• Mediterranean Basil Pesto Chunky Dip
  • Mediterranean Sundried Tomato Chunky Dip
  • Chorizo suasage
  • Spicy bier sticks
  • Salami
  • Grilled Turkish or Ciabatta bread
  • Gherkins
  • Olives
  • Cheddar Vintage
  • Roasted Capsicum
  • Bowl of mixed salted almonds

Create a delicious character platter on a wooden serving board.

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Diane's Review | Rating

Chorizo, ciabatta, pepper and dips,
olives etc to make a man's heart flip.
Add in the almonds, a gherkin or two,
serve it on board for 'blokesses' who
are discerning and ready to have tastebuds assaulted,
a light wine, good company - antipasto is sorted!

Barbara's Review | Rating

Just right for that summer BBQ. I would add pickled onion and some ham too!

Catherine's Review | Rating

So easy to prepare, something for everyone to enjoy

Bryce's Review | Rating


KERYN's Review | Rating

Great for after work drinks. Just not the Olives. *****

Jaqueline's Review | Rating

Great and easy platter for a friday night.

Cherian's Review | Rating

Easy for us blokes to set up and scrumptious as a snack. Enjoy!!

Victoria's Review | Rating

A good simple platter. Easy to prepare.

Sue's Review | Rating

Great idea for bbq platter. I would add some baby tomatoes & also lettuce leaves to wrap the bites in.

Frida's Review | Rating

Great stuff overall. Though we have many blokes in this household that don't like gherkins..

Barbara's Review | Rating

Have just set this platter up for a party today and have sample the goods. .They are great tasting and will go down a treat. Look stunning too!

Kellie's Review | Rating

Great platter. I'd say an equal opportunity platter than a blokes. Unless you add a few sausage rolls too. Very enjoyable

Brigette's Review | Rating

Although this is a 'blokes' platter. I joined in on the action! Such great dips to go with these meats. I also added a side of carrot, cucumber and celery sticks...... you know, for a bit of balance ;)

Janine's Review | Rating

This would be so easy to prepare and enjoyed by anyone, male or female. A great way to start off your evening!

JULIA's Review | Rating

simply easy & yummy

Sue's Review | Rating

No real effort required - rugby night in

heather's Review | Rating

Great lunch platter, or for when friends over for nibbles and drinks

kristy's Review | Rating

Delicious Friday night platter to go with well earned after work beers for the boys!!!

Carolyn's Review | Rating

Omg the hubby loved it so did the kids was awesome really made movie night better than popcorn and chip and dip

Viv's Review | Rating

The ideal summer platter. Good wine beer and company.

Henrietta's Review | Rating

Yummy dips big selection to suit all taste buds

Helen's Review | Rating

This is perfect not just for Blokes. Lunch ar pre dinner drinks on the deck. It's great to do a recipe that gives you ideas, that you can add to. It's the sort of platter that would go with a beer , cider, or light white wine.you can sit chat & nibble & let the world go by. It can also be used for rugby half time in the winter. Very versatile

Karen's Review | Rating

A great idea to chuck together for a footy night!

Kelvin's Review | Rating

This is my kind of meal but needs raw and pickled onion, fet and a really strong blue cheese - I like mine with a great NZ Merlot!!!

Juanita's Review | Rating

Yep, most definitely a 'blokes platter' nice & easy, delicious combinations.

michele's Review | Rating

as always a great way to enjoy the Mediterranean dips & the other platter items as well goes down a treat with all

Vicki's Review | Rating

A Mediterranean platter is always a great hit with blokes - or anyone else for that matter! Delicious, and plenty of variety.

Bev's Review | Rating

This is an amazingly popular platter. Made it last Saturday when we had friends over to watch the rugby. Went down a treat both with the Blokes and Blokesses.
Now I need to make it again for the game tonight. So easy and tasty.

Sarah's Review | Rating

The guys at the BBQ loved the range of nibbles. A little bit different to regular chips and dip

Angie's Review | Rating

Those Blokes had better be sharing! Perfect snack during the hot summer days whether your at the beach or in your back yard having a bbq. Yum!!