Can Cook Can Save $$$ from Lisa, Food Editor

Lately, I’ve been busy writing recipes for a cookbook. It will be based on Project Cook, a Wattie’s initiative to help 9-10 year olds get in the kitchen, learn cooking skills and understand basic food science and nutrition. Currently, Project Cook is a resource supplied to schools to fit in with their curriculum.

The recipes I’m working on at the moment are to be used to extend  this into a cookbook format so kids can have it at home as one of their first cookbooks  full of all the basic recipes, from spaghetti bolognese and how to cook a roast and poach an egg, to nutritious lunchbox ideas. Although this book is pitched at children who are learning to cook, it will be a useful book for anyone needing those basic cooking skills and it is those skills which will save on your food bill and help you make better food choices for both now and in the future.

My interest in cooking started as a child learning to cook and these cooking skills have been very useful in reducing our family food bill when times are tough so teaching children and adults how to cook is something I'm very passionate about.

Before you all start writing in for the book, it is due out later this year and we will feature it on Food in a Minute so until then...

Happy Cooking!


Food in a Minute