Ideas for the picking from Lisa, Food Editor

Like many people I have an excess of vegetables at this time of the year and I also enjoy coming up with recipes for new ways of cooking them. This year I have been enjoying roasting beetroot on the BBQ; I start by either scrubbing it beforehand and popping it on and peeling it later or peeling it, wrapping it in foil and roasting it.

Our recipe for are a great way of using excess capsicum or oversized courgettes and are great reheated the next day for lunch. I love growing beans and don’t get sick of making a quick bean salad by cutting and blanching my beans, adding a can of Craig’s Beans (any type), some chopped red onion, and my favourite dressing with this is Eta Aged Balsamic with Horopito Vinaigrette.

Pesto is great to use up an excess of herbs. I have been experimenting with mixtures of basil and parsley and different nuts lightly toasted. Try macadamias, cashews, almonds or sunflower seeds. An excess of rocket also makes a great pesto. I use the pesto I make not just with pasta but for adding to salad dressing or brushing on roasted courgettes or corn cobs instead of butter or tossing through baby potatoes. I always freeze some in small containers as there is nothing more delightful in the cold of winter to enjoy the rich flavours of summer.

For the last 5 years I have grown potatoes despite them being inexpensive to buy they taste so delicious when freshly harvested. Potatoes store well and we have some super recipes in our Potato Favourites Cookbook we released last year.

I have 10 of these books to give away so send in your tips on how to use excess vegetables with your name and address and the first 10 we use on the website will receive a Potato Cookbook.

Happy Cooking Lisa

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