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  • 1 100% New Zealand Pork Cooked Half Ham on the Bone
  • ½ cup Wattie's Bit on the Side Cracker Cranberry Sauce
  • ¼ cup vodka (or use orange juice)
  • 250 g fresh or frozen cherries (pitted)
  • toothpicks or whole cloves


1. Carefully run your clean fingers under the skin of the 100% New Zealand Pork Cooked half Ham on the Bone to lift it away. Do this slowly so you finish with a smooth layer of fat that will glaze beautifully. Place on a foil-lined baking tray.

2. Using a sharp small knife cut the ham fat layer into a criss cross pattern.

3. Mix together the Wattie's Bit On the Side Cracker Cranberry Sauce and the vodka or orange juice and brush this liberally over the ham. Skewer the cherries with toothpicks and place one at each corner of each criss-cross.

4. To glaze and serve cold, bake at 180°C for 35-40 minutes, brushing with any remaining Cranberry Glaze.

To serve hot, cook at 160°C, allowing 20 minutes per kg, brushing with any remaining Cranberry Glaze every 15 minutes.

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For any left-over ham slice it thickly and use to make barbecue ham steaks.

Serve with Wattie's Bit On the Side Cracker Cranberry Sauce.

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4 Ratings NZ Christmas Ham with Cracker Cranberry Glaze

Reviews (4)

Helen's Review | Rating

fantastic for our family mid year Christmas dinner!

Maryann's Review | Rating

Trying it this year so will rate it after that

Susan's Review | Rating

I come back to this glaze every year. So easy to do at a busy time of year.

John Gundry's Review | Rating

This is my number one christmas recipe. No one believes it can be this tasty and this easy.