Mother’s Day Treat

Ah mums, what would we do without our mums? Well we would have certainly been a lot hungrier and a lot colder through the years without all the “have you had enough to eat?” and “are you going to be warm enough?” carry on! But seriously, our mothers really deserve Mother’s Day, and it’s quite the bonus if you yourself are a mother and get treated extra special for the day too.

Now what I thought was, these Breakfast Toasted Sandwiches would be a real hit with the kids and easy enough to make on their own if your kids are a bit older and fun to make with Dad if they are not. Either way, Mum gets a sleep in. Genius - if I do say so myself.

However you spend your Mother’s Day, and whatever you eat, I say to all the Mums out there, take it easy, relax and enjoy. And to all the sons and daughters and special others, make it a good one for mum ay? She deserves it!

Food in a Minute