and perfect for upcoming summer. Love the salad colours

Jill's Review | Rating

Simple and a refreshing idea - suitablel for a summer evening barbacue.