• 375ml Golden Circle Mango Nectar juice
  • 1 banana, sliced

1. Arrange 4 slices of banana to the inside walls of each ice pop mould. Pour in Golden Circle Mango Nectar juice and position the sticks in the centre of each mould. Place filled ice pops mould in the freezer for 6–8 hours or until ice pops are frozen hard.

2. When ice pops are ready remove from mould by twisting the stick slightly and enjoy immediately.

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Larissa's Rating
Grant's Rating
Anita's Review | Rating

this as a smoothie is delish - call it Man goes bananas lol! :-)

Suzette's Review | Rating

I love mango and banana. I do think it needs a bit of acidity though and added some cranberry juice just to balance it out a bit more.

michael's Review | Rating

easy to make and the kids are waiting for moooooor yummmm

Connie's Review | Rating

Fantastically easy, fantabulously yummy and my kids love them!

Donna's Review | Rating

Healthy treat

Emily's Review | Rating

This takes ice blocks to the next level, my children loved the banana plus we experimented with strawberries too which was just as good.

Julia's Review | Rating

Firstly, amazingly easy recipe, delicious on any day of the week and for every season.

Jordana's Review | Rating

Yum I made mango and yoghurt with stewed strawberrys delish

Eddie's Review | Rating

Easy to make, good option when kids don't like eating bananas by itself and taste good.

Sarah's Review | Rating

So simple. Kids loved it. Gave them the option of what fruits they wanted in them