Sharing is Caring

Kia ora, firstly I would like to thank all the people who have emailed in with messages of support and encouragement. I am really touched that people have taken time out of their busy days to help make me feel so welcome in my new role – thanks everyone, I really appreciate it.

Something else that has been happening lately is everywhere I go people are asking if I’d like to hear about their favourite recipes…of course I’m all ears! I’m interested and inspired hearing which recipes really work for people. It got me thinking about what a good idea it is to exchange recipes with each other, sharing is caring I always say.

Often recipes are our favourites because they always work out, or are exceptionally delicious, or have a special memory attached to them. My particular favourites are the ones that are super easy to make and remember, and taste sensational, ooh they’re good those ones!

I know that if you’re a member of the Food in a Minute website there’s a great feature where you can share and discuss recipes through your online cookbook with others. Have a browse around the shared cookbooks; you may pick up some gems you had missed. Or you could pop a recipe someone may like into the next birthday card you give. How about submitting your favourite quick and easy recipe from Food in a Minute for inclusion in your school newsletter - I bet the other parents would love it. Of course we are always happy to hear about great recipes here at Food in a Minute too!

Until next time, health and happiness everybody.Lana

Food in a Minute