Healthier Baking

We usually think of baking as treat foods full of sugar and fat for special occasions only. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you make some carefully planned substitutions.

Traditionally, baking used a lot of butter but these days you can substitute some, or all of the butter, for a vegetable oil; like canola or rice-bran oil which will bring down the level of saturated fat in your baking considerably. Using reduced fat dairy products in baking also helps lower saturated fat intake.

Try substituting some of the butter or oil for fruit juice or apple puree which will give the baking moisture without the fat. Because of the natural sugars in fruit, this also means you don’t need to add as much sugar into the recipe either.

Another good switch to make is substituting some of the white flour for wholemeal flour. This adds more fibre into your baking, which is great for your digestion. Adding bran, seeds and fruit or vegetables to your baking also increases the fibre.

These substitutions need to be trialled as the changes will make a recipe perform differently. Try using a recipe where someone has already made the substitutions for you like these Peach and Weet-Bix Muffins or be prepared to do a few trials on a recipe before you get it just right!

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