Global Village…mmm delicious!

Kia ora, well I had a wonderful Waitangi Day. I packed up a good old fashioned picnic for the whanau and headed down to Okahu Bay along the waterfront in Auckland. We were off to ‘Native Noise’ one of the many free family events now happening around the country on our national day. Everything was well organised, we paid to park on the rugby grounds right behind the event, well worth it. Grabbed our gear, wandered over and set up our ‘base’.

I was the base actually, while the kids were up and down to the playground, obstacle course and various other fun stuff I was quite content under my big straw hat just listening to the great music, people watching, grazing and relaxing.

The highlights for me were Tama Waipara, an exceptionally talented singer and musician who studied at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music in New York , and the legendary group Herbs.

I really only got up to take a wander around all the food stalls, he he he, funny that! I was really struck by a diverse and exiting range of fare on offer. Hangi, of course and mussel fritters and burgers but also Indian, Samoan, Malaysian, Cook Island, Chinese, Hawaiian, Middle Easten and probably more, I was in a bit of a spin with all those flavours and smells! How lucky we are in New Zealand to have such a great range of food on offer.

Hope you all had a great birthday Aotearoa, health and happiness everybody.Lana

Food in a Minute