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  • 85 g can Wattie's Shredded Chicken Satay Style
  • 125 g pottle 2 minute microwave brown rice
  • chopped red or green capsicum
  • sliced celery
  • sliced cucumber
  • chopped coriander to garnish
  • roasted peanuts for topping (optional)


1. Cook the rice according to packet instructions.

2. Allow rice to cool.

3. Mix ingredients together and serve.

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8 Ratings Chicken Satay Rice Salad

Reviews (8)

Lynette's Review | Rating

Must try Sounds very nice

ram's Rating
Pauline's Rating
Nell's Review | Rating

Intend to try, sounds yummy

Chris's Review | Rating

Absolutely stunning, I don't eat celery as a rule but could eat this all day. Highly recommend

Linda's Rating
Roimata's Rating
Jacqueline's Review | Rating

I cannot find Wattie's Shredded Chicken Satay Style - can anyone advise where to go to buy it? I'm trying this with the BBQ flavoured one instead tonight but really like satay flavours .... Help please?