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  • 400 g Wattie’s Spanish Fiesta Mixed Bean Sensations


Serving suggestion:

Heat Wattie’s Spanish Fiesta Mixed Bean Sensations and serve with a BBQ Chicken Breast. Garnish with Italian parsley and diced tomatoes. Serve with crusty bread and a fresh green salad on the side.


Why not try serving with grilled fish and sauté potatoes.

For a delicious bean Cottage Pie, spoon beans into an ovenproof dish, top with creamy mashed potato and kumara. Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake until hot and top golden.

Heat beans and spoon onto wraps. Add shredded lettuce, diced avocado and tomato and a little finely sliced red onion. Roll, cut and serve.

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4 Ratings Super Easy Spanish Beans with Chicken

Reviews (4)

Sheila's Rating
Graham's Review | Rating

It will certainly and different flavours to a plain meal

Doreen's Review | Rating

So7unds delicious, will definsteley try it

Val's Review | Rating

Went down well when I had unexpected visitors right near dinner time quick and easy they never guessed I had not planned this dish