Chilli beans are delicious and versatile and can be added to your favourite Mexican dishes like nachos, tacos, burittos or quesadillas. We’ve come up with even more tasty ways for you to enjoy chilli beans like pureeing into a dip or added to mince patty mixture for a Mexican burger. Check them out below! #lockdowncooking #stayhomenz

Chilli Beans

Easy Chilli Bean Dip

Chilli Bean Burger

Crunchy Chilli Bean Wrap

Loaded Chilli Bean Wedges

Easy Warm Cheesy Chilli Bean Dip

Chilli Bean Nachos

Mexican Chicken and Bean Wraps with Fresh Salsa

Chilli Bean Quesadillas

Café-Style Baked Eggs and Beans

Chilli Bean Toasties

Food in a Minute