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  • 1 iceberg lettuce, trimmed
  • 1-2 Tbsp oil or about 50g garlic butter
  • 2-3 slices thick crusty bread
  • 4-6 bacon rashers, rind removed
  • 3 hard boiled eggs, quartered
  • Eta Caesar Dressing


1. Cut the iceberg lettuce into chunky pieces and arrange on a serving platter. (If wished wash the chunky pieces in running cold water and then shake gently in a clean tea-towel to dry off excess water).

2. Cut the bread into large crouton size dice and chop the bacon roughly. Cook in the oil in a hot frying pan, tossing until the bacon and croutons are crisp. Alternatively melt the garlic butter in an oven proof pan or roasting dish, add the bacon and bread and cook at 180o
C until the bacon and bread is crispy.

3. Scatter the cooled bacon and croutons on top of the lettuce with the hard-boiled eggs.

4. Pour over plenty of ETA Caesar Salad Dressing and serve.


For this recipe, the eggs should be just hard-boiled. Size 7’s will take 8 minutes placed from cold into boiling water. For a light lunch add smoked or grilled chicken pieces.

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13 Ratings ETA Caesar Salad

Reviews (13)

Sonia's Review | Rating

Yummy! I usually use Cos lettuce. This feeds a lot of people.

Jacque's Review | Rating

Thanks for that, I was planning to have one tonight, I have cos lettuce in the garden, no bacon, not to worry about that, but I do have the most important ingredients, eggs, ciabatta bread (for croutons) and very most important, a bottle of Eta Caesar Salad Dressing in the fridge.

Caroline's Review | Rating


kay's Review | Rating

very yummy

christine's Review | Rating

yummy! used to eat this all the time at work when we had it on the menu.

shannon's Review | Rating

i had it tonight and the salad tasted excellent wil keep on having oy

Elayne's Review | Rating

I adore Caesar Salad and this recipe is particularly nice. Add some smoked chicken and a few anchovies and you have a premo main for that special dinner!!


shiva's Review | Rating


vaine's Review | Rating

OMG! Try this salad out with cooked, cubed/shreded chicken brest....IT"S SCRUMMY!!

jim's Review | Rating

this is a test

zainab's Review | Rating

gr8 but i dot eat bacon and still i think its gr8 without it ^_^

Val's Review | Rating

i have made this lots so easy to make

Karen Smith's Rating