Meal Ideas

Malaysian Chicken Satay Kebabs with Coconut Rice

Malaysian Recipes

Discover the flavours of Malaysia with Wattie’s WOK Creations Malaysian Peanut Satay Sauce.

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Easy Butter Chicken

Indian Curry

Love indian food? Make these delicious Indian recipes using Wattie’s Curry Creations.

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Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetables

Chicken Favourites

Make your family’s Wednesdays WOK with favourite chicken recipes from around the world.

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Quick and Easy Chicken Pad Thai

Make Wednesdays WOK with meals under 30 mins!

Make Wednesdays WOK with meals under 30 mins!

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Muffin Tin Pizzas

Wattie's 50% Less Tomato Sauce Recipes

Make these tasty family favourites with Wattie's 50% Less Tomato Sauce - now available in a new Ezy Squeeze bottle!

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Classic Mac Cheese

Heinz Seriously Good Ideas

Here are some [Seriously] Tasty recipes using Heinz Seriously Good Pasta sauces. From Classic Mac Cheese to Week Night Beef Lasagnes, we've got your winter favourites sorted!

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Beetroot Veggie Burgers

Delicious recipes using Wattie's Beetroot

Here are some recipes using all varieties of Wattie's Beetroot - check out our favourite Chocolate Beetroot Cake recipe below!

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Perfect Pea and Feta Risotto

Delicious Ways to Enjoy Wattie's NZ Grown Fruit & Vege

From mains to desserts, here's some of our delicious inspiration using our favourite Wattie's NZ Grown fruit and veges such as peas, peaches and tomatoes.

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